450 Old Fashioned Baby Boy Names and Meanings

When it comes to choosing a name for your baby boy, some parents may find themselves drawn to old-fashioned, classic names that have withstood the test of time.

These names often exude a sense of timeless elegance and sophistication and are perfect for parents looking for a name with a touch of nostalgia.

From strong and traditional names like William and Henry to more unique and charming options like Theodore and Jasper, old-fashioned baby boy names have a certain charm and appeal that never goes out of style.

If you’re in search of a name with a classic and vintage feel, look no further than our list of old-fashioned baby boy names for some inspiration.

My Favorite Old Fashioned Baby Boy Names For You

  • Theodore
  • Arthur
  • Oliver
  • Henry
  • Benjamin
  • Samuel
  • Frederick
  • Edward
  • Charles
  • William

Old Fashioned Baby Boy Names

Gareth – “Gentle” (Welsh)

Quincey – “Fifth” (Latin)

Ignatius – “Fiery” (Latin)

Solomon – “Peace” (Hebrew)

Niles – “Champion” (Irish)

Orson – “Bear cub” (Latin)

Theseus – “To set” (Greek)

Cornelius – “Horn” (Latin)

Amos – “Burdened” (Hebrew)

Xanthus – “Golden” (Greek)

Dashiell – “Page” (French)

Sirius – “Glowing” (Greek)

Augustus – “Great” (Latin)

Jules – “Youthful” (Latin)

Tavish – “Twin” (Scottish)

Uther – “Terrible” (Welsh)

Julius – “Youthful” (Latin)

Erasmus – “Beloved” (Greek)

Octavius – “Eighth” (Latin)

Jules – “Youthful” (French)

Simeon – “Hearing” (Hebrew)

Phineas – “Oracle” (Hebrew)

Felix – “Fortunate” (Latin)

Nestor – “Traveler” (Greek)

Jolyon – “Youthful” (Latin)

Leroy – “The king” (French)

Bennett – “Blessed” (Latin)

Archibald – “Bold” (German)

Dexter – “Skillful” (Latin)

Kellen – “Slender” (Gaelic)

Kael – “Slim, fair” (Irish)

Ulysses – “Wrathful” (Greek)

Victor – “Conqueror” (Latin)

Jerome – “Holy name” (Greek)

Zephyr – “West wind” (Greek)

Ambrose – “Immortal” (Greek)

Eustace – “Fruitful” (Greek)

Xerxes – “Monarch” (Persian)

Icarus – “To ascend” (Greek)

Remus – “Oar, rower” (Latin)

Benedict – “Blessed” (Latin)

Rufus – “Red-haired” (Latin)

Enoch – “Dedicated” (Hebrew)

Leander – “Lion man” (Greek)

Quinlan – “Graceful” (Irish)

Arthur – “Bear man” (Celtic)

Eugene – “Well-born” (Greek)

Chester – “Fortress” (Latin)

Lionel – “Lion-like” (Latin)

Thaddeus – “Heart” (Aramaic)

Leander – “Lion-man” (Greek)

Maximus – “Greatest” (Latin)

Augustus – “Majestic” (Latin)

Oliver – “Olive tree” (Latin)

Xavier – “New house” (Basque)

Abel – “Breath, son” (Hebrew)

Horace – “Timekeeper” (Latin)

Solomon – “Peaceful” (Hebrew)

Neville – “New town” (French)

Galahad – “Pure” (Old French)

Thane – “Noble” (Old English)

Lowell – “Wolf” (Old English)

Ephraim – “Fruitful” (Hebrew)

Vance – “Marshland” (English)

Gideon – “Destroyer” (Hebrew)

Best Old Fashioned Baby Boy Name Ideas

Thelonious – “Lordly” (Greek)

Silas – “Wood, forest” (Latin)

Urban – “City dweller” (Latin)

Virgil – “Flourishing” (Latin)

Fabian – “Bean grower” (Latin)

Caspian – “Of the sea” (Latin)

Kieran – “Dark-haired” (Irish)

