95 Names That Mean Glass and More

Names That Mean Glass are a unique and intriguing choice for parents seeking a distinctive moniker for their baby.

These names, whether for a boy or a girl, evoke the delicate and transparent qualities associated with glass. With their ethereal charm, these names offer a touch of elegance and sophistication.

Choosing a name that means glass can symbolize clarity, purity, and fragility.

It reflects the beauty and vulnerability that glass possesses, making it a meaningful choice for parents who appreciate the subtleties of language and symbolism.

Names That Mean Glass can also be a nod to the artistry and craftsmanship involved in glassmaking.

Just as glass is molded and shaped by skilled hands, these names can represent the potential for growth and transformation in a child’s life.

Whether you are drawn to the poetic qualities of glass or simply appreciate the uniqueness of these names, exploring the world of Names That Mean Glass can be an enchanting journey.

Discover the perfect name that captures the essence of your child and reflects the beauty of glass.

Baby Names That Mean Glass

Vitra – “Glassy” (Latin)

Cristallo – “Crystal” (Italian)

Glazier – “Glass Worker” (English)

Glassia – “Glassy” (Greek)

Vetro – “Glass” (Italian)

Glint – “Sparkling Like Glass” (English)

Krystallos – “Crystal” (Greek)

Vitrum – “Glass” (Latin)

Vidrio – “Glass” (Spanish)

Glasea – “Glass-like” (English)

Vetrina – “Showcase” (Italian)

Glacia – “Ice or Glass” (English)

Szklo – “Glass” (Polish)

Glasklar – “Crystal Clear” (German)

Vidra – “Glass” (Catalan)

Gles – “Glass” (Scots Gaelic)

Kaca – “Glass” (Indonesian)

Cam – “Glass” (Turkish)

Klaasi – “Glass” (Estonian)

Sklo – “Glass” (Ukrainian)

Szkło – “Glass” (Polish)

Vidro – “Glass” (Portuguese)

Kioo – “Glass” (Swahili)

Sklo – “Glass” (Czech)

Kristall – “Crystal” (Swedish)

Vindu – “Window” (Norwegian)

Stiklo – “Glass” (Lithuanian)

Steklo – “Glass” (Russian)

Sklíko – “Glass” (Greek)

Szilánk – “Shard” (Hungarian)

Names That Mean Glass

Boy Names That Mean Glass

Vitrum – “glass” (Latin)

Staklo – “glass” (Serbian)

Vidro – “glass” (Portuguese)

Sklo – “glass” (Ukrainian)

Garasu – “glass” (Japanese)

Kaca – “glass” (Indonesian)

Vetro – “glass” (Italian)

Cristal – “crystal” (Spanish)

Glazi – “glass” (Russian)

Cam – “glass” (Turkish)

Szkło – “glass” (Polish)

Vidro – “glass” (Galician)

Steklo – “glass” (Slovenian)

Vitra – “glass” (Sanskrit)

Gwydr – “glass” (Welsh)

Girl Names That Mean Glass

Morgana – “glass-like” (Welsh)

Vetrozia – “glassy” (Italian)

Kristalina – “crystalline” (Greek)

Vitrella – “glass vessel” (Latin)

Camila – “mirror-like” (Spanish)

Vitria – “glassy” (Portuguese)

Kauri – “shiny glass” (Maori)

Vidra – “glass” (Slovenian)

Kristelia – “crystal clear” (Greek)

Glera – “glass” (Icelandic)

Kamaile – “shiny glass” (Hawaiian)

Vitruma – “glassy” (Latvian)

Zerlina – “shiny glass” (German)

Vitrielle – “glass-like” (French)

Vidraja – “glass” (Sanskrit)

Kristalia – “crystal clear” (Greek)

Zariyah – “shiny glass” (Arabic)

Vitriana – “glassy” (Romanian)

Vitriella – “glass-like” (Italian)

Kaca – “glass” (Hungarian)

Unisex Names That Mean Glass

Flint – “Hardened glass” (English)

Crystal – “Clear and transparent like glass” (English)

Vitro – “Glass” (Latin)

Glacia – “Resembling ice or glass” (Latin)

Lasa – “Glass-like” (Sanskrit)

Vitria – “Of glass” (Latin)

Glaslyn – “Blue glass” (Welsh)

Kristalyn – “Crystal-clear” (English)

Vetrice – “Glassy” (Latin)

Vidrio – “Glass” (Spanish)

Glaisa – “Glassy” (Latin)

Vitrina – “Little glass” (Spanish)

Lucida – “Bright and clear like glass” (Latin)

Glasford – “Glass ford” (English)

Vitrus – “Of glass” (Latin)

Crysta – “Clear like glass” (English)

Vidra – “Glass” (Catalan)

Glasco – “Glass-colored” (Scottish)

Vetrov – “Glassy” (Russian)

Vitrium – “Glass” (Latin)

Cristalin – “Like crystal or glass” (French)

Hyalos – “Glass” (Greek)

Glacis – “Glassy surface” (French)

Vitreux – “Glassy” (French)

Glasero – “Glass maker” (English)

Isinglass – “Clear glass” (English)

Glacium – “Glass” (Latin)

Vitrato – “Covered in glass” (Italian)

Glasson – “Glass town” (English)

Vitruma – “Glassy” (Latin)

Names That Mean Glass

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Concept of Baby Names That Mean Glass

Choosing a name for your baby is an important decision that holds deep meaning and symbolism. One unique and intriguing option is to consider names that mean “glass.” These names not only have a beautiful sound but also carry significant symbolism that can resonate with parents and their child.

The concept of names that mean “glass” is rooted in the idea of fragility and transparency. Glass is delicate yet strong, and it allows light to pass through, symbolizing clarity and purity. By choosing a name associated with glass, parents can convey these qualities and aspirations for their child.

Names that mean “glass” can be particularly meaningful for parents who value transparency and honesty. They may wish to instill these qualities in their child, emphasizing the importance of being open, truthful, and genuine in their interactions with others.

Furthermore, glass is often associated with beauty and elegance. It is used in various forms of art and architecture, showcasing its aesthetic appeal. By selecting a name that means “glass,” parents can express their desire for their child to embody grace, refinement, and sophistication.

Another aspect of glass is its versatility. It can be molded into different shapes and forms, making it adaptable and resilient. This symbolism can be significant for parents who want their child to be flexible, able to navigate life’s challenges with strength and resilience.

Names that mean “glass” can also be chosen to honor cultural or historical references. Glass has been used throughout history in various civilizations, representing different concepts and beliefs. By selecting a name associated with glass, parents can pay homage to these traditions and add a unique cultural touch to their child’s identity.

In conclusion, the concept of baby names that mean “glass” offers a distinctive and meaningful option for parents seeking a name that carries symbolism and significance. Whether it’s to convey transparency, beauty, adaptability, or cultural references, these names can serve as a powerful way to express parents’ hopes and aspirations for their child’s future.

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