1050+ Therapy Business Names and Suggestions

This is a comprehensive guide to naming your therapy, psychology, or counseling business.

Here we enlist 1000+ creative therapy business names to help you brainstorm new and original ideas.

You’ll also find out the tips that will help you name your business in the end.

Let’s dive in.

Therapy Business Names

The following are the catchy therapy business names to inspire your ideas:

Talk Techniques

The Coping Centre

Inside Transformation

Healing Warehouse

The Compassionate Couch

Archway Counseling Services

Pathway Counseling Services

Prevail Counseling

Smalley Institute

Spaulding Counseling

True North Counseling

Wellness Solutions

Five Points Chiropractic

Adore Health Coaching

Winterkorn Counseling

Apple Therapy

Psychiatry and Therapy

Online Therapy

Holding Hope

In Touch

Looking Within

Battery Park City Therapy

Calm Support

Caring Conversations

On Point Physical Therapy

Escotta Counselling

The Pain Thieves

Function First

Inspired Psychology

Hornet Counselling


Grace Massage Parlor

Reframe Psychology Clinic

Masterpiece Massage

On Point Physical Therapy

Human Honesty

Support & Sustain

Essence of Massage

Walk and Talk Therapy

Revive Massage Therapy

Pain Rehabilitation Clinic

No Hesitation

Health First

Sun Therapy

Thrive Wellness Spa

Go with the Flow Massage

Action Therapy

Impregnable Will





Lotus Spa

Outline Therapeutics

Restoremandate Therapies

Massage Heaven

Serenity Found Massage

Pain Be Gone

Couples Counseling

Mechanics of Massage

Rejuvenate Massage Therapy


Impact Physical Therapy


Let It Go Massage Therapy

Total Life


Massage Elite

Advance Crew




Connect Cognitive Therapy

Real Connects

Visvona Counselling

Supramax Counsellings

Pressure Points Massage

The Talking Therapies

Your Utmost Wellbeing

All Bright Therapies

Questa Counselling

Inside Transformation

Meditate Massage

Whale Health

Therapy for Women

Live Excellently

Bloom Therapy


Thriven Counselling

VitaMind Therapist

Balanced Bodies Massage


First Health Physical Therapy

Lifestyle Correction

IMperia Counselling


Mental Message Clinics

YongBang Counselling

brenTren Counselling



The Serenity Garden



Performance Physiotherapy

Diamond Day Spa

Mindspace Wellbeing

Helping Hearts

Hexabeat Counselling

Spectrum of Serenity Massage

Bring It Back Massage Therapy

Bray Counseling Services

Evergreen Pediatric Therapy

Fleming Family Therapy

Real Engage

City Therapy

BlueSky Beyond

Solutions Sought

Compassion Counselling

Line Therapy

Catchy Names for Psychology practice

These are the catchy names for psychology practice:

