100 Names That Mean Eight and More

Names That Mean Eight are a unique and meaningful choice for parents seeking a special name for their baby boy or baby girl.

These names hold significance as the number eight is often associated with prosperity, abundance, and balance.

By selecting a name that embodies the essence of eight, parents can bestow upon their child a name that carries positive connotations and symbolism.

Choosing a name that means eight or has a related meaning can be a way to honor cultural traditions or personal beliefs.

In many cultures, the number eight is considered lucky and is believed to bring good fortune and success.

By giving their child a name that reflects this auspicious number, parents can hope to bring blessings and positive energy into their child’s life.

Names That Mean Eight can also be a way to celebrate the unique qualities and characteristics associated with this number.

Eight is often associated with balance and harmony, as it is symmetrical and represents a sense of completeness.

By choosing a name that embodies these qualities, parents can instill a sense of harmony and equilibrium in their child’s life.

Whether it’s through cultural significance, personal beliefs, or symbolic representation, Names That Mean Eight offer a distinct and meaningful choice for parents.

By selecting a name that carries the essence of this number, parents can bestow upon their child a name that is not only unique but also carries positive connotations and symbolism.

Baby Names That Mean Eight

1. Octavia – “Eighth” (Latin)

2. Octavian – “Born in the eighth month” (Latin)

3. Octavio – “Eighth” (Spanish)

4. Octavious – “Eighth” (Latin)

5. Octaviana – “Eighth” (Latin)

6. Octavianus – “Eighth” (Latin)

7. Octavie – “Eighth” (French)

8. Octavien – “Eighth” (French)

9. Octaviana – “Eighth” (Spanish)

10. Octavien – “Eighth” (Spanish)

11. Octaviana – “Eighth” (Italian)

12. Octavien – “Eighth” (Italian)

13. Octaviana – “Eighth” (Portuguese)

14. Octavien – “Eighth” (Portuguese)

15. Octaviana – “Eighth” (Romanian)

16. Octavien – “Eighth” (Romanian)

17. Octaviana – “Eighth” (Greek)

18. Octavien – “Eighth” (Greek)

19. Octaviana – “Eighth” (German)

20. Octavien – “Eighth” (German)

21. Octaviana – “Eighth” (Dutch)

22. Octavien – “Eighth” (Dutch)

23. Octaviana – “Eighth” (Swedish)

24. Octavien – “Eighth” (Swedish)

25. Octaviana – “Eighth” (Norwegian)

26. Octavien – “Eighth” (Norwegian)

27. Octaviana – “Eighth” (Danish)

28. Octavien – “Eighth” (Danish)

29. Octaviana – “Eighth” (Finnish)

30. Octavien – “Eighth” (Finnish)

Names That Mean Eight

Boy Names That Mean Eight

Octavian-“eighth” (Latin)

Hachiro-“eighth son” (Japanese)

Octavius-“eighth” (Latin)

Ogden-“oak valley” (Old English)

Okon-“eighth-born” (African)

Octavio-“eighth” (Spanish)

Okello-“born eighth” (African)

Octaviano-“eighth” (Italian)

Octavianus-“eighth” (Latin)

Hachi-“eight” (Japanese)

Okabe-“eighth doorway” (Japanese)

Octavien-“eighth” (French)

Octávio-“eighth” (Portuguese)

Ogilvie-“high place” (Scottish)

Oktay-“eighth moon” (Turkish)

Octávius-“eighth” (Romanian)

Ocho-“eight” (Spanish)

Octavious-“eighth” (English)

Oktavian-“eighth” (Russian)

Hachirou-“eighth son” (Japanese)

Octavianos-“eighth” (Greek)

Octáv-“eighth” (Slovak)

Octavious-“eighth” (Greek)

Ogilvy-“high place” (Scottish)

Oktav-“eighth” (Czech)

Octavus-“eighth” (Latin)

Okimoto-“eighth origin” (Japanese)

Okoth-“born eighth” (African)

Octávio-“eighth” (Portuguese)

Octay-“eighth” (Turkish)

Girl Names That Mean Eight

Octavia-“eighth” (Latin)

Hachiko-“eight steps” (Japanese)

Ashta-“eight” (Sanskrit)

