225 International Baby Girl Names That are Awesome

Every parent is looking for the right name for their baby. But in doing so, many go for names that aren’t popular for whatever reason.

However, this is a costly mistake because you can’t change the name later.

We’ve all heard stories where parents name their child something that the child ends up growing up to hate it.

How can you avoid that? Do some research and check out some popular international girl baby names to get better idea.


Meaning: “strong, brave and health”

Origin: “Latin”

Description: Valeria or Valéria is a female given name dating back to the Latin verb valere

Spelling and Variations: “Val, Val, Vala, Valara, Val”

Famous people with name: “Valerie Anne Bertinelli”


Meaning: “firstborn”

Origin: “Italian”

Description: Antonella is an Italian version more feminine and unusual than Antonia. Antonina is a similarly appealing possibility, heard in Poland and Russia.

Spelling and Variations: “Antonia, Antonius, Anteon”

Famous people with name: “Antonella Lualdi. Surname: Lualdi”


Meaning: “the first appearance of light”

Origin: “Old English”

Description: Dawn is a feminine given name. It is of Old English origin, and its meaning is the first appearance of light, daybreak.

Spelling and Variations: “Dawar, Dawe, Dawley, Daw, Dawit”

Famous people with name: “Adria Dawn, American actress, filmmaker and educator”


Meaning: “loveable”

Origin: “Latin”

Description: The name was first recorded in 1212 in Warwickshire, England.

Spelling and Variations: “Amandine, Amy, Mandy, Manda”

Famous people with name: “Amanda Abbington British actress”


Meaning: “fair one, white and smooth, soft, happiness, or fair and pure”

Origin: “Welsh”

Description: Winne. Winnie or Winny (/ˈwɪniː/ WIN-ee) is a male and female given name 

Spelling and Variations: “Winnie or Winny”

Famous people with name: “Winnie Baze American football player”


Meaning: “God Will Increase”

Origin: “Spanish”

Description: The name Josefa is primarily a female name of Spanish origin that means God Will Increase.

Spelling and Variations:

Famous people with name: “Infanta Francisca Josefa of Portugal”


Meaning: “charm, goodness, and generosity”

Origin: “Latin”

Description: The name Grace is of Latin origin and was first used as a reference to the phrase “God’s grace.”

Spelling and Variations: “Grayce, Grayse, Gracia, and Graciella”

Famous people with name: “Grace Patricia Kelly”


Meaning: “rival”

Origin: “Italian and Spanish”

Description: seeing as the Roman name ends with “anus,” that makes Emiliano a vastly preferable choice.

Spelling and Variations: “Emiliano and Emilio”

Famous people with name: Emilian of Cogolla. Given name: Emiliano.


Meaning: “Beautiful Bird”

Origin: “Norman French”

Description: derives from the French feminine given name Aveline, which is from an obscure Germanic root which may mean “desired, wished for” or “water, island”.

Spelling and Variations: “Evaline, Evalyn, Eveleen, Evelien, Eveliene, Evelin, Evelina, Eveline, Evelyne and Ewaline”

Famous people with name: Evelyn Glennie. Surname: Glennie.


Meaning: “tender”

Origin: “Lithuanian”

Description: The name Lina also has roots in France and China.

Spelling and Variations: “Catalina, Angelina, Carmelina, Carolina, Emelina, Marcelina, Nikolina, Rosalina, Italina”

Famous people with name: Lina Krasnoroutskaya. Surname: Krasnoroutskaya.


Meaning: “Precious”

Origin: “English”

Description: primarily a female name of English origin that means Smooth, Round Bead Formed By A Mollusk.

Spelling and Variations: “Peadair, Peace, Peada, Peach, Peace, Peace, Peachy, Peabody”

Famous people with name: Pearl Bailey. Surname: Bailey. Initials: PB.


Meaning: “happiness”

Origin: “Latin”

Description: It is also used as a form of the Latin name Felicitas, taken from the name of the Ancient Roman goddess Fortuna.

Spelling and Variations: Felicitas, Felicia, Felix”

Famous people with name: Felicity Kendal. Surname: Kendal.


Meaning: “man’s defender, warrior”

Origin: “Greek”

Description: It is a diminutive of both Alexander and Alexis.

Spelling and Variations: “Alexander, Alexandra, Alexis”

Famous people with name: Alex Chilton (1950–2010), American singer-songwriter, guitarist, the lead singer of the Box Tops.


Meaning: “enclosure of fish”

Origin: “Spanish”

Description: Nina was also the name of a Babylonian ocean goddess, and an Incan goddess of fire.

Spelling and Variations: Nína, Niná”

Famous people with name: Nikolina Kamenova Dobreva.


Meaning: “Wood Cutter”

Origin: “English”

Description: Occupational surname for a woodsman or someone who worked with a saw.

Spelling and Variations: “Sawyer, Sawier, Sawer”

Famous people with name: Sawyer Avery Spielberg. Son of Steven Spielberg.

In the past, some parents have named their child after celebrities or fictional characters.

Sometimes the parents themselves will choose a name that is not typical. Other times they will choose a name that is not common at all.

Some parents are so overwhelmed with the task of naming their child, they opt for a one-word baby name. And although this has been a popular choice, it’s not always the best decision.

In many cultures around the world, a name is considered an important part of a child’s identity.

Besides, it’s a good idea to avoid naming your child the same as their father, which might lead to confusion.

So, what should the perfect baby’s name be? Let’s dive into the list of awesome international girl baby names.


Meaning: “aid” or “benefit”

Origin: “Greek”

Description: most widely known as the female love interest in Shakespeare’s play Hamlet.

