500+ Catchy And Unique Landscaping Company Names To Inspire You!

So, you decided to jump into the landscaping business and looking for creative landscaping company names to inspire and help you come up with a good name, right?

You’re in the right place. Here you’ll:

Know what a good business name means.

Find out hundreds of landscaping name suggestions.

Learn how to come up with a unique name for your landscaping business.

Landscaping Company Names

Here is the list of best name ideas for your landscaping company:

LandArt Design Services

Landscape Care Solutions

Lawn Turf Company

Artificial Grass Company

Perfect Landscaping

The Garden Builders

Landscaping Team

Green Care At Home

Landscape Architecture

Garden Transformations

Landscape Gardeners


Landscaping & Fencing

High Life Landscapes

Gothic Landscape

Yard Scapes

Innovative Tree Care

The Urban Patio

Scapes Centre

Backyard Landscaping

Palmer’s Lawn Care

Fast Grass

Precise Plants

Get Growing

Rich Resource

Denton Lawn Care

Lawn Impact

Tuff Bosses

Solano’s Tree Service

Tips from Kate

Landscape Artist

Expertise Scape

Succulent Soil

Green Prospects

The Gardeners

Landscape Express

Avalon Lawn Mower

Veteran Lawn Care

New Views Landscaping

Tips from Marcus

Peach Tree


Smooth Gardens

Pebble Pushers

Young Landscaping

Flourishing Fields

Supergreen Landscape

Plant Perfect

Garden Expert

Landscaping Business Names

These are the most catchy landscaping business names ideas:

Evergreen Landscape Services

Tropical Plant Providers

Green Fingers Landscaping

Greenserve Solutions

Landscape Design Planners

Floral Nursery

Institute of Landscape

Landscape Supply Business

High Maintenance Company

Green Forest Landscape

Goodview Gardening

Eastec Maintenance

Floraland landscape

Pretty Landscapers

Lucky Grassland

Landscape Decor

Greenery Horticultural

Earthscape Concepts

Blooms Inc

Green Design

Highway Light

Budget Landscaping

Sharp Edges

Richer Lands

Precision Home

Acres Group

Garner Growth

Yard Solutions


Landscape Artists

Early Risers

Planted Precision

Outback Landscape

Yards To Live By

Innovate Landscape

Pure Solutions

Scenic Views Landscapes

Lovely Landscapes

Landscape Revivers


Landing Scapes

Alamo Lawns

Big Touch

The Seeds

Local Loves Landscaping

Greenlands Landscaping

Above & Beyond

A Little Patch of Heaven

Opaque Landscape

Power Plants

Good Landscaping Names

See this list of good names for landscaping company:

Long Arm Landscape Service

Clearwater Landscaers

Green Lily Garden

Commercial Landscaping

Lawn Care Pace

Creative Floral Landscape

Environmental Landscaping Company

Artificial Grass

Nursery and Landscaping

Classic Grove service

Seasonal Impact

Super Soil Landscape Center

Rock Solid Landscape

Emerald Green

Excellent Land Scape

Shrub Solutions

Green Palms

Yardman Cuttings

Tropical View Care

Go Green Gardeners

Lawn & Order

Countryside Landscapes

A Private Escape

Modern Landscapes

Tips from Sandra

Seasonal Vision

Love Jones Landscaping

All American Turf Beauty

Pac Green Landscape

Planted Performance

Clever Landscaping Names

Following are the clever names for landscaping service:

Greenstar Landscaping

Landscape Campus

Royalty Lawn Care Service

Fresh Landscaping Company

ArtisTree Landscapers

Landscape Care

Green Life Group

Just Green Place

Liquid Landscapes

Green Garden Solutions

Waterwise Landscape Systems

Project Landscape

Horizon Greenery Contractors

GroundsKeeping Company

The Grounds Guys

Frank’s Landscape

Land Canvas

Sod Appeal

Sacred Garden

Dexterity Landscape

Sod & Soil

Scale Light

House to House


Archer Grass Control

Forever Fields

Paragon Landscaping

Cut Masters

Gardens of Babylon

Viewpoints Landscapes

Dream Yards

Home Rangers

Endless Vistas

Terra Works Landscape

Opulence Landscaping

Unique Landscaping Names

This list contains unique landscaping names:

Universal Landscape

Promised Landscaping Service

The Friendly Plant

Break Edge Landscaping

Paradise Lawn Care

EarthLinks Landscaping Company

Pool Garden Services

Wonderland Landscapers

Deep Roots Products Service

Municipal Maintenance Company

Natural Landscaping

Universal Builder’s Supplies

Long Rooted Landscaping

Urban Green Building

Greensleeve Maintenance

Aspen Creek Landscaping

Distinctive Landscaping

Landscape Explore

House with a View

Hybrid Lawns

Prime Cuts

Sunshine Lawn Care

Stout Design Build

Perfect Scape

Liberty Landscaping

Sprinkled Sunshine

Grand Outlook

Southern Scapes Nursery

Calling All Landscapers

Plant the Seed

Sandpiper Gardens

Mother Nature

Blades of Glory

Luxury Landscaping

Landscape FX


Precision Landscaping

Eveready Lawn Service

Fresh Landscape

Pacific Sunscapes

Lawn Love Lawn Care

Landscaping Done Right

The Palms

Healthy Roots

Backyard Parks

Nature’S Palette

Maintaining Masters

A New Skyline

Lively Landscapes

Advanced Cuts

Integra Lawns

The Urban Landscapes

Grass Works Lawn Care

Blade Runners

Viva Scape

Green Thumbs

Restoring Roots

Landscape Genius

Catchy Names for Gardening Business

Check out these catchy name ideas for your gardening business:

Living Green Landscapes

Blooms Nursery

Explosive Gardening

Secret Garden Company

Cleanseeds Rural

Garden Fairy

Easycare Landscapes

Woodbridge Gardening

Absolute Tree & Garden Services

Peaceful Landscapes

Platinum Gardening

The Balcony Garden

The Garden Builders

Green At Home

Blossom Gardening

Grateful Growers

Careful Cutters

Mow Masters

Excellent Edges

Outer Courts

Mother Earth

Garden Greatness

A Blue Horizon

Fun Add Landscapes

Blue Sky Landscape

Wood’s Lawn Care

Outside Limited

Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor Homes

Nature Scapes

Garden Of Dreams

Country Scapes

Landscape Lessons

Land Scape Lords

Fairytale Landscapes

Country Climates

Yard Designs

Low Maintenance Yard Care

Customized Landscapes

Outdoor Contexts

Where the Sun Shines

Shades And Shelters

Backyard Inspiration

Guardian Pest Control

Land Scape Creative

Greener Gardens

Perez Landscaping

Gracious Garden

A Slice of Grass

Landscape Dreams

Yard House

Relaxation Landscaping

Winter Spring

Morning Glory

Fruits And Leaves

Picturesque Landscapes

Natural Terrains

Backyard Dreams

Enhanced Landscaping

Extravagance Landscaping

Luscious Landscapes

The Green Market

Pleasure Trove Landscaping

Westside Landscaping

Winter Gardens

Finley’s Tree and Landcare

High Hedges Landscaping

Lighted Landscape

Adams Landscaping

The Edge Landscaping

Grass Bandits


Green Machines

Ace Lawn Care

Make Magic Landscaping

Queen Bee Lawn

Planted Professionals

Landscape Plus

Backyard Services


Shrub Specifics

Scents Of Summer

Dora Landscaping

Ultimate Landscapes

Mowing Mastery

Heroes Lawn

Suburban Yard

All Pro Lawn Care

Smooth Landscapes Inc

Landscape Associates

Backyard Kitchen

Yard Play

Courtyard Living

Blossom Landscape

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Landscaping Company Names

How to Name your Landscaping Company

So, you’re excited about starting your landscaping business, but not know how to name it creatively. Don’t worry, below are a few tips for choosing the best landscaping company names:

What’s in a name.

The first thing your customers interact with is your business name. So, it has to clearly explain your service and it has to make a good impression on audiences.

Think of your own name.

This is a bonus tip in the landscaping business. if your name is short, sweet and rhymes easily then there is nothing wrong to use your own name as a business name.

Keep it simple.

Simple names are easy to remember and pronounce. According to the advice of experts, keep your things short and simple. So, avoid using lengthy and complicated landscaping names.

You can create a simple and sweet name easily by playing with words. Mix the related words in a way that sounds good. For example, look at this name “landscape decor” it’s enough.

Put your niche in the name.

In landscaping, your company name needs to be both meaningful and concise. So, if you put your niche in your company name, people will easily know what’s your job.

Don’t use the location name.

Using your location name can not be good for you in the future. For example, if you use your town name in your company name, you have to change it after you expand your business in other towns.

Look at your competitor’s names.

Before you decide on a name, also check your competitor’s names to make sure your name is unique and different. A unique name will help you in building a brand identity.

Other Things to Consider

Also, read the below things before finalizing your landscaping business name:

Take help from your friends and family members in brainstorming.

Check the domain name availability for online presence.

Check it for trademark availability.

More Name Ideas:

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