90 Names That Mean Redemption and More

Names That Mean Redemption are a beautiful choice for parents seeking meaningful names for their baby boys and girls.

These names hold a deep significance, symbolizing the power of redemption and the hope for a brighter future.

Choosing a name that means redemption for your child can be a powerful way to honor the concept of second chances and the ability to overcome adversity.

These names carry a sense of strength and resilience, reminding us that redemption is possible for everyone.

Whether you are looking for a name that directly translates to redemption or one that has a related meaning, there are numerous options to explore.

These names can serve as a constant reminder of the transformative power of forgiveness and the potential for growth.

Names That Mean Redemption offer a unique opportunity to instill a sense of purpose and hope in your child from the moment they are born.

By choosing a name that embodies the concept of redemption, you are setting the stage for a life filled with compassion, forgiveness, and personal growth.

Baby Names That Mean Redemption

1. Salvatore – “Savior” (Italian)

2. Ransom – “Redeemed” (English)

3. Delora – “Redeemed” (Spanish)

4. Amara – “Grace” (Igbo)

5. Karmen – “Redemption” (Slovene)

6. Soteria – “Salvation” (Greek)

7. Jibril – “Redeemer” (Arabic)

8. Isra – “Night journey” (Arabic)

9. Yeshua – “Salvation” (Hebrew)

10. Nerys – “Redemption” (Welsh)

11. Ziv – “Radiance” (Hebrew)

12. Aton – “Redemption” (Egyptian)

13. Freya – “Lady” (Norse)

14. Amos – “Burdened” (Hebrew)

15. Shiloh – “Peaceful” (Hebrew)

16. Elara – “Redeemed” (Greek)

17. Zara – “Blooming flower” (Arabic)

18. Jada – “Wise” (Arabic)

19. Kael – “Mighty warrior” (Irish)

20. Liora – “My light” (Hebrew)

21. Zephyr – “West wind” (Greek)

22. Amalia – “Industrious” (German)

23. Zev – “Wolf” (Hebrew)

24. Niamh – “Radiance” (Irish)

25. Eitan – “Strong” (Hebrew)

26. Aria – “Air” (Italian)

27. Zaina – “Beautiful” (Arabic)

28. Kieran – “Dark-haired” (Irish)

29. Alina – “Bright, beautiful” (Greek)

30. Asher – “Happy, blessed” (Hebrew)

Names That Mean Redemption

Boy Names That Mean Redemption

Ethan-“strong, firm, enduring” (Hebrew)

Amir-“prince, leader” (Arabic)

Rafael-“God has healed” (Hebrew)

Salvatore-“savior” (Italian)

Kwan-“strong” (Korean)

Asher-“fortunate, blessed” (Hebrew)

Benedict-“blessed” (Latin)

Nehemiah-“comforted by God” (Hebrew)

Amare-“to love” (Latin)

Ziv-“radiance, brilliance” (Hebrew)

Caius-“rejoice” (Latin)

Matias-“gift of God” (Spanish)

Arjun-“bright, shining” (Sanskrit)

Fidel-“faithful” (Latin)

Karim-“generous, noble” (Arabic)

Girl Names That Mean Redemption

Amala-“redeemed” (Sanskrit)

Teshi-“to redeem” (African)

Salvina-“savior” (Latin)

Nessa-“miracle of redemption” (Hebrew)

Sachi-“graceful redemption” (Japanese)

Althea-“healing, redemption” (Greek)

Vanya-“redeemer” (Russian)

Erlinda-“noble and redeemed” (Spanish)

Shifra-“bright redemption” (Hebrew)

Kalila-“redeemer, beloved” (Arabic)

Ziv-“radiant redemption” (Hebrew)

Isra-“night journey, redemption” (Arabic)

Aditi-“boundless redemption” (Sanskrit)

Farida-“unique redemption” (Arabic)

Malina-“soothing redemption” (Hawaiian)

Elara-“bright redemption” (Greek)

Ximena-“listener, hearer of redemption” (Spanish)

Tova-“goodness, redemption” (Hebrew)

Marisol-“sea and sun, redemption” (Spanish)

Nawal-“gift of redemption” (Arabic)

Unisex Names That Mean Redemption

Amala – “hope” (Sanskrit)

Asha – “hope, life” (Sanskrit)

Caius – “rejoice” (Latin)

Dara – “compassion” (Persian)

Eilif – “everlasting life” (Old Norse)

Elara – “bright, shining” (Greek)

Esra – “to rescue, to help” (Hebrew)

Fidelis – “faithful, loyal” (Latin)

Haniya – “happy, delighted” (Arabic)

Kaida – “little dragon” (Japanese)

Kyrone – “lordly, noble” (Greek)

Liora – “I have light” (Hebrew)

Mahir – “skilled, proficient” (Arabic)

Nima – “blessing” (Persian)

Odelia – “riches, prosperity” (Hebrew)

Panya – “crowned with laurel” (Greek)

Quillon – “to heal” (Latin)

Razi – “satisfied, content” (Arabic)

Sagan – “wise one” (Slavic)

Selene – “moon goddess” (Greek)

Tarek – “morning star” (Arabic)

Uma – “splendor, light” (Sanskrit)

Vanya – “God is gracious” (Slavic)

Xena – “hospitable, welcoming” (Greek)

Yara – “small butterfly” (Arabic)

Zephyr – “west wind” (Greek)

Zenon – “gift of Zeus” (Greek)

Zia – “light, splendor” (Arabic)

Names That Mean Redemption

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Concept of Baby Names That Mean Redemption

Choosing a name for your baby is a significant decision that holds great meaning and symbolism.

One popular theme that many parents consider is selecting a name that means redemption.

These names not only carry a beautiful sound but also convey a powerful message of hope, renewal, and salvation.

The concept of redemption is deeply rooted in various cultures and religions around the world.

It represents the idea of being saved or delivered from a difficult or challenging situation, finding forgiveness, and experiencing a fresh start.

By choosing a name that embodies this concept, parents hope to instill these qualities in their child’s life.

Names that mean redemption often have historical or biblical origins, reflecting stories of individuals who have overcome adversity and found redemption in their lives.

These names serve as a reminder of the strength and resilience that can be found in times of struggle.

Symbolically, names that mean redemption can inspire and encourage individuals to embrace their past, learn from their mistakes, and strive for personal growth.

They can serve as a constant reminder that everyone has the ability to change, evolve, and find redemption in their own unique way.

Furthermore, these names can also carry a sense of hope and optimism for the future.

They remind us that no matter how challenging life may be, there is always the possibility of redemption and a brighter tomorrow.

Parents may choose a name that means redemption for various reasons.

It could be a personal reflection of their own journey of redemption or a desire to bestow upon their child the qualities associated with this concept.

It can also be seen as a way to honor a loved one who has experienced redemption in their own life.

Ultimately, the significance and symbolism of names that mean redemption lie in their ability to inspire, uplift, and remind us of the power of second chances.

They serve as a constant reminder that redemption is not only possible but also a beautiful and transformative journey that can shape our lives in profound ways.

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