Empower LLC

Royal Care Lifestyle

Project Zen

Authentic Bodyworks

Renew Body

Peaceful Escape

Relax Palace

Magic Touch

Pain Relievers

Rubbing Out The Pain

Healing Hands Haven

Cloud 9 Massages

Balanced Approach

Resole Your Life

Spinal Physio

Cognitive Therapy


Minds Over Matter

Getwell Therapy

Creative Life Therapy

Life Balance

Moonlight Massage Parlor

Natural Therapy

Health Day

Rossdale Counselling

Zings Counselling



Cherished Massage Parlor

Sunflower Spa Massage Therapy

TrueSelf Psychology

Uno Family Therapist

Revival Spa

The Caring Place

Express Yourself Massage

Mysteva Counselling

Touch of Magic Massage Therapy

Arabell Counselling

Tried & True Massage Parlor

Holy Touch Massage Therapy

Brent I. Bounds, PhD

Deeply Connected


Intercare Therapy


MettleMade Counselling

Balanced Approach

Re-Recover Therapeutics

Inner Strength Therapy

Release To Me

Rollover Massage Therapy

The Plane Tree

Rediscover your Wellness

Spiritofista Counselling

FusionDot Counselling

Self Expressions

Tips from Kate

New Life Pain Clinic


Hello Therapy


Minds Matter

Practice Counseling Group

Complete Health

Body Repair

Head to Toe Massage Therapy

Trading Talking

TitanQuest Counselling

Glezz Counselling

Albright Counseling



Rapid Release

Full Body Beauty

Courage to Overcome

Behavioural Therapy

Royal Mental Health Centre

Posture Check

Renewal Massage Spa


Feeling Deep Massage Therapy

The Gold Standard Massage

Rainy Day Massage Therapy

Ancestral Health Therapy

Peace of Mind

Lighten Counseling Services

Couple Therapy

External Expression

The Wellness Spa

Mental Health Clinic

The Coping Centre

Meditation Therapy

Rebuild Therapeutics

Dzen Therapy

Innova realty

Claremont Practice

Fettle Therapy

Tripple Angel


Soundmind Therapy


Divine Therapy

Divine Drive

Ready Release

Hale Therapeutics

Honest Conversations

First Step Solutions

New Leaf Psychology Centre


Manhattan Therapists

YoungSky Counselling

Mind and Body Therapist

The Blyss

Occupational therapy Business names

Here are some of the good names for occupational therapy business:

Bass Assertive Solutions

Whale Health

Bridgeway Counseling

Brindley Group

The Aspen Clinic

Uncommon Connections

Manhattan Therapists

Creative Arts Therapists

Integrative Psychotherapy

Couples Counseling

Embodied Mind

Therapy West

Healthy Minds

Behavioral Associates

Holistic Therapy

Beautiful Reflections

Power Up Massage Therapy

Out of this World Massage

Deep Discussion

My Therapy

The Romtom

Swingle Clinic

Therapy Guru




Active Health

Developing Hands

RockWish Counselling

Youth Motive

Chill Massage Parlor


The Virgo Counselling

Breath of Life Massage

Utmost Wellness Therapy

Behavioral Associates

Dress & Settle Therapy

Walking on Sunshine Massage Parlor

All Sports Physical Therapy

Mountain Air Massage


Therapy Group

Individual Adult Counselling

Helping You Heal Mobile Massage

Life Mend Therapies

Helping Hands Massage


Wellbeing Therapeutics

Love Therapy

Healthy Minds

Soft Sounds Massage

Supporting Wellness

Under Pressure

Health Planet

Time To Heal

Bewell Therapy

Light & Loose Massage Therapy

Bevill and Associates

Brilliant Life Therapy


Hello Sunshine Massage Parlor

Elevated Discussion


Raffel Counselling

Quiet Place Counseling

Health Sheriff

Spa Elegance

Free Your Mind

Bel Air Tower

A Better Way, LLC


MadStar Counselling

Passionate Health Coach

Renewal on the Go

Rose Physical Therapy

Athalon Physical Therapy

Steven’s   Counselling

Connect Counseling Services

Take It Back Mobile Massage


RedFlag Counselling

Pay Back Massage

Tritonna Counselling

Massage Sanctuary

Jade Massage Spa


Wishing You Well Massage


Common Connection

Feeling & Healing

Counselling Business Names

Below are the cool counseling business names:

