200 Clever and Catchy Parking Lot Names Ideas

When it comes to parking, you can be sure you’ll be getting a good name. The more creative you are, the better, we all want something a little different. I prefer to just have a general concept in mind and let the individual drivers decide for themselves. There are so many different ways you can get clever names on parking lot.

One of the best way I’ve come across is to just use your imagination. You can do this with all kinds of names, from characters from movies and books, to animals, people, places and even objects. you could give it a unique name that doesn’t reference either the company or the city. If you want to name the parking lot itself, then you should come up with a name that describes what it is. This can be a building or an area where cars are parked, and it should be descriptive enough that people will know what they are being referred to when they see the sign.

The next thing you want to do is to come up with a few different names that you can use in a variety of ways. this will make it easier for you to remember the name and how best to spell it. If you want to be very creative and come up with your own name, then you can use an abbreviation of the company name.

Parking Lot Names

  • Multilevel Depot
  • Parking Lot Trunk
  • The Diagonal
  • Le Rolfin d’Or
  • Metered Berthing
  • Einstein Bros
  • Meanest Gentleman
  • Unlimited Parking
  • UnusedGarage
  • Awash Garage
  • Sorting Parking
  • Campus Bicycle Spot
  • A-1 Aintree lot
  • DriveOnPark
  • Reverting Parking
  • Parking Lot USA
  • Park For Less
  • The Occasional
  • Mooring llective
  • Private Pedestrian

Garage Name Ideas     

  • Airdrie Drop
  • Star Parking
  • The Clean
  • Sun Parking Lot
  • Wording Parking
  • Parking Lot Savant
  • Royal Dresser llective
  • Truck Trading
  • Parker Parking
  • The Discharged
  • The Parking
  • Parkin Parking
  • Offstreet Car
  • Public Pavement
  • U Parking Lot
  • The Chief
  • Amv Parking
  • The Poor
  • Park On It
  • Starring Parking

Cool Parking Names

  • Parking Lot Ice
  • Bicycle Lovers
  • On Parking Lot
  • The Elderly Park
  • Overnight Park
  • Downtown Mooring
  • Parking-a-Rama
  • Inadequate Vehicles
  • Quik Park
  • All Parking Nearby
  • Large Dealership
  • Adjacent Mooring
  • Park’s Deli
  • Panther Parking Lot
  • EasierParking
  • AlternateParking
  • Marching Parking
  • Your Parking Lot
  • Airdrie Fairlight
  • AstonishedValet

What are some good parking names?

  • Private Plaza
  • Silvia Valet Parking
  • Night watch Garage
  • Preferential Parkers
  • ParkingSOS
  • Bicycle Zone
  • Park west Calgary
  • We Parking Lot
  • Parking Lot Ventures
  • FormerGarage
  • parkmium
  • The Parallel
  • Peremptory Park
  • UnhappyValet
  • Straight Quest
  • Ignition Parking Lot
  • Parking Lot Age
  • ABC Valet Parking
  • ParkingMiles
  • Parking Lot Cars

Funny Parking Lot Names

  • Parking Lot Hop
  • OccasionalValet
  • The Devoted Assistant
  • VacantGarage
  • Additional Garage
  • The Grade Mooring
  • Berets Valet
  • MeanestValet
  • IntriguingValet
  • ParkMentor
  • SwissValet
  • The Opportune
  • The Spacious Storage
  • Overnight Dreams
  • Shop Trading
  • OpportuneValet
  • Re Parking Lot
  • Time Parking
  • vered Berthing
  • Faithful Butler
Parking Lot Names

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How to Name a Parking Lot

The first thing you need to decide is what type of parking lot it is. For example, if the parking lot is in front of a store or restaurant, then you should use the name of that business. If you are going to name the parking lot after a person, You can also use an abbreviation of their last name.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when picking a parking lot names:

1.     The name should be unique and original

The parking lot name should be able to stand out in a crowded area . Your parking lot name should be able to attract attention to the area. You should also make sure that your parking lot name is something that people can remember.

  • Parking Lot Network
  • Thrifty Parking Lot
  • The Angled
  • The Shady Bike
  • The Devoted
  • Downtown Drop
  • Parking Lot Day
  • Closed Driveway
  • Vantage Dauphin
  • Poor Gentleman
  • Applause Garage
  • Butler llective
  • Mile2Parking
  • The Faithful Car

2.     It should have a certain sound or feel to it

You want to make sure that your parking lot name has a certain sound to it, or that you can pronounce it easily. You also want to make sure that your parking lot name has a certain feel or vibe to it.

  • Park It Again
  • Dweller Parking
  • Parkland Parking
  • Parkers Parking
  • ESmart Carpark
  • Angle Area Spot
  • Parking Lot Up
  • Parking Lot Me
  • Regarding Parking
  • Roadside
  • All Parking Lot
  • Park Spot
  • The Rascally
  • Parking Quest
  • Advantage Drop

3.     Avoid complex or difficult names that might confuse drivers

Avoid names that might be difficult for people to remember. It should be easy to say and understand. People need to be able to pronounce it without much effort.

  • The Park & Spot
  • ExpensiveParking
  • Peripheral Promenade
  • PavedParking
  • The Drop Squad
  • Limited Garage
  • Hyper Parking
  • Forking Parking
  • The Wooden
  • Inadequate Car
  • Parking Spotter
  • Ancillary Pro
  • Jester Park
  • Bikedrop

4.     Select a name that fulfills the purpose of the lot

Keep it simple and straightforward. Avoid names that sound like a lot of other parking lots in the area, so that it stands out from the pack. Instead of using words that describe something, use numbers or letters.

  • Parking Heroes
  • Urban Valet
  • You Parking Lot
  • Go Parking Lot
  • ParkXpert
  • RascallyValet
  • Lake Mead Drop
  • Safe Line Parking
  • Vegas Race Drop
  • rrugated Driveway
  • Man Trading
  • LevelGarage
  • Wendy Hill Park
  • Torque Parking Lot
  • The Paid

5.     Use common words and phrases

Use common words and phrases that people can easily relate to, like “parking lot” or “lottery”. Avoid wordy names – make it short, easy to say and spell Avoid long parking lot names that might confuse drivers.

  • Angled Berthing
  • Parallel menade
  • Parking Lot Insight
  • Dresser llective
  • Cars and Parking
  • Mooring Spot
  • Golde Park
  • nvertedGarage
  • Elbow Yard
  • WretchedValet
  • The mplimentary
  • ParallelParking
  • AcmplishedValet
  • Parking Lot
  • Berthing Place


In conclusion, it’s interesting to see how different cities choose to name their parking lots. Some use descriptive names, while others use more creative ones. Hopefully, this article has given you a better understanding of the different types of parking lot names and their meanings.

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