1500 Innovative Newspaper Name Ideas to Inspire You

In today’s competitive media landscape, coming up with a catchy and innovative newspaper name can make all the difference in attracting readers and standing out from the crowd.

Whether you’re launching a new publication or rebranding an existing one, choosing the right name is crucial for making a lasting impression.

With so many newspapers vying for attention, it’s important to think outside the box and brainstorm unique and memorable names that will capture the essence of your publication.

In this article, we have compiled a list of innovative newspaper name ideas to inspire you in your quest for the perfect name.

From punny wordplay to powerful alliterations, these suggestions are sure to spark your creativity and help you find the ideal name for your newspaper.

Whether you’re aiming for a modern, trendy vibe or a classic, timeless appeal, there’s a name on this list that will perfectly encapsulate the spirit of your publication.

So, let’s dive in and explore some exciting newspaper name ideas that will make your publication stand out in the crowded media landscape.

Newspaper Names Ideas

Newspaper Names

Page Stage


Print Hint

News Views

Epoch Echo


Paoli News

Word Third

Print Mint

Scoop Dupe

Gaze Blaze

Byte Sight

Post Ghost

Brush News

Buzz Blurb

Katy Times

The Leader

Pulse Post


Ile Camera

Crane News

The Herald

Gaze Phase


The Review

The Beacon

Flash Dash

Chic Chime

Post Toast

La Opinión

City Pulse

Guide Ride

The Record

Trend Post

Sunday Sun

Hazen Star

Style Star

Link Blink

Tale Whale


Beat Treat

News Shoes

Leak Speak

Metro Muse

News Clues

Web Herald

Omaha Star


Tale Scale


Post Coast

Scope Dope


The Mirror

Scope Hope

Flyer News

Beam Dream


Urban Anew

Peek Creek


Flash Cash

Copy Poppy

Urban Echo

Metro News

News Blues

Word Heard

Print Tint

Hobbs News

Vail Daily


Sidney Sun

Press Jest

Line Brine

Leaf Brief

Speak Leak

Byte Right

Nexus News

Akron News

Gist Twist

Terra Tune

Peek Speak

Gist Tryst

Daily Star

Scoop Loop

Scope Rope

Line Shine


Spin Begin

Ethos Echo

Milan News

Aneta Star

Town Times

The Banner

Buzz Break

Press Mess

Read Speed

Chic Pulse

Troy Times

Daily News

Vogue View



The Current

Aurora News

The Odessan

City Herald

The Journal

Byte Bright

Buzz Herald

Wishek Star

Baytown Sun

Daily Drift

Online Post

Friona Star

Talk Squawk

Press Chess

Scope Slope

Pulse Pages

Wisner News

Net Gazette

Sun Gazette

Style Story

Beacon Byte

News Bruise

The Tribune

Monroe News

News Nebula

Polis Pulse

Hip Gazette

Terra Tales

The Citizen

Zen Gazette

Profit Post

The Pioneer

Times Pines

Windsor Now

Prism Pages

Glean Scene


Prime Prism

Beacon Star

Goshen News

The Monitor

Byte Flight

Nocona News

Best Newspaper Names

Web Tribune

Guide Slide

Press Dress

Story Glory

Daily Pulse

Borden Star

Boerne Star

Zenith Zine

Web Gazette

Report Fort

Newsy Nexus

Eon Journal

Line Divine

Gazette Vex

Leak Streak

Booker News

Siletz News

Beat Street

Sun Journal

El Defensor

Daily Chime

Urban Unity

Review Brew

Print Stint

Press Guess

Line Design

Beat Repeat

Metro Pulse

Scribe Vibe

Alert Flirt

Net Courier

Buzz Breeze

Times Rhyme

Review Stew

Burns Times

Morning Sun

City Cipher

Net Journal

The New Era

Albany News

Burton View

Sheet Fleet

Hudson Post

Valley News

The Lookout

Daily Bruin

Darien News

The Roundup

City Cachet

Vogue Voice

News Cruise

Oakes Times

Cyber Times

The Lantern

Terra Times

Denver Post

Mandan News

The Courier

Urban Eclat

Herald Word

Pulse Verse

Global Gaze

Flash Crash

Latino News

Modern Muse

Metro Retro