Lancelot – “Land” (Old French)

Dashiell – “Page boy” (French)

Lysander – “Liberator” (Greek)

Peregrine – “Traveler” (Latin)

Jethro – “Excellence” (Hebrew)

Boniface – “Good fate” (Latin)

Herman – “Army man” (Germanic)

Otis – “Wealthy” (Old English)

Horatio – “Timekeeper” (Latin)

Peregrine – “Wanderer” (Latin)

Zephyrus – “West wind” (Greek)

Ivor – “Archer” (Scandinavian)

Jasper – “Treasurer” (Persian)

Sullivan – “Dark-eyed” (Irish)

Fabius – “Bean grower” (Latin)

Ragnar – “Warrior” (Old Norse)

Conall – “Strong wolf” (Irish)

Charles – “Free man” (Germanic)

Kenneth – “Handsome” (Scottish)

Maximilian – “Greatest” (Latin)

Pascal – “Easter child” (Latin)

York – “Yew tree” (Old English)

Hadrian – “Dark-haired” (Latin)

Griffin – “Strong lord” (Welsh)

Linus – “Flaxen-haired” (Greek)

Sebastian – “Venerable” (Latin)

Tobias – “God is good” (Hebrew)

Vesper – “Evening star” (Latin)

Cosmo – “Order, beauty” (Greek)

Devereux – “Riverbank” (French)

Virgil – “Staff bearer” (Latin)

Cedric – “Bounty” (Old English)

Donovan – “Dark-haired” (Irish)

Jocelyn – “Joyous” (Old German)

Nigel – “Dark champion” (Irish)

Winston – “Joy stone” (English)

Jaxon – “Son of Jack” (English)

Meredith – “Great lord” (Welsh)

Isaac – “He will laugh” (Hebrew)

Theodore – “Gift of God” (Greek)

Galen – “Calm, tranquil” (Greek)

Leopold – “Bold people” (German)

Alaric – “Ruler of all” (German)

Isidore – “Gift of Isis” (Greek)

Eamon – “Rich protector” (Irish)

Silvius – “Wood, forest” (Latin)

Yule – “Christmas” (Old English)

Clement – “Mild, gentle” (Latin)

Jarvis – “Spearman” (Old French)

Gulliver – “Greedy” (Old French)

Jaxson – “Son of Jack” (English)

Bernard – “Brave bear” (Germanic)

Gideon – “Feller, hewer” (Hebrew)

Neville – “New town” (Old French)

Rupert – “Bright fame” (Germanic)

Alaric – “All ruler” (Old German)

Odysseus – “Angry, hater” (Greek)

Yorick – “Farmhand” (Old English)

Best Old Fashioned Baby Boy Name Ideas (1)

Funny Old Fashioned Baby Boy Names

Abram – “Exalted father” (Hebrew)

Irving – “Green water” (Scottish)

Zane – “God is gracious” (Hebrew)

Lancelot – “Servant” (Old French)

Kit – “Carrier of Christ” (Greek)

Llewellyn – “Like a lion” (Welsh)

Rollo – “Famous wolf” (Old Norse)

Emeric – “Work, power” (Germanic)

Leonard – “Brave lion” (Germanic)

Arnold – “Eagle ruler” (Germanic)

Harris – “Son of Harry” (English)

Atticus – “Man of Attica” (Greek)

Irving – “Green river” (Scottish)

Zebediah – “Gift of God” (Hebrew)

Diggory – “Lost one” (Old French)

Roland – “Famous land” (Germanic)

Truman – “Faithful man” (English)

Leopold – “Brave people” (German)

Quinlan – “Slim and fair” (Irish)

Ulric – “Wolf ruler” (Old German)

Beckett – “Beehive” (Old English)

Wallace – “Welshman” (Old French)

Felix – “Happy, fortunate” (Latin)

Nathaniel – “Gift of God” (Hebrew)

Mortimer – “Dead sea” (Old French)

Upton – “Upper town” (Old English)