Spelling and Variations: “Oph, Leah, and Lee Lee. Ophelia”

Famous people with name: Ophelia Benson. Surname: Benson.


Meaning: “strong,” “free woman”

Origin: “Italian, French”

Description: Feminine form of Charles, but also a combination of Carol and Line/Lyn meaning “beautiful.”

Spelling and Variations: “Carolyne, Carolynne, Karolyn, Caroline, Carol, Charles”

Famous people with name: Caroline Wozniacki. Surname: Wozniacki.


Meaning: “delicate”

Origin: “Hebrew and Arabic”

Description: was the love interest of Samson, who was famed for his great strength.

Spelling and Variations: “Delila and Dalila”

Famous people with name: Delilah Pueka Gore, former member of Papua New Guinea Parliament.


Meaning: “valiant”

Origin: “Old English”

Description: Riley is a variation of Reilly, a surname taken from the given name Raghailleach.

Spelling and Variations: “Reilley, Reilly, Rhiley, Rielly, Rillie, Rily, Rilye, Ryleigh, Ryley, Reiley, Reily, Rhylee”

Famous people with name: Murder of Riley Ann Sawyers. Given name: Riley.


Meaning: “unmarried girl/woman”

Origin: “Irish-American”

Description: Midcentury Irish-American favorite, never used in Ireland itself, being the generic word for “girl”; rarely given today.

Spelling and Variations: “Coleen, Coleenn, Colleenn”

Famous people with name: Colleen Clinkenbeard. Surname: Clinkenbeard.


Meaning: “house ruler”

Origin: “Old German”

Description: King Henry VIII was a notorious British ruler as were the other Tudors named Henry.

Spelling and Variations: “Hennree, Hennreigh, Hennr, Hennrie, Hennry”

Famous people with name: Henry Czerny, Canadian stage and television actor.


Meaning: “White; pure”

Origin: “Norman”

Description: Reference to creamy-white color of ivory; or to the hard tusk used for carving fine art and jewelry.

Spelling and Variations: “IvoareeI, voareig, Ivoari, Ivoarie, Ivoary, Ivoree”

Famous people with name: Actor/comedian Keenen Ivory Wayans.


Meaning: “The enchantress”

Origin: “German”

Description: in allusion to the siren of German legend whose singing on reefs in the Rhine lured sailors to their doom.

Spelling and Variations: “Loarelei, Loareley, Lorelee, Loreleigh, Loreley, Loreli”

Famous people with name: Lorelei Lee (actress) Surname: Lee.


Meaning: “Free”

Origin: “English”

Description: is a nostalgic great-grandma name that conjures up lockets and lace.

Spelling and Variations: “Hattie, Tillie, and Milly”

Famous people with name: Lottie Pickford. Surname: Pickford. Initials: LP.


Meaning: “of Magdala”

Origin: “Germanic”

Description: Child of light; from the high tower. English : Woman of Magdala. Hebrew : Bitter; rebellion.

Spelling and Variations: “Maria, Marla, Marta, Marwa, Marya”

Famous people with name: Marla Hanson, American screenwriter and ex-model, attack victim.

International Baby Girl Names


Meaning: “moon”

Origin: “Roman Mythology”

Description: Also referred to as Diana, she is often depicted in Roman art driving a white chariot drawn by horses or oxen.

Spelling and Variations: Louna, Luneth, Lunetta, Lunette, Lunneta, Lunara”

Famous people with name: Luna Haruna. Surname: Haruna. Initials: LH.


Meaning: “star of the sea”

Origin: “French”

Description: Marie is the French form of Maria, which ultimately was derived from the Hebrew name Maryam/Mariam.

Spelling and Variations: “Maia, Maria, Mary, Mariah”

Famous people with name: Maria I of Portugal. Given name: Marie.


Meaning: “famous warrior”

Origin: “French and German”

Description: been regularly used as a female name in English speaking countries since the middle of the 19th century.

Spelling and Variations: “Eloise, Aloisia, Louisa, Luisa”

Famous people with name: Louise Beavers, African-American film and television actress.


Meaning: “radiance”

Origin: “Arabic roots”

Description: Zara has both Arabic and Hebrew origins. Gender: Zara is most commonly a girl’s name, a derivative of Zahrah.

Spelling and Variations: “Zahrah”

Famous people with name: Zara Dawson, English actress and television presenter.


Meaning: “Shining light”

Origin: “English”

Description: is a sweet old-fashioned charmer that is fashionably used today in its own right. … Use Nell or Nellie as a short for any name from Eleanor to Penelope or just name her Nell.

Spelling and Variations: “Nell or Nellie”

Famous people with name: Nellie McKay. Given name: Nell Marie McKay.


Meaning: “supplanter”

Origin: “Hebrew”

Description: comes from the Hebrew name Ya’aqov, later translated into Latin as Iacobus.

Spelling and Variations: James, Jakob, Jake, Jack, Jakov, Yakub, Yakup, Yaqub, Jakub”

Famous people with name: Jacob DeGrom. Baseball Player.


Meaning: “son of Jack”

Origin: “American, Scottish, Irish”

Description: In the 1990 United States Census, Jackson was the thirteenth most frequently reported surname, accounting for 0.3% of the population.

Spelling and Variations: “Jack, Jax, and Jay”

Famous people with name: Michael Joseph Jackson.


Meaning: “Free Man”

Origin: “English”

Description: became very popular in France during the Middle Ages due to the fame of Charles the Great, also known as Charlemagne.

Spelling and Variations: “Charlee, Charli, Charly, Charleigh”

Famous people with name: Carlos Irwin Estevez.


Meaning: “gift of God”

Origin: “Italian”

Description: is an archaic Spanish spelling, although it is used in France as Mathéo.

