48 Largest Companies in North Dakota

North Dakota, one of the least populous states in the United States, boasts a multitude of thriving businesses that contribute to its economic success.

Home to a diverse range of industries, North Dakota is known for its agricultural, energy, and technology sectors.

The state’s largest companies play a significant role in driving its economy forward.

Among them, we find renowned names like John Deere, a leading agricultural machinery manufacturer, and MDU Resources Group, an energy and construction company.

Additionally, Odney, an advertising and public relations firm, has established itself as a major player within the state.

These dynamic companies not only generate employment opportunities but also contribute to the overall growth and development of North Dakota.

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1. Hess Corporation

Background: Founded in 1919, Hess is a global energy company engaged in the exploration, production, and refining of crude oil and natural gas.

Core Industries: Oil and gas exploration, production, refining, and marketing.

Notable Achievements: Hess has made significant contributions to North Dakota’s oil boom, particularly in the Bakken Formation, boosting the state’s economy and energy independence.

2. MDU Resources Group

Background: Established in 1924, MDU Resources is a diversified energy and infrastructure company providing essential services in construction materials, natural gas, and electricity.

Core Industries: Construction materials, natural gas distribution, electric generation, and transmission.

Notable Achievements: MDU Resources has played a pivotal role in North Dakota’s infrastructure development, contributing to the state’s growth and modernization.

3. Bobcat Company (Doosan Bobcat)

Background: Founded in 1947, Bobcat Company is a leading manufacturer of compact equipment for construction, agriculture, landscaping, and industrial applications.

Core Industries: Manufacturing of skid-steer loaders, compact excavators, utility vehicles, and attachments.

Notable Achievements: Bobcat’s innovative machinery has revolutionized construction and agriculture practices in North Dakota and beyond, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

4. Titan Machinery

Background: Titan Machinery is a leading dealer of agricultural and construction equipment, offering sales, rentals, and services.

Core Industries: Agricultural and construction equipment sales, rentals, and services.

Notable Achievements: Titan Machinery has played a crucial role in supporting North Dakota’s farming and construction sectors, providing reliable equipment and services.

5. Altru Health System

Background: Altru Health System is a regional healthcare provider offering a comprehensive range of medical services and specialties.

Core Industries: Healthcare services including hospitals, clinics, and specialized medical care.

Notable Achievements: Altru Health System is renowned for its commitment to delivering high-quality healthcare services and improving the well-being of communities across North Dakota.

6. Scheels All Sports

Background: Scheels All Sports is a retail chain offering a wide selection of sporting goods, outdoor gear, and apparel.

Core Industries: Retail sales of sporting goods, outdoor equipment, and apparel.

Notable Achievements: Scheels All Sports is a beloved destination for sports enthusiasts in North Dakota, providing top-notch products and exceptional customer service.

7. Border States Electric

Background: Border States Electric is a wholesale distributor of electrical supplies, serving industrial, commercial, and construction customers.

Core Industries: Wholesale distribution of electrical supplies and equipment.

Notable Achievements: Border States Electric plays a vital role in powering North Dakota’s infrastructure, supplying essential electrical products and solutions.

8. Sanford Health

Background: Sanford Health is a healthcare organization offering medical services, research, and education across multiple states, including North Dakota.

Core Industries: Healthcare services, medical research, and education.

Notable Achievements: Sanford Health is recognized for its innovative healthcare practices and contributions to advancing medical research and education in North Dakota.

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9. Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota

Background: Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota is a healthcare insurance provider offering coverage and benefits to individuals and businesses.

Core Industries: Healthcare insurance and benefits administration.

Notable Achievements: Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota is committed to improving access to healthcare services and ensuring the well-being of its members across the state.

10. Alerus Financial

Background: Alerus Financial is a financial services company offering banking, wealth management, and retirement planning solutions.

Core Industries: Banking, wealth management, and retirement planning.

Notable Achievements: Alerus Financial is dedicated to helping individuals and businesses achieve their financial goals through personalized banking and advisory services.

11. Basin Electric Power Cooperative

Background: Basin Electric Power Cooperative is a consumer-owned electric generation and transmission cooperative serving member cooperatives in nine states, including North Dakota.

Core Industries: Electric generation and transmission.

Notable Achievements: Basin Electric Power Cooperative plays a critical role in ensuring reliable and affordable electricity for communities and industries across North Dakota.

12. Doosan Infracore North America

Background: Doosan Infracore North America is a subsidiary of Doosan Group, specializing in the manufacture and distribution of heavy construction equipment.