Fergus – “Man of vigor” (Scottish)

Godfrey – “God’s peace” (Germanic)

Uriah – “God is my light” (Hebrew)

Xanthus – “Blonde, yellow” (Greek)

Clarence – “Bright, clear” (Latin)

Lionel – “Young lion” (Old French)

Lysander – “Freeing a man” (Greek)

Kieran – “Little dark one” (Irish)

Roderick – “Famous ruler” (German)

Hiram – “Exalted brother” (Hebrew)

Baldwin – “Bold friend” (Germanic)

Ulric – “Wolf ruler” (Old English)

Icarus – “Legendary flyer” (Greek)

Uriel – “God is my light” (Hebrew)

Faulkner – “Falconer” (Old French)

Roscoe – “Deer forest” (Old Norse)

Xenophon – “Strange voice” (Greek)

Clarence – “Clear, bright” (Latin)

Milton – “Mill town” (Old English)

Ralph – “Wolf counsel” (Old Norse)

Alden – “Old friend” (Old English)

Wallace – “Welshman” (Old English)

Thurman – “Thor’s man” (Old Norse)

Norris – “Northerner” (Old French)

Leslie – “Holly garden” (Scottish)

Gideon – “Mighty warrior” (Hebrew)

Sterling – “Little star” (English)

Dashiell – “Page boy” (Old French)

Sheridan – “Wild, untamed” (Irish)

Vernon – “Alder tree” (Old French)

Daniel – “God is my judge” (Hebrew)

Leopold – “Brave people” (Germanic)

Irwin – “Boar friend” (Old English)

Kenton – “Royal town” (Old English)

Eamon – “Wealthy protector” (Irish)

Sterling – “High quality” (English)

Gideon – “Feller of trees” (Hebrew)

Lambert – “Land, bright” (Germanic)

Tristan – “Tumult, outcry” (Celtic)

Catchy Old Fashioned Baby Boy Names Ideas

Oberon – “Noble, bearlike” (German)

Albert – “Noble, bright” (Germanic)

Harold – “Army ruler” (Old English)

Lawrence – “From Laurentum” (Latin)

Winston – “Joy stone” (Old English)

Sherman – “Shear man” (Old English)

Roland – “Famous land” (Old German)

Elwood – “Noble wood” (Old English)

Silas – “Man of the forest” (Latin)

Abelard – “Noble strength” (German)

Yorick – “Earthworker” (Old German)

Eldon – “Ella’s hill” (Old English)

Thorne – “Thorn bush” (Old English)

Caleb – “Faithful, devoted” (Hebrew)

Gilbert – “Bright pledge” (Germanic)

Quinlan – “Strong, graceful” (Irish)

Clive – “Cliff, slope” (Old English)

Baldwin – “Bold friend” (Old French)

Yannick – “God is gracious” (Hebrew)

Archibald – “Genuine, bold” (German)

Reginald – “Advice, rule” (Germanic)

Nigel – “Dark, black-haired” (Irish)

Emery – “Brave, powerful” (Germanic)

Valerian – “Strong, healthy” (Latin)

Wulfric – “Wolf ruler” (Old English)

Alfred – “Elf counsel” (Old English)

Reginald – “Advice ruler” (Germanic)

Irving – “Green water” (Old English)

Alvin – “Noble friend” (Old English)

Sylvester – “Wild, woodland” (Latin)

Walton – “Walled town” (Old English)

Russell – “Fox-colored” (Old French)

Klaus – “Victorious people” (German)

Neville – “New village” (Old French)

Xavier – “Bright, splendid” (Arabic)

Godfrey – “God’s peace” (Old German)

Alaric – “Ruler of all” (Old German)

Emory – “Home strength” (Old German)

Fitzgerald – “Son of Gerald” (Irish)

Oswald – “God’s power” (Old English)

Roderick – “Famous ruler” (Germanic)

Jovian – “Father of the sky” (Latin)

Cedric – “Kind, loved” (Old English)

Xanadu – “Mystical city” (Mongolian)