Spelling and Variations: “Makaio, Makoto, Maleko, Manolo”

Famous people with name: Matteo Maria Boiardo, Italian Renaissance poet.


Meaning: “Small Bird”

Origin: “English”

Description: a lilting songbird name, could be the next Robin. … This petite bird was regarded in Ireland as the “magician of the birds” and the Druids considered it a bird of prophecy.

Spelling and Variations: “Ren, Renn, Wrenn”

Famous people with name: Bob Wren (born 1974), Canadian ice hockey player.


Meaning: “unheeded prophetess”

Origin: “Greek”

Description: In Homer’s ‘The Iliad’ Cassandra’s prediction of the fall of Troy was unheeded.

Spelling and Variations: Caicey, Kacey, Kasey, Cacey, Kacie, Kayce, Cassie”

Famous people with name: Cassie Davis (born 1986), Australian singer, songwriter and producer.


Meaning: “divine”

Origin: “Greek, Latin”

Description: was a Roman goddess of many arenas, including hunting, forests, the moon, and fertility.

Spelling and Variations: “Dianna, Dyana, Dyanna”

Famous people with name: Diana Frances Spencer.


Meaning: “follower of Christ”

Origin: “Breton, Danish, Swedish”

Description: with the female equivalent spelt as Kristin, a Scandinavian form and a variation of Christine.

Spelling and Variations: Christian, Christine”

Famous people with name: “Kristen Jaymes Stewart”


Meaning: “strong-willed warrior”

Origin: “Irish”

Description: It’s a shortened version of the Irish name Uilliam meaning “helmet of will.” Liam is also a fun, modernized alternative to the traditional boy name William.

Spelling and Variations: “Lyam, Liahm, and Lliam”

Famous people with name: Liam John Neeson.


Meaning: “weaver”

Origin: “Greek”

Description: traced back to Homer’s epic poem “The Odyssey,” a staple of Greek mythology that reached immense fame across the world.

Spelling and Variations: “Lopa, Pelcia, Peneli”

Famous people with name: Penélope Cruz Sánchez.


Meaning: “God has heard”

Origin: “Hebrew”

Description: from the Bible is respected by Jews, Christians, and Muslims as a wise prophet, judge, and leader of ancient Israel.

Spelling and Variations: “Lemuel, Leumas, Sam, Sammy, Samantha, Sameth, Samberg, Shmuel”

Famous people with name: Samuel Pepys. Surname: Pepys.


Meaning: “laurel tree or sweet bay tree symbolic of honor and victory”

Origin: “Italian”

Description: which is a symbol of victory, fame, honor or accomplishment.

Spelling and Variations: “Lorah, Lora, Lor, Lorabeth, Lorah, Lorabelle, Lorah”

Famous people with name: Loretta Lynch. Surname: Lynch.


Meaning: “watchful”

Origin: “Scottish”

Description: Surname indicating members are from the family of Gregory.

Spelling and Variations: “Greer, Grier, Grear, Grerar, Greir, Greerr, Grearr”

Famous people with name: Greer Barnes (soccer) (born 1987), American soccer defender.


Meaning: “Desire Of Fulfillment”

Origin: “English”

Description: referring to a positive expectation or to the theological virtue of hope. It was used as a virtue name by the Puritans.

Spelling and Variations: “Elpida, Elpis, Esperanza, Nadezhda, Nadia, Nadine”

Famous people with name: Hope Akpan (born 1991), English professional footballer.


Meaning: “bringer of light”

Origin: “Latin”

Description: thought to have been named in ancient times with a word meaning ‘bright’ or ‘shining’. Compare Lucio.

Spelling and Variations: “Luke, Luc, Luca, Lucas, Lukasz”

Famous people with name: Lucas Bryant (born 1978), Canadian-American actor.

Prettiest Girl Names Around the World


Meaning: “rich in war”

Origin: “English”

Description: is part of the Evie-Ellie et al family of cute and friendly short forms that sometimes stand on its own.

Spelling and Variations: “Edee, Edei, Edeigh, Edey”

Famous people with name: Edie Boyer (born 1966), American retired discus thrower.


Meaning: “God is gracious”

Origin: “Old French”

Description: ultimately derives from the Biblical Hebrew name Yochanan (יוֹחָנָן), meaning “YHWH/Yahweh is Gracious”

Spelling and Variations: “Jeanne, Jane, Joan, Jeannette, Janet, Jean”

Famous people with name: Jean Acker (1893–1978), American silent film actress.


Meaning: “sole ruler, monarch”

Origin: “Old Norse”

Description: The name is thus usually taken to mean “sole ruler, monarch” or “eternal ruler, ever powerful”.

Spelling and Variations: “Eric, Erik, Frederica, Frederick”

Famous people with name: Erica Jong. Surname: Jong. Initials: EJ.


Meaning: “gentle strength”

Origin: “German, English”

Description: short form of several names containing the element “mil”, like Emilie, Mildred or Millicent.

Spelling and Variations: “Milee, Mileigh, Miley, Mili, Milie”

Famous people with name: Millie Hughes-Fulford. Surname: Hughes-Fulford.


Meaning: “home ruler”

Origin: “English”

Description: Henry is of Old German origin and is said to mean ‘Ruler of the Home.

Spelling and Variations: Henry, Henriette, Henrietta, Harry, Henrik, Hattie, Hatty”

Famous people with name: Harriet Harman. Surname: Harman.


Meaning: “healthy, strong”

Origin: “Latin”

Description: feminine form of the Roman name Valentinus, which is derived from the Latin word “valens” meaning “healthy, strong”.

Spelling and Variations: “Valentinus, Valentin, Valentine”

Famous people with name: Valentina Acosta, Colombian actress.


