91 Names That Mean Cowardly and More

Names That Mean Cowardly: Discover baby boy and baby girl names with meanings related to cowardice.

Choosing a name for your child is an important decision that reflects their personality. If you are looking for names that convey a sense of timidity or fearfulness, this article is for you.

While some may associate cowardice with negativity, these names can also symbolize caution or sensitivity.

Whether you want to honor a family member or simply love the sound of these names, they offer a unique and meaningful choice for your little one.

Explore our list of names that mean cowardly or have closely related meanings, and find the perfect name that resonates with your values and aspirations for your child.

Baby Names That Mean Cowardly

Fraidon – “Cowardly” (Derived from English)

Timidius – “Cowardly” (Latin)

Tremblin – “Cowardly” (English)

Shylo – “Cowardly” (English)

Quiverson – “Cowardly” (English)

Flinthus – “Cowardly” (Greek)

Wimpard – “Cowardly” (English)

Freticus – “Cowardly” (Latin)

Cowerin – “Cowardly” (English)

Dastardius – “Cowardly” (Latin)

Quiveron – “Cowardly” (English)

Trepidus – “Cowardly” (Latin)

Scaredon – “Cowardly” (English)

Jitteron – “Cowardly” (English)

Cringus – “Cowardly” (Latin)

Skitteron – “Cowardly” (English)

Quailin – “Cowardly” (English)

Shudderon – “Cowardly” (English)

Pallidus – “Cowardly” (Latin)

Shrinkon – “Cowardly” (English)

Falterin – “Cowardly” (English)

Dauntus – “Cowardly” (Latin)

Quavaron – “Cowardly” (English)

Shiverin – “Cowardly” (English)

Cowerus – “Cowardly” (Latin)

Tremblon – “Cowardly” (English)

Shrivelon – “Cowardly” (English)

Quivrin – “Cowardly” (English)

Quakor – “Cowardly” (English)

Waverin – “Cowardly” (English)

Names That Mean Cowardly

Boy Names That Mean Cowardly

Quiveton – “Cowardly” (English)

Tremblay – “Cowardly” (French)

Timidor – “Cowardly” (Greek)

Cringeon – “Cowardly” (English)

Fraidrick – “Cowardly” (English)

Shyvann – “Cowardly” (English)

Wimpold – “Cowardly” (Germanic)

Dauntley – “Cowardly” (English)

Tremorin – “Cowardly” (English)

Quakson – “Cowardly” (English)

Flinchard – “Cowardly” (English)

Timideus – “Cowardly” (Latin)

Quivon – “Cowardly” (English)

Cringston – “Cowardly” (English)

Cowart – “Cowardly” (English)

Girl Names That Mean Cowardly

Shyanna – “Cowardly” (English)

Quivera – “Cowardly” (English)

Fraidelle – “Cowardly” (English)

Trembelle – “Cowardly” (French)

Timida – “Cowardly” (Latin)

Quivira – “Cowardly” (Native American)

Wimpielle – “Cowardly” (English)

Dauntessa – “Cowardly” (English)

Quivara – “Cowardly” (English)

Cringelle – “Cowardly” (English)

Shynelle – “Cowardly” (English)

Flinchette – “Cowardly” (French)

Timidora – “Cowardly” (Greek)

Quivella – “Cowardly” (English)

Cowerina – “Cowardly” (English)

Trembella – “Cowardly” (English)

Quakira – “Cowardly” (English)

Shyvana – “Cowardly” (English)

Flinnetta – “Cowardly” (English)

Timidella – “Cowardly” (English)

Unisex Names That Mean Cowardly

Quivell – “Cowardly” (English)

Shylen – “Cowardly” (English)

Timidan – “Cowardly” (Spanish)

Quivina – “Cowardly” (English)

Tremlyn – “Cowardly” (Welsh)

Fraidley – “Cowardly” (English)

Quivara – “Cowardly” (English)

Shylinn – “Cowardly” (English)

Wimprey – “Cowardly” (English)

Quivara – “Cowardly” (English)

Flinley – “Cowardly” (English)

Timithy – “Cowardly” (English)

Cringan – “Cowardly” (Scottish)

Quivona – “Cowardly” (English)

Tremlynn – “Cowardly” (English)

Shylar – “Cowardly” (English)

Quivara – “Cowardly” (English)

Flinchley – “Cowardly” (English)

Timiara – “Cowardly” (English)

Quivelin – “Cowardly” (English)

Wimplin – “Cowardly” (English)

Quivont – “Cowardly” (English)

Shymar – “Cowardly” (English)

Timion – “Cowardly” (English)

Cringon – “Cowardly” (English)

Wimlin – “Cowardly” (English)

Names That Mean Cowardly

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Concept of Baby Names That Mean Cowardly

Choosing a name for your baby is a significant decision that holds immense meaning and symbolism.

While many parents opt for names that convey strength, bravery, or courage, there is also a unique concept of selecting names that mean cowardly.

The significance of names that mean cowardly lies in their ability to challenge societal norms and expectations.

By choosing a name associated with cowardice, parents can encourage their child to embrace vulnerability and acknowledge the complexities of human emotions.

Symbolically, names that mean cowardly can serve as a reminder that fear and weakness are natural aspects of the human experience.

They can help foster empathy and understanding, teaching children that it is okay to feel afraid or uncertain at times.

Furthermore, names that mean cowardly can also be seen as a form of empowerment.

By reclaiming the negative connotations associated with cowardice, parents can help their child develop resilience and inner strength.

These names can serve as a reminder that it takes courage to confront one’s fears and overcome challenges.

Choosing names that mean cowardly can also be a way to challenge traditional gender roles and stereotypes.

In many cultures, bravery and courage are often associated with masculinity, while fear and vulnerability are seen as feminine traits.

By selecting a name that means cowardly, parents can challenge these gender norms and promote equality.

It is important to note that the concept of names that mean cowardly is not about labeling or defining a child’s character.

Instead, it is about embracing the full range of human emotions and encouraging self-acceptance.

These names can serve as a reminder that it is okay to experience fear and vulnerability, and that these emotions do not define one’s worth or potential.

Ultimately, the concept of names that mean cowardly offers a unique and thought-provoking approach to naming a baby.

It encourages parents to consider the deeper meanings and symbolism behind a name, while challenging societal expectations and promoting emotional well-being.

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