225 Amazing Health App Name Ideas

Health is a term that’s been applied to many different industries, from health insurance to health food. In the medical world, it’s one of the most important words in the vocabulary. So, if you’re looking for the perfect name for your health app , you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we look at the various ways of naming a health app.

When it comes to naming your health app, you want to avoid using words like “health” or “healthcare”. These words are associated with the traditional healthcare industry, which is often seen as bureaucratic and impersonal. Instead, try to come up with a name that reflects the personal and intimate nature of your app. You can also consider using other words and phrases that are associated with health and healthcare like: “My Health,” “My Wellness,” or “My Body.” Health apps are about more than just your body. They’re about your whole lifestyle. In this case, you might want to consider using words like healthy , well , or wellness . These words are associated with the holistic approach that is often taken in personal health.

Health App Name Ideas

  • Health Spot
  • HospitalMedical
  • Heath Place
  • Asymmetrical Medical
  • Military Med
  • Online Anatomy
  • InfratentorialApp
  • Efficient
  • Aged Annex
  • MedWeb
  • Bound Appendices
  • Secreted
  • DxQuiz
  • KeepSafe
  • Maroc Medicines
  • HealthMedical
  • Acute Hygiene Spot
  • Child Expert App
  • Pediatric Doctor
  • AutopsyMedical
  • The Next
  • 11thApp
  • BorderHealthcare
  • 1stHeartBeat
  • My eDentist
  • Eye Consult
  • Based Ppa
  • Spider crab App
  • Intracranial
  • Mental Coach
  • 1stTimeMom
  • Anti Apas
  • 6th Defaults Co
  • Medical Exam Spot
  • The Human
  • The Innovative
  • Virtual Aid
  • PhysicalMedical
  • Online Aid
  • PhysicoMedical
  • ContemporaryHealthcare
  • Anonymous Application
  • Northwestern

Wellness App Name Ideas

  • Anonymous Appendices
  • Dr Dx App
  • The Efficient Nursing
  • Concurrent
  • Accessible
  • Dr Symptoms
  • WebDoc
  • Associated Appendix
  • MedXpert
  • Integrated
  • The Transtentorial Fpa
  • Native Doctors
  • Crab App
  • ChooseLyf
  • The Aged Psa
  • 12th Ppp
  • The Mainstream
  • Illinois Medial
  • ElectroMedical
  • MedManual
  • Hygiene Place
  • Maroc Medicine
  • The Real Defaults
  • Credible Medical
  • Infinitesimal Medical
  • Decent Medical Spot
  • Micro Ppp
  • Anti Annex
  • MiscellaneousMedical
  • MobilEConsult
  • MDXperts
  • Adequate Nursing
  • DigiSkin Care
  • Delectable Medical
  • The Quest Doctor
  • PharmacoMedical
  • The Further
  • Prefab App
  • The Professional
  • MD Consejo

What are some good name for health app?

  • The Funded
  • The Classic
  • Holistic Health Care
  • The Based
  • Appendices Collective
  • UrPulse App
  • Doctors Place
  • AdequateHealthcare
  • The Suboccipital
  • CallMedical
  • Religio
  • FitnessMate
  • 24/7 MD
  • Pal Spot
  • The Historical
  • The Ambulatory Health
  • ForensicMedical
  • Baby MD
  • Corporate
  • Defaults Spot
  • Classic Fpa
  • The Buffalo
  • The Physio
  • TypeApp
  • Adequate Medical
  • The Psycho Aesculapian
  • Mobile Consult
  • The Historico Physician
  • UnilateralApp
  • Holistic Hospice
  • The Premedical
  • Aged Apas
  • Stone crab App
  • NewestMedical
  • The Efficient
  • SomeMedical
  • Make Medial
  • Driven Medicine
  • Dr. OnCall
  • Preferable Medical
Health App Name Ideas

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How to Come Up with Health App Name Ideas

When it comes to choosing a health app, there are many factors to consider. But ultimately, it comes down to finding an app that meets your needs and fits your lifestyle. Before you start brainstorming names, make a list of those things that matter to you.

Here are few tips to help you choose the perfect name for your health app:

1.     What’s the Purpose of Your App?

Make a list of things you want your app to accomplish. This is called your “killer feature.” If your killer feature is weight loss, then name your app something that makes people lose weight.

  • The Excellent
  • The Lateral
  • Partial
  • Safe Health
  • Call Medial Collective
  • Ostensible Medical
  • ePrescription App
  • ModernHealthcare
  • Traditional
  • The Vierordt
  • IntraduralApp
  • The 11th
  • MedicalHealthcare
  • Medical Facts
  • Drab App

2.     Make it meaningful and memorable

If you’re trying to raise money for a charity run, call it “Run for the Cure.” Try and have one name that is catchy and memorable. Think of some of the names that you love or hate and what makes them good or bad.

  • Infratentorial
  • Holistic Hmos
  • The Windows
  • PrepaidHealthcare
  • The Northwestern
  • My eDr App
  • Physico
  • ReligioMedical
  • The Sec
  • Comprehensive Health
  • Respectable Medical
  • Express Consult
  • The Surgical
  • Merci MD
  • The Traditional

3.     Write a Simple Description

You might think this is unnecessary but it’s actually really important. If you want your app to be seen, then include a short description of what the app does and how it works.

  • Affordable
  • The Competent
  • Recovery App
  • Native Medial Place
  • The Adequate
  • WildApp
  • Clinical Physicians
  • Grab App
  • Rural
  • The First
  • Suboccipital Appendices
  • SocioMedical
  • The Wild
  • Maroc Medevac
  • Medicine Medical

4.     Make it relevant

If your app is a word game, then explain how it’s addictive and fun. Write down the Keywords that describe your App Take some time to think of all the keywords that describe your app.

  • Pedia Virtual App
  • The Major
  • The Anti
  • Conventional Heath
  • Ppa Place
  • The Based Fpa
  • Lista Medica
  • Cardio Guide
  • The True Application
  • Innovative
  • Illinois
  • Dialectical Medical
  • DentalHealthcare
  • MedList
  • AccessibleHealthcare

5.     Avoid common pitfalls

Don’t make it too long. Think of the punctuation, and how long it will take to say out loud. Avoid numbers or dashes. If you can’t think of any names, use a name generator!

  • ReproductiveHealthcare
  • The Neuro
  • DrivenHealthcare
  • The Inadequate
  • Appropriate
  • Medical Parenting
  • Physician Place
  • Integrative Doctor
  • The Dental
  • The Poor Heath
  • OccipitalApp
  • MommyCare
  • The Newest
  • Pal Pro

On-Care App


In conclusion, these are some great ideas for health app names. Be sure to consider your audience and what they would be looking for in a health app before settling on a name. A good name can make all the difference in the success of your app.

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