Metro Times

Voice of OC

Pulse Prism

Star Beacon

Raton Range

Terra Trace

Story Ivory

Beacon Beam

Nexus Notes

Urban Umbra

Trade Lines

Scoop Troop

Alpha Atlas

Quill Quest

Metro Motif

Prime Pages

Guide Glide

Bedford Now


City Canvas

Homer Index

The Outlook

Horizon Hub

Albion News

Head Spread

Canby Herald

Virtual Post

Ruidoso News

The Advocate

Urban Oracle

Pulse Herald

Joplin Globe

San Juan Sun

Siuslaw News

Utica Herald

City Cursive

The Republic

Civic Cipher

Journal Bell

Lamar Ledger

Best Newspaper Names

Funny Newspaper Names

Refined Read

Schuyler Sun

Sun Sentinel

Street Roots

Chic Chatter

City Circuit

Luminary Log

Elgin Review

The Sun Star

Daily Dynamo

Press Herald

Carson Press

Daily Journal

Finance Focus

The Lima News

Civic Cadence

Money Tribune

Cooper Review

Luminous Lore

Sidney Herald

Circle Banner

Wausa Gazette

Cosmo Current

Quantum Quest

Locale Ledger

Express Rhyme

Hebron Herald

Daily Diction

Daily Tribune

Vibrant Voice

Fusion Herald

Journal North

Parkland News

Mountain Mail

Dexter Leader

The Chronicle

Source Course

Matrix Mirror

Spilyay Tymoo

The Slatonite

Report Escort

Net Gazetteer

Quest Courier

West End Word

The Messenger

Mount Clemens

Terra Texture

Baltimore Sun

Trend Courier

Grant Tribune

Artistry Post

Fashion Flash

El Informador

Tribune Times

Tioga Tribune

Money Monitor

Bedford Times

Enigma Herald

Daily Courier

Harrison News

Beacon Deacon

Buzz Bulletin

The Montanian

The South End

Metro Gazette

Signal Jingle

Cyber Gazette


Lazo Cultural

Blaze Journal

The Now Nexus

Seattle Times

Money Courier

Arcane Anchor


Urban Odyssey

Civic Current

Call and Post

Press Gazette

Pulse Tribune

Smart Courier

Newberry News

Report Resort

Moulton Eagle

Urban Outlook

Warren Weekly

Money Matters

Tribune Verse


Press Express

Lively Ledger

The Valierian

Momentum Post

Cyber Journal

Valley Herald

Milford Times

Civic Clarity

Prism Gazette

Edmore Herald

Oxford Leader

Metro Courier

Expresso Post

Sentinel Post

Bridger Times

Davison Index

Tribune Rhyme

Dawn Dispatch

Wealth Herald

Terry Tribune

Quantum Quill

Civic Concord

World Journal

Impact Herald

Economic Post

Munising News

Gila Bend Sun

New York Post

Civic Commune

Urban Express

Cyber Tribune

Bigfork Eagle

Capital Press

Market Herald

Serene Herald

News Examiner

Vincennes Sun

Urban Insight

Belgrade News

Reminder News

Web Chronicle

Hip Headlines

City Catalyst

Innovative Newspaper Names

Petoskey News

Gretna Breeze

The City Post

Estacada News

Pioneer Times

News Advocate

The Granville

Daily Distill

Finance Times

Clinton Local

Canton Herald

The Local Rag

Civic Collage

Epoch Essence

Ashland Times

La Feria News

The Gazetteer


Sentinel Bell

Times Courier

Beacon Briefs

Civic Centric

Market Report

Echoed Epochs

Quill Gazette

Active Dayton

Nexus Tribune

Epoch Gazette

Romulus Roman

Press Journal

Beulah Beacon

Beacon Pigeon

Polish Weekly

Smoke Signals

The West News

Townsend Star

Benton Spirit

Elgin Courier

Idalou Beacon

The Taos News

Clyde Journal

Tucson Weekly

Boston Herald

Woodward Talk

Celina Record

Lakewood News

Record Herald

Agile Courier

Pinnacle Post

Courier Verse

Terra Tribune

Glimpse Limbs

Penasee Globe

Glendale Star

Ethereal Echo

Westport News

Jewish Ledger

Quest Tribune

Tattle Rattle

Lowell Ledger

El Paso Times

Gilmer Mirror

The Collegian

Release Peace

Tampa Tribune

Signal Scroll

Meridian Muse

Pulse Gazette

The Daily Sun

Bland Courier

Pulse Parable

Express Verse

Modern Metric

The Free Press

The State News

Columbus Alive

Amity Observer

The Fresno Bee