Meaning: “industrious”

Origin: “English and French”

Description: comes from the Old German name Emmerich, which can mean “labour ruler.”

Spelling and Variations: “Emeree, Emereigh, Emerey, Emeri”

Famous people with name: Alison Emery (born 1989), British ice hockey player.


Meaning: “god of battle”

Origin: “Scandinavian”

Description: it is also a feminized form of the name Tyrone, an Irish/Gaelic name meaning “From the land of the Yew Tree.”

Spelling and Variations: “Tera, Tira, Tura”

Famous people with name: Tyra Lynne Banks.


Meaning: “willow tree” and “freedom”

Origin: “English”

Description: derived from the Old English word welig, meaning “willow.” Willow trees are associated with grace and elegance, giving meaning to the word “willowy.”

Spelling and Variations: “Willow, Wilow, Wyllow, Wylow”

Famous people with name: Willow Johnson. Surname: Johnson. Initials: WJ.


Meaning: “Free”

Origin: “German”

Description: is a version of Charles. Karl comes from the Old English ceorl, meaning “free man”.

Spelling and Variations: “Cari, Kari, Karie, Kerry, Carri, Karri, Kerrie, Kerri, Keri, Cerry”

Famous people with name: “Carrie Frances Fisher”


Meaning: “laurel”

Origin: “Greek”

Description: was the nymph daughter of Peneus, a river god. Peneus saved Daphne from Apollo’s romantic obsessions by transforming her into a laurel tree.

Spelling and Variations: “Dafne, Dafnne, Daphnne”

Famous people with name: Daphne Eurydice Zuniga.


Meaning: “pure”

Origin: “Spanish”

Description: primarily a female name of Spanish origin that means Pure.

Spelling and Variations: “Catalina, Catalinna, Catallina, Catallinna”

Famous people with name: Catalina, Duchess of Villena (1403–1439), Infanta of Aragon.


Meaning: “rival”

Origin: “Roman”

Description: primarily a female name of English origin that means To Strive Or Excel Or Rival.

Spelling and Variations: “Emilia, Emilie, Em, Emely, Emmy, Emi, Millie, Milly”

Famous people with name: Emily Olivia Leah Blunt.


Meaning: “crown”

Origin: Spanish”

Description: It is a combination of the name Kay and the popular suffix lee. Many believe the name is a combination of Kayla and Hailey.

Spelling and Variations: “Kayleigh, Kailey, Kaylie, Caylee, Kailee, Kaleigh, Caleigh”

Famous people with name: Kaylee Bryant (born 1997), American actress and model.


Meaning: “man of arms or warrior”

Origin: “Old Irish”

Description: Originally from the early Irish name Sluaghadh, meaning “expedition” or “invasion”.

Spelling and Variations: “Slloane, Slloanne, Sloanne”

Famous people with name: Cle Sloan in Training Day as Miscellaneous Crew.


Meaning: “weary”

Origin: “Hebrew”

Description: In the Bible, Leah is the daughter of Laban and the sister of Rachel. She was married to the biblical patriarch Jacob, but he favored her sister instead.

Spelling and Variations: “Leiah, Leigha, Liyah”

Famous people with name: Leah Marie Remini.


Meaning: “youthful”

Origin: “French, English”

Description: diminutive form of Julian, then a predominantly female name. It ultimately derives from Julius, a Roman family name.

Spelling and Variations: “Juliet, Juliette, Julliet, Julliette, Jullyet”

Famous people with name: Juliette L. Lewis.


Meaning: “tranquillity”

Origin: “Indian”

Description: In Hebrew, Uma means “the nation,” and is therefore sometimes used for girls born on Israeli Independence Day.

Spelling and Variations: “Dash”

Famous people with name: Uma Karuna Thurman.


Meaning: “Son Of Matthew”

Origin: “English”

Description: It is occasionally translated as “son of Maud,” as Maddy was historically a nickname for Maud.

Spelling and Variations: Maddison, Madisyn, Matheson, Mathieson, Mathison, Matthew”

Famous people with name: Bailee Madison (born 1999), American actress.


Meaning: “blossoming, flourishing”

Origin: “French”

Description: has a lot going for it, both for its floral feel and as a place name connection to the lovely Italian city.

Spelling and Variations: Fiorenza, Flo, Florance, Florencia, Florencita, Florentia, Florrie, Floss”

Famous people with name: Florence Griffith Joyner. Surname: Griffith-Joyner.

What are some of cutest international girl baby names?

Vasanta – “spring”

Taj – “Crown”

Nada – “Generosity”

Talia – “dew from God”

Mona – “Wish”

Leen – “Soft”

Melesa – “bee”

Dina – “Love”

Alethea – “truth”

Nihal – “Joyous”

Safiyah – “Pure”

Kareemah – “generous”

Sabah – “Morning”

Nicte – “flower”

Corazon – “heart”

Adelita – “noble”

Samira – “loved”

Yente – “royalty”

Velora – “strong”

Elqenna – “superior”

International Baby Girl Names

More Baby Names:

Tips to Naming Your Babies

There are millions of baby names out there, and while most parents decide on a name and stick with it for the rest of their lives.

There are some who wish the best for their future child, but don’t have a clue how to choose a name.

These parents may be confused about why they can’t come up with a name for their baby, or they may have tried several times and have given up on the idea.

If you are considering giving your child a name, there are some things you should know:

1.       Pick the name you love, even if it is popular.

It is popular and you love it. Anything else you need to think upon? Nope. Go for it. If you want to give it uniqueness, think of a great middle name.