Edgar – “Wealthy spear” (Old English)

Elias – “The Lord is my God” (Hebrew)

Valentine – “Strong, healthy” (Latin)

Jericho – “City of the moon” (Hebrew)

Jotham – “Yahweh is perfect” (Hebrew)

Beckett – “Bee cottage” (Old English)

Valentin – “Strength, health” (Latin)

Ferdinand – “Bold voyager” (Germanic)

Kelvin – “Narrow river” (Old English)

Desmond – “Gracious defender” (Irish)

Gregory – “Vigilant watchman” (Greek)

Zebulon – “Exalted, honored” (Hebrew)

Barnaby – “Son of prophecy” (Aramaic)

Wystan – “Battle stone” (Old English)

Godfrey – “God’s peace” (Old English)

Kipling – “Cybel’s son” (Old English)

Frederick – “Peaceful ruler” (German)

Raymond – “Wise protector” (Germanic)

Randolph – “Wolf shield” (Old German)

Jasper – “Treasure bringer” (Persian)

Kenelm – “Brave helmet” (Old English)

Cute Old Fashioned Baby Boy Names

Conrad – “Brave counsel” (Old German)

Keats – “Kit, a barrel” (Old English)

Radcliffe – “Red cliff” (Old English)

Franklin – “Free landowner” (English)

Abelard – “Noble strength” (Germanic)

Eldridge – “Wise ruler” (Old English)

Yorick – “Earth worker” (Old English)

Gaston – “Guest, stranger” (Germanic)

Albert – “Noble and bright” (Germanic)

Zachary – “Remembered by God” (Hebrew)

Kepler – “Chest, strongbox” (Germanic)

Reginald – “Advice, rule” (Old German)

Dorian – “Descendant of Dorus” (Greek)

Zebulon – “Dwelling of honor” (Hebrew)

Roderick – “Famous ruler” (Old German)

Alphonse – “Noble, ready” (Old German)

Winston – “Joyful stone” (Old English)

Casimir – “Proclaiming peace” (Slavic)

Walden – “Forest valley” (Old English)

York – “Yew tree estate” (Old English)

Humphrey – “Peaceful warrior” (German)

Quade – “Born fourth” (Middle English)

Kendrick – “Royal power” (Old English)

Aloysius – “Famous warrior” (Germanic)

Edwin – “Wealthy friend” (Old English)

Emery – “Industrious ruler” (Germanic)

Gilbert – “Bright pledge” (Old French)

Verner – “Defending army” (Old German)

Thibault – “Brave people” (Old German)

Xerxes – “Ruler over heroes” (Persian)

Arthur – “Noble, courageous” (English)

Yancy – “Englishman” (Native American)

Kipling – “Cybel’s hill” (Old English)

Norbert – “Northern bright” (Germanic)

Walter – “Ruler of the army” (Germanic)

Ferdinand – “Brave traveler” (Germanic)

Percival – “Pierce the valley” (French)

Thaddeus – “Courageous heart” (Aramaic)

Wilfred – “Desires peace” (Old English)

Abelard – “Noble strength” (Old German)

Digby – “Town by the ditch” (Old Norse)

Edmund – “Rich protector” (Old English)

Jasper – “Bearer of treasure” (Persian)

Hawthorne – “Thorny bush” (Old English)

Winslow – “Friend’s hill” (Old English)

Raymond – “Advice protector” (Germanic)

Merritt – “Boundary gate” (Old English)

Cedric – “Kind and loved” (Old English)

Hawthorne – “Hedge thorn” (Old English)

Inglebert – “Bright angel” (Old German)

Leofric – “Beloved ruler” (Old English)

Bartholomew – “Son of Tolmai” (Aramaic)

Osmond – “God’s protection” (Old Norse)

Jasper – “Bringer of treasure” (Persian)

Casimir – “Proclaimer of peace” (Slavic)

Barnaby – “Son of consolation” (Aramaic)

Humphrey – “Peaceful warrior” (Germanic)

Hiram – “My brother is exalted” (Hebrew)

