90 Names That Mean Archery and More

Names That Mean Archery are a popular choice for parents looking for unique and meaningful names for their baby boys and girls.

These names often have a strong and powerful connotation, reflecting the skill and precision associated with the sport of archery.

Whether you have a personal connection to archery or simply appreciate the symbolism behind it, these names can be a great option for your little one.

When choosing a name that means archery, you can explore a variety of origins and languages.

From traditional names with historical significance to modern and trendy options, there is a wide range of choices available.

These names can evoke a sense of strength, agility, and determination, qualities that are often associated with archers.

Names That Mean Archery can also have a deeper meaning beyond the sport itself. They can symbolize focus, precision, and the ability to hit targets with accuracy.

These names can inspire your child to embrace these qualities and strive for excellence in whatever they pursue in life.

Whether you are a fan of archery or simply drawn to the symbolism and meaning behind it, Names That Mean Archery offer a unique and powerful choice for your baby boy or girl.

Consider exploring different cultures and languages to find the perfect name that embodies the spirit of archery and resonates with you and your family.

Baby Names That Mean Archery

Archer – “Bowman” (English)

Sagitta – “Arrow” (Latin)

Toxotes – “Archer” (Greek)

Dhanvi – “Archer” (Sanskrit)

Sagi – “Arrow” (Japanese)

Strale – “Arrow” (Old Norse)

Tiro – “Shooter” (Latin)

Dartsa – “Arrow” (Tibetan)

Tirador – “Archer” (Spanish)

Teerapa – “Arrow” (Thai)

Piyushan – “Archer” (Sanskrit)

Freccia – “Arrow” (Italian)

Nyilas – “Archer” (Hungarian)

Saetta – “Arrow” (Italian)

Gomung – “Bow” (Korean)

Ankaa – “Arrow” (Arabic)

Tirosh – “Archer” (Hebrew)

Pileta – “Arrow” (Croatian)

Sagara – “Archer” (Hindi)

Tondra – “Bow” (Latvian)

Names That Mean Archery

Boy Names That Mean Archery

Archer – “Bowman” (English)

Apollo – “God of Archery” (Greek)

Dhanvin – “Archer” (Sanskrit)

Sagittarius – “Archer” (Latin)

Toxotes – “Archer” (Greek)

Boman – “Archer” (Persian)

Takumi – “Archer” (Japanese)

Caelum – “Archer” (Latin)

Ishan – “Archer” (Sanskrit)

Kusuma – “Archer” (Sanskrit)

Kaelan – “Mighty Archer” (Irish)

Dara – “Arrow” (Persian)

Shyamal – “Dark Archer” (Sanskrit)

Tirian – “Archer” (Greek)

Yumi – “Bow” (Japanese)

Thanos – “Archer” (Greek)

Teucer – “Sharpshooter” (Greek)

Kodai – “Little Archer” (Japanese)

Oisín – “Little Deer” (Irish)

Akin – “Brave Archer”(Irish)

Girl Names That Mean Archery

Diana – “divine archer” (Latin)

Callista – “most beautiful archer” (Greek)

Sagitta – “arrow” (Latin)

Taralyn – “hill of the arrows” (English)

Toxaris – “archer” (Greek)

Shakti – “goddess of archery” (Sanskrit)

Kyudo – “way of the bow” (Japanese)

Phoebe – “bright, shining archer” (Greek)

Astra – “arrow” (Latin)

Kailani – “sea and sky archer” (Hawaiian)

Sagittaria – “archer” (Latin)

Riza – “arrow” (Albanian)

Artemis – “Goddess of the hunt and archery” (Greek)

Anka – “arrow” (Polish)

Kyna – “little chief, arrow” (Irish)

Surya – “sun archer” (Sanskrit)

Yara – “small butterfly, archer” (Arabic)

Mahana – “moon archer” (Maori)

Tawaret – “great she who is powerful” (Egyptian)

Epona – “goddess of horses and archery” (Celtic)

Unisex Names That Mean Archery

Archer – “bowman” (English)

Sagittarius – “archer” (Latin)

Toxaris – “archer” (Greek)

Kushti – “archery” (Sanskrit)

Dhanvi – “skilled archer” (Sanskrit)

Sagi – “archer” (Hebrew)

Tiro – “archer” (Latin)

Kyūdō – “way of the bow” (Japanese)

Palaksha – “arrow-eyed” (Sanskrit)

Tegeirian – “archer” (Welsh)

Dara – “bow” (Persian)

Okçuluk – “archery” (Turkish)

Tirrik – “archer” (Old Norse)

Skilfingr – “bow-string” (Old Norse)

Dhanvin – “bowman” (Sanskrit)

Ghaith – “archer” (Arabic)

Panah – “arrow” (Persian)

Toxophilos – “lover of archery” (Greek)

Kameko – “turtle child” (Japanese)

Gu Zhui – “arrow” (Chinese)

Saetere – “archer” (Old English)

Niyanta – “archer” (Sanskrit)

Piltzintecuhtli – “arrow lord” (Nahuatl)

Yonah – “dove” (Hebrew)

Atalanta – “equal in weight” (Greek)

Tawina – “shot with an arrow” (Sioux)

Fletching – “feathered end of an arrow” (English)

Areg – “sunbeam” (Armenian)

Belenus – “bright, shining one” (Celtic)

Tetsu – “philosopher’s stone” (Japanese)

Names That Mean Archery

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Concept of Baby Names That Mean Archery

Choosing a name for your baby is an important decision that holds great significance.

Many parents seek names that not only sound beautiful but also carry a deeper meaning or symbolism. One such unique and intriguing category is “Names That Mean Archery.”

The concept of baby names that mean archery revolves around the symbolism and characteristics associated with this ancient skill.

Archery, as an art and sport, has been practiced for centuries and holds a special place in various cultures around the world.

Names that mean archery can be a wonderful choice for parents who wish to instill qualities such as focus, precision, strength, and determination in their child.

These names symbolize the art of archery and all the virtues it embodies.

Archery requires immense concentration and focus, as archers must aim their arrows with precision and accuracy.

By choosing a name that means archery, parents can hope to inspire their child to develop these qualities and excel in their endeavors.

Furthermore, archery is often associated with strength and power.

The physical strength required to draw a bow and release an arrow is a testament to the resilience and determination of archers.

Names that mean archery can symbolize these qualities and serve as a reminder of the inner strength that lies within each individual.

Symbolically, archery also represents the ability to hit targets and achieve goals.

Just as an archer aims for a bullseye, individuals with names that mean archery may be encouraged to set their sights high and work diligently to accomplish their aspirations.

Names that mean archery can be particularly fitting for children born under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, which is symbolized by the archer.

Sagittarians are known for their adventurous spirit, optimism, and love for exploration.

A name associated with archery can further enhance the connection to this zodiac sign and its characteristics.

In conclusion, the concept of baby names that mean archery offers a unique and meaningful choice for parents.

These names symbolize the virtues of focus, precision, strength, and determination associated with archery.

By selecting a name that carries this symbolism, parents can hope to inspire their child to embrace these qualities and strive for excellence in their lives.

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