110 Names That Mean Badger and More

Names That Mean Badger are a unique and meaningful choice for parents seeking a distinctive name for their baby boy or girl.

These names not only pay homage to the badger, a fascinating and resilient animal, but also carry a sense of strength and determination.

Choosing a name that means badger can be a way to instill these qualities in your child from the very beginning.

These names often have a deep connection to nature and the animal kingdom, reflecting a love for the outdoors and a sense of adventure.

Whether you are drawn to the symbolism of the badger or simply appreciate the sound and meaning of these names, there are plenty of options to choose from.

From traditional names with historical significance to more modern and unique choices, Names That Mean Badger offer a range of possibilities for your little one.

So, if you’re looking for a name that is both distinctive and meaningful, consider exploring the world of Names That Mean Badger.

These names are sure to make a lasting impression and carry a sense of strength and resilience throughout your child’s life.

Baby Names That Mean Badger

Brock – “Badger” (English)

Tejon – “Badger” (Spanish)

Grif – “Badger” (Welsh)

Meles – “Badger” (Latin)

Dachs – “Badger” (German)

Kyuma – “Badger” (Japanese)

Tasso – “Badger” (Italian)

Tarka – “Badger” (Sanskrit)

Mäyrä – “Badger” (Finnish)

Mellivora – “Badger” (Latin)

Topork – “Badger” (Russian)

Jänes – “Badger” (Estonian)

Pan – “Badger” (Chinese)

Hob – “Badger” (English)

Hörvur – “Badger” (Icelandic)

Odje – “Badger” (Yoruba)

Kass – “Badger” (Estonian)

Borsuk – “Badger” (Polish)

Tarburz – “Badger” (Persian)

Mehol – “Badger” (Hebrew)

Mustel – “Badger” (Old French)

Grijz – “Badger” (Dutch)

Häger – “Badger” (Swedish)

Vek – “Badger” (Czech)

Jaszczur – “Badger” (Polish)

Seter – “Badger” (Norwegian)

Mäyräkoira – “Badger Dog” (Finnish)

Zhiyin – “Badger” (Chinese)

Honya – “Badger” (Choctaw)

Javel – “Badger” (Old French)

Names That Mean Badger

Boy Names That Mean Badger

1. Brock – “badger” (English)

2. Teiran – “wild, badger-like” (Irish)

3. Brockley – “badger meadow” (English)

4. Broderick – “famous ruler, badger-like” (Irish)

5. Brockton – “badger settlement” (English)

6. Baden – “bathing place, badger” (German)

7. Broc – “badger” (English)

8. Brocke – “badger” (English)

9. Brocley – “badger meadow” (English)

10. Brocston – “badger settlement” (English)

11. Badger – “badger” (English)

12. Teirnan – “little lord, badger-like” (Irish)

13. Brocley – “badger meadow” (English)

14. Brockton – “badger settlement” (English)

15. Baden – “bathing place, badger” (German)

16. Broc – “badger” (English)

17. Brocke – “badger” (English)

18. Brocley – “badger meadow” (English)

19. Brocston – “badger settlement” (English)

20. Badger – “badger” (English)

Girl Names That Mean Badger

1. Brocklyn – “Badger meadow” (English)

2. Teiran – “Wild badger” (Irish)

3. Badriyah – “Resembling a badger” (Arabic)

4. Brockelle – “Little badger” (English)

5. Teiranika – “Badger-like” (Native American)

6. Badri – “Resembling a badger” (Hindi)

7. Brocka – “Badger” (English)

8. Teirana – “Wild badger” (Irish)

9. Badriya – “Resembling a badger” (Arabic)

10. Brocklynne – “Badger meadow” (English)

11. Teirani – “Wild badger” (Irish)

12. Badria – “Resembling a badger” (Arabic)

13. Brockellee – “Little badger” (English)

14. Teiranika – “Badger-like” (Native American)

15. Badriyah – “Resembling a badger” (Arabic)

16. Brocka – “Badger” (English)

17. Teirana – “Wild badger” (Irish)

18. Badri – “Resembling a badger” (Hindi)

19. Brocklyn – “Badger meadow” (English)

20. Teiran – “Wild badger” (Irish)

21. Badriyah – “Resembling a badger” (Arabic)

22. Brockelle – “Little badger” (English)

23. Teiranika – “Badger-like” (Native American)

24. Badri – “Resembling a badger” (Hindi)

25. Brocka – “Badger” (English)

26. Teirana – “Wild badger” (Irish)

27. Badriya – “Resembling a badger” (Arabic)

28. Brocklynne – “Badger meadow” (English)

29. Teirani – “Wild badger” (Irish)

30. Badria – “Resembling a badger” (Arabic)

Unisex Names That Mean Badger

Brock – “Badger” (English)

Teiran – “Wild Badger” (Irish)

Kalani – “Heavenly Badger” (Hawaiian)

Uffo – “Badger Spirit” (Germanic)

Kamon – “Quiet Badger” (Japanese)

Alver – “Badger Friend” (Norse)

Jitara – “Swift Badger” (Sanskrit)

Vedra – “Wise Badger” (Slavic)

Kael – “Fierce Badger” (Gaelic)

Amari – “Eternal Badger” (African)

Faelan – “Little Badger” (Irish)

Zuberi – “Strong Badger” (Swahili)

Myrrh – “Resilient Badger” (English)

Suvan – “Golden Badger” (Sanskrit)

Aldara – “Old Badger” (Spanish)

Kyran – “Dark Badger” (Gaelic)

Nisha – “Night Badger” (Sanskrit)

Alwin – “Noble Badger” (Old English)

Arliss – “Pledge to the Badger” (English)

Soren – “Red Badger” (Scandinavian)

Meeko – “Fearless Badger” (Native American)

Amaya – “Night Rain Badger” (Japanese)

Eamon – “Guardian Badger” (Irish)

Kaida – “Little Dragon Badger” (Japanese)

Theron – “Hunter of Badgers” (Greek)

Leif – “Descendant of Badger” (Norse)

Zephyr – “West Wind Badger” (Greek)

Malin – “Little Strong Badger” (Swedish)

Turi – “Bear Badger” (Finnish)

Kenai – “Black Bear Badger” (Native American)

Names That Mean Badger

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Concept of Baby Names That Mean Badger

The concept of “Baby Names That Mean Badger” refers to the practice of choosing names for babies that have a symbolic connection to the badger.

Badgers are known for their strength, resilience, and determination, and these qualities are often associated with the names that mean badger.

When selecting a name for a baby, parents may consider the significance and symbolism behind the name.

Choosing a name that means badger can be a way to honor the characteristics and traits associated with this animal.

Names that mean badger can be particularly meaningful for families who have a personal connection to badgers or who admire the qualities that badgers represent.

These names can serve as a reminder of the importance of strength, perseverance, and adaptability in life.

Furthermore, the symbolism of badgers extends beyond their physical attributes. In many cultures, badgers are seen as symbols of protection, courage, and loyalty.

By choosing a name that means badger, parents may hope to instill these qualities in their child and provide them with a strong foundation for their future.

It is important to note that the concept of “Baby Names That Mean Badger” is not limited to a specific gender or cultural background.

Names that mean badger can be chosen for both boys and girls, and they can be found in various cultures and languages.

Ultimately, the significance and symbolism of names that mean badger lie in the personal connection and meaning that they hold for the parents and their child.

By choosing a name that represents the qualities of a badger, parents can create a unique and meaningful identity for their baby.

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