105 Names That Mean Just and More

Names That Mean Just are a popular choice for parents looking for meaningful baby names.

These names often have a special significance or convey a specific message. Whether you’re expecting a baby boy or a baby girl, there are plenty of options to choose from.

When it comes to baby boy names, Names That Mean Just can represent qualities like fairness, equality, or righteousness.

These names can inspire your child to be just and fair in their actions and decisions.

For baby girls, Names That Mean Just can symbolize strength, independence, and a strong sense of justice.

These names can empower your daughter to stand up for what is right and make a positive impact in the world.

Choosing a name that means just for your baby is a beautiful way to instill important values and qualities right from the start.

Whether you prefer traditional names or more unique options, there are endless possibilities to explore.

Baby Names That Mean Just

1. Adil – “fair, just” (Arabic)

2. Dike – “justice” (Greek)

3. Justina – “fair, righteous” (Latin)

4. Adela – “noble, just” (Germanic)

5. Justin – “just, righteous” (Latin)

6. Adalbert – “noble, bright” (Germanic)

7. Justus – “just, righteous” (Latin)

8. Adalinda – “noble, gentle” (Germanic)

9. Justine – “fair, righteous” (Latin)

10. Adalric – “noble, ruler” (Germanic)

11. Justo – “just, righteous” (Spanish)

12. Adalwin – “noble friend” (Germanic)

13. Justyna – “fair, righteous” (Polish)

14. Adalyn – “noble, kind” (Germanic)

15. Justus – “just, righteous” (Germanic)

16. Adelais – “noble” (Germanic)

17. Justo – “just, righteous” (Portuguese)

18. Adelberta – “noble, bright” (Germanic)

19. Justine – “fair, righteous” (French)

20. Adelina – “noble, kind” (Germanic)

21. Justus – “just, righteous” (Dutch)

22. Adelmar – “noble, famous” (Germanic)

23. Justo – “just, righteous” (Italian)

24. Adelric – “noble, ruler” (Germanic)

25. Justina – “fair, righteous” (Italian)

26. Adelwin – “noble friend” (Germanic)

27. Justo – “just, righteous” (Catalan)

28. Adelynn – “noble, kind” (Germanic)

29. Justine – “fair, righteous” (German)

30. Adelais – “noble” (French)

Names That Mean Just

Boy Names That Mean Just

1. Adil – “fair, just” (Arabic)

2. Justin – “just, righteous” (Latin)

3. Adal – “noble, just” (Germanic)

4. Dike – “justice” (Greek)

5. Adalbert – “noble, bright” (Germanic)

6. Eadric – “prosperous ruler” (English)

7. Adalhard – “noble, hardy” (Germanic)

8. Eadmund – “prosperous protector” (English)

9. Adalric – “noble, ruler” (Germanic)

10. Eadwin – “prosperous friend” (English)

11. Adalstan – “noble, stone” (Germanic)

12. Eadgar – “prosperous spear” (English)

13. Adalulf – “noble, wolf” (Germanic)

14. Eadric – “prosperous ruler” (English)

15. Adalwin – “noble, friend” (Germanic)

16. Eadward – “prosperous guardian” (English)

17. Adalwolf – “noble, wolf” (Germanic)

18. Eadwig – “prosperous war” (English)

19. Adelard – “noble, hardy” (Germanic)

20. Eadwine – “prosperous friend” (English)

21. Adelbert – “noble, bright” (Germanic)

22. Eadwulf – “prosperous wolf” (English)

23. Adelhard – “noble, hardy” (Germanic)

24. Eadwyn – “prosperous friend” (English)

25. Adelric – “noble, ruler” (Germanic)

26. Eadgar – “prosperous spear” (English)

27. Adelstan – “noble, stone” (Germanic)

28. Eadward – “prosperous guardian” (English)

29. Adelulf – “noble, wolf” (Germanic)

30. Eadric – “prosperous ruler” (English)

Girl Names That Mean Just

1. Adilah – “fair and just” (Arabic)

2. Dike – “justice” (Greek)

3. Eunice – “good victory” (Greek)

4. Fidelia – “faithful and just” (Latin)

5. Honora – “honor and justice” (Latin)

6. Justina – “fair and righteous” (Latin)

7. Kriti – “justice” (Sanskrit)

8. Liora – “my light is just” (Hebrew)

9. Maat – “truth and justice” (Egyptian)

10. Nigisti – “justice” (Amharic)

11. Pallas – “wisdom and justice” (Greek)

12. Raziya – “contented and just” (Arabic)

13. Sada – “pure and just” (Arabic)

14. Themis – “divine law and order” (Greek)

15. Uzma – “justice and greatness” (Arabic)

Unisex Names That Mean Just

Adrian – “Just” (Latin)

Alex – “Defender of the people” (Greek)

Casey – “Vigilant” (Irish)

Dana – “Wise” (Old English)

Devin – “Poet” (Irish)

Eli – “Ascend” (Hebrew)

Finley – “Fair warrior” (Scottish)

Harley – “Hare’s meadow” (Old English)

Jordan – “To flow down” (Hebrew)

Kim – “Royal fortress” (Old English)

Lane – “Narrow path” (English)

Morgan – “Sea warrior” (Welsh)

Nico – “Victor of the people” (Greek)

Owen – “Young warrior” (Welsh)

Peyton – “Warrior’s estate” (Old English)

Quinn – “Counsel” (Irish)

Riley – “Valiant” (Irish)

Sam – “Heard by God” (Hebrew)

Taylor – “Cutter of cloth” (Old French)

Cameron – “Crooked nose” (Scottish)

Avery – “Elf ruler” (Old English)

Jamie – “Supplanter” (Hebrew)

Morgan – “Sea defender” (Welsh)

Casey – “Alert, watchful” (Irish)

Jordan – “Descend, flow down” (Hebrew)

Blair – “Field or plain” (Scottish)

Dana – “From Denmark” (Old English)

Alex – “Defender of mankind” (Greek)

Jordan – “To descend, to flow down” (Hebrew)

Cameron – “Crooked nose” (Scottish)

Names That Mean Just

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Concept of Baby Names That Mean Just

Choosing a name for your baby is an important decision that holds great significance. It is a way to express your hopes, dreams, and aspirations for your child.

One unique approach to naming your baby is to consider names that mean “just.” These names carry a deep symbolism and can convey powerful messages.

The concept of “just” in a name represents fairness, righteousness, and moral integrity.

It reflects the desire for your child to grow up with a strong sense of justice and a commitment to doing what is right.

By choosing a name that embodies these qualities, you are instilling in your child a value system that promotes fairness and equality.

Names that mean “just” can also serve as a reminder for your child to always strive for justice in their actions and decisions.

It encourages them to stand up for what is right, even in the face of adversity. These names can inspire a sense of responsibility and a desire to make a positive impact on the world.

Furthermore, names that mean “just” can have a profound impact on your child’s self-perception and identity.

It can shape their character and influence the way they view themselves and their role in society.

By giving them a name that embodies justice, you are setting a strong foundation for their personal growth and development.

When considering names that mean “just,” it is important to think about the cultural and historical context of the name.

Different cultures and languages may have variations of names that carry the same meaning. Exploring these options can add depth and richness to your baby’s name.

Ultimately, the choice of a name that means “just” is a powerful way to express your values and aspirations for your child.

It is a name that carries a significant symbolism and can inspire a lifelong commitment to justice and fairness.

By choosing such a name, you are giving your child a meaningful and purposeful start in life.

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