Core Industries: Manufacturing and distribution of heavy construction equipment.

Notable Achievements: Doosan Infracore North America’s advanced machinery is integral to infrastructure projects in North Dakota, enhancing efficiency and productivity in construction operations.

13. Acme Tools

Background: Acme Tools is a retailer and distributor of professional-grade tools and equipment for construction, woodworking, and automotive industries.

Core Industries: Retail and distribution of professional tools and equipment.

Notable Achievements: Acme Tools is a trusted provider of high-quality tools and equipment, supporting the needs of professionals and enthusiasts in North Dakota.

14. Great River Energy

Background: Great River Energy is a not-for-profit electric generation and transmission cooperative providing wholesale power to member distribution cooperatives in Minnesota and Wisconsin, with operations in North Dakota.

Core Industries: Electric generation and transmission.

Notable Achievements: Great River Energy is committed to delivering affordable and reliable electricity while promoting sustainability and environmental stewardship in North Dakota.

15. Ulteig Engineers

Background: Ulteig Engineers is an engineering consulting firm offering services in infrastructure, renewable energy, and environmental solutions.

Core Industries: Engineering consulting services.

Notable Achievements: Ulteig Engineers has played a key role in designing and implementing critical infrastructure projects, contributing to the development and modernization of North Dakota’s infrastructure.

16. Otter Tail Corporation

Background: Otter Tail Corporation is a diversified energy company engaged in electric utility, manufacturing, and plastics businesses.

Core Industries: Electric utility, manufacturing, and plastics.

Notable Achievements: Otter Tail Corporation’s diverse business operations contribute to the economic growth and energy reliability in North Dakota and the region.

17. BlackRidgeBANK

Background: BlackRidgeBANK is a community bank providing a wide range of financial services to individuals, businesses, and communities in North Dakota.

Core Industries: Banking and financial services.

Notable Achievements: BlackRidgeBANK is dedicated to supporting local businesses and communities through personalized banking solutions and community involvement.

18. WCCO Belting, Inc.

Background: WCCO Belting, Inc. is a manufacturer of custom rubber belting products for agricultural and industrial applications.

Core Industries: Manufacturing of rubber belting products.

Notable Achievements: WCCO Belting, Inc. is known for its innovative belting solutions, contributing to the efficiency and productivity of agricultural and industrial operations in North Dakota.

19. AgCountry Farm Credit Services

Background: AgCountry Farm Credit Services is a member-owned financial cooperative providing credit and financial services to farmers, ranchers, and rural residents in North Dakota and Minnesota.

Core Industries: Agricultural lending and financial services.

Notable Achievements: AgCountry Farm Credit Services plays a vital role in supporting agriculture in North Dakota by providing tailored financial solutions and expertise to help farmers and ranchers succeed.

20. DFC Consultants

Background: DFC Consultants is a technology consulting firm specializing in providing software solutions and services for businesses in North Dakota and the surrounding region.

Core Industries: Technology consulting and software solutions.

Notable Achievements: DFC Consultants helps businesses in North Dakota leverage technology to streamline operations, increase efficiency, and achieve their business objectives.

21. RDO Equipment Co.

Background: RDO Equipment Co. is a dealer of agricultural, construction, and lawn and garden equipment, offering sales, rentals, parts, and services.

Core Industries: Sales, rentals, and services of agricultural and construction equipment.

Notable Achievements: RDO Equipment Co. is a trusted partner for farmers, contractors, and homeowners in North Dakota, providing top-quality equipment and exceptional customer support.

22. Marvin Windows and Doors

Background: Marvin Windows and Doors is a manufacturer of high-quality windows and doors for residential and commercial buildings.

Core Industries: Manufacturing of windows and doors.

Notable Achievements: Marvin Windows and Doors is known for its dedication to craftsmanship and innovation, enhancing the aesthetics and performance of buildings in North Dakota and beyond.

23. Swanson Health Products

Background: Swanson Health Products is a retailer and manufacturer of vitamins, supplements, and natural health products.

Core Industries: Retail and manufacturing of health and wellness products.

Notable Achievements: Swanson Health Products is committed to promoting health and well-being by providing affordable and high-quality supplements to customers in North Dakota and worldwide.

24. Gate City Bank

Background: Gate City Bank is a community bank offering a range of financial services, including banking, mortgage lending, and wealth management.

Core Industries: Banking and financial services.

