245 Adorable Mountain Name Ideas You’ll Love

Looking to name a mountain but don’t know where to start? There are many great mountain names out there to inspire hikers, climbers and skiers. Mountain names are one of the most important things when planning a hike. Not only do they add to the experience of hiking in a specific location, but they also serve as identifiers for hikers and can help with navigation. Here are some ideas to get you started.

The best way to come up with a great mountain name is to be inspired by nature. You can go out into the woods, hike or have a conversation with birds and other animals in order to come up with a great name. Just remember to be original, as these names don’t have to be just names of animals or trees. It’s also possible to come up with names that are more metaphorical and spiritual. For example, a hike could be called “Mountain of the Spirit.” Or you can go deeper and have a more meaningful name, such as “Mountain of the Heart.” If you’re looking for a name that is more of an artistic touch, you can write a poem or a story about the mountain. You can even host a contest to come up with great names for the mountain.

Another way to come up with a meaningful name is to use the mountain’s physical characteristics, such as if it’s a unique rock formation that you can see from miles away. When coming up with names for mountains, you just have to be creative and make sure you’re thinking outside the box!

Mountain Name Ideas

  • Codows Peaks
  • The Bare Summit
  • The Ancient Bluff
  • Pohecam Hill
  • Irrinora Peaks
  • Orodover Bluff
  • Godenan Tops
  • The Vast Volcano
  • Naidon Volcano
  • Basterel Hillside
  • The Mammoth Hill
  • Springvern Heights
  • The Gray Pinnacle
  • Midaline Hills
  • Croyriden Heights
  • The Gloomy Pinnacle
  • The Moonlit Rise
  • The Unresting Hill
  • Turlan Peaks
  • The Dangerous Tops
  • The Symmetrical Tops
  • The Bellowing Hill
  • Shiphazy Highland
  • Salisrose Hillside
  • The Remote Highlands
  • Beacongamau Peaks
  • The Vast Hillside
  • Lourdale Volcano
  • Oxgonie Heights
  • The Gargantuan Tips

Famous Mountain Names

  • Ventfell Volcano
  • The Moonlit Tips
  • Turher Highland
  • Wakameny Volcano
  • Thurley Bluff
  • Pacsoll Heights
  • Pelbalt Rise
  • Suswich Tips
  • The Restless Hill
  • The Desolate Rise
  • The Narrow Tips
  • Enberry Tips
  • Newnan Volcano
  • Camberry Highland
  • Harpnet Summit
  • Dehurst Highlands
  • Arraine Hills
  • The Violent Mountain
  • Montcona Rise
  • Delwick Peaks
  • Stratbiens Tips
  • Canterter Highlands
  • Burnach Hillside
  • The Immense Hillside
  • Hultois Mountains
  • The Decaying Tops
  • Shefforte Bluff
  • Wintermer Hillside
  • Torringfolk Summit
  • The Arctic Hills

Cool Mountain Names

  • Winside Rise
  • Gallangate Peaks
  • Sedgegan Summit
  • Boscana Hills
  • Penefair Hillside
  • Wesris Peaks
  • Gravelmark Heights
  • Godeware Peaks
  • Canterdeen Tops
  • The Barren Mountain
  • The Cursed Tops
  • The Raging Rise
  • Hebher Hills
  • Carsor Volcano
  • The Bronze Rise
  • The Hollow Tops
  • Kensingchill Hill
  • Berkdiac Mountain
  • The Vast Hill
  • Boislisle Rise
  • Marlval Tops
  • Tunsonee Hill
  • Bredenrood Hill
  • Commar Mountain
  • Farmram Hillside
  • The Sad Hillside
  • The Gray Summit
  • Marport Hillside
  • Glouto Mountains
  • The Windless Hills

What are some unique mountain name ideas?

  • Shellgus Tops
  • The Darkest Highland
  • The Towering Tips
  • Hilter Tips
  • The Hollow Hillside
  • Petaly Volcano
  • Fairgar Bluff
  • Strafdown Summit
  • The Mighty Pinnacle
  • Baxby Heights
  • The Sad Pinnacle
  • Avonboro Rise
  • Vegregate Peaks
  • Sunmer Hill
  • Menstry Peaks
  • Crossboro Hills
  • Chatsnigan Summit
  • Gretbrook Mountains
  • The Cursed Hillside
  • Oxfolk Tops
  • Irrivista Peaks
  • Halicord Mountain
  • Fairning Peaks
  • Cottleshaw Hillside
  • Hargeo Mountains
  • Churchnan Tips
  • The Colorless Hill
  • The Giant Tops
  • Cardman Volcano
  • Latchgate Tips