Here are some popular international girl baby names out there:


Meaning: “grace”

Origin: “Hebrew”

Description: comes from the Hebrew word for grace, and the French word belle, meaning beauty. The name means favored grace. People.

Spelling and Variations: “Annabael, Annabaell, Annabail, Annabale, Annaballe”

Famous people with name: Annabel Linquist, American artist, musician, and entrepreneur, known as Bel.


Meaning: “pure”

Origin: “Greek”

Description: Friendly mega-popular short form of Katherine that has definitively replaced Kathy, Katie is often given on its own.

Spelling and Variations: “Katherine, Kathryn, Catherine, Kate, Katy, Kaytee, Kayteigh, Katerina”

Famous people with name: “Kate Noelle Holmes”


Meaning: “Determination; strength”

Origin: “German”

Description: The name in total means “resolute protector”.

Spelling and Variations: “Bilee, Bileigh, Biley, Bili, Bilie, Billee”

Famous people with name: Billie Joe Armstrong (born 1972), American singer and guitarist for the band Green Day.


Meaning: “noble, gentle, delicate”

Origin: “Hebrew”

Description: primarily a female name of Hebrew origin that means Noble, Delicate.

Spelling and Variations: “Dash”

Famous people with name: Adina Hoffman (born 1967), American essayist, critic, and biographer.


Meaning: “sad” or “sorrowful”

Origin: “Welsh”

Description: It is the Old French form of the Pictish name Drustan, a diminutive of Drust. The spelling was eventually altered with the Latin tristis, meaning “sad.”

Spelling and Variations: “Tristom, Tristão”

Famous people with name: Tristan Bernard, French playwright and novelist.


Meaning: “strong”

Origin: “Italian”

Description: was an Old Roman family name originating as a nickname from “Valens” meaning “healthy, strong”.

Spelling and Variations: “Valenntinno, Valenntynno, Valentino, Valentyno, Vallenntinno”

Famous people with name: Bobby Valentino (British musician).


Meaning: “God is Gracious”

Origin: “medieval England”

Description: it has now become a given name on its own. When short for Jackson, the name Jack it means Son of Jack/John.

Spelling and Variations: “Jac, Jacc, Jak”

Famous people with name: Thomas Jacob Black.


Meaning: “friend”

Origin: Hebrew”

Description: In the Bible, Ruth the Moabitess was the great grandmother of King David.

Spelling and Variations: “Rhuthee, Rhutheigh, Rhuthey, Rhuthi, Rhuthie”

Famous people with name: Valentine Ruth “Ruthie” HenshallEnglish actress and singer.


Meaning: “pretty, attractive”

Origin: “Scots”

Description: Derived from the Scottish dialect word bonny, meaning beautiful; which in turn is based on the Latin ‘bonus’ meaning good.

Spelling and Variations: “Bonnee, Bonnei, Bonneigh, Bonney, Bonni”

Famous people with name: Bonnie Francesca Wright.


Meaning: “may God protect”

Origin: “Latin”

Description: Saint James was originally called Saint Iago which shortened to Santiago.

Spelling and Variations: “Tiago”

Famous people with name: Thiago Silva. Surname: Silva.


Meaning: “boomerang or graceful/beautiful or princess”

Origin: “Irish”

Description: derived from a Noongar (an Australian aboriginal word) meaning Boomerang. In Hawaiian it means Beautiful Spirit.

Spelling and Variations: “Kyle, Kyla, Kylee, Kiley, Kaylei”

Famous people with name: Kylie Auldist, Australian singer.


Meaning: “brave people” or “lion-hearted”

Origin: “Latin”

Description: the name Leo dates back centuries. In German, it has its own translation, serving as a short version of Leon or Leopold most often.

Spelling and Variations: “Leocadia, Leod, Leoda, Leodegan, Leo”

Famous people with name: Daniel Radcliffe, Jennifer Lopez.


Meaning: “she” or “her”

Origin: “Germanic”

Description: can be considered to mean “girl” or “feminine” as well. Origin: The name Ella is an English name of Ancient Germanic origins.

Spelling and Variations: “Ellamae, Ella, Ellaine, Ellaina, Elladine”

Famous people with name: Ella Anderson (born 2005), American child actress.


Meaning: “agent of the law”/”debt collector”

Origin: “Old English”

Description: It’s derived from a surname, which was comprised of the Middle English word baili, meaning “bailiff.”

Spelling and Variations: “Bail, Bailee, Baileigh, Bailie, Baillee, Baillie, Baily, Baley, Baylee, Bayley”

Famous people with name: Bailey Howell. Surname: Howell.


Meaning: “farmer, earthworker”

Origin: “Greek”

Description: The feminine form of “George” named after King George II by the trustees of the colony.

Spelling and Variations: “Georgiana, Georgina, Giorgia”

Famous people with name: Raven-Symoné At the start of “That’s So Raven,” the view from Raven’s home is a Georgia Peach!

2.       Do not skip lovely international girl baby names even if they are unique, unusual, and different.

Sometimes, parents will not go for unusual, unique, and different baby names. They consider it weird.

Let me tell you that being attractive and thought provoking is the game these days.

How would you like these international girl baby names:

Lara – “Shining”

Chantal – “stone”

Farida – “Unique”

Naima – “Calm”

Ibtisam – “Smile”

Milagros – “miracle”

Zahra – “Beautiful”

Asmara – “love”

Humiya – “history”

Giulia – “young”

Yara – “helper”

Bayan – “eloquence”

Anisa – “friend”

Marya – “Radiant”

Loulia – “Small pearl”

3.       Be confident if you want to go toward personalized spellings for your baby’s name.

SURE. You should be confident when giving personalized spellings to your baby’s name.

However, it is important that you do not make it weird. Adding or removing an alphabet would be enough here.