Your Time Therapy Solutions

Feeling & Healing

Courage to Overcome

Essential Grace

Altus Counseling Services

Harbor Counseling Services

Marriage Revolution

Resource Education Center

Serenity Counseling Services

White Stone Building

Austin Massage

Gully Chiropractic Clinic

Health Quest Therapy Inc

Cotton Clouds

Whitney’s Counselling

SparkRiser Counselling


Soul Connect Massage

The Pampered Parlor





BilBil Counselling


Pearl Spa


Alberta Counselling

Health Police

Snap! Massage

Seance Massage

Mind Revolution Therapy

Trusted Therapy

The Front


Quest Counselling

OOH Counselling


White Cascade

Livewell Therapy

Alleviate Therapeutics



Expansive Therapy

Hesitation Erased

Fresh Breath

Proton Counselling

Mind Therapy Centre


Salve Therapy


Day HTerapy

Creating Solutions

Takin’ It Easy Massage Parlor

Zensen Counselling

Advanced Behavioral Health

Learn to Rise

Health Grown

HighZing Counselling

New Perspective Counseling

FeetZing Counselling

Conexta Counselling

Aestrix Counselling

Sylinn Counselling

Topform Therapy

Karma Massage

Easy Elements Massage

Bewitched Massage Parlor

Bridgeway Counseling

Talk Traders

DwellQuo Counselling

Providence Care

Stop and Relax

MOssis Counselling

Cherry Blossom Massage Spa

The Garden Snail

Therapy Aura

All Wound Up Massage Therapy

Carefree Massage Therapy

Out of Time Mobile Massage

Essential Grace

Be Free From It

Walking on Air Massage

Family Matters

Supermate Counselling

Maple Mart

Spa Lux

Renew Day Spa

Domestic Bliss Mobile Massage

Mental Health Therapy Business Names

Some great mental health therapy business names are:

Blue Sage Day

D-Stress Zone Massage

Nature’s Paradise

Sculptor Body

Center of Balance

Healing Touch

Essential Kneads

At Your Fingertips

Wise Physical Therapy

Stress Busters

Spectrum Rehabilitation

A Curative Touch

Full Body Treat

Sweet Serenity

Cactus Lifestyle Center

Infinite Zen

Easy Breezy Massage

Doctorsoothe Therapy

Wellspring of Life

Able Therapy

EpicOne Counselling

Be Your Best Therapy

Exotix Counselling

Apple Therapy

Real Estatic

Gratitude Healing


Amelioration Therapy

Anchored Therapy Services

Shape Therapy

Zero Gravity Massage Therapy

Win Therapy

Thrive Wellbeing Centre

The Family Guidance

Power Pose Massage

Treasure Trove

Become Healthy Today

Calm Mobile Massage

Rainbow Therapy

East Therapy

GoodGuy Counselling

Take Your Time Massage

Rejuvinate Therapy


Takeout Mobile Massage


Change Revolution

Massage Alchemy

Health Matters

Just Breathe Massage

Renew Therapy

DeadFly Counselling

Mobile Medics Massage

Brindley Group

Youthful Estate

Broken To Art Counseling

Life Therapeutics


Physical Therapy Associates

Robust Therapeutics


Stetson Therapy


Sacred Serenity Massage

Uptown Massage Spa

Vivify Massage

Talk Techniques


Soul Savvy

Creative Therapy Names

These are the most creative therapy business names:

Integrated Feeling Therapy Center

Sex & Relationship Therapist

Cactus Lifestyle Center

Win Therapy

Trusted Support

My Therapist

Behavioral Health

Therapy Group

Lundquist Matt

Optimum Rehab Physical Therapy

Mighty Minds and Muscles Therapy

All Sports Physical Therapy

Yoga Therapy

Ready, Set, Relax!