Osgood Journal

The Urban Post

The Enon Eagle

The Bowie News

Prestige Pages

Vibrant Herald

Pinnacle Pages

The Paris News

Century Scroll

Market Tribune

The Pampa News

Beacon Journal

Junction Eagle

Wimberley View

Prologue Press

The Buchtelite

The Desert Sun

Kokomo Tribune

Roundup Record

Augusta Breeze

Kulm Messenger

Rio Grande Sun

The Kalkaskian

The Enterprise

Journal Review

The Sandy Post

Dearborn Times

Whimsy Gazette

Matrix Missive

E-Press Herald

Metro Dispatch

Van Zandt News

Plainview News

Winnsboro News

Dillon Tribune

Spark Dispatch

Riesel Rustler

Online Courier

The Wylie News

The Young Post

Daily Sentinel

Trumbull Times

Daily Reporter

Synced Stories

Ozona Stockman

Prestige Prism

Artisan Herald

The Madisonian

The Connection

Spectrum Spire

Link Chronicle

Global Glimmer

Verve Vanguard

Pulse Sentinel

Montana Kaimin

Ainsworth Star


St. Louis Post

Pataskala Post

Seraph Gazette

The Republican

Newspaper Names Ideas

Clawson Mirror

City Cognition

Evolve Tribune

Nova Notations

Canyon Courier

Insight Height

Lustrous Lines

Agile Dispatch

Seaside Signal

Parker Pioneer

Cyber Sentinel

Times Sentinel

Vogue Vanguard

Billings Times

Finance Herald

The Highlander

Beacon Courier

Chronos Canvas

Pinnacle Pulse

The Star Press

Wauneta Breeze

Journey Herald

Matter Chatter

Murphy Monitor

Pop Postscript

Mountain Times

The Bay Window

Info Gazetteer

Community News

The Ennis News

Valley Tribune

Utopia Gazette

The Vindicator

Troy Eccentric

The Repository

Serene Gazette

Dynamo Tribune

Chronicle Post

Herald Tribune

Digest Suggest

Press Sentinel

Seguin Gazette

Nova Newsprint

Fusion Courier

Beacon Brevity

Panorama Press

Column Blossom

Times Recorder

Urban Overture

Tech Gazetteer

Hereford Brand

Update Gazette

Tapestry Times

Gering Courier


Oracle Gazette

Epochal Echoes

Santa Fe Times

The Daily Star

Ponder Tribune

Synapse Signal

Profit Gazette

Article Marble

Alliance Times

Minden Courier

Gazette Regret

Ionia Sentinel

The Crete News

Fusion Tribune

Luminary Lines

Zephyr Tribune

Rochester Post

Jordan Tribune

Zenith Journal

Dispatch Match

Hoosier Topics

Bay Mills News

Sentinel Spell

The Groom News

Pristine Press

Wealth Journal

The City Times

Valley Courier

Chic Chronicle

Lewistown News

Laurel Outlook

Chronicle Star

Hip Highlights

Wealth Courier

Stellar Scribe

Sacramento Bee

Muse Gazetteer

The Sealy News

Sparkle Herald

Catron Courier

Boulder Weekly

Ashley Tribune

New York Times

Elysium Herald

Courier Chorus

The Mexia News

Tech Chronicle

Herald Courier

Online Journal

The Texas Spur

Wealth Tribune

Edge Chronicle

The Sopris Sun

Payson Roundup

The Pilot News

Market Express

Civic Catalyst

Ignite Tribune

Urban Endeavor

Colorado Daily

Journal Kernel

Impact Journal

The Llano News

Inquirer Group

Reporter Times

Radiant Report

Nexus Dispatch

Southfield Sun

Valley Journal

Newspaper Names Ideas

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Newspaper Names List

Elysian Tribune

Epochal Expanse

The Beacon Star

The Other Paper

Momentum Mirror

Anaconda Leader

Sights & Sounds

Red Cloud Chief

Doniphan Herald

Monroe Guardian

Glimpse Eclipse

Gazetteer Cheer

Dynamic Gazette

Bisbee Observer

St. Louis Globe

Chronicle Tonic

Culture Current

The Local Voice

Oceana’s Herald

Panorama Herald

The Sachse News

Digital Tribune

Melodic Journal

The Aspen Times

Miles City Star

Lancaster Eagle

Shelby Promoter

Business Update

Ajo Copper News

The Suburbanite

The Alpena News

Las Vegas Optic

Odessa American

Tribune Gazette

Health City Sun

The Eagle Press

Quirky Dispatch

Quantum Tribune