Try changing these baby names spellings into personalized ones:


Meaning: “friend of horses”

Origin: “Spanish”

Description: This old Greek name has been popular since antiquity.

Spelling and Variations: “Felipe, Fellipe, Phelipe, Phellipe”

Famous people with name: Felipe Alou (born 1935), Dominican baseball player and manager.


Meaning: “God is my oath”

Origin: “Hebrew”

Description: as rendered in the Septuagint and popularised by Europe’s embracement of the Bible.

Spelling and Variations: “Elisabeth, Elizabeth, Ellisabeth, Ellizabeth, Ellyzabeth”

Famous people with name: Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor.


Meaning: “warmest season of the year”

Origin: “Middle English”

Description: people generally associate with carefree and fun activities. It’s been in common use as a name since at least 1970 in English-speaking countries.

Spelling and Variations: “Sumantra, Sumernor, Sumarlifr, Sumer”

Famous people with name: Summer Roberts. Surname: Roberts.


Meaning: “great and magnificent”

Origin: “Spanish”

Description: typically given to girls and is of Spanish origin.

Spelling and Variations: “Augusta, Augustina and Augustine”

Famous people with name: Agustina de Aragón (1786–1857), Spanish heroine.


Meaning: “crown, garland”

Origin: “Greek”

Description: Stephen King is an American writer whose novels include “The Green Mile” and “The Shining”.

Spelling and Variations: “Stevee, Stevei, Steveigh, SteveyStevi”

Famous people with name: Stevland Hardaway Morris.


Meaning: “sorrows”

Origin: “Spain”

Description: taken from one of the titles of the Virgin Mary: Nuestra Señora de los Dolores, or Our Lady of Sorrows.

Spelling and Variations: “Loela, Lolah, Loula”

Famous people with name: Lola Almudevar, British journalist and news reporter.


Meaning: “supplanter”

Origin: “Hebrew”

Description: In the 17th century the Scottish king James VI inherited the English throne, becoming the first ruler of all Britain, and the name became much more popular.

Spelling and Variations: “Jacob/Jakob”

Famous people with name: James Edward Franco.


Meaning: “Friend”

Origin: Hebrew”

Description: its air of calm and compassion, was the third most popular name in the 1890s, remaining in the Top 10 through the 1920s.

Spelling and Variations: “Ruth, Rutha, Ruthann, Ruta, Ruthanne, Rut”

Famous people with name: Ruth Manning-Sanders. Surname: Sanders.


Meaning: “Saint James”

Origin: “Hebrew”

Description: derived from Spanish santo (saint) combined with Yago (an old Spanish form of James).

Spelling and Variations: “Thiago or Tiago”

Famous people with name: Santiago Amodeo, Film Director and screenwriter.


Meaning: “small” or “humble”

Origin: “Spanish”

Description: comes from the Latin word ‘paulus’, meaning ‘small’ or ‘humble’. This name was famously borne by Pablo Picasso, who was an artist and sculptor.

Spelling and Variations: “Pabla, Pablo, Pablos, Pable”

Famous people with name: Pavlos, Crown Prince of Greece. Given name: Pablo.


Meaning: “Brown”

Origin: “German”

Description: occurs in continental Europe, United States, Canada, Brazil and Oceania as a given name for men and boys.

Spelling and Variations: “Brhunno, Brhuno, Brunno”

Famous people with name: Bruno Bauer (1809–1882), German philosopher.


Meaning: “mind”

Origin: “Germanic”

Description: one of the most popular given names in Europe, ranking as high as #9 in Spain, and #8 in Belgium in 2006.

Spelling and Variations: Hugh, Hugues, Ugo, Hauke, Huw”

Famous people with name: Charles Hugo (disambiguation), several people.


Meaning: “pretty”

Origin: “French”

Description: nowadays it is also seen as a girls’ name, via Angelina for whom Jolie was originally her middle name.

Spelling and Variations: “Jolee, Jole, Joleigh, Joley, Joli”

Famous people with name: Angelina Jolie Voight.


Meaning: “cutter of cloth”

Origin: “French”

Description: the name means eternal beauty. Learn about Taylor’s Americanized name, alternate surname spellings along with popular people who have the surname.

Spelling and Variations: “Tayla and Taylah”

Famous people with name: Taylor Alison Swift.


Meaning: “enclosure of fish”

Origin: “Spanish”

Description: also has roots in Hebrew and Russian; in Russian, Nina is a version of the name Anne.

Spelling and Variations: “Nína, Niná”

Famous people with name: Nikolina Kamenova Dobreva.

4.       Crossing your favorite international girl baby names on the feedback on friends and family members.

Feedback is important. But it does not mean to listen to every other person’s opinion.

You will hardly find international girl baby names that everybody would like. Therefore, get feedback but still know your choice.

Consider getting feedback on these baby names from your friends and family members:

Nabila – “Noble”

Devica – “from God”

Tamara – “Date tree”

Catira – “blonde”

Dita – “fortune”

Rabiah – “gentle wind”

Shams – “Sun”

Janita – “God is gracious”

Amrita – “immortality”

Wafaa – “Loyalty”

Palesa – “flower”

Orana – “welcome”

Nadia – “Delicate”

Nanea – “peaceful”

Jamila – “Beautiful”

5.       Do a little research and find what is out there.

Research is important step for the first-time parents as well for those who do not know what sort of names people pick.

You will be all good once you do a little internet research. You will also be able to find some great international girl baby names that you might consider now or in the future.

Here are some common baby names examples to help you:


Meaning: “war-like” or “fighter”

Origin: “Irish”

Description: It may also be derived from the Irish word for three, with an association to the Tuatha Dé Danann.

