110 Names That Mean Pretend and More

Names That Mean Pretend are a popular choice for parents looking for unique and meaningful names for their babies.

These names often have a whimsical and imaginative quality, evoking a sense of playfulness and creativity.

Whether you’re expecting a baby boy or a baby girl, there are plenty of options to choose from.

When it comes to Names That Mean Pretend, you can find inspiration from various sources.

Some names may have direct meanings related to pretending or make-believe, while others may have symbolic associations with imagination and fantasy.

These names can add a touch of magic to your child’s identity and reflect their potential for creativity.

Choosing a name that means pretend can also be a way to encourage your child’s imagination and storytelling abilities.

It can inspire them to embrace their inner world of make-believe and explore their creativity through play.

These names can serve as a reminder to always keep a sense of wonder and imagination alive.

So, if you’re looking for a name that captures the spirit of pretend and imagination, Names That Mean Pretend offer a wide range of options.

From names with direct meanings to those with symbolic associations, you can find the perfect name that reflects your child’s unique personality and sparks their imagination.

Baby Names That Mean Pretend

1. Fictitious – “Imaginary, not real” (English)

2. Illusion – “False perception or belief” (English)

3. Feign – “Pretend or fake” (English)

4. Simulate – “Imitate or replicate” (Latin)

5. Pretense – “False appearance or claim” (English)

6. Sham – “Deceptive or counterfeit” (English)

7. Make-believe – “Pretend or imaginary” (English)

8. Fabricate – “Invent or create falsely” (Latin)

9. Faux – “Imitation or artificial” (French)

10. Pseudo – “False or fake” (Greek)

11. Quasi – “Seemingly or partially” (Latin)

12. Bogus – “Counterfeit or fake” (English)

13. Phony – “Fraudulent or deceptive” (English)

14. Deceptive – “Misleading or dishonest” (English)

15. Imaginary – “Not real or existing” (English)

16. Fictive – “Created by imagination” (English)

17. Invented – “Made up or fabricated” (English)

18. Untrue – “Not in accordance with facts” (English)

19. Counterfeit – “Fake or imitation” (English)

20. False – “Not genuine or true” (English)

21. Disguise – “Conceal or alter appearance” (English)

22. Fabricated – “Created or constructed falsely” (English)

23. Faked – “Made or done falsely” (English)

24. Misleading – “Giving a wrong impression” (English)

25. Unreal – “Not real or actual” (English)

26. Falsified – “Altered or manipulated falsely” (English)

27. Contrived – “Deliberately created or planned” (English)

28. Make-believer – “One who pretends or imagines” (English)

29. Pseudonymous – “Using a false name” (English)

30. Illusory – “Based on illusion or deception” (English)

Names That Mean Pretend

Boy Names That Mean Pretend









Astin-“pretend play”(English)







Akihiko-“bright pretend”(Japanese)

Levon-“pretend play”(Armenian)














Girl Names That Mean Pretend

Adair – “pretend noble” (Scottish)

Caius – “pretend” (Latin)

Zara – “princess of pretend” (Arabic)

Mila – “pretend gracious” (Slavic)

Arjun – “pretend bright, shining” (Sanskrit)

Mira – “pretend peace” (Slavic)

Faisal – “pretend judge” (Arabic)

Elara – “pretend light” (Greek)

Jovan – “pretend youth” (Serbian)

Kiana – “pretend grace” (Irish)

Emilio – “pretend rival” (Spanish)

Lila – “pretend night” (Arabic)

Tariq – “morning star, pretend” (Arabic)

Siena – “pretend brightness” (Italian)

Zephyr – “pretend west wind” (Greek)

Mira – “pretend admire” (Sanskrit)

Ravi – “pretend sun” (Sanskrit)

Selene – “pretend moon” (Greek)

Zain – “pretend beauty” (Arabic)

Alina – “bright, beautiful, pretend” (Greek)

Kamal – “pretend perfection” (Arabic)

Thalia – “pretend to blossom” (Greek)

Asher – “pretend happiness” (Hebrew)

Ayla – “pretend halo” (Turkish)

Zoltan – “pretend ruler” (Hungarian)

Nia – “pretend purpose” (Swahili)

Leon – “pretend lion” (Greek)

Amara – “pretend eternal” (Sanskrit)

Elio – “pretend sun” (Italian)

Farida – “unique, pretend” (Arabic)

Unisex Names That Mean Pretend

Kael-“illusion” (Irish)

Zara-“fantasy” (Arabic)

Milo-“make-believe” (German)

Maya-“imaginary” (Sanskrit)

Jasper-“pretend treasure” (Persian)

Elara-“dream” (Greek)

Finn-“imagination” (Irish)

Nia-“make-believe” (Swahili)

Orion-“fiction” (Greek)

Lila-“pretend play” (Arabic)

Enzo-“illusion” (Italian)

Isla-“fantasy island” (Scottish)

Kai-“make-believe” (Hawaiian)

Alina-“dreamer” (Slavic)

Asher-“fictional” (Hebrew)

Esme-“pretend” (French)

Elio-“make-believe” (Italian)

Seraphina-“imagination” (Hebrew)

Rune-“fantasy” (Old Norse)

Aya-“illusion” (Japanese)

Callum-“dream” (Scottish)

Mira-“make-believe” (Sanskrit)

Leo-“fantasy” (Latin)

Selene-“pretend moon” (Greek)

Names That Mean Pretend

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Concept of Baby Names That Mean Pretend

Choosing a name for your baby is an important decision that holds great significance.

While some parents opt for traditional names, others seek unique and meaningful options.

One intriguing concept that has gained popularity is selecting baby names that mean “pretend.”

The significance of names that mean pretend lies in their ability to evoke imagination and creativity.

These names can inspire a child to explore their imagination, encouraging them to engage in pretend play and develop their cognitive and social skills.

Symbolically, names that mean pretend represent the power of make-believe and the magic of childhood.

They embody the idea that children have the ability to create their own worlds and narratives, fostering a sense of wonder and curiosity.

By choosing a name that means pretend, parents can instill a sense of adventure and playfulness in their child’s life.

These names can serve as a constant reminder to embrace their imagination and to approach life with a sense of wonder and possibility.

Furthermore, names that mean pretend can also be seen as a celebration of storytelling and the arts.

They pay homage to the world of fiction and encourage a love for literature, theater, and creative expression.

When considering names that mean pretend, it is important to find a balance between uniqueness and practicality.

While it is wonderful to choose a name that holds a special meaning, it is also essential to ensure that the name is easy to pronounce and spell.

Ultimately, the concept of baby names that mean pretend offers a unique and enchanting way to approach the naming process.

It allows parents to embrace the magic of childhood and inspire their child’s imagination, creating a name that holds both significance and symbolism.

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