Octavienne-“eighth” (French)

Oktay-“eighth” (Turkish)

Octavia-“eighth” (Italian)

Vosmi-“eight” (Russian)

Oktavia-“eighth” (Greek)

Ashtyn-“eight” (English)

Hachi-“eight” (Swahili)

Okoth-“born eighth” (Luo, Kenyan)

Ashtara-“eight stars” (Hindi)

Okelani-“heavenly eighth” (Hawaiian)

Oktavia-“eighth” (German)

Yatumi-“eight beauties” (Japanese)

Octavienne-“eighth” (French)

Vosma-“eighth” (Bulgarian)

Oktawia-“eighth” (Polish)

Octavina-“eighth” (Spanish)

Okwukwe-“born eighth” (Igbo, Nigerian)

Ashtari-“eighth” (Persian)

Octovia-“eighth” (Portuguese)

Okanya-“born eighth” (Acholi, Ugandan)

Ashtin-“eight” (Irish)

Octavisha-“eighth” (Sinhalese)

Oktayla-“eighth” (Turkish)

Octoviana-“eighth” (Indonesian)

Ashtara-“eight” (Armenian)

Okitai-“eight” (Yoruba, Nigerian)

Octara-“eighth” (Malay)

Unisex Names That Mean Eight

Octavio-“eighth” (Spanish)

Oktay-“eighth” (Turkish)

Hachi-“eight” (Japanese)

Okan-“heartbeat, eighth” (Turkish)

Octavia-“eighth” (Latin)

Otto-“wealth, fortune; eighth” (German)

Hasita-“happy, joyful; eighth” (Sanskrit)

Ochuko-“God’s gift; eighth” (Nigerian)

Octavian-“eighth” (Roman)

Hasib-“respected, noble; eighth” (Arabic)

Octavienne-“eighth” (French)

Okelo-“born after twins; eighth” (Luo, East African)

Hasini-“happy, delightful; eighth” (Sanskrit)

Octaviano-“eighth” (Italian)

Hachirou-“eighth son” (Japanese)

Octavien-“eighth” (French)

Octaviana-“eighth” (Spanish)

Ochre-“eighth” (English)

Oktavia-“eighth” (Greek)

Hasin-“happy, joyous; eighth” (Arabic)

Octavienne-“eighth” (French)

Octavious-“eighth” (Latin)

Oktawiusz-“eighth” (Polish)

Hachiko-“eighth child” (Japanese)

Hasira-“joy; eighth” (Swahili)

Octav-“eighth” (Romanian)

Hasiya-“laughter; eighth” (Hindu)

Octavianus-“eighth” (Dutch)

Okan-“soul, spirit; eighth” (African)

Names That Mean Eight

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Concept of Baby Names That Mean Eight

Choosing a name for your baby is an important decision that holds great significance. Many parents seek names that not only sound beautiful but also carry a deeper meaning or symbolism.

One such concept that has gained popularity is selecting baby names that mean “eight.”

The number eight has long been regarded as a symbol of abundance, prosperity, and good fortune in various cultures and belief systems.

It is often associated with positive attributes and represents a sense of completeness and infinity.

By choosing a name that means “eight” for your baby, you are embracing the positive energy and auspiciousness associated with this number.

It is believed that such names can bring good luck and blessings to your child’s life, setting them on a path of abundance and success.

Furthermore, the symbolism of the number eight extends beyond material wealth. It is also associated with balance, harmony, and spiritual growth.

In many spiritual traditions, the number eight represents the integration of the physical and spiritual realms, symbolizing a connection between the earthly and divine.

When considering names that mean “eight,” it is essential to understand the cultural and historical context behind them.

Different cultures have their own unique names that carry the significance of the number eight.

Exploring these names can provide a deeper understanding of the diverse meanings and symbolism associated with the number.

It is worth noting that the concept of choosing names based on their meaning is a personal choice.

Some parents may resonate with the symbolism of the number eight and find it meaningful for their child’s name, while others may prefer different associations or cultural references.

Ultimately, the decision to choose a name that means “eight” for your baby is a reflection of your beliefs, values, and desires for their future.

It is a way to infuse their life with positive energy and embrace the symbolism of abundance, prosperity, and spiritual growth.

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