Spelling and Variations: “Tracee, Traceigh, Tracey, Traci, Tracie”

Famous people with name: Tracy Jamel Morgan.


Meaning: “Youthful”

Origin: “French”

Description: primarily a gender-neutral name of French origin that means Youthful, Downy.

Spelling and Variations: “Julia, Julian, Julie, Julien, Julio”

Famous people with name: Cardinal Mazarin. Given name: Jules.


Meaning: “Savior”

Origin: “Spanish, Catalan, and Portuguese”

Description: A common epithet of Christ, frequently heard in the Hispanic community, Salvador could also be a great choice for artistic parents, given the continuing popularity of Dada and Surrealist painter Salvador Dalí.

Spelling and Variations: “Sallvadoar, Sallvador, Salvadoar, Salvador, Zallvador”

Famous people with name: Salvador Allende (1908−1973), deposed president of Chile.


Meaning: “God beholds”

Origin: “Hebrew”

Description: So despite its Hebrew origins, Jessica herself was invented by the bard himself.

Spelling and Variations: “Iessica, Jesica, Jesika, Jessicah, Jessika, Jessikah”

Famous people with name: Jessica Marie Alba.


Meaning: “pearl”

Origin: “Scottish”

Description: is perfectly proper and also makes the British Top 100. And as Maisy, she feels like a closer relative to Daisy, another Margaret diminutive.

Spelling and Variations: “Maesee, Maeseigh, Maesey, Maesi, Maesie, Maisee”

Famous people with name: Maisie Adam (born 1994), English stand-up comedian, writer and actress.


Meaning: “blond warrior”

Origin: “Gaelic”

Description: has since become a first name in its own right, along with similar names such as Mason and Jackson.

Spelling and Variations: “Finlay, Finlea, Finlee, Findley, Findlay, Finnlea and Finnley”

Famous people with name: Chuck Finley. Given name: Chuck.


Meaning: “Beautiful Bird”

Origin: “Norman French”

Description: from an obscure Germanic root which may mean “desired, wished for” or “water, island”.

Spelling and Variations: “Evaline, Evalyn, Eveleen, Evelien, Eveliene, Evelin, Evelina, Eveline, Evelyne”

Famous people with name: Evelyn Glennie. Surname: Glennie.


Meaning: “spear of the gods”

Origin: “Irish Gaelic”

Description: brought into Irish Gaelic in the form of Oscur, which later acquired the added meaning “deer friend”. Pronounced: Oss ka.

Spelling and Variations: “Oskar, Ossie, Ossy, Ozzie and Ozzy”

Famous people with name: Oscar (footballer, born 1954), José Oscar Bernardi, Brazilian footballer.


Meaning: “son of the sea”

Origin: “Welsh”

Description: Dylan’s popularity as a first name is owed greatly to the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas.

Spelling and Variations: “Dillan and Dillon”

Famous people with name: “Robert Allen Zimmerman”


Meaning: “pledge or oath”

Origin: “Irish”

Description: It is believed to be a variant of the names, Carlene and Charlene which are the French feminine equivalent of Charles.

Spelling and Variations: “Arlean, Arleann, Arleen, Arleenn, Arlenne”

Famous people with name: Arlene Francis. Surname: Francis.


Meaning: “night”

Origin: “Arabic”

Description: feminine name is also thought to have Hebrew origins and also means “night” or “dark.” … Origin: Layla has Arabic and Hebrew origins.

Spelling and Variations: “Laela, Laelah, Laila, Layla, Leila, Leilah, Leela, Leighla, Lejla, Leyla and Leylah”

Famous people with name: Layla El, British model, dancer, wrestler, and real-estate agent.


Meaning: “she who brings happiness”

Origin: “Old English”

Description: can theoretically be short for any girl names starting with B.

Spelling and Variations: “Bee, Bei, Beigh, Bey, Bi”

Famous people with name: Andrew Bee (soldier) (fl. 1860s), American soldier.


Meaning: “house of figs”

Origin: “Hebrew”

Description: a town close to Jerusalem at the foot of the Mount of Olives, where Lazarus lived in the New Testament. The name is derived from the Greek origin ‘Bethania’.

Spelling and Variations: “Bethane, Bethanei, Bethaneigh, Bethaney, Bethani”

Famous people with name: Bethany Beardslee (born 1925), American soprano.


Meaning: “bright red”

Origin: “Arabic”

Description: originated as an occupation surname, designating a person who sold scarlet, a luxury wool cloth produced in Medieval Europe.

Spelling and Variations: “Scarlet and Scarlette”

Famous people with name: Scarlett Ingrid Johansson.


Meaning: “a gift of the Lord”

Origin: “French”

Description: derived from the Roman name Maccius, which originates in the name Matthew.

Spelling and Variations: “Macy, Macey, Macie and Maci”

Famous people with name: Macy Chan (born 1981), Hong Kong actress.

6.       Consider names of the subsequent children.

Maybe, you are first time parents and figuring out some cool international girl baby name. It is a good idea to consider the names of subsequent children too.

7.       Avoid names with bad meanings.

Baby names with bad meanings can be a cause of embarrassment for you and your kid.

Be sure to know the meaning of the name you are gonna pick and be sure it is encouraging and positive.

Here are some of the cool international girl baby names with meanings:

Rania – “Delightful”

Safiyah – “friend”

Saidah – “lucky”

Ziva – “radiant”

Lilja – “lily”

Lilou – “llily”

Keyara – “cockatoo”

Najat – “Savior”

Oriana – “gold”

Hala – “Aura”

Samar – “Fruit”

Nuria – “bright”

Qamar – “Moon”

Nour – “Light”

Imani – “faith”

8.       Pick up good people names from history.

The name of person has effect on his/her personality, it is said. Maybe, that’s the reason why people choose names from history. You can consider this as well.

