105 Names That Mean Pointy and More

Names That Mean Pointy or have very related meaning are becoming increasingly popular for baby boys and girls.

These names evoke a sense of uniqueness and strength, making them a great choice for parents who want their child to stand out.

When choosing a name that means pointy, parents can consider a variety of options.

Some names directly translate to “pointy” in different languages, while others have symbolic meanings associated with sharpness or precision.

Names That Mean Pointy can also be inspired by nature, with names like Thorn, Spike, or Arrow.

These names not only convey a sense of sharpness but also evoke images of strength and resilience.

Whether you’re looking for a name that directly translates to “pointy” or one that symbolizes sharpness.

Names That Mean Pointy offer a unique and powerful choice for your baby boy or girl.

Baby Names That Mean Pointy

Akan-“sharp edge”(African)


Nolan-“noble, pointed”(Irish)




Tanoa-“pointed rock”(Polynesian)

Ziv-“radiance, sharpness”(Hebrew)

Akio-“bright, man”(Japanese)

Tindra-“sparkle, twinkle”(Swedish)

Sile-“arrow or dart”(Irish)

Zane-“god is gracious, gift of God”(American)

Shula-“flame, spark”(Swahili)

Teja-“sharp, bright”(Sanskrit)

Odhran-“little pale green one, pointed”(Irish)

Mitsu-“light, shining”(Japanese)

Lile-“sharp, clever”(Albanian)


Mira-“sea, ocean; point of a knife”(Sanskrit)


Tekla-“glory of God; sharp, pointed”(Greek)

Daimon-“to tame, subdue; sharp”(Greek)

Zarif-“elegant, graceful, sharp”(Persian)

Tindan-“sharp tongue”(Kurdish)

Nisha-“night; sharp, pointy”(Sanskrit)

Stellan-“calm, sharp”(Scandinavian)

Anwar-“brighter, more radiant; sharp”(Arabic)

Pia-“pious; sharp, pointed”(Italian)

Kamal-“perfection; sharpness, point”(Arabic)

Tivon-“lover of nature; sharp, keen”(Hebrew)

Names That Mean Pointy

Boy Names That Mean Pointy

Akihiro – “bright, pointy” (Japanese)

Daimon – “sharp point” (Greek)

Felician – “fortunate point” (Latin)

Lancelot – “land, point” (French)

Thurstan – “thorn stone” (Old English)

Zivon – “radiant point” (Slavic)

Akio – “bright man, pointed” (Japanese)

Tristen – “bold, pointy” (Celtic)

Sigmund – “victorious point” (German)

Yushiro – “brave, pointy” (Japanese)

Quillon – “cross-guard of a sword” (Latin)

Ragnvald – “ruler’s point” (Old Norse)

Chikara – “strength, power, pointy” (Japanese)

Sagiv – “pointed, sharp” (Hebrew)

Tacitus – “silent, pointy” (Latin)

Girl Names That Mean Pointy

Aria-“sharp melody” (Italian)

Kaida-“pointy arrow” (Japanese)

Dara-“sharp edge” (Irish)

Shara-“pointed” (Arabic)

Panya-“pointed weapon” (African)

Acira-“sharp” (Latin)

Razi-“pointed” (Persian)

Elda-“sharp” (German)

Zara-“pointed princess” (Hebrew)

Lumi-“sharp light” (Finnish)

Feray-“sharp and radiant” (Turkish)

Tora-“pointed tiger” (Japanese)

Yara-“pointed spear” (Arabic)

Vara-“sharp arrow” (Sanskrit)

Jina-“pointed” (Korean)

Aisha-“alive and sharp” (Swahili)

Zenna-“pointed crown” (English)

Unisex Names That Mean Pointy

Aiken-“pointy spear tip”(Scottish)

Isra-“sharp edge”(Arabic)


Javel-“sharp javelin tip”(Latin)

Dagan-“pointed grain of wheat”(Hebrew)

Zara-“pointed princess”(Arabic)

Drey-“sharp and pointed”(German)

Shika-“deer horn, pointy”(Japanese)

Pendra-“sharp point”(English)

Silex-“flint, sharp rock”(Latin)

Yon-“sharp peak”(Korean)

Pike-“pointed weapon”(Old English)

Spitze-“sharp point”(German)


Alaric-“ruler of all with a sharp rule”(Germanic)

Varpu-“twig, small and pointy”(Finnish)


Tindra-“spark, shining point”(Swedish)

Garan-“point of a spear”(Irish)

Names That Mean Pointy

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Concept of Baby Names That Mean Pointy

When it comes to choosing a name for your baby, there are countless options to consider.

Some parents may prefer names that have a specific meaning or symbolism attached to them. One such unique concept is “baby names that mean pointy.”

The significance of names that mean pointy lies in their association with sharpness and precision. These names often evoke a sense of strength, agility, and determination.

They can symbolize a person who is sharp-minded, focused, and able to navigate through life’s challenges with precision.

Choosing a name that means pointy can also be a way to honor a family’s heritage or cultural background.

Many cultures have names that carry the symbolism of sharpness or pointiness, representing qualities such as bravery, resilience, or intelligence.

Furthermore, names that mean pointy can be a source of inspiration for parents who want their child to possess certain characteristics or traits.

By giving their child a name associated with sharpness, parents may hope to instill qualities such as quick thinking, adaptability, or the ability to make precise decisions.

It’s important to note that the concept of names that mean pointy is not limited to literal interpretations.

While some names may directly translate to “pointy” in certain languages, others may have subtle associations with sharpness or pointiness.

These names can still carry the same symbolism and significance, even if the connection is not immediately apparent.

Ultimately, the choice of a baby name is a deeply personal decision for parents.

Names that mean pointy offer a unique and symbolic option for those seeking a name that represents strength, precision, and the ability to navigate life’s challenges with sharpness and agility.

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