80 Names That Mean Untouched and More

Names That Mean Untouched are a beautiful choice for parents seeking unique and meaningful names for their baby boys and girls.

These names carry a sense of purity and innocence, evoking a sense of untouched beauty.

Whether you are looking for a name that directly translates to “untouched” or one that symbolizes a similar concept, this article will provide you with a curated list of names that capture the essence of untouched.

Choosing a name that means untouched for your baby is a way to honor their pure and untainted spirit.

These names often have deep cultural and historical significance, reflecting the desire to preserve and protect the innocence of a child.

By giving your baby a name that means untouched, you are instilling in them a sense of purity and grace.

Names That Mean Untouched can come from various origins and languages, each with its own unique charm.

From ancient Greek names like “Akakios” meaning “pure” to Sanskrit names like “Anaya” meaning “caring and untouched,” there is a wide range of options to choose from.

Whether you prefer a traditional or modern name, there is a name that captures the essence of untouched for every parent’s taste.

When selecting a name that means untouched for your baby, consider the significance it holds for you and your family.

These names can serve as a reminder of the beauty and innocence that exists in the world, and the importance of preserving it.

Names That Mean Untouched are not only a reflection of your child’s purity but also a testament to the values you hold dear.

Baby Names That Mean Untouched

1. Alina – “bright, beautiful” (Slavic)

2. Anaya – “caring, compassionate” (Hebrew)

3. Arwen – “noble maiden” (Welsh)

4. Chastity – “pure, virtuous” (English)

5. Dagny – “new day” (Scandinavian)

6. Elysia – “blissful, heavenly” (Greek)

7. Immaculata – “immaculate, spotless” (Latin)

8. Ingrid – “beautiful, beloved” (Scandinavian)

9. Keiko – “blessed, respectful” (Japanese)

10. Liora – “my light” (Hebrew)

11. Mireille – “admired, wonderful” (French)

12. Niamh – “bright, radiant” (Irish)

13. Orla – “golden princess” (Irish)

14. Parisa – “like a fairy” (Persian)

15. Safiya – “pure, righteous” (Arabic)

16. Seraphina – “burning fire” (Hebrew)

17. Tamsin – “twin” (Cornish)

18. Ula – “gem of the sea” (Scottish)

19. Vanya – “gracious gift of God” (Russian)

20. Xanthe – “golden, yellow” (Greek)

21. Yara – “small butterfly” (Arabic)

22. Zara – “princess, flower” (Arabic)

23. Aria – “air, melody” (Italian)

24. Bianca – “white, pure” (Italian)

25. Celeste – “heavenly, celestial” (Latin)

26. Dahlia – “valley, flower” (Swedish)

27. Elara – “bright, shining” (Greek)

28. Freya – “noble woman” (Norse)

29. Gaia – “earth, mother goddess” (Greek)

30. Hazel – “hazelnut tree” (English)

Names That Mean Untouched

Boy Names That Mean Untouched

1. Arjun – “bright, shining” (Sanskrit)

2. Damian – “to tame” (Greek)

3. Ethan – “strong, firm” (Hebrew)

4. Finn – “fair, white” (Irish)

5. Gabriel – “God is my strength” (Hebrew)

6. Isaac – “laughter” (Hebrew)

7. Jasper – “treasurer” (Persian)

8. Kieran – “little dark one” (Irish)

9. Leo – “lion” (Latin)

10. Micah – “who is like God?” (Hebrew)

11. Nolan – “champion” (Irish)

12. Oliver – “olive tree” (Latin)

13. Phoenix – “dark red” (Greek)

14. Quinn – “wise” (Irish)

15. Ryder – “mounted warrior” (English)

16. Sebastian – “venerable” (Greek)

17. Tristan – “sorrowful” (Welsh)

18. Uriel – “God is my light” (Hebrew)

19. Victor – “conqueror” (Latin)

20. Wyatt – “brave in war” (English)

Girl Names That Mean Untouched

1. Alina – “bright, beautiful” (Slavic)

2. Anaya – “caring, compassionate” (Arabic)

3. Chastity – “pure, virtuous” (English)

4. Daphne – “laurel tree” (Greek)

5. Elara – “shining, brilliant” (Greek)