San Benito News

Seraph Dispatch

Perryton Herald

Capital Gazette

Stellar Tribune

Silver City Sun

Stellar Courier

Detroit Monitor

Putnam Villager

L’Anse Sentinel

Pembina New Era

The Logan Daily

Rockford Squire

Climax Crescent

Lustrous Ledger

Signal Symphony

Money Chronicle

Pinnacle Herald

The Canyon News

Civic Continuum

Redstone Review

Epochal Essence

Heppner Gazette

Roxton Progress

West Shore News

Eloy Enterprise

Boulder Monitor

Larimore Leader

Bellevue Leader

Glendive Ranger

Glasgow Courier

The Miami Chief

Dziennik Polski

Nova Narratives

The Craig Press

Tecumseh Herald

Morning Gazette

Shoreline Times


Oracle Sentinel

Insight Delight

Genesis Journal

Express Journal

Edition Mission

Washtenaw Voice

City Chronicles

Choteau Acantha

Virtual Gazette

West Point News

Miles Messenger

The Searchlight

The Independent

The Modesto Bee

Palacios Beacon

The Town Herald

Flathead Beacon

La Voz Bilingüe

Ingleside Index

Insight Journal

Culture Connect

The Jewish News

Virtual Journal

Press and Guide

Bridge Magazine

Whitefish Pilot

Times Indicator

Profit Sentinel

The Daily Guide

Hastings Banner

Cyber Chronicle

Caprock Courier

Urban Gazetteer

Online Sentinel

Urban Utterance

Luminary Ledger

BuzzFeed Herald

Brownfield News

Radiant Readout

Fusion Sentinel

Aurora Sentinel

Molalla Pioneer

Enigma Sentinel

Hays Free Press

The Journal Era

Signal Spectrum

Virtual Courier

Italian Tribune

The Macomb Daily

The Student Post

Green Fire Times

Grand Blanc View

Delta Collegiate

Newspaper Names Generator

The Whiz Gazette

Hood County News

Source Discourse

Lapeer Area View

The City Courier

Grand Saline Sun

Hamtramck Review

Citizens Gazette

Radiant Sentinel

The Metro Herald

Northern Express

The Varsity News

Lake Travis View

Epochal Excerpts

Enigma Chronicle

Hometown Gazette

Chelsea Standard

Article Particle

Aspen Daily News

Digital Sentinel

Chronicle Cosmos

Epochal Elements

The Western News

Port Orford News

Big Lake Wildcat

Clay County News

Smithville Times

Parker Chronicle

Oregon City News

Feature Pleasure

Teague Chronicle

Timeless Tribute

Sentinel Gazette

Riverfront Times

Chronicle Herald

Catalyst Courier

The Oxford Press

The Lampoon Post

Luminous Courier

Nebula Gazetteer

Lake County Star

Network Dispatch

The Waverly News

Time’s Testament

The County Times

The Mountain Ear

Royal Oak Review

Evolve Chronicle

Englewood Herald

The Rowena Press

Kansas City Star

The Metropolitan

Glen Ullin Times

Update Gazetteer

Virtual Dispatch

The Tribune News

Palo Pinto Press

Tribune Progress

Chronicle Pickle

Radiant Dispatch

Electra Dispatch

The Oakland Post

Chronicle Fusion

Fort Bend Herald

Pinnacle Gazette

Catalyst Tribune

Daily Divergence

Farmington Press

The Evening News

The Spoof Herald

The Times Herald

The Village Post

Luminary Journal

Beacon Broadcast

Bandera Bulletin

The Darien Times

Camp Verde Bugle

Daily Inter Lake

Luminary Gazette

Ukrain’ski Visti

The Cuero Record

Legal Advertiser

Ravalli Republic

Port Lavaca Wave

Dispatch Journal

The Mercury News

Pecos Enterprise

The Irony Herald

Beavercreek News

Blissful Journal

Lebanon Reporter

The City Tribune

Oxford Eccentric

Douglas Dispatch

Sherwood Gazette

Estes Park Trail

Parchment Portal

Velva Area Voice

Portland Tribune

Polk County News

The Tribune Post

Maricopa Monitor

Hillsboro Banner

The Daily Breeze

Today’s Tapestry

Muleshoe Journal

The Pender Times

Network Sentinel

Billings Outpost

Advertiser Times

Alpine Avalanche

Famous Newspaper Names

Dove Creek Press

Arizona Republic

Chronicle Canvas

Tribune Sentinel