Zacharias – “Remembered by God” (Hebrew)

Demetrius – “Devotee of Demeter” (Greek)

Wilfred – “Desiring peace” (Old English)

Ellsworth – “Noble estate” (Old English)

Keats – “Shedder of skins” (Old English)

Lester – “Fortified place” (Old English)

Wilbur – “Willful, bright” (Old English)

Cute Old Fashioned Baby Boy Names (1)

Uncommon Old Fashioned Boy Baby Names

Elden – “Old, wise friend” (Old English)

Bertram – “Bright, famous” (Old English)

Kipling – “Cybel’s meadow” (Old English)

Oberon – “Noble, bear-like” (Old German)

Ferdinand – “Adventurous, bold” (German)

Garrick – “Mighty warrior” (Old English)

Osgood – “Divine goodness” (Old English)

Stanley – “Stony clearing” (Old English)

Ulysses – “Wounded in the thigh” (Greek)

Archibald – “Genuine, bold” (Old German)

Keats – “Shedder of light” (Old English)

Garrison – “Spear fortress” (Old German)

Dominic – “Belonging to the Lord” (Latin)

Xander – “Defender of the people” (Greek)

Osmond – “God’s protection” (Old English)

Theobald – “People’s boldness” (Germanic)

Kipling – “Cybbel’s people” (Old English)

Tristan – “Noise, sorrowful” (Old French)

Osmond – “Divine protector” (Old English)

Henry – “Ruler of the household” (German)

Franklin – “Free landowner” (Old English)

Jedidiah – “Beloved of the Lord” (Hebrew)

Reginald – “Ruler’s advisor” (Old German)

Norbert – “Northern brightness” (Germanic)

Elmer – “Noble and renowned” (Old English)

Wilbur – “Resolute fortress” (Old English)

Melvin – “Council protector” (Old English)

Clifford – “Ford by a cliff” (Old English)

Garfield – “Field of spears” (Old English)

Stanton – “Stone settlement” (Old English)

Sigmund – “Victory protector” (Old German)

Osbert – “Divine brightness” (Old English)

Wallace – “Foreigner, stranger” (Scottish)

Benjamin – “Son of the right hand” (Hebrew)

Henry – “Ruler of the household” (Germanic)

Winthrop – “Friend’s village” (Old English)

Bartholomew – “Son of the furrow” (Aramaic)

Morton – “Town near the moor” (Old English)

Percival – “Pierce the valley” (Old French)

Clifton – “Town near a cliff” (Old English)

Weldon – “Hill near a spring” (Old English)

Baldwin – “Bold, brave friend” (Old French)

Walden – “Valley of the Welsh” (Old English)

Jarvis – “Servant of the spear” (Old German)

Thorne – “From the thorn bush” (Old English)

Monroe – “Mouth of the river Roe” (Scottish)

Wade – “At the river crossing” (Old English)

Norbert – “Northern brightness” (Old German)

Warrick – “Dweller by the dam” (Old English)

Corwin – “Friend of the heart” (Old English)

Algernon – “Wearing a mustache” (Old French)

Selwyn – “Friend in the castle” (Old English)

Yarrow – “Strong, rough stream” (Old English)

Yorick – “Farmstead of the boar” (Old English)

Montgomery – “Mountain of the hunter” (Norman)

Marmaduke – “Follower of Saint Maedoc” (Irish)

Dewey – “Belonging to the beloved one” (Welsh)

Roland – “Famous throughout the land” (German)

Quincy – “Estate of the fifth son” (Old French)

Heathcliff – “Heath on the cliff” (Old English)

Montgomery – “Gumarich’s mountain” (Old French)

Wycliffe – “From the white cliff” (Old English)

Malcolm – “Disciple of Saint Columba” (Scottish)

Roland – “Famous throughout the land” (Germanic)

Quincey – “Estate of the fifth son” (Old French)

Seymour – “Marshy land near the sea” (Old French)

Clifton – “Settlement by the cliff” (Old English)

Carlton – “Free peasant settlement” (Old English)

Remington – “From the raven estate” (Old English)

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Tips for Choosing Old-Fashioned Baby Boy Names

1. Emphasize Timeless Appeal

Classic and Enduring: Opt for names that have stood the test of time and carry a timeless quality. These names are less likely to feel dated as trends come and go.