I am sure you have heard about many legends from the past. I bet you’d find some awesome and useable international girl baby names if you look into it.

We have a small list of international girl baby names here for you to check out and know if you have heard them before:


Meaning: “Famous Warrior”

Origin: “French”

Description: derived from the German Helewidis, composed of the elements heil (“hale, healthy”) and wid (“wide”).

Spelling and Variations: “Elo, Elodie, Eloi, Elof, Elois”

Famous people with name: Eloise Wellings. Surname: Wellings.


Meaning: “Edge Of The River”

Origin: “Anglo-Saxon”

Description: primarily a gender-neutral name of English origin that means Edge Of The River.

Spelling and Variations: “Banc, Bannc, Bannk”

Famous people with name: Briana Banks, American pornographic actress.


Meaning: “Harp Player”

Origin: “English, Scottish”

Description: was To Kill a Mockingbird author Harper (born Nelle Harper) Lee who brought this family name into the public consciousness as a female first name with offbeat.

Spelling and Variations: “Harpar”

Famous people with name: Benjamin Charles Harper.


Meaning: “strive”

Origin: Germanic”

Description: is the French diminutive form of the name Amelia. Amélie became popular after the fun romantic film of the same name debuted in 2001.

Spelling and Variations: “Amalia, Amelia, Amalie”

Famous people with name: Amélie Beaury-Saurel (1849–1924), French painter.


Meaning: “A flowering evergreen plant that thrives on peaty barren lands”

Origin: “Scotland”

Description: literally referred to as Heather, in English. The brush is native to Scotland and England, but it is more commonly found in Scotland due to its rocky territories.

Spelling and Variations: “Heathar, Heathir, Heathor, Heathyr, Hether”

Famous people with name: Heather Joan Graham.


Meaning: “young religious servant”

Origin: “Latin”

Description: recent royal Camilla may have helped promote the British brand. Camila is one of the top baby names in California for girls.

Spelling and Variations: “Camille, Kamila, and Mila”

Famous people with name: Camilla Rosemary Shand.


Meaning: “Servant Of Mars, God Of War”

Origin: “Latin”

Description: the protective godhead of the Latins, and therefore the god of war. The meaning is usually rendered in reference to the god as “of Mars”, or “of war/warlike”

Spelling and Variations: “Martyn, Martti, Morten, Marten, Maarten, Martino, Mark”

Famous people with name: Martin Fitzgerald Lawrence.


Meaning: “white or fair”

Origin: “Irish”

Description: “Finn is a name with enormous energy and charm”

Spelling and Variations: “Griffin, Fintan, Finnick”

Famous people with name: “Finn Alnæs Norwegian novelist”


Meaning: “Child of the gods”

Origin: “English”

Description: The name Gillian is primarily a female name of English origin that means Youthful, Downy. Originally a feminine form of Julian.

Spelling and Variations: “Geelan, Gilana, Gilia, Giliah, Giulia, Giulianna, Giulianne”

Famous people with name: “Gillian Alexy Australian actress”


Meaning: “peace”

Origin: “Irish”

Description: In the Holy Bible, the name Erin means ‘tenacity’, ‘fairness’ and ‘effervescence’.

Spelling and Variations: “Éire, Éireann, Éirinn”

Famous people with name: “Erin Andrews. Surname: Andrews”


Meaning: “work”

Origin: “Latin”

Description: blend of the medieval names Emilia and Amalia. In Latin, it means “industrious” and “striving.” Its Teutonic meaning is “defender.”

Spelling and Variations: “Amalia, Amalka, Amelie, Amélie, Amy, Lia, Emma”

Famous people with name: “Amelia Boynton Robinson, American activist”


Meaning: “The Lord is my God”

Origin: “Hebrew”

Description: It can also be interpreted to mean “The strong Lord” or “Jehovah is God.”

Spelling and Variations: “Elijah”

Famous people with name: “Elias Ashmole, English antiquary and politician”


Meaning: “exalted, strong”

Origin: “Hebrew”

Description: It has also been interpreted to mean “teacher” or “mountain of strength.”

Spelling and Variations: “Aharon, Aron, Harun”

Famous people with name: “Aaron Charles Carter”


Meaning: “Bright, Famous, Little bird”

Origin: “Swedish”

Description: In an earlier heyday of nickname names–the 1880’s–Birdie was a Top 200 name.

Spelling and Variations: “Bird, Birdena, Bird, Birde”

Famous people with name: “Birdie Blye American pianist”


Meaning: “God’s promise”

Origin: “Hebrew”

Description: Famous bearer: Old Testament Elizabeth was mother of John the Baptist and one of the earliest known bearers of this name; Queen Elizabeth II.

Spelling and Variations: “Libbie, Libi”

Famous people with name: “Libby Davies Canadian member of parliament”

9.       Make sure the first and second name fit with each other.

This happens rarely that the first and seconds names do not fit and meet each other well. It is, however, something you would not want.

Check out international girl baby names and try to make full names that fit each other nicely:

Rihanna – “good scent”

Oma – “Thriving”

Shani – “scarlet”

Shakira – “Thankful”

Nandita – “joy”

Fanaka – “prosperous”

Nasira – “Victorious”

Alina – “bright”

Elvire – “truth”

Giada – “jade”

Rashida – “Righteous”

Neziha – “Honest”

Otzara – “treasure”

Khari – “born ruler”

Aaliyah – “Exalted”

10.   Avoid names with too many syllables.

Baby names with too many syllables are complex. They are hard to remember. They should be avoided.

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