650+ Hosting Company Names, Ideas, and Suggestions

Choosing a hosting company name wisely has a huge impact on your company. By having a premium hosting company name, you give your hosting company higher chances of success. It should be catchy, appealing to people and embodies your business.

When choosing a hosting company name you should consider how people would feel when they hear your company name. It should tell them what your business is all about and hook them and convince them to come back to you again. Hosting company name is an important key factor for your company.

People who are peering to enter in web hosting industry put a lot of hard work and effort while selecting a web hosting name righteously. If you are one of them then don’t worry you are here at the right place we will help you out by choosing you the right name.

Here you’ll find many hosting company name ideas to get inspiration from.

Hosting Company Names

Here are the catchy hosting company names for you:

  • Wavex
  • Hutton Advertising
  • Captivate Local
  • Nashville Web Design & SEO
  • Virtual Hosting
  • Interxion Data Centre
  • Companies Web Design
  • Five Rivers
  • Sookio
  • Stellar eMarketing
  • Power Host
  • Allstar Hosting
  • Interracial View
  • Techfly
  • Complete Hosting Services
  • ReachLocal
  • Thrive Creative Group
  • BubbleUp Digital Marketing Agency
  • Our Pleasure
  • Discount Hosting
  • WillowHost
  • E-novations
  • Fox Agency
  • Platinum Hosting
  • Brightside Print
  • Nestify
  • Binarydrive
  • Web Design
  • XO Communications
  • TOCI
  • Rackspace Technology
  • Torch Hosting
  • Genie Ventures Ltd
  • PNDigital SEO Agency
  • HTP Company
  • Clouvider Limited
  • Broad Host
  • Speedster
  • Arepo Solutions Ltd
  • Touchpoint Digital
  • Micfo
  • Gopron Host
  • Alioned Australia
  • Secure Host

Hosting Company Name Ideas

Check out these hosting company name ideas to inspire your ideas:

  • Homeward Hosts
  • Host hunt
  • Thinkswell
  • Powell Creative
  • Contra Agency
  • Onpoint Creations
  • Kualo Limited
  • Evitas Web Hosting
  • Yolk Marketing
  • Gaille Night
  • Super Host
  • Equinix Data Center
  • MediaServe
  • Alessa hosting Company
  • Hosting On A Dime
  • Hostway Corporation
  • MarketHost
  • Glad WebHost
  • Hope Hosting Company
  • Grayscale Marketing
  • Horton Group
  • Circa Design
  • DealReach Telemarketing
  • Dezprime Web Hosting
  • Maxnight Geek
  • Dicey Night
  • Brandality
  • UpHost
  • Minisoft Host
  • Dellex Web Hosting
  • Easily Limited
  • Happy South
  • PureVoltage
  • Minuteman Press
  • FortyAU
  • Elevate 360
  • Maple Mart Web Hosting
  • BlackBox Hosting

Hosters Names List

Scroll through these hosting company names:

  • Rise Digital Media
  • Victorabay
  • brenTren Web Hosting
  • URBA Media
  • Across the Board Web Host
  • EcoWeb
  • BlissStar
  • Rocket Lab
  • Strilo Ltd
  • pixelFLYTE
  • Platoon
  • Wish You Welcome
  • Studio Wonders
  • Design With Style
  • The Hosting People
  • Little Vitamin
  • Snapshot Interactive
  • Aptum Technologies
  • Websults
  • Sovereign Digital
  • Liveminds
  • Applify
  • HostForWeb
  • Spritz Creative
  • Innovation Hour
  • Website Consultants Ltd
  • JBi Digital
  • Signal Noise
  • Worry-Free Wishes
  • 542 Digital
  • Remote Hosting
  • Claranet
  • Touchstone Merchandise Group
  • ModernGrid
  • Host Monkey
  • Digivate Agency
  • ClickDo
  • Flywheel
  • Sylinn Web Hosting
  • Klinical
  • Calling Arts
  • Drive Social Media
  • Square Circle Media
  • Razorfish
  • The Happy Hoster
  • Fabrik Brands
  • EarlyWish Web Hosting
  • Klebos
  • Lonlogic Web Design
  • The Hosting Library
  • Total Care Hosts
  • Handy Hosts
  • Huckleberry Branding
  • HappyStar Web Hosting
  • Reboot
  • eFlame Hosting

Hosting Name Suggestions

Some of the good hosting names, ideas and suggestions are here:

  • Homeflow
  • Cutie Teddy
  • The Pleasure Is Ours
  • Like Digital
  • Here To Host
  • Corporate Interactive
  • Astutium
  • RDKmedia
  • HostMetro
  • Fashion Brand
  • Idiosys Technologies
  • Everlution Software
  • UrbanHost
  • ServerMule
  • Love and Science
  • Capeeshe
  • Powder Keg Host Services
  • Horus Media
  • The Barn
  • BundleN
  • DigiMetz
  • Astute Communications
  • EpicHost
  • Bluehost
  • Pheonix Hosting
  • Servers
  • Bobhost
  • THG Ingenuity
  • Big Drop
  • Pollitt & Partners
  • Magento Developer
  • 24 Hour Host
  • Dude Host
  • The Hosting Experts
  • Telehouse Data Centres
  • Night Boosters
  • TrueConnect Hosting
  • Rocketship
  • Eco Web Hosting
  • SiteGround
  • Host Consult
  • Hospitable Hosts
  • Webzy Marketing Ltd
  • Hostyr Web
  • Divine Hosting Services
  • AdreamCreation
  • StevenHost
  • Camber Group
  • ParkJockey Limited
  • Munky Media Limited
  • Darkstar Digital
  • Netwise

How to Name a website Hosting Company

Here are some tips that will help you in naming your hosting company.

