369 Girls Fantasy Football Names

Fantasy football is not just a game for boys anymore. Girls are joining in on the fun and excitement, and they need some awesome team names too.

If you’re a girl who loves football and wants to show off your skills in the fantasy league, we’ve got you covered.

In this article, we will provide you with a list of creative and catchy fantasy football names for girls.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, these names will help you stand out from the crowd and make a statement on the field.

Choosing the perfect fantasy football name is important because it reflects your personality and sets the tone for your team.

It should be something that represents your love for the game and showcases your competitive spirit.

Whether you prefer a funny and lighthearted name or a fierce and intimidating one, we have options for every type of player.

So get ready to dominate the league with these fantastic fantasy football names for girls.

When coming up with a team name, it’s important to consider your favorite players, teams, or even pop culture references.

You can also play around with puns, alliterations, or clever wordplay to make your name more memorable. Don’t be afraid to get creative and think outside the box.

Remember, the goal is to have a name that stands out and leaves a lasting impression on your opponents.

So without further ado, let’s dive into the list of fantasy football names for girls that will make you the talk of the league.

Now that you have a better understanding of the importance of a great fantasy football name, it’s time to choose one that suits you.

Whether you want to show off your football knowledge, make a witty reference, or simply have a fun and catchy name, there’s something on this list for everyone.

So go ahead, pick a name that represents your passion for the game and get ready to dominate the fantasy football league!

Girls’ Fantasy Football Names

Firestar Stunner

Wenches in Trenches

Mahomes Depot

Steel Ladies

Football Party

Brady Gaga

Dis Gurleys On Fire

Femme Force Field

Strawberry Shakers

D Tacklebox

King Quon

Jersey Babes League

Brady N D Champ

Gunner Girlz

Baking in Owens

Runnin’ Back 2 Me

Dolce and Garoppolo

Bad Scrubs

Insta Karma

Project Run Back

Babes Got Brains

Beer N Barley

D Polka Dots

Atlanta Fighter Women

Beyond Sea

Dallas Cowgirl

Claypool Party

Stop Thielen Lies

Flowers of power