96 Names That Mean Hollow and More

Names That Mean Hollow are a unique and meaningful choice for parents seeking a name with depth. These names, whether for baby boys or baby girls, evoke a sense of emptiness and mystery. They carry a certain allure, capturing the imagination and sparking curiosity.

Choosing a name that means hollow can be a way to honor the beauty of emptiness and the potential for growth and transformation. These names often have a poetic quality, reflecting the delicate balance between darkness and light.

Names That Mean Hollow can also symbolize resilience and strength. Just as a hollow space can be filled with new possibilities, these names can inspire individuals to embrace their own inner strength and find purpose in their lives.

Whether you are drawn to the ethereal nature of these names or simply appreciate their unique sound, Names That Mean Hollow offer a distinct and captivating choice for your child’s name.

Baby Names That Mean Hollow

Caverna – “hollow” (Latin)

Vakara – “empty space” (Sanskrit)

Kolo – “hollow” (Slavic)

Ketsu – “void” (Japanese)

Rukka – “empty” (Finnish)

Lumea – “hollow” (Romanian)

Khora – “empty space” (Greek)

Ombra – “hollow” (Italian)

Khoji – “void” (Persian)

Svoboda – “emptiness” (Russian)

Vacío – “hollow” (Spanish)

Furea – “empty” (Hawaiian)

Golong – “hollow” (Tibetan)

Luho – “void” (Filipino)

Kuzo – “empty space” (African)

Shokora – “hollow” (Yoruba)

Vazduh – “hollow” (Serbian)

Khuu – “void” (Mongolian)

Rannka – “empty” (Swedish)

Kharita – “hollow” (Arabic)

Hoku – “empty space” (Maori)

Cavo – “hollow” (Spanish)

Hsiao – “void” (Chinese)

Luimi – “empty” (Irish)

Kuru – “hollow” (Sanskrit)

Names That Mean Hollow

Boy Names That Mean Hollow

1. Kegan – “small flame” (Irish)

2. Emptor – “buyer” (Latin)

3. Kael – “slender” (Irish)

4. Calix – “chalice” (Latin)

5. Eamon – “wealthy protector” (Irish)

6. Caden – “spirit of battle” (Irish)

7. Holloway – “hollow road” (English)

8. Kieran – “little dark one” (Irish)

9. Calum – “dove” (Scottish)

10. Emory – “brave and powerful” (English)

11. Keegan – “small and fiery” (Irish)

12. Calder – “rough waters” (Scottish)

13. Eamon – “guardian” (Irish)

14. Caelan – “powerful warrior” (Irish)

15. Emrys – “immortal” (Welsh)

Girl Names That Mean Hollow

Cavita – “hollow” (Latin)

Kora – “empty space” (Greek)

Vacelle – “empty” (French)

Letha – “hollow” (Greek)

Kholina – “void” (Russian)

Ruksha – “hollow” (Sanskrit)

Shara – “empty space” (Arabic)

Koloa – “hollow” (Hawaiian)

Khailee – “void” (Irish)

Zhura – “empty” (Albanian)

Vacira – “hollow” (Spanish)

Khemira – “empty space” (Egyptian)

Kavara – “hollow” (Tamil)

Luena – “void” (Portuguese)

Vukoja – “empty” (Croatian)

Kovina – “hollow” (Slovenian)

Yasha – “empty space” (Japanese)

Kyra – “hollow” (Persian)

Khunda – “void” (Zulu)

Rima – “empty” (Hebrew)

Vohla – “hollow” (Ukrainian)

Kivara – “empty space” (Finnish)

Unisex Names That Mean Hollow

Khaon – “hollow” (Thai)

Vodo – “empty” (Esperanto)

Koraq – “void” (Albanian)

Liko – “hollow” (Hawaiian)

Vyuha – “empty space” (Sanskrit)

Koloq – “hollow” (Tagalog)

Xura – “empty” (Georgian)

Emptis – “void” (Latin)

Khant – “hollow” (Mongolian)

Vacant – “empty space” (English)

Ruhlo – “hollow” (Yoruba)

Zeru – “void” (Basque)

Hulang – “empty” (Malay)

Kavit – “hollow” (Bengali)

Xymo – “empty space” (Greek)

Vazio – “hollow” (Portuguese)

Vacuus – “empty” (Roman)

Xaloy – “void” (Armenian)

Kuvra – “hollow” (Sumerian)

Zephyr – “empty space” (Greek)

Khandu – “hollow” (Tibetan)

Lumen – “void” (Latin)

Khulon – “empty” (Tajik)

Vacuo – “hollow” (Italian)

Names That Mean Hollow

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Concept of Baby Names That Mean Hollow

The concept of baby names that mean hollow revolves around the idea of choosing names that carry a symbolic meaning of emptiness or void.

These names can be intriguing and unique, offering a deeper significance to the child’s identity.

Names that mean hollow can be chosen for various reasons, such as embracing the beauty of emptiness or representing a sense of mystery and depth.

They can also be selected to honor cultural or spiritual beliefs that associate hollowness with certain virtues or qualities.

The significance of names that mean hollow lies in their ability to evoke a sense of curiosity and contemplation.

They can spark conversations and encourage individuals to explore the deeper meanings behind their chosen name.

Symbolically, names that mean hollow can represent a blank canvas, ready to be filled with experiences, knowledge, and personal growth.

They can symbolize the potential for transformation and the endless possibilities that lie ahead.

Choosing a name that means hollow can also be a way to embrace the concept of impermanence and the ever-changing nature of life.

It can serve as a reminder to appreciate the present moment and to let go of attachments to material possessions or societal expectations.

Furthermore, names that mean hollow can be seen as a reflection of the cyclical nature of existence.

Just as a hollow space can be filled and emptied, life is a continuous cycle of creation and destruction, growth and decay.

When considering names that mean hollow, it is important to understand the cultural and historical context behind them.

Researching the origins and meanings of these names can provide a deeper understanding of their significance and ensure that they align with personal values and beliefs.

In conclusion, the concept of baby names that mean hollow offers a unique and thought-provoking approach to naming a child.

These names carry symbolic significance, representing emptiness, mystery, transformation, and the cyclical nature of life.

Choosing a name that means hollow can be a way to embrace these concepts and create a meaningful identity for the child.

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