1.      Brainstorm your hosting company name ideas

Focus on creating a fascinating name that will capture the attention of target audience. Choose a rhythm or alliteration name to make your business name more memorable. This type of hosting name sound great and are incredibly brandable.

Remove all names which are hard to remember and keep those names which are more brandable.  When people see these kinds of names they can not resist being attracted to your web hosting. Here are some hosting company names examples:

  • Holistic hosting
  • Next level hosting
  • Honest hosting
  • Ultra choose
  • Virtual hosting
  • Happy host
  • Golden guest
  • 24/7 Host services
  • Super host
  • web-based host
  • Quality Hosting
  • Advanced hosting
  • First-class hosting

2.      Easy to recall name

When choosing a hosting company name it should be kept in mind that the name should be short, easy to memorize  and easy to spell. Your hosting company name is for your target audience and it’s difficult for them to remember difficult names. They would only come back to your hosting website if they would have remembered your web hosting company name.

So it’s important to create a short and easy name but it must be unique and catchy.  So that it will help you stand out in front of your competitors. Focus on creating a unique name that will captivate customers attention. Here are some hosting name examples

  • Host4u
  • Welcome Host
  • Golden host
  • Hostile
  • Hosting pro
  • Techfly
  • Ace host
  • Epic hosting
  • Hostist

3.      Choose the Domain name for your Hosting

Once you’ve figured out your brand idea and named the web hosting company, it’s time to pick a domain name. A domain name is as important as your hosting company name is.

There are many websites available where you can check your domain availability and register your domain. When it comes to choosing your domain extension you will have a lot of available options like .com, .net. org. It can be seducing to go with the LTD that is more flexible and efficient.

And the most recognisable extension in the world is still .com, because of it’s familiarity and association with marketing and reliability .com will always remain the best choice in many cases.

When you register your .com domain name, it’s better to pick some other top-level extensions such as .Info or.net  and redirect them to your .com domain site so the target audience who may type the wrong domain will still be able to find your site. 

But if .com is not available, it has already been taken by someone else, go for other top-level domain extensions such as .net, .info, .org. These are also the best choices so far.

Here are some examples:

  • Happyhost.com
  • Ultrahosting.com
  • Host4u.info
  • GoldenGuest.net
  • Prohosting.info

Tip: To assure an optimistic company portrayal right from the beginning, it is recommended to register your company for at least a few years before starting your business.

This way, when your target audience will look up into your domain site will know that your company has serious intentions.

4.      Use keywords in the domain

Keywords play a crucial role in naming a domain. By adding keywords in your domain name you tell SEO (search optimized engines) what your company is all about. But it’s very difficult to find a good domain name with keywords, which is not already taken. You should be very creative and efficient when creating a domain name using keywords.

5.      Shortlist the hosting names

Now you’ve selected enough of names, its time to shortlist them.  Remove all names that are hard to remember and take those names that are easy to pronounce, easy to spell and communicate with your company products.  

Avoid all the double spelling and complicated names. Avoid all the names that are not reflecting your hosting company. The right name is the key factor in a growing business. Here are a few examples:

  • Next level hosting
  • Advanced hosting
  • Golden guest

 By looking at these types of names, people can easily comprehend what type of company it is and what kind of services is it proving.

6.      Competitor analysis

Analyzing your competitor at an early stage can save you time. Knowing and understanding why and how your competitor’s business name is beneficial to them. Which company’s services or values ​​are they conveying in their name? 

Which name or domain extension to avoid and w  One thing to keep in mind is that you can’t copy them at all but you can take an idea from them and then you can come up with a creative name. This analysis will help you a lot.

7.      Get Feedback

After choosing a fascinating and captivating name, go for feedback. In general, Receiving feedback from family and friends is extremely important.

But don’t ask for feedback from your family and friends in naming hosting company because they are more likely to endorse all your ideas and you won’t be able to get valuable insights at the end. Get the feedback from your target audience and those who are already working in this industry. Make sure to ask them this type of questions.

  • How would you spell them?
  • Is it the correct name?
  • Is it suitable for my company? 
  • Does it sound great? 
  • What comes to your mind first when you hear this name?

To assess your hosting company name, you will need some perspective. It’s crucial to think about your company from your target audiences aspect to comprehend how your brand will communicate to them.

If you get negative feedback, don’t ignore it. You can change or adjust your hosting company name to make it memorable and strong.


Your hosting company name should be the reflection of your company and a growing company is the one that offers values. Your hosting company name should give your target audience a clear indication of what your site is all about.

This will help them make an instant alliance between your company and the services they are looking for and hence it will be easy for people to reach you.

Your hosting company name should short, easy to spell so that your target audience can effortlessly pronounce it, recall it and share it. Think of keywords when you choose a domain name that will help your company to rank higher in Google.

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