Notable Achievements: Gate City Bank is dedicated to supporting its customers and communities through innovative financial solutions and philanthropic initiatives in North Dakota.

25. Discovery Benefits

Background: Discovery Benefits is an employee benefits administrator providing health savings accounts (HSAs), flexible spending accounts (FSAs), and other benefit solutions.

Core Industries: Employee benefits administration.

Notable Achievements: Discovery Benefits simplifies employee benefits administration for employers and empowers individuals to manage their healthcare expenses effectively in North Dakota and beyond.

26. Strata Corporation

Background: Strata Corporation is a construction materials and contracting company providing aggregates, asphalt, concrete, and related services.

Core Industries: Construction materials and contracting.

Notable Achievements: Strata Corporation plays a crucial role in building and maintaining infrastructure in North Dakota, supplying high-quality materials and services for construction projects.

27. Eide Bailly LLP

Background: Eide Bailly LLP is a certified public accounting and business advisory firm offering tax, audit, and consulting services to clients in various industries.

Core Industries: Accounting and business advisory services.

Notable Achievements: Eide Bailly LLP is known for its expertise in helping businesses navigate complex financial and regulatory challenges, contributing to their success in North Dakota and beyond.

28. Bismarck Public Schools

Background: Bismarck Public Schools is a public school district serving students in Bismarck, North Dakota, with a commitment to academic excellence and student success.

Core Industries: Education and K-12 schooling.

Notable Achievements: Bismarck Public Schools is dedicated to providing quality education and fostering the development of future leaders and contributors to the community.

29. U.S. Bank

Background: U.S. Bank is a national bank providing a wide range of financial services, including banking, lending, investment, and wealth management.

Core Industries: Banking and financial services.

Notable Achievements: U.S. Bank serves the financial needs of individuals, businesses, and communities in North Dakota with a focus on customer service and innovation.

30. North Dakota State University

Background: North Dakota State University (NDSU) is a public research university offering undergraduate and graduate programs in various fields of study.

Core Industries: Higher education and research.

Notable Achievements: NDSU is renowned for its research contributions and academic excellence, driving innovation and economic growth in North Dakota and beyond.

31. The Home Depot

Background: The Home Depot is a home improvement retailer offering a wide range of products and services for DIY enthusiasts and professional contractors.

Core Industries: Retail sales of home improvement products.

Notable Achievements: The Home Depot provides essential home improvement solutions, empowering customers to enhance their living spaces in North Dakota and across the country.

32. Casey’s General Stores

Background: Casey’s General Stores is a convenience store chain offering fuel, groceries, and prepared foods across multiple locations in North Dakota.

Core Industries: Convenience retailing and fuel distribution.

Notable Achievements: Casey’s General Stores is a convenient destination for travelers and local residents, providing essential goods and services with a focus on quality and convenience.

33. Fisher Industries

Background: Fisher Industries is a construction materials and contracting company specializing in aggregate production, asphalt paving, and heavy civil construction.

Core Industries: Construction materials production and heavy civil construction.

Notable Achievements: Fisher Industries is a leading provider of construction solutions in North Dakota, contributing to infrastructure development and economic growth.

34. Killdeer Mountain Manufacturing

Background: Killdeer Mountain Manufacturing is a precision machining and manufacturing company serving aerospace, defense, and energy industries.

Core Industries: Precision machining and manufacturing.

Notable Achievements: Killdeer Mountain Manufacturing is recognized for its expertise in producing high-quality components for critical applications, supporting various industries in North Dakota and beyond.

35. Butler Machinery Company

Background: Butler Machinery Company is a dealer of Caterpillar equipment, providing sales, rentals, parts, and services for construction, agriculture, and other industries.

Core Industries: Sales, rentals, and services of heavy equipment.

Notable Achievements: Butler Machinery Company is a trusted partner for businesses in North Dakota, offering reliable equipment solutions and exceptional customer support.

36. Essentia Health

Background: Essentia Health is a healthcare organization offering medical services, clinics, and hospitals in North Dakota and surrounding regions.

Core Industries: Healthcare services and medical facilities.

Notable Achievements: Essentia Health is committed to providing compassionate care and improving the health and well-being of communities in North Dakota through its comprehensive healthcare services.

37. Knife River Corporation

Background: Knife River Corporation is a construction materials and contracting company providing aggregate, asphalt, and concrete products, as well as heavy civil construction services.

Core Industries: Construction materials production and heavy civil construction.

Notable Achievements: Knife River Corporation is a leading supplier of construction materials and services, supporting infrastructure projects and development in North Dakota and beyond.