Voyage Chronicle

Chronicle Tickle

Western Observer

Dispatch Tribune

North Forty News

Nugget Newspaper

Olney Enterprise

The Marion Press

West Valley View

The County Voice

Forney Messenger

Hannibal Courier

The Detroit News

Carlsbad Current

Michigan Advance

Feature Creature

Sandusky Tribune

De Mujer A Mujer

E-Press Sentinel

The Town Tribune

The Western Star

Montana Standard

Morenci Observer

The Wayne Herald

Manteca Bulletin

Oakland Observer

Lynn County News

Havre Daily News

Finance Dispatch

Hometown Journal

Livonia Observer

Edition Ambition

Quantum Dispatch

The Comfort News

The Pulse Herald

Ralston Recorder

The Plain Dealer

Richland Express

Radiance Gazette

Rolla Daily News

Daily Divulgence

Equinox Sentinel

County Star-News

Chronicle Clutch

The Witty Herald

The Post Courier

Shelbyville News

Vortex Chronicle

Syracuse Journal

Deming Headlight

The Saginaw News

Whitehall Ledger

Express Dispatch

Symphony Tribune

Profit Gazetteer

Greenwood Ranger

Zeitgeist Zephyr

Kingman Standard

East Haddam News

The Buckeye Star

Macomb Chronicle

The Hills Herald

Superior Express

The Kenmare News

Plainview Herald

Piqua Daily Call

The Savvy Herald

Falfurrias Facts

Springfield News

Terra Transcript

North Bend Eagle

Insight Invictus

Sedalia Democrat

San Manuel Miner

Imagination Post

Luminary Courier

Spectrum Gazette

Melody Chronicle

Timeless Tidings

Veritas Dispatch

Nexus Noteworthy

Billings Gazette

The Indy Outlook

Meridian Tribune

Centerville News

Frankenmuth News

Elysium Sentinel

Clackamas Review

The Brazil Times

Economic Outlook

Focus Daily News

Panhandle Herald

Ethereal Courier

Ingenious Herald

The Daily Record

The Town Gazette

Petersburg Press

West Austin News

Pine River Times

Odyssey Sentinel

The Journal Star

The Eastern Echo

Zenith Chronicle

The Farce Herald

Eldorado Success

Economic Express

Lexington Leader

The Weston Forum

The Press Herald

Hartford Courant

Hico News Review

Redford Observer

Fusion Gazetteer

Orlando Sentinel

Visionary Herald

E-Press Gazetteer

Gothenburg Leader

Inkling Chronicle

Jeffco Transcript

Norwalk Reflector

Cedar County News

The Oakland Press

The International

Midlothian Mirror

South County News

Old Newspaper Names

Illumina Inquirer

Thompson Villager

Stamford American

The Metro Gazette

Phoenix Chronicle

The Graham Leader

Stellar Chronicle

Ypsilanti Courier

Connect Chronicle

New Salem Journal

Realm Reflections

Southwest Advance

Bay Area Observer

Verde Independent

The Township View

The Times Courier

Grant County News

Lufkin Daily News

Law Week Colorado

Whimsical Gazette

The Farce Gazette

Dayton Daily News

Fairfield Citizen

Manchester Mirror

Central Oregonian

Hillsboro Tribune

Lexington Clipper

The Metro Courier

Radiant Gazetteer

The Young Tribune

Denver City Press

North Cass Herald

The Brainy Herald

The Civic Gazette

Quill’s Chronicle

West Kerr Current

Toledo Free Press

Fort Morgan Times

Economic Observer

Northville Record

Coolidge Examiner

Ingenious Gazette

Capital Chronicle

Kalamazoo Gazette

Victoria Advocate

The Ekalaka Eagle

Whimsical Courier

Luminary Dispatch

Santa Fe Reporter

The Mountain Mail

Huron County View

Connect Gazetteer

Financial Lookout

Distinct Dispatch

Indianapolis Star

Electra Star-News

Enchanted Courier

Ag Journal Online

Thomaston Express

Whirlwind Courier

The District Post

White Lake Beacon

McVille Messenger

Groesbeck Journal

Gladewater Mirror

Baker City Herald

The Jester Herald

Seminole Sentinel

Central Lake News

The Concho Herald

The Silly Courier

Portland Observer

Copper Basin News

Port Austin Times