Soul Therapeutics

Forever Balanced

The Simple Life Massage Therapy

Mental Massage

Feelings Forward

Spectrum Therapy

New Patterns

Evolve n Change

Wind Spirits Massage Therapy


The Alchemist’s Stone Massage

Bossberry Counselling

Health Therapist Elsa

Relaxed Life

Tips from Marcus



Uproar Counselling

The Compassionate Couch

Timeless Massage Parlor

Lullabies Massage

Fiesto Counselling

Walk-in Counselling Clinic

Urban Centro

Endless Comfort Massage Parlor


Bring The Peace Massage Parlor

Precious Moments Massage Parlor

Relationships Counselling

MajestiMart Counselling

Good Day Massage Parlor

Skillbuilders Therapy


Refresh Counselling

Bunny Therapy

Constant Support

Forest Therapy

Professional Physical Therapy

Freedom Physical Therapy

In God’s Hands Massage Studio

Loosen Up Massage

Grateful Guidance

Bridal Health Therapist

Release Physical Therapy

Sky High Massage

NorthLay Counselling

Pillar of Peace Mobile Massage

WhiteWay Counselling

Take a Load Off Massage

Glow Massage Therapy

Tips from Sandra

Caring Conversations


Urban Pick Counselling

Stretch It Out Massage

Mindful Psychology Practice

Soft Spots Massage Therapy

Therapy Business Names

Other Names for Therapist






Mind doctor

Head doctor





Trick cyclist

Allcare Physiotherapy

Naturio Counselling

Clear Psychology Practice

Yin & Yang Massage

Minds That Matter


Bay Area Clinical Associates

Strongfix Therapeutics

Living Healthy

Massage O’Clock

Kids in Motion

Life Reconcile Therapists

Let’s Relax! Massage Therapy

Handy Helpers Massage Parlor

Aaron Shaffer Counseling

Clear Health


Smart Vivix


Integrative Psychotherapy

Massage Zen

Born 2 B happy

Smalley Institute

Devotional Day Spa


Smooth Sailing Massage

Fitbit Counselling

Composure Massage Therapy


Crescent Crew

Calm Support

Full Moon Massage

Bigday Counselling

Jostling Joints


Reflections Psychology Services

You Matter Therapy Solutions

Thunderra Counselling

Royalty Massage Spa

Natural Ways

Heal Therapy

Life Workshop

Boreal Wellness Centres


Battery Park City Therapy

Pace Counseling Group

Light Touch Massage Parlor

Merry Moments Massage


SteadFirst Counselling


ACTS Counseling

Street tales


Grateful Heart

How to Name your therapy business

Before you get into naming, ask yourself these questions:

Who are you as a clinician?

What do people experience in your sessions?

Who is your ideal client?

What URLs are available?

What names feel awesome?

Once you know the answer to these questions, you’re good to go ahead into these steps:

1. Pick a type of therapy name you’d want.

These are the different types of therapy, psychology, and counseling business names that you could try:

Location-based name. eg. Traverse City Therapist

Specialty based names. For example, Boston Depression Counselling

Process-based counseling names. For example, DBT counseling

Personality based private names. For example, Anchored therapy

Name-based therapy names. For example, Sinek Mental Health Therapy.

2. Be sure to make it look like a therapist’s name.

The words counseling, therapy, therapist, and psychology make it clear what the business is about. This is enough.

However, one different thing you could do is to choose words like these and put them in your business name:


Fresh start


Move forward





Behavioral activation



How to motivate

Goals and objectives


You could also try these words in your business slogans.

3. Know your specialty area.

Knowing specialty will give you a better perception of how to name a therapy business. You’ll even brainstorm more name ideas.

The specialty you might have are:



Empty nesters

Motivation issues

Inadequacy and their strengths

4. Identify keywords.

It’s time to identify keywords. This is important for search engine ranking. Once you know, you’d able to use them……but how?

You can use those keywords in your therapy business name. This may give a rank boost for your website.

Similarly, you could optimize your site for those keywords and get clients from the internet.

5. Generate therapy business name ideas.

Now, you have the prerequisites to generate therapy business name ideas. Pick a pen and paper. Write down the list of names that comes to your mind while you’re reading the above list of ideas.

6. Shortlist names.

Shortlist the names you’ve picked. This is important to separate good names. How exactly would you do the shortlisting?

It’s simple.

Go through the names. Pick those that short, sweet, and simple. Easy pronunciation. Memorable.

What more?

Related to your business, No abbreviation and unique. That’s it.

7. Check domain availability.

Almost all business now operates online. Therefore, you’ll also want to be available there. Right?

You’d need a website. For that, you’d need to find an available domain name. Let’s say, you picked the name “Depression Clinic” for your therapy sessions.

Now, you’ll have to check if the domain is available. If it’s available, great.

And if it’s not, then you can use hyphen or number with these words. For example, “Depression-Clinic247”.

However, it’s recommended to pick a name with an available domain.

More Name Ideas:

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