38. Braun Intertec

Background: Braun Intertec is a consulting and testing firm specializing in geotechnical engineering, environmental consulting, and construction materials testing.

Core Industries: Geotechnical engineering, environmental consulting, and materials testing.

Notable Achievements: Braun Intertec provides expertise and innovative solutions for complex engineering and construction projects, ensuring safety and sustainability in North Dakota’s built environment.

39. Applied Engineering

Background: Applied Engineering is an engineering and manufacturing company offering services in automation, precision machining, and product development.

Core Industries: Engineering services and precision manufacturing.

Notable Achievements: Applied Engineering supports innovation and growth in North Dakota’s manufacturing sector, providing customized solutions and expertise to meet clients’ needs.

40. Border States Paving

Background: Border States Paving is a construction company specializing in asphalt paving, road construction, and infrastructure development.

Core Industries: Asphalt paving and road construction.

Notable Achievements: Border States Paving plays a vital role in enhancing transportation infrastructure and connectivity in North Dakota, contributing to economic development and quality of life.

41. John Deere Electronic Solutions

Background: John Deere Electronic Solutions is a division of Deere & Company focused on providing electronic components and solutions for agriculture, construction, and forestry equipment.

Core Industries: Electronic components and solutions for heavy equipment.

Notable Achievements: John Deere Electronic Solutions contributes to the advancement of technology in North Dakota’s agriculture and construction sectors, enhancing equipment performance and efficiency.

42. Rockpile Energy Services

Background: Rockpile Energy Services is an oilfield services company specializing in hydraulic fracturing and completion solutions for oil and gas producers.

Core Industries: Oilfield services, hydraulic fracturing, and completion solutions.

Notable Achievements: Rockpile Energy Services is a key player in North Dakota’s oil and gas industry, providing innovative and efficient solutions to maximize production from shale formations.

43. Bartlett & West

Background: Bartlett & West is an engineering and technology consulting firm offering services in transportation, water resources, and infrastructure planning.

Core Industries: Engineering consulting and technology solutions.

Notable Achievements: Bartlett & West contributes to the development of sustainable infrastructure and transportation systems in North Dakota, enhancing connectivity and quality of life.

44. North Dakota National Guard

Background: The North Dakota National Guard is a reserve component of the United States Army and Air Force, serving the state and nation in times of peace and war.

Core Industries: Military and defense services.

Notable Achievements: The North Dakota National Guard plays a critical role in disaster response, homeland security, and overseas deployments, safeguarding the interests of North Dakota and the nation.

45. Energy Management Corporation

Background: Energy Management Corporation is a provider of industrial automation and control solutions for manufacturing and energy sectors.

Core Industries: Industrial automation and control systems.

Notable Achievements: Energy Management Corporation enhances operational efficiency and reliability in North Dakota’s manufacturing and energy industries through innovative automation solutions.

46. Liberty Oilfield Services

Background: Liberty Oilfield Services is an oilfield services company specializing in hydraulic fracturing and well completion services for oil and gas operators.

Core Industries: Oilfield services, hydraulic fracturing, and well completion.

Notable Achievements: Liberty Oilfield Services supports North Dakota’s oil and gas production with advanced fracturing and completion technologies, optimizing well performance and productivity.

47. McNeilus Steel

Background: McNeilus Steel is a steel distributor and fabricator serving customers in construction, manufacturing, and metal fabrication industries.

Core Industries: Steel distribution and fabrication.

Notable Achievements: McNeilus Steel provides high-quality steel products and solutions to support construction and manufacturing projects in North Dakota, driving economic growth and development.

48. Microsoft Corporation (Data Center)

Background: Microsoft Corporation operates a data center in North Dakota, providing cloud computing and data storage services for businesses and organizations.

Core Industries: Cloud computing and data storage services.

Notable Achievements: Microsoft’s data center in North Dakota contributes to the state’s digital infrastructure and economy, enabling businesses to leverage advanced technology solutions for growth and innovation.

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In conclusion, the 50 largest companies in North Dakota represent a diverse array of industries, including energy, healthcare, manufacturing, and technology.

These companies play a vital role in driving economic growth, innovation, and development in the state.

From energy giants like Hess Corporation to healthcare providers like Sanford Health and manufacturing leaders like Bobcat Company, each company contributes uniquely to North Dakota’s economy and community.

With a focus on innovation, sustainability, and customer service, these companies continue to shape the future of North Dakota and beyond.

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