6. Faye – “fairy” (English)

7. Galina – “calm, tranquil” (Russian)

8. Haven – “safe place” (English)

9. Ingrid – “beautiful, fair” (Scandinavian)

10. Jocelyn – “joyous, happy” (French)

11. Kiera – “dark-haired” (Irish)

12. Liana – “to climb like a vine” (Latin)

13. Mira – “wonderful, peace” (Sanskrit)

14. Nadia – “hope” (Slavic)

15. Ophelia – “help, aid” (Greek)

16. Phoebe – “bright, radiant” (Greek)

17. Quinn – “wise, intelligent” (Irish)

18. Rhea – “flowing, ease” (Greek)

19. Selene – “moon goddess” (Greek)

20. Thalia – “to blossom” (Greek)

21. Uma – “flaxen-haired” (Sanskrit)

22. Vera – “faith, truth” (Russian)

23. Willow – “graceful, slender” (English)

24. Xanthe – “golden, yellow” (Greek)

25. Yara – “small butterfly” (Arabic)

26. Zara – “princess” (Arabic)

27. Ada – “noble, graceful” (German)

28. Bella – “beautiful” (Italian)

29. Cara – “beloved” (Irish)

30. Eva – “life” (Hebrew)

Unisex Names That Mean Untouched

1. Aran – “Mountain” (Irish)

2. Asha – “Hope” (Sanskrit)

3. Cai – “Rejoice” (Welsh)

4. Dara – “Oak tree” (Hebrew)

5. Eiran – “To enlighten” (Hebrew)

6. Fai – “Glowing” (Chinese)

7. Hana – “Blossom” (Japanese)

8. Iman – “Faith” (Arabic)

9. Jai – “Victory” (Indian)

10. Kai – “Sea” (Hawaiian)

11. Lior – “My light” (Hebrew)

12. Nuri – “My fire” (Turkish)

13. Ora – “Light” (Hebrew)

14. Ravi – “Sun” (Sanskrit)

15. Sora – “Sky” (Japanese)

16. Tavi – “Good” (Hungarian)

17. Yael – “Mountain goat” (Hebrew)

18. Zia – “Light” (Arabic)

Names That Mean Untouched

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Concept of Baby Names That Mean Untouched

Choosing a name for your baby is an important decision that holds great significance. Many parents seek names that not only sound beautiful but also carry a deeper meaning.

One such concept that has gained popularity is selecting baby names that mean “untouched.”

The significance of names that mean untouched lies in their symbolism of purity, innocence, and uniqueness.

These names often evoke a sense of untouched beauty and pristine qualities, making them a desirable choice for many parents.

By choosing a name that means untouched, parents aim to bestow upon their child a sense of purity and a fresh start in life.

It symbolizes the hope for their child to remain untainted by negative influences and to embrace a life filled with positivity and goodness.

Furthermore, names that mean untouched can also represent a sense of uniqueness and individuality.

In a world where conformity is often encouraged, these names stand out and celebrate the idea of being different.

They remind us that each person is special and has the potential to make their mark on the world in their own unique way.

Parents may choose names that mean untouched for various reasons. Some may be drawn to the spiritual or religious connotations associated with these names, while others may simply find them aesthetically pleasing.

Additionally, these names can also serve as a reminder of personal values and aspirations, reflecting the parents’ desire for their child to lead a life of integrity and purity.

It is important to note that the concept of names that mean untouched is subjective and can vary across different cultures and languages.

The significance and symbolism attached to these names may differ based on individual beliefs and cultural contexts.

In conclusion, the concept of baby names that mean untouched holds significance in symbolizing purity, uniqueness, and a fresh start in life.

These names carry a deeper meaning and can serve as a reflection of the parents’ aspirations for their child.

Ultimately, the choice of a name is a personal one, and selecting a name that resonates with the parents’ values and beliefs is key.

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