Hostel Name Ideas: 400+ Hostel Names to Get Ideas From

So, you started a hostel and brainstorming creative names for it, right? This is the place where you’ll find:

  • 400+ Hostel name ideas that will inspire your ideas.
  • How to brainstorm new hostel names?
  • The step-by-step process of naming a new hostel.

Ready? Let’s dive in.

Hostel Name Ideas

These are the catchy hostel name ideas to get inspiration from:

  • Paper Plane Hostel
  • Nap Park
  • Palmers Lodge Hostels
  • Gili Castle
  • Einstein Hostel
  • YIM Hostel
  • Valencia Lounge Hostel
  • CODE Hostel
  • Grampa’s Hostel
  • Happy living
  • Hopewell Lodge
  • Hostel Art Gallery
  • The Common Room Project
  • The Fort Boutique Hostel
  • Urban Hostel and Apartments
  • Green Tiger Vegetarian House
  • Hom Cooking Hostel
  • 88 Backpackers
  • 96 BUN’Z Travelers Lodge
  • Aqua Packers
  • Beach House
  • Breeze lodge
  • Chameleon
  • Cocomama
  • Hostel Centrum
  • Hostel Gardiner
  • Island Life
  • Jugglers Rest
  • Jungle Lodge
  • Palmers Lodge Swiss Cottage
  • Planet Traveler
  • Rosario Global House
  • Sim City Stay
  • Sojourn Beds & Cafe
  • Cracow Hostel
  • El Machico Hostel
  • Equity Point Hostels

Name Ideas for Hostels

What does a good business name mean?

Everyone wants a good name for their business. Many people just go through different names and pick one and think that it will work well.

No one ever thinks of these questions. What does a good business name mean? What sort of business names work and how you can come up with one?

The below infographic shows you the characteristics of good business names.

What does good business name mean

Brainstorming New Hostel Name Ideas

Maybe, the above hundreds of names are not enough to come up with name ideas for your hostel. What you can do next?

These are the steps you can try to find out more hostel names:


NameMesh is a business name generator that will give you hundreds of name ideas on any business.

First, you’d think of a word that you’ll want to be in your business. For example, hostel, in your case.

Enter “Hostel” in the search and press enter.

NameMesh Tool

There you go.

Hundreds of available hostel name ideas in a matter of seconds. Nice.

Bust A Name Tool

Like the NameMesh, Bust a Name is another tool. It, however, requires you to enter a few words and intermix them and find out available domain name ideas for you.

For example,

Let’s type “guest house, lodge, hostel” and press enter.

Bust a Name tool

Great. Isn’t it?

Lean Domain Name

Lean domain name is also a great domain name finder. Like the above name tools, it also needs a keyword to start with.

For instance, we enter hostel and see the results.

Lean Domain Search


How to Name Your Hostel

Consider these points while naming your hostel:

1. Pick a catchy name.

Simple, unique, and catchy. Catchy names grab people’s attention and hence, marketing becomes easier. It’s memorable and people can later on search and find you out and come to you.

2. Consider SEO Keywords.

If you’d want online presence of your hostel, then it’s a must that you think of keywords and terms that are searched on the internet.

This is how internet users will find your hostel website and come to you.

This not just means to optimize your website for the word “Hostel”. You must try to rank for related keywords to get traffic.

That’s how you’ll be able to turn your visitors into your customers.

The terms related to hostel could be Lodge, guesthouse, resort, bed and breakfast, youth hostel, loft, inn, etc. You got the idea, right?

3. Evoke emotions with the help of your name.

The positive emotions that your hostel name arises, may help in attracting potential customers. So, you’re to evoke positive sentiments through the name.

For example,

  • Relax hostel
  • Good Day Hostel
  • Happy Hostel

Avoid negative names, such as:

  • Small room hostel
  • The rotten apple

4. Avoid the use of personal name.

When people do not want to find out a good name, they just use their names. If you can name it good, then why use your name?

This doesn’t mean that using a personal name is always a bad idea.  Some brands are built on personal names.

The problem with such names is that they are not unique. People may be using it already. Therefore, you may not even find the domain name on your name.

So, if you can come up with a brandable name, you should do it.

5. Check domain availability.

Before you finalize any name, consider checking the domain availability. Visit or

Find out if the name you want is available.

You can go for another extension if .com isn’t available. However, know that .com TLD is one of the most used TLDs.

Other popular TLDs are .net, .org, .io and biz

6. Get Feedback.

This step is to get people ideas and feedback on the hostel name ideas you’ve shortlisted.

This will help you decide easily. And maybe, you’ll get more ideas.

7. Check Social Media usernames availability.

It’s a digital age and every business must use social media to get customers. So, you must be available on social media as well.

For this, you’ll need usernames on your hostel name.

So, you should find out if the usernames and URL for your hostel name are available.

You can visit each social media you’d want to join. And check the usernames.

The more appropriate option is to check through NameCheckr. This tool will find out the availability of any username in seconds for all social media.

More Name Ideas:

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