95 Names That Mean Numbers and More

Names That Mean Numbers are a unique and meaningful choice for parents seeking a numerical connection for their baby’s name.

These names can symbolize strength, intelligence, and individuality.

Whether you’re looking for a name that directly translates to a number or one that has a related meaning, there are plenty of options to consider.

For baby boys, Names That Mean Numbers can evoke a sense of power and resilience. These names can inspire confidence and ambition in your little one as they grow.

From names that represent specific numbers to those that symbolize mathematical concepts, the possibilities are endless.

Similarly, for baby girls, Names That Mean Numbers can convey a sense of elegance and grace.

These names can embody the beauty and complexity of numbers, offering a unique and sophisticated choice for your daughter.

Whether you prefer names that directly translate to numbers or those that symbolize mathematical principles, there are numerous options to explore.

Choosing a name that means a number can add a special significance to your child’s identity.

It can serve as a reminder of the importance of numbers in our lives and the impact they have on our understanding of the world.

Names That Mean Numbers offer a distinctive and memorable choice for parents who want to give their child a name that stands out.

Baby Names That Mean Numbers

1. Una – “One” (Irish)

2. Duo – “Two” (Latin)

3. Trey – “Three” (English)

4. Quattro – “Four” (Italian)

5. Penta – “Five” (Greek)

6. Hexa – “Six” (Greek)

7. Septimus – “Seven” (Latin)

8. Octavia – “Eight” (Latin)

9. Nona – “Nine” (Latin)

10. Decimus – “Ten” (Latin)

11. Undine – “Eleven” (Latin)

12. Dodeca – “Twelve” (Greek)

13. Triska – “Thirteen” (Greek)

14. Tetra – “Fourteen” (Greek)

15. Quin – “Fifteen” (Latin)

16. Sedecim – “Sixteen” (Latin)

17. Heptad – “Seventeen” (Greek)

18. Octad – “Eighteen” (Greek)

19. Ennea – “Nineteen” (Greek)

20. Viginti – “Twenty” (Latin)

21. Triginta – “Thirty” (Latin)

22. Quadraginta – “Forty” (Latin)

23. Quinquaginta – “Fifty” (Latin)

24. Sexaginta – “Sixty” (Latin)

25. Septuaginta – “Seventy” (Latin)

26. Octoginta – “Eighty” (Latin)

27. Nonaginta – “Ninety” (Latin)

28. Centum – “Hundred” (Latin)

29. Mille – “Thousand” (Latin)

30. Myriad – “Countless” (Greek)

Names That Mean Numbers

Boy Names That Mean Numbers

Arithmo – “Number” (Greek)

Tallys – “Counting” (English)

Sifir – “Zero” (Turkish)

Número – “Number” (Spanish)

Digitus – “Digit” (Latin)

Talan – “Count” (Welsh)

Cifra – “Cipher” (Portuguese)

Numérico – “Numeric” (Spanish)

Tellan – “Tally” (English)

Sankhya – “Number” (Sanskrit)

Quorum – “Count” (Latin)

Enumerato – “Enumeration” (Italian)

Abacus – “Counting Device” (Greek)

Nombro – “Number” (Esperanto)

Sumalo – “Total” (Filipino)

Girl Names That Mean Numbers

1. Una – “one” (Irish)

2. Dva – “two” (Czech)

3. Tria – “three” (Greek)

4. Quattro – “four” (Italian)

5. Penta – “five” (Greek)

6. Hexa – “six” (Greek)

7. Septima – “seven” (Latin)

8. Octavia – “eight” (Latin)

9. Nona – “nine” (Latin)

10. Decima – “ten” (Latin)

11. Undine – “eleven” (Latin)

12. Duodecima – “twelve” (Latin)

13. Tredecima – “thirteen” (Latin)

14. Quattuordecima – “fourteen” (Latin)

15. Quindecima – “fifteen” (Latin)

16. Sedecima – “sixteen” (Latin)

17. Septendecima – “seventeen” (Latin)

18. Octodecima – “eighteen” (Latin)

19. Novemdecima – “nineteen” (Latin)

20. Viginti – “twenty” (Latin)

21. Triginta – “thirty” (Latin)

Unisex Names That Mean Numbers

1. Una – “One” (Irish)

2. Duo – “Two” (Latin)

3. Trey – “Three” (English)

4. Quattro – “Four” (Italian)

5. Penta – “Five” (Greek)

6. Hex – “Six” (English)

7. Septimus – “Seven” (Latin)

8. Octavia – “Eight” (Latin)

9. Nona – “Nine” (Latin)

10. Decimus – “Ten” (Latin)

11. Eleven – “Eleven” (English)

12. Twelve – “Twelve” (English)

13. Thirteen – “Thirteen” (English)

14. Fourteen – “Fourteen” (English)

15. Fifteen – “Fifteen” (English)

16. Sixteen – “Sixteen” (English)

17. Seventeen – “Seventeen” (English)

18. Eighteen – “Eighteen” (English)

19. Nineteen – “Nineteen” (English)

20. Twenty – “Twenty” (English)

21. Thirty – “Thirty” (English)

22. Forty – “Forty” (English)

23. Fifty – “Fifty” (English)

24. Sixty – “Sixty” (English)

25. Seventy – “Seventy” (English)

26. Eighty – “Eighty” (English)

27. Ninety – “Ninety” (English)

28. Hundred – “Hundred” (English)

29. Thousand – “Thousand” (English)

30. Million – “Million” (English)

Names That Mean Numbers

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Concept of Baby Names That Mean Numbers

Choosing a name for your baby is an important decision that holds great significance. It not only becomes a part of their identity but also carries a deeper meaning and symbolism.

One unique and intriguing option to consider is selecting a name that means a number.

Names that mean numbers have a special significance as they represent numerical values and possess symbolic meanings associated with those numbers.

Each number holds its own unique qualities and characteristics, which can add depth and meaning to your child’s name.

These names can be chosen for various reasons, such as honoring a special date or event, celebrating a significant milestone, or simply appreciating the symbolism and power of numbers.

They can also be a way to instill certain qualities or traits associated with a particular number into your child’s life.

For example, the name “Ethan,” which means “strong” and “firm” in Hebrew, can be associated with the number eight.

In numerology, the number eight is often associated with strength, abundance, and success.

By choosing a name that means a number, you can infuse these qualities into your child’s life right from the start.

Furthermore, names that mean numbers can also serve as a source of inspiration and motivation for your child.

They can remind them of the inherent qualities and characteristics associated with their name, encouraging them to embrace those traits and strive for greatness.

It’s important to note that the significance and symbolism of names that mean numbers may vary across different cultures and belief systems.

Numerology, for instance, assigns specific meanings to each number based on its vibrational energy and spiritual significance.

Ultimately, the choice of a name that means a number is a personal one.

It allows you to incorporate symbolism, meaning, and uniqueness into your child’s name, making it a reflection of their individuality and the values you hold dear.

So, if you’re looking for a distinctive and meaningful name for your baby, considering names that mean numbers can be an intriguing option.

Explore the symbolism and significance associated with different numbers, and choose a name that resonates with you and your aspirations for your child.

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