80 Names That Mean Great and More

Names That Mean Great are a popular choice for parents looking for meaningful and powerful names for their baby boys and girls.

These names carry a sense of strength, excellence, and greatness, making them perfect for parents who want to inspire their children to achieve great things in life.

When choosing Names That Mean Great, parents often look for names that have strong and positive meanings.

These names can reflect qualities such as courage, intelligence, leadership, and success, instilling a sense of confidence and ambition in their children from an early age.

Names That Mean Great can come from various cultures and languages, offering a wide range of options for parents to choose from.

Whether it’s a name with a historical significance or a name that simply embodies greatness, there are countless choices that can resonate with parents and their aspirations for their children.

By selecting Names That Mean Great, parents not only give their children a name that carries a powerful meaning, but they also set a positive tone for their child’s future.

These names can serve as a constant reminder of the potential and greatness that lies within them, motivating them to strive for excellence in all aspects of life.

Baby Names That Mean Great

Magnus – “Great” (Latin)

Megalos – “Great” (Greek)

Veli – “Great” (Finnish)

Mahan – “Great” (Persian)

Veer – “Great” (Sanskrit)

Kalyan – “Great” (Hindi)

Wira – “Great” (Indonesian)

Ulug – “Great” (Turkish)

Baruch – “Great” (Hebrew)

Velikan – “Great” (Russian)

Mahaan – “Great” (Tamil)

Adhiraj – “Great” (Sanskrit)

Moha – “Great” (Khmer)

Eminentius – “Great” (Latin)

Willem – “Great” (Dutch)

Wielki – “Great” (Polish)

Wasi – “Great” (Arabic)

Tepi – “Great” (Swahili)

Mezjel – “Great” (Armenian)

Alakai – “Great” (Hawaiian)

Maha – “Great” (Thai)

Sobhan – “Great” (Persian)

Agung – “Great” (Javanese)

Gran – “Great” (Spanish)

Enver – “Great” (Albanian)

Veličanstven – “Great” (Croatian)

Meir – “Great” (Yiddish)

Adhiban – “Great” (Tamil)

Wychowany – “Great” (Polish)

Adhbut – “Great” (Sanskrit)

Names That Mean Great

Boy Names That Mean Great

Altan – “Great” (Turkish)

Bolat – “Great” (Kazakh)

Hakeem – “Great” (Arabic)

Daitan – “Great” (Japanese)

Uzayr – “Great” (Arabic)

Gwyn – “Great” (Welsh)

Prabhanjan – “Great” (Sanskrit)

Aqil – “Great” (Arabic)

Utkarsh – “Greatness” (Sanskrit)

Alistair – “Great defender” (Scottish)

Mircea – “Great” (Romanian)

Ilkay – “Great moon” (Turkish)

Muqaddas – “Great” (Arabic)

Parviz – “Great” (Persian)

Sahil – “Great leader” (Hindi)

Girl Names That Mean Great

Amara – “Greatness” (Igbo)

Callista – “Most beautiful” (Greek)

Valeria – “Great strength” (Latin)

Mahin – “Great” (Persian)

Kalliopi – “Beautiful voice” (Greek)

Arya – “Greatness” (Sanskrit)

Brielle – “God is my strength” (French)

Iliana – “Bright” or “Shining” (Greek)

Nadira – “Rare” or “Precious” (Arabic)

Maha – “Great” (Arabic)

Shiloh – “His gift” or “Great abundance” (Hebrew)

Amalthea – “Nourishing goddess” (Greek)

Valeska – “Glorious ruler” (Slavic)

Mayim – “Waters” or “Great” (Hebrew)

Sabeen – “Great” (Arabic)

Unisex Names That Mean Great

Adham – “Great” (Arabic)

Ekon – “Great” (Akan)

Arman – “Greatness” (Persian)

Keanu – “Cool breeze” or “Great” (Hawaiian)

Andri – “Great warrior” (Greek)

Kiyo – “Pure” or “Great” (Japanese)

Salim – “Safe” or “Great” (Arabic)

Aryeh – “Lion” or “Great” (Hebrew)

Dakarai – “Happiness” or “Great” (Shona)

Jai – “Victory” or “Great” (Sanskrit)

Arian – “Great” (Albanian)

Asher – “Happy” or “Great” (Hebrew)

Darshan – “Vision” or “Great” (Sanskrit)

Kamil – “Perfect” or “Great” (Arabic)

Emre – “Friend” or “Great” (Turkish)

Farid – “Unique” or “Great” (Arabic)

Raja – “King” or “Great” (Sanskrit)

Yuri – “Earth worker” or “Great” (Japanese)

Nuri – “Light” or “Great” (Arabic)

Kenzo – “Strong and healthy” or “Great” (Japanese)

Names That Mean Great

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Concept of Baby Names That Mean Great

Choosing a name for your baby is an important decision that holds great significance.

It is a way to express your hopes, dreams, and aspirations for your child. One popular trend in baby naming is to select a name that carries a meaning of greatness.

Names that mean great are not only powerful and inspiring, but they also hold a deep symbolism.

These names are often associated with qualities such as strength, courage, intelligence, and leadership.

By choosing a name that means great, you are setting high expectations for your child and instilling a sense of confidence and ambition.

Furthermore, names that mean great can serve as a constant reminder of the potential and greatness that lies within your child.

It can motivate them to strive for excellence and embrace their unique qualities.

Such names can also inspire others and leave a lasting impression on people they encounter throughout their lives.

When considering names that mean great, it is important to think about the cultural and historical context behind these names.

Many cultures have their own unique names that carry a sense of greatness.

These names may have been used by influential figures in history or have a strong connection to a particular culture’s values and traditions.

Additionally, the significance of names that mean great can vary depending on the specific circumstances and intentions of the parents.

Some may choose these names to honor a beloved family member or to pay tribute to a personal hero.

Others may simply be drawn to the powerful and uplifting nature of these names.

Ultimately, the concept of baby names that mean great is a way to celebrate the potential and greatness that every child possesses.

It is a way to inspire and empower them from the very beginning of their lives.

By choosing a name that carries this meaning, you are giving your child a strong foundation and a sense of purpose that can guide them throughout their journey.

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