Creative Name for Mountains

  • Hulliers Heights
  • Brobrook Slopes
  • Delwell Heights
  • Shelthon Rise
  • The Bellowing Tips
  • Rutburn Peaks
  • Baxdon Pinnacle
  • Plainde Hills
  • The Plain Hills
  • The Scarlet Bluff
  • Picvons Volcano
  • Parrnora Summit
  • Elmduff Tips
  • Blainmagne Rise
  • Weylita Mountains
  • Marafell Tops
  • Parrcook Volcano
  • Crosssby Mountains
  • Morinway Slopes
  • The Snowy Summit
Mountain Name Ideas

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How to Pick a Mountain Name Ideas

There are many different ways to pick a mountain name, and some of them may seem ridiculous at first. Some people have even tried to make up names for mountains that don’t exist , and it’s actually a little bit ridiculous.

Here we enlist few tips to pick a perfect mountain name ideas:

1.     Choosing a name: be creative, unique, and precise

While it’s a good idea to use the name of the mountain in your title, be creative and don’t just use the same name all the time. The name of the mountain is also important, so be sure to pick a good one. It’s also a good idea to use the name of the peak or perhaps the area in which your mountain lies.

  • Barree Peaks
  • Alberbalt Bluff
  • The Silver Peaks
  • The Shimmering Rise
  • Doquet Highland
  • The Silver Rise
  • Hintois Hills
  • Wolfcam Volcano
  • Huntingming Hills
  • Rivergrave Rise
  • Stafney Slopes
  • Bursmer Hill
  • Sudmiota Hill
  • The Light Hillside
  • Hadstead Highland

2.     Choose a name that is significant to you

For example, if you’re spiritual and want to express your beliefs in a mountain, then go with something religious. Or if you prefer to be unique and creative, then pick something that has never been used before as the mountain’s name.

  • Applemark Pinnacle
  • The Titanic Hill
  • Lanilisle Tops
  • Yorkheller Highland
  • Terreham Peaks
  • Muntois Mountains
  • The Distant Hills
  • Changan Slopes
  • Clinnach Pinnacle
  • Glouholm Summit
  • Marlburg Mountain
  • Springchill Bluff
  • The Ethereal Hill
  • Sautague Peaks
  • The Enchanted Hills

3.     Choose a name that is descriptive and accurate

The name should fit the type of mountain, and it’s a good idea to choose one that fits your mountain theme. It’s a useful technique to pick a name that is descriptive and accurate.

  • The Ancient Pinnacle
  • Hfnigan Highlands
  • The Frozen Highlands
  • Amdows Highland
  • Bolwick Volcano
  • Deadby Mountain
  • Neeshaw Hills
  • Itutham Hillside
  • Stoughrath Highlands
  • Gravenora Tips
  • Lanbel Volcano
  • The Towering Rise
  • Wickriden Peaks
  • Grethazy Hills
  • Elmlet Hills

4.     Think about what words or phrases can describe the mountain to you personally

For example, if you’re from an artistic family, then think of words and phrases that would describe your mountain. You could also use synonyms for the name you’ve chosen. This is a good technique for adding variety to your mountain names.

  • The Grim Highland
  • Caletou Hill
  • The Unresting Summit
  • Ponway Hills
  • Clarenwich Mountain
  • Wolfmeny Hills
  • The Infernal Volcano
  • Pacly Peaks
  • Readrose Mountain
  • Manimere Heights
  • Fairlin Hills
  • Marlsoll Tips
  • Beresnet Mountains
  • Kapuswin Slopes
  • The Beholding Tips

5.     Avoiding cutesy or made-up names

Use a name that is not too cute or made-up. You can also think of the mountain’s real name and then use an alternative form of it to make up your mountain name. This technique is useful for making up names with simple, easy-to-remember forms.

  • Bersoll Peaks
  • Susriden Hillside
  • The Cursed Tips
  • Derminster Pinnacle
  • Thesterre Hills
  • The Prickly Mountain
  • Eaststino Hillside
  • Flattry Mountains
  • Summerling Tips
  • Cartberry Tops
  • The Remote Hill
  • Hamtona Hillside
  • Latchry Rise
  • Amstead Heights
  • Dartshall Slopes


In conclusion, when choosing a name for a mountain, there are many things to consider. It is important to choose a name that is significant and has personal meaning to the climbers or hikers who will be using it. With careful consideration, any mountain can be named with a moniker that is truly special.

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