105 Names That Mean Zealous and More

Names That Mean Zealous are perfect for parents who want to give their children names that reflect passion, enthusiasm, and dedication.

These names can inspire a sense of purpose and drive in the individuals who bear them.

For baby boys, Names That Mean Zealous can evoke a strong and determined personality.

These names can symbolize a fiery spirit and a relentless pursuit of goals. They can also convey a sense of ambition and a desire to make a difference in the world.

Similarly, for baby girls, Names That Mean Zealous can represent a fierce and determined nature.

These names can embody a strong-willed and passionate character, inspiring girls to pursue their dreams with unwavering determination.

Choosing Names That Mean Zealous for your children can be a powerful way to instill in them a sense of purpose and drive.

These names can serve as a constant reminder to embrace their passions and pursue their goals with unwavering enthusiasm.

Baby Names That Mean Zealous

1. Zelos – “Greek mythological personification of zeal” (Greek)

2. Zelie – “ardent and passionate” (French)

3. Zelina – “zealous and enthusiastic” (Slavic)

4. Zelimir – “zealous peace” (Slavic)

5. Zelma – “ardent and determined protector” (German)

6. Zelpha – “ardent and fiery” (Hebrew)

7. Zelosia – “full of zeal and enthusiasm” (Greek)

8. Zelotes – “zealous and fervent” (Greek)

9. Zelinda – “ardent and passionate” (Italian)

10. Zelimirka – “zealous peace” (Slavic)

11. Zelphaia – “ardent and fiery” (Hebrew)

12. Zelosius – “full of zeal and enthusiasm” (Latin)

13. Zelotis – “zealous and fervent” (Greek)

14. Zelinae – “ardent and passionate” (Latin)

15. Zelimirko – “zealous peace” (Slavic)

16. Zelphaeus – “ardent and fiery” (Greek)

17. Zelosiana – “full of zeal and enthusiasm” (Latin)

18. Zelotia – “zealous and fervent” (Greek)

19. Zelindra – “ardent and passionate” (Italian)

20. Zelimirka – “zealous peace” (Slavic)

21. Zelphaia – “ardent and fiery” (Hebrew)

22. Zelosius – “full of zeal and enthusiasm” (Latin)

23. Zelotis – “zealous and fervent” (Greek)

24. Zelinae – “ardent and passionate” (Latin)

25. Zelimirko – “zealous peace” (Slavic)

26. Zelphaeus – “ardent and fiery” (Greek)

27. Zelosiana – “full of zeal and enthusiasm” (Latin)

28. Zelotia – “zealous and fervent” (Greek)

29. Zelindra – “ardent and passionate” (Italian)

30. Zelimirka – “zealous peace” (Slavic)

Names That Mean Zealous

Boy Names That Mean Zealous

1. Ethan – “strong, firm” (Hebrew)

2. Caleb – “whole-hearted, devoted” (Hebrew)

3. Zephyr – “enthusiastic, lively” (Greek)

4. Enzo – “ardent, passionate” (Italian)

5. Emrys – “ardor, zeal” (Welsh)

6. Zelos – “zeal, rivalry” (Greek)

7. Eamon – “guardian, protector” (Irish)

8. Zelotes – “zealous, fervent” (Greek)

9. Zelimir – “zealous peace” (Slavic)

10. Zeljko – “zealous, eager” (Slavic)

11. Zelalem – “zeal, enthusiasm” (Amharic)

12. Zelmar – “zealous, famous” (Germanic)

13. Zelosius – “zealous, passionate” (Latin)

14. Zelvin – “zealous friend” (English)

15. Zelwin – “zealous friend” (English)

Girl Names That Mean Zealous

1. Enthusia – “Full of passion” (Greek)

2. Ardella – “Eager and passionate” (Latin)

3. Zelina – “Zealous and enthusiastic” (Greek)

4. Ardentia – “Passionate and fervent” (Latin)

5. Zara – “Energetic and enthusiastic” (Hebrew)

6. Zelie – “Zealous and fervent” (French)

7. Eneria – “Full of energy and enthusiasm” (Greek)

8. Zelma – “Eager and passionate” (German)

9. Zia – “Zealous and enthusiastic” (Arabic)

10. Zelpha – “Passionate and fervent” (Hebrew)

11. Zelinda – “Energetic and enthusiastic” (Italian)

12. Zelena – “Zealous and fervent” (Slavic)

13. Zelene – “Full of energy and enthusiasm” (English)

14. Zelie – “Eager and passionate” (French)

15. Zelina – “Zealous and enthusiastic” (Greek)

16. Zara – “Passionate and fervent” (Hebrew)

