72 Names That Mean Infatuated and More

Names That Mean Infatuated is a collection of baby boy and baby girl names with related meanings.

These names evoke a sense of passion and intense attraction. Whether you’re looking for a name that symbolizes love or signifies a deep connection, this article has got you covered.

Choosing a name for your child is a significant decision, as it will shape their identity for a lifetime.

Names That Mean Infatuated offers a range of options that capture the essence of infatuation. These names are not only unique but also carry a sense of romance and devotion.

Infatuation is a powerful emotion that can consume us entirely. It’s a feeling that makes our hearts race and our minds wander.

Names That Mean Infatuated aims to capture this intensity and translate it into beautiful and meaningful names for your little one.

Whether you’re drawn to names that mean “passionate lover” or “captivating soul,” Names That Mean Infatuated provides a diverse selection to choose from.

Each name carries its own charm and allure, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your child.

Baby Names That Mean Infatuated

Amara – “infatuated” (Greek)

Adonis – “infatuated love” (Greek)

Rumi – “captivated” (Persian)

Eros – “intense desire” (Greek)

Aria – “deeply in love” (Italian)

Kalila – “devoted” (Arabic)

Romeo – “passionately in love” (Italian)

Aiko – “beloved one” (Japanese)

Seraphina – “ardently in love” (Hebrew)

Leander – “deeply infatuated” (Greek)

Esme – “admired and loved” (French)

Amias – “loved” (Latin)

Amarante – “infatuated” (French)

Mila – “ardent love” (Slavic)

Devika – “goddess of love” (Sanskrit)

Amado – “beloved” (Spanish)

Isolde – “infatuated” (Celtic)

Liora – “my light, my love” (Hebrew)

Inamorata – “female lover” (Italian)

Amiri – “prince of love” (African)

Aine – “love” (Irish)

Amadis – “lover” (Latin)

Avena – “infatuated” (Latin)

Prem – “love” (Sanskrit)

Fiora – “infatuated” (Italian)

Names That Mean Infatuated

Boy Names That Mean Infatuated

Amiri – “prince of infatuation” (African)

Thane – “ardently in love” (English)

Devan – “devoted to love” (Irish)

Jaxon – “deeply infatuated” (American)

Carwyn – “blessed love” (Welsh)

Amado – “beloved and infatuated” (Spanish)

Kaden – “passionately in love” (Arabic)

Lief – “deeply in love” (Scandinavian)

Elio – “intense desire” (Italian)

Adrik – “infatuated ruler” (Slavic)

Lovell – “full of love” (English)

Amias – “infatuated friend” (Latin)

Kalil – “deeply in love” (Arabic)

Amar – “infatuated” (Sanskrit)

Eryk – “forever in love” (Polish)

Girl Names That Mean Infatuated

Callista – “most beautiful, infatuated” (Greek)

Esmeralda – “ardently in love” (Spanish)

Amina – “trustworthy love” (Arabic)

Seren – “star, deeply infatuated” (Welsh)

Vivianna – “full of life and love” (Latin)

Amorette – “little beloved” (French)

Rhea – “flowing love” (Greek)

Carina – “beloved, infatuated” (Italian)

Aisha – “alive with love” (Arabic)

Lavinia – “woman of Rome, infatuated” (Latin)

Amara – “eternally infatuated” (African)

Cariad – “love, infatuation” (Welsh)

Azura – “deep blue, deeply in love” (Spanish)

Kalista – “beautiful one, deeply infatuated” (Greek)

Amelie – “industrious, infatuated” (French)

Unisex Names That Mean Infatuated

Amory – “infatuated” (Latin)

Rowan – “passionately in love” (Gaelic)

Rian – “deeply infatuated” (Irish)

Dakota – “friend, infatuated” (Sioux)

Amal – “hopeful love” (Arabic)

Jordan – “flowing love” (Hebrew)

Amabile – “lovable, infatuated” (Italian)

Kai – “deeply in love” (Hawaiian)

Amori – “infatuated” (Italian)

Quinn – “wise and infatuated” (Irish)

Elif – “infatuated love” (Turkish)

Amalija – “lovable, infatuated” (Croatian)

Taylor – “infatuated with beauty” (English)

Esen – “infatuated love” (Turkish)

Avery – “ruler of love” (English)

Jamie – “supplanter, infatuated” (English)

Milan – “gracious love” (Slavic)

Names That Mean Infatuated

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Concept of Baby Names That Mean Infatuated

Choosing a name for your baby is an important decision that holds great significance. Some parents opt for names that have a deeper meaning or symbolism, such as names that mean “infatuated.”

These names can convey a sense of passion, love, and intensity, making them a unique choice for your little one.

The concept of baby names that mean “infatuated” revolves around the idea of being deeply and intensely in love.

These names can reflect the strong emotions and attachment that parents feel towards their child, symbolizing the overwhelming affection and adoration they have for their little bundle of joy.

By selecting a name that means “infatuated,” parents can express their profound love and devotion for their child right from the start.

It serves as a reminder of the special bond they share and the deep connection they have with their little one.

Furthermore, names that mean “infatuated” can also inspire a sense of passion and intensity in the child as they grow older.

The name can serve as a constant reminder of the love and support they have received from their parents, encouraging them to approach life with enthusiasm and a wholehearted commitment.

These names can also hold a symbolic meaning for the child, representing their ability to captivate and enchant others with their unique qualities and personality.

Just as infatuation can be seen as a powerful force, these names can symbolize the child’s ability to leave a lasting impression on those around them.

When considering names that mean “infatuated,” it is important to remember that the choice ultimately depends on personal preference.

Some parents may resonate with the idea of a name that represents intense love, while others may prefer different meanings or associations.

Ultimately, the significance and symbolism of names that mean “infatuated” lie in the emotional connection they create between parents and their child.

They serve as a beautiful expression of love and devotion, setting the stage for a lifetime of affection and adoration.

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