200 Majestic and Rare Military Squad Names Ideas

Military squads have been used for centuries as a staple in the armed forces. These names can be both informative and creative. Squad names also help identify friendly forces from the opposing side. In some cases, squad names may be derived from the unit’s battle cry or motto.

The military often assigns squad names to groups of soldiers in order to better identify them and command them. However, here we enlist few things to consider before naming your squad.

The firs thing you want to consider is to stick to the theme of your squad’s mission. You don’t want to name your squad something that isn’t related to their purpose.

For example, if your squad’s mission is to provide security for the base then you should pick a squad name that reflects their purpose. Your squad name should be unique and distinctive.

It should be something that nobody else has. Your squad name is a blessing to your fellow soldiers and they will cherish it. It is not only an identity but also an inspiration for how you can perform better in the battlefields.

The next thing you want to consider is your squad’s personality. Your squad name should tell the world how your squad is like.

Your squad name should be fun, memorable and also inspiring. The squad name should reflect your attitude and unit’s personality. Your squad should also have a personality that will be reflected in their battle tactics.

Military Squad Names

The Professionals


Rock Island Arsenal


The Reapers


Outdoor Tactical

Blue Man Group


Bloody-Minded Tigers

Green Glare


Promise Security

Hit for Brains

No Fear Military

Collision Course

Arsenal Gunners


Violent Love

Bounty Hunters

Cool Military Squad Names

The Nightmare



Dancing Knives

The Hitmen

6 Senses of War

Scared Shotless

Hit and Run

Eagles Military

The Outsiders

Military Rings

Scared Hitless

Happy Curves

Assurance Systems

Urban Assault Squad

Army Reserve

Action Target

Straight Shooters

Hot Shots

Balls of Fire

Badass Military Squad Names

Speed Demons

Astro Gems


Clave Mex

The Crew

Defense Leadership


Excelsior Defense

No Rules

Injuries Anonymous

Magnificent Bastards

Pinky Promises

Wise Wolf

Trigger Happy

Yellow Jackets

Red Bull

Hungry For Bodies


Youngsfield Military

Swamp Club

What are some best military squad names?

RedForce Military

Combat way

Criminal Watch

Bloody Bucket

Atwood Lake Boats

Dangerous Smiles

Snake Eyes

Sounds of the Night

Sensis Corporation

Black Widows

Fire Starters

Darting and Diving

Betio Bastards

Machines of War

Fire Cracker

Dropping Bombs

The Night Stalkers

Special Forces

Royal Military

Brain Drain

Good Military Squad Names

The Enemy

Army Headquarters


Kickin’ Ass

Brute Force

Power House

Vitale Body

Irwin Marine

Double Shots

National Defence

Tactical Solutions

The Security


The Double Shots


Corpses on Fire

Military Times

Desert Storm

Military Family

Life Savers

Military Squad Names

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How to Name a Military Squad

There are a lot of things you can consider when selecting your squad’s name.

It will be difficult to come up with the perfect squad name but you can always start off by brainstorming what you think is suitable for your unit.

Here we enlist some ways to come up with military squad names:

1.     Be creative and unique: avoid clichés and military jargon

When you name your squad, make it as unique as possible. There are a lot of options available when naming your squad and you should try to think outside the box.

Policy Makers


Strong’s Marine


Armed Forces

Tri Marine Group

Top Guns

Super Humans

Viral Military

Victory Vixen


Red Riders


Strong Men’s Group


2.     Think of the squad’s function

For example, a squad that is mostly snipers and sniper weapons should be given a nickname like “Sniper Squad” or “Sniper Team” as these are their main functions.

Force Protection

Blissful Fighters

Hidden Armour

Demolition Crew

Hit and Miss

Madhouse Family



Soul Takers


Dispatch Security

Veterans Affairs

Singing Giants


Jungle Kings

3.     Look for words that have military connotations or relevance to your unit

Think of the unit’s history The more ancient the name, the cooler it will sound Develop a theme Think of words that have the same sound as your squad names.

Use words that have military connotations.

Remington Arms

The Sportsman

Broken Roots

Mean Machine

Men on a Mission

Allergic Knights

Top Gunners

Leebcor Services

Point of No Return

Miss Hits

Country Savers

Shorts Marine

Oshkosh Corp

Night Stalkers

Flying Aces

4.     Pick a name that represents you: something that will make you proud to wear it

The choice of your unit’s name is probably the most important choice you will make for your squad.

This is the first impression that people get about your unit and it shapes how they will perceive you.

Drop Shot Divas

Shadow Operations

N3 Boatworks

Justice Bringers

Matrix Gear


Team Panda

Joint Base

Merciless Machines

All Fired Up

Bullet Eruption

Residents of War

Golden Crown

Old Iron Sides


5.     Name your squad wisely: include meaning and morale

If your squad’s name includes you or someone you know, then it is a good idea to include the person’s name in the title.

If your squad has a great meaning and morale behind it, then people will respect that and be willing to follow you.


Warrior Project


Ace Breakers

Cubicle Force

Conquered Ground

Military Cop


The Double Shot

The Hit Squad

The Arsenal

Strong Ties


Fire Flies

Alone battle


In conclusion, military squad names are interesting and unique. They can be used to build morale and camaraderie within a unit.

They can also be used to intimidate the enemy. However, they must be carefully chosen to fit the unit’s mission and personality.

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