Avoid Trends: Steer clear of names that might be currently trendy but could lose popularity quickly.

2. Consider Family Heritage

Ancestral Connections: Explore family history for names that have been passed down through generations. This not only adds a personal touch but also connects the child to their heritage.

Middle Name Options: Old-fashioned names often make excellent middle name choices to maintain a balance between tradition and modernity.

3. Pairing with Modern Surnames

Harmony with Surname: Consider how the old-fashioned first name pairs with a modern or common last name. The combination should flow well and sound harmonious.

Avoiding Unintended Combinations: Be cautious of potential combinations that may result in awkward or humorous meanings.

4. Balancing Uniqueness and Familiarity

Unique Variations: Explore variations or less common spellings of classic names to add a unique twist.

Familiarity: Strike a balance by choosing names that are nostalgic yet not overly obscure. This ensures that the name is both distinctive and recognizable.

5. Consider Cultural and Historical Significance

Cultural Relevance: Choose names that have cultural significance or historical connections, adding depth and meaning to the choice.

Literary or Mythological Inspiration: Old-fashioned names from literature or mythology often carry a rich narrative and can be a source of inspiration.

6. Listen to Pronunciation

Clarity in Pronunciation: Consider the ease of pronunciation for the chosen name. Avoid names that may be frequently mispronounced.

Potential Nicknames: Anticipate potential nicknames and variations that might naturally arise from the chosen name.

7. Check for Popularity

Popularity Trends: While classic, old-fashioned names have enduring popularity, it’s still wise to check current trends to ensure the name isn’t experiencing a sudden surge in popularity.

Individuality: Aim for a name that allows your child to stand out while still embracing tradition.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

1. Sounding Dated or Overly Trendy

Balancing Act: Avoid names that sound excessively dated or tied to a particular era.

While old-fashioned is charming, being too closely associated with a specific time may limit the name’s longevity.

Steering Clear of Trends: Similarly, stay away from names that are currently trendy but might not withstand the test of time.

2. Neglecting Potential Teasing or Misinterpretation

Sound Check: Pay attention to the sound and pronunciation of the chosen name to avoid unintentional rhyming or combinations that might lead to teasing.

Cultural Sensitivity: Be mindful of potential misinterpretations or cultural implications, especially if the chosen name has variations in different languages.

3. Ignoring Family Feedback

Family Input: While it’s important to choose a name you love, consider the opinions and feelings of close family members.

Ignoring family feedback entirely may lead to discomfort or misunderstandings.

4. Selecting Names That Don’t Flow with the Surname

Harmonious Pairing: Ensure that the old-fashioned first name pairs well with the family’s surname. Names that don’t flow together may sound awkward or disjointed.

5. Overlooking Initials and Acronyms

Initial Considerations: Check the initials of the chosen name to avoid unintentional and potentially embarrassing acronyms.

Full Name Pronunciation: Consider how the full name, including any initials, will sound when spoken aloud.

6. Disregarding the Child’s Future Experience

Future-Proofing: Anticipate how the chosen name might be received by the child as they grow older. Avoid names that may subject them to excessive attention or teasing.

Professional Considerations: Think about how the name might be perceived in professional settings as the child enters adulthood.

7. Not Considering Potential Nicknames

Nickname Potential: Anticipate potential nicknames associated with the chosen name. If there are undesirable or unintended nicknames, it’s worth reconsidering the choice.


In summary, choosing an old-fashioned baby boy name involves navigating a careful balance between timeless charm and modern considerations.

Avoiding common pitfalls, such as sounding dated or overlooking potential teasing, is crucial.

The selected name should harmonize with the family surname, embrace cultural sensitivity, and allow for personalization.

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