150 Majestic Lion Team Names Ideas

Have you ever wondered how to choose a team name? Many people want to know how to choose a name for their team, but not everyone knows where to begin.

If you are looking for lion team names and some advice for how to choose a team name, look no further.

I’ll give you some tips on how to choose a team name for your lion team.

Your team’s name is the first thing people think of when they hear about your team. It’s the name that you and your fans shout from the stands and wear on t-shirts.

Your team’s name is the thing that, more than anything else, people use to identify your organization.

The name you put on your football jerseys, your business cards, and your website.

Lion Team Names

The following are some unique lion team names list:

Hyder and seek

Courtney Lawes

Slay and Pray

Liam Williams

Hamish Watson

Alun Wyn Jones

Ken Owens

Next 10 Detroit Lions

Finn Russell


If the Glover fits…

Stafford Infections

Living on a Prater

Gourmet Scheffler

Jerkin Goff

Sam Simmonds

Mako Vunipola

Rueb&Joique My Johnson

Kerryon Baggage

On/Goff Switch

Joique to the World

Reggie’s Burning Bush

Sweaty Jim Schwartz

Goffly Good

Wyn Jones

We’ve Got Patrissues

Reggie’s Bush

Stuart Hogg

Megatrons Johnson

Lion Team Names

More Team Names:

How to Come up with a Team Name

1.     Find an association with popular things

It is one of the most common practices that we associate team names with certain values and characteristics. Such as, sports names could include, warriors, panthers, knights.

The point here is to represent a certain value.

The lion team name must show dominance, strength, nobility. You can include even project bravery, skillfulness, endurance, and fearlessness.

Check out these catchy lion team names:

No SUH For You!

Manage Like Millen

Khal-vin Johnson


Abdullah ObloNgata

No Sh*T, Spurlock

Adam Beard

Maro Itoje

Anthony Watson

Suh Everyone

Haloti Nuthin’

Golden Tate Bridge

Saved by JC

Calvin and Dobs

Goff and Running

2.     Think about things that team members have in common

This is another way to come up with a good team name. You find out what your team is best in, overall.

Perhaps, you all love the same game, movie, book, or cuisine. Consider anything that is common. And come up with a team name.

This way you’ll have a team name that will build team spirit.

Which of these lion team names will help building team spirit:

A Millen Reasons

Preseason Champs

unneSUH’Ssary roughness

Stafford Infection

Calvin and the Chipmunks

Suh Girls, One Cup

Rory Sutherland

I Ansah to No One

Golladay of the Dead

Manage Like Matt Millen

Go, Lladay

Big TD’s: No BUSH

The Joique’s in your Hand

SuhPurr MegaBush

3.     Use an adjective

The use of the adjective in lion team names is common. It helps you project certain trait or differentiate from other team names.

Use a thesaurus and find out synonyms for the most used adjectives. So, you’ll have more options to choose from.

This is also a good way to make your name even more special and unique.

The following are some of the unique lion team names:

Caldswell that ends well

Marcus Smith

Jersey Leshoure

Golden Tate Warriors

Robbie Henshaw

Joique Your Chains

Golden Tatertots

Stafford & Son


Eat my Schwartz

Backus to the Future

The Ansah

Barry Good


Ngata Gonna Lose

4.     Use a team name generator

If you have a difficult time figuring out all this, you can just visit a team name generator and find some good lion team names there in a matter of seconds.

These lion team names have been picked from team name generators:

Tadhg Beirne

Stay in Your Layne


Calvin’s Johnson

Escape Batch

Taulupe Faletau

Motown Megatrons

Let’s Get It On Marvin

Jonny Hill

Conor Murray

Born in the SUH.S.A.

Fairley Suhperfluous

One Pride

The Book of Ezekiel

Sander and Son

5.     Have your team members on board

Include your team members in the naming process. Different minds will have different ideas. This will give your more brainstorming RAM:), and hence, more lion team name ideas.

If you do not include teammates in the process, in the end, some may not like the name. So, do make sure to have your entire team on board.

Below are the lion team names that your team members will love:

All Hail Megatron !

In the purSuh of happiness

Chronicles of Riddick

Gareth Davies

Going Goff

Jamie George

Return to Sanders

Beat Around the Bush

The Jersey Leshoure

Luke Cowan-Dickie

Built Stafford Tough

Chris Harris

Louis Rees-Zammit

You Pet it, It Grew

Paper Lions

6.     It should be catchy and memorable

Picking a catchy team name is important. It is easy to remember. Your fans will remember your team name. You should make it easy for them.

Let’s have a look at some creative and cool lion team examples now:

Hooked on Ebronics

The Lions are Perfect

The Joique-y Boys

StafFord Field

Tom Curry

Motor City Megatron

Speaking in Ebronics


Lafeel on my Johnson

D’Andre 1000

Two in the Bush

Kyle Sinckler

The Goffather

Elliot Daly

Andrey Warrington

7.     You can add words related to lion

Before you name your team, you must have related words in your mind to brainstorm better. Here are some of the words that are related to lion:








felis leo


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