Swartz Creek View

Southeast Advance

The Red River Sun

Foard County News

Cadence Newspaper

Saguache Crescent

Brown City Banner

Edwardsburg Argus

Economic Dispatch

Beaverton Clarion

Osmond Republican

The Metro Journal

Metropolis Mingle

Metropolis Medley

The Locale Herald

Bottineau Courant

Spectrum Dispatch

Whisper Gazetteer

The Future Herald

The Laughing Post

Times Record News

The Irony Gazette

El Vocero Hispano

Morning Chronicle

Houston Chronicle

LaMoure Chronicle

Norwalk Ohio News

Texas Jewish Post

Iosco County News

Sparkle Chronicle

The Farce Tribune

Lone Peak Lookout

Phoenix Gazetteer

Mindful Chronicle

Neosho Daily News

Epochal Emanation

Radiant Chronicle

Los Angeles Times

Grand Canyon News

Velocity Dispatch

Chronos Chronicle

Golden Transcript

The Mexico Ledger

Hungry Horse News

Pulse Perspective

The Pioneer Press

High Country News

Digital Chronicle

Quantum Gazetteer

Advisor Newspaper

Investor’s Herald

Ingenious Tribune

The Sentinel Post

Virtual Chronicle

The Digital Daily

Columbus Dispatch

The Witty Tribune

Ameriska Domovina

Between the Lines

Humphrey Democrat

Chicago Sun Times

Fort Lupton Press

Chronicle Contour

Curiosity Journal

Navasota Examiner

Silver State Post

Burlington Record

Capital Gazetteer

Fake Newspaper Names

South Padre Press

News on the Green

The Monahans News

Round Rock Leader

Metropolis Mosaic

The Miami Student

Texarkana Gazette

Springport Signal

Rogue River Press

Tribune Chronicle

Intrinsic Insight

Journal Newspaper

Northwest Advance

Maple Valley News

Metropolis Motley

The Dalhart Texan

Culture Chronicle

Edition Condition

New Milford Times

New Buffalo Times

The Elkhart Truth

The Spoof Gazette

Marshall Democrat

The Flint Journal

The Redding Pilot

The Hamlin Herald

Chronicle Compass

The Press Journal

The Orange Leader

Big Spring Herald

Goldthwaite Eagle

The Witty Gazette

Johnstown Journal

Mason County News

Plymouth Observer

Coshocton Tribune

Cannon Connection

Summit Daily News

Prime Perspective

Cherokeean Herald

The Wheeler Times

Macomb Legal News

The Absurd Herald

New Carlisle News

Northeast Advance

Westland Observer

The Post Dispatch

Gonzales Inquirer

West Linn Tidings

Investor’s Digest

Rockdale Reporter

Kingsville Record

The Antrim Review

Huntington Herald

Digital Gazetteer

Finance Chronicle

The Stamford Star

The Alcona Review

Thornton Sentinel

South Lyon Herald

The Comic Courier

The Daily Journal

The Daily Chuckle

Chronicle Gazette

Phoenix New Times

Commercial Review

Hatton Free Press

The Urban Courier

Independent Press

The Parody Tribune

Luminescent Herald

The Herald Tribune

The Quirky Journal

The Wickenburg Sun

The Tombstone News

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Uvalde Leader-News

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Out Front Colorado

Swanton Enterprise

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Devil’s River News

Westminster Window

Insightful Journal

Charlevoix Courier

The Post Newspaper

Charlotte Observer

The Times Reporter

Enchanted Dispatch

The Sun Times News

The Campus Courier

Luminary Chronicle

Golden Valley News

The Kaufman Herald

The Shiner Gazette

The Pulse Sentinel

Van Alstyne Leader

The Times Sentinel

Casino Entertainer

Julesburg Advocate

The Clifton Record

The Municipal Post

The Press Sentinel

Falls City Journal

Nebraska City News

The West Bend News

Pinconning Journal

Yorktown News-View

New Ulm Enterprise

The Daily Telegram

State Line Tribune

The Jester Journal

The Belton Journal

New Haven Advocate

Walsh County Press

Whispering Courier

The Marietta Times

The Comanche Chief

The Lyons Recorder

Newspaper Names For School Project

Detroit Legal News

Montana Free Press

The City Chronicle

Chronicle Dispatch

The Times Bulletin

Borger News-Herald

Kinney County Post

American Israelite

Kiowa County Press

The Romeo Observer

Urban Undercurrent

Arizona Range News

Lodi News-Sentinel

The Daily Dispatch

West Fargo Pioneer

Minden City Herald

Glen Rose Reporter

Dakota County Star

Blanco County News

The Comic Sentinel

The Onaway Outlook

The Daily Democrat

The Jasper Newsboy

Dunn County Herald

The County Journal

The Hometown Press

De Leon Free Press

Carbon County News

The Knowledge Post

Telegram Newspaper

Napoleon Homestead

Killingly Villager

West Hartford News

The Rockport Pilot

Euphoria Gazetteer

Muskegon Chronicle

Trenton Republican

Hartford City News

Wymore Arbor State

Independent Record

Gazette Silhouette

The Community News

Lakeview Area News

Investor’s Insight

The Junior Journal

Michigan Chronicle

The Campus Gazette

Rogue Valley Times

Newark Star Ledger

The Carthage Press

The Columbia Press

Abernathy Advocate

Newton County News

Chesterton Tribune

Afroasia Newspaper

The Scholar’s Post

The Maverick Times

Pasadena Star-News

Wilson County News

Thorndale Champion

Observer Eccentric

The Silly Sentinel

The Village Herald

Archer County News

The Verdigre Eagle

Renaissance Herald

Omaha World Herald

The Underwood News

Pinnacle Chronicle

Westport Minuteman

The Flatonia Argus

The Herald Courier

The Parody Courier


Bastrop Advertiser

Judith Basin Press

South County Times

Sentinel Synthesis

The Michigan Daily

The Yale Expositor

The Chadron Record

The Civic Dispatch

Lake Oswego Review

The Express Herald

Reflection Gazette

Clay County Leader

Investor’s Journal

Blissful Gazetteer

The Fowler Tribune

The Bright Courier

Creswell Chronicle

Grosse Pointe News

Three Forks Herald

Quintessence Quill

Mountain View News

The Henderson News

Focus on Oak Grove

Centennial Citizen

Chronicle Currents

The Mining Journal

The Bay City Times

The Chronicle Star

The Borough Herald

The Regional Voice

Tippecanoe Gazette

Elbert County News

Catalyst Chronicle

Garden County News

Northwest Examiner

The Herald Gazette

The Madras Pioneer

Detroit Free Press

The Chronicle Post

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Characteristics of a Great Newspaper Name

When choosing a name for your newspaper, it’s essential to consider certain characteristics that can contribute to its success and effectiveness.

The name is a crucial element in shaping the identity of your publication and attracting readers. Here are some key characteristics to keep in mind:

A. Memorable


A great newspaper name should be easy to remember. Readers are more likely to engage with a publication that has a name that sticks in their minds.

Consider names that are catchy, concise, and resonate with your target audience.

B. Reflective of Content


The name should provide a glimpse into the type of content your newspaper offers.

Whether it’s local news, entertainment, or a specific niche, the name should convey the essence of what readers can expect.

C. Unique


Stand out from the crowd by choosing a name that is distinctive and avoids common clichés. A unique name helps your newspaper gain recognition and avoids confusion with other publications.

D. Timeless


Aim for a name that withstands the test of time.

While it’s good to be current, choosing a name that won’t become outdated quickly ensures longevity and continuity in your newspaper’s branding.

E. Relevant to Target Audience


Consider the demographics and interests of your target audience.

A name that resonates with your readership will create a stronger connection and increase the likelihood of attracting and retaining readers.

By carefully considering these characteristics, you can ensure that your newspaper name is not only appealing but also strategic in building a strong brand presence.

Throughout the brainstorming and selection process, regularly assess potential names against these criteria to determine which ones align best with your publication’s goals and audience.

Brainstorming Process

Generating creative and meaningful newspaper name ideas requires a systematic and thoughtful brainstorming process. Here’s a breakdown of the steps involved:

1. Understanding Your Audience

Start by defining your target audience. Consider their demographics, interests, and preferences.

Understanding your audience helps in creating a name that resonates with them and captures their attention.

2. Identifying Key Themes

Determine the main themes or topics your newspaper will cover.

This could include local news, politics, lifestyle, entertainment, or any niche you plan to focus on. Identify keywords and concepts associated with these themes.

3. Incorporating Local Elements

If your newspaper has a local or regional focus, consider incorporating elements that reflect the community.

This could include the city or region’s name, landmarks, or cultural references. A name with local relevance can attract a more engaged readership.

4. Considering Tone and Voice

Decide on the tone and voice you want your newspaper to convey.

Whether it’s formal, casual, humorous, or authoritative, the name should align with the overall personality of your publication. The tone sets the expectations for readers.

5. Collaborative Brainstorming Sessions

Gather a diverse group of individuals for brainstorming sessions.

This could include editorial staff, marketing professionals, and even potential readers. Collaborative sessions can bring different perspectives and ideas to the table.

6. Word Association and Mind Mapping

Use word association and mind-mapping techniques to generate a list of words related to your newspaper’s themes and objectives.

This can help in discovering unique combinations and connections that might inspire creative names.

7. Refining and Narrowing Down

After generating a list of potential names, begin the process of refinement. Eliminate names that are too generic, confusing, or irrelevant.

Focus on those that align best with the characteristics discussed earlier, such as memorability, relevance, and uniqueness.

8. Feedback and Iteration

Seek feedback on the shortlisted names from your team or even potential readers. Iterate the names based on the feedback received. This iterative process helps in refining and improving the options.

By following these steps, you can create a systematic and effective brainstorming process that leads to the discovery of innovative and fitting newspaper names.

It’s important to be open to creative possibilities, and sometimes the best ideas come from unexpected sources or combinations during the brainstorming sessions.

Examples of Successful Newspaper Names

Studying successful newspaper names can provide valuable insights into effective branding and audience engagement.

Here’s a breakdown of different types of successful newspaper names:

Classic Examples

Classic newspaper names often embody a sense of tradition, reliability, and timelessness.

Examples like “The New York Times,” “The Times of London,” or “The Washington Post” have stood the test of time, establishing themselves as trusted sources of news.

Modern and Trendy Names

In the digital age, some newspapers adopt modern and trendy names to appeal to a younger audience.

Examples such as “BuzzFeed News,” “Vice,” or “HuffPost” use contemporary language and trends to attract a more diverse readership.

Niche-Specific Names

Newspapers that focus on specific niches often incorporate their niche into the name.

For example, “TechCrunch” focuses on technology news, “Sports Illustrated” specializes in sports coverage, and “Entertainment Weekly” caters to entertainment enthusiasts.

Regional and Cultural Influences

Newspapers often draw inspiration from regional or cultural elements.

Names like “The Hindustan Times” or “Le Monde” reflect the cultural and linguistic contexts of their target audiences, establishing a connection with readers on a deeper level.

Online-Only Platforms

With the rise of online journalism, some successful newspapers have names that reflect their digital nature.

Examples like “The Daily Beast” or “Quartz” showcase the transition to digital platforms and emphasize the continuous flow of news.

By examining these examples, it becomes evident that successful newspaper names share common characteristics:

Clear Brand Identity: Successful names reflect the newspaper’s identity, mission, or focus clearly.

Relevance to Audience: The names resonate with the target audience’s interests, preferences, and cultural context.

Adaptability: In the case of digital platforms, successful names demonstrate adaptability to changing media landscapes.

Memorability: Names are easy to remember, facilitating better recall among readers.

When brainstorming names for a newspaper, it can be beneficial to analyze both historical and contemporary examples to gain inspiration and understand the diverse approaches that have proven effective in the industry.

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