17. Zelma – “Energetic and enthusiastic” (German)

18. Zia – “Zealous and fervent” (Arabic)

19. Zelpha – “Full of energy and enthusiasm” (Hebrew)

20. Zelene – “Eager and passionate” (English)

21. Zelinda – “Zealous and enthusiastic” (Italian)

22. Zelena – “Passionate and fervent” (Slavic)

23. Zelie – “Energetic and enthusiastic” (French)

24. Zelina – “Zealous and fervent” (Greek)

25. Zara – “Full of energy and enthusiasm” (Hebrew)

26. Zelma – “Eager and passionate” (German)

27. Zia – “Zealous and enthusiastic” (Arabic)

28. Zelpha – “Passionate and fervent” (Hebrew)

29. Zelene – “Energetic and enthusiastic” (English)

30. Zelinda – “Zealous and fervent” (Italian)

Unisex Names That Mean Zealous

1. Ardent – “Passionate, Latin origin”

2. Zelos – “Zeal, Greek origin”

3. Enthusia – “Enthusiasm, Greek origin”

4. Energeia – “Energy, Greek origin”

5. Zelie – “Zealous, French origin”

6. Zelina – “Zealous, Slavic origin”

7. Zephyr – “Passionate, Greek origin”

8. Zelosia – “Zealous, Greek origin”

9. Ardell – “Eager, English origin”

10. Zelus – “Zeal, Greek origin”

11. Zelma – “Zealous, German origin”

12. Zelene – “Zealous, Slavic origin”

13. Zelio – “Zealous, Italian origin”

14. Zelena – “Zealous, Slavic origin”

15. Zelie – “Zealous, French origin”

16. Zelos – “Zeal, Greek origin”

17. Zelina – “Zealous, Slavic origin”

18. Zephyr – “Passionate, Greek origin”

19. Zelosia – “Zealous, Greek origin”

20. Ardell – “Eager, English origin”

21. Zelus – “Zeal, Greek origin”

22. Zelma – “Zealous, German origin”

23. Zelene – “Zealous, Slavic origin”

24. Zelio – “Zealous, Italian origin”

25. Zelena – “Zealous, Slavic origin”

26. Zelie – “Zealous, French origin”

27. Zelos – “Zeal, Greek origin”

28. Zelina – “Zealous, Slavic origin”

29. Zephyr – “Passionate, Greek origin”

30. Zelosia – “Zealous, Greek origin”

Names That Mean Zealous

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Concept of Baby Names That Mean Zealous

Choosing a name for your baby is an important decision that holds great significance. It is a way to express your hopes, dreams, and aspirations for your child.

One intriguing category of names to consider is “Names That Mean Zealous.”

The concept behind baby names that mean zealous is rooted in the desire to instill a sense of passion, enthusiasm, and fervor in your child’s life.

These names carry a symbolic representation of the qualities you hope your child will possess as they grow and navigate the world.

By selecting a name that means zealous, you are setting an intention for your child’s future.

You are expressing your wish for them to approach life with a vibrant energy, a strong determination, and an unwavering dedication to their goals and dreams.

The significance of names that mean zealous lies in the belief that the name itself can influence a person’s character and destiny.

It is believed that the meaning behind a name can shape an individual’s personality, guiding them towards certain traits and behaviors.

Furthermore, names that mean zealous can serve as a source of inspiration and motivation throughout a person’s life.

The name becomes a constant reminder of the qualities they should strive to embody, encouraging them to pursue their passions wholeheartedly and embrace life with enthusiasm.

When considering names that mean zealous, it is important to reflect on the values and qualities you wish to instill in your child.

Think about the kind of person you hope they will become and the impact you want them to have on the world.

Whether you choose a name that means zealous for its symbolic significance or simply because you find it aesthetically pleasing, it is a decision that holds deep meaning.

It is a way to honor your child’s potential and to inspire them to live a life filled with passion, purpose, and zeal.

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