170 Kennel Club Names That are Amazing

Looking to start a kennel club name but don’t know where to start? This is the place to start! The topic of kennel clubs and dog shows has been discussed for years.

And while the subject is a broad one, there are some very specific things you should consider before starting your club.

One thing to consider before naming your kennel club is the purpose of the club. The kennel club is a very important part of the dog show.

The name for your kennel club should be something that clearly describes what your club does. It should be something that is accurate to this purpose.

For instance, if your club is for dogs only, you should consider names such as Dog Kennel Club or Dog Club. If on the other hand, your club is for cats only, then the name should reflect this.

Another thing to consider is the name of the club. If you are just starting out, you should consider a small or informal kennel club name.

This is because this will also help to preserve the integrity of your club as well as give it a bit more flair and personality.

On the other hand, if you are an established kennel club and wish to have a name that is more catchy or gets the attention of people, then you should consider using a noun.

Also, what you name your club should be descriptive of its activities and services that the club provides.

When deciding on the name of your kennel club, you have to consider a lot of things. You need to keep in mind what is accepted and what is not.

This will help you to develop a sound and meaningful kennel club name that won’t be offensive or misleading.

Kennel Club Names

Fido Kennel

House Pet Paradise

A Dog Gone Wild

Beeches Kennel

Dog Run

Paws Plus Kennels

Doggy Wonderland

Sun City Kennels

Dogs Center

Shiny Shelter

Playful Petville

Isle of Doggies

The Breed Kennel

Dog Tales

Fluffy Paws Pet Resort

Paw-some Pups

My Doggy Days

Doggie Manor

Pet Planet

Rover Kennel

Dog Wow

Cozy Pets Kennel

Berkeley Doodles

Beret Farms

Dogs Reformed

Pawfect Pet Resort


Cuddle Kennel

Bully’s Playpen

The Breeders

Good Kennel Club Names

Big O Tails

Pampered Pet Resorts

Escape the Crate


The Animal’s Haven

Cavorting Canines

Quarantine Kennel

Best Bark

Pup Star Pets

The Perfect Choice

Wagging Tails

Grateful Paws

The Kennel Club

Dog Day Afternoon

Fine Canines

Teddy’s Pooches

Top Dawgs

Dog Pound

Fido Fun House

Grateful Grouch



Ladybird Kennel Club

Croft Kennel Club

My Pet Lodge

Doggies Next Door

Affenpinscher Puppies

Puppy Place

K9 Krunchiez

Healthy Dog Treats

Best Kennel Club Names

Barking Mad

Howling Heights

Joyful Puppies

Paws and Claws

K-9 Kingdom

Wolf’s Woof

Dog’s Play House

Talent’s Top Dog

Pitter Patter Pooch

Ruff House

Dog Playground

Dog’s Paradise

Dog Ranch

Lucky Puppies

Grays Kennel

Star Dog Center

Cross Canine-try

Kind Care Kennel

Happy Paws

Poochie Palace

Kitty Palace

Chandler Pet Inn

Global Doodles

Valley Kennel

Sunset Pet Resort

A-1 Pet Boarding

Dogs Off

No Puppy Mills

Ace Pet Store

Doggone Coon

List Of Kennel Club Names

Doggy Daycare

Star X Kennel

Dogs for Adoption

Tail Wagger Kennels

Critter Companions

Doggy Wee Wear

K-9 Country Kennel

Good Pup Breeder

Awesome Puppies

Pet Profiles Kennels

Furry Friends

Raise a Happy

Life on Paws

Puppy Paradise

Pooches ‘n’ Pets

Canned Kitty

Best in Puppies

Aces All Breed

Woof and Meow

Pup Academy

Purr-fect Puppy

Fabulous Fido

Whiskers and Woofs

Hound & Huntsman

Funny Paws

Angelic Poodles

K9 Kingdom

Beagle Street

Dogtown Kennels

Ghost Kennel

What are some catchy kennel club names?












Fottrell House,

Harolds X Bridge,

Dublin 6W,

Light of Venus

Rings of Saturn

Jupiters Spots

Total Eclipse

Shooting Star

Apollo’s Dream



Helter Skelter


Toffee Apple


Dodgem derby

Big Dipper

Ferris Wheel

The Paws Life

Kennel Club Names

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How to Name a Kannel Club

Here are few thigs to come up with catchy and unique kennel club names:

1.     Keep the spelling simple and easy to read

 The name should be easily pronounceable and can be pronounced by a group of people. You need to consider that the name you pick will be used frequently and if it is hard to say, it will take away from the achievement of your club.

2.     The name must be catchy and meaningful

 You need to come up with a name that will be catchy and meaningful. The name must be recognizable by people and it should not have any confusion or complications.

3.     It must be unique and different from other kennel clubs that are already in existence

 No club name should be similar to another kennel club or have the same name. You also need to make sure that you don’t confuse your potential members with another club that is already existing.

4.     A name that will appeal to the customers and their kennel club members

 The name of your kennel club must be easy to remember and it should not have too many letters in it. You also need to go for a name that is catchy and will help you get the attention of your potential customers.

5.     Consider the length of the name

 The longer it is, the more efficient and effective it will be in terms of branding and advertising. It is also going to be very difficult for your potential members to find the club in the long run.


In conclusion, here are some great kennel club name ideas to help improve the sport of dog shows.

I hope that everyone will get behind these proposals and help make dog shows even more enjoyable for everyone involved. Let’s work together to keep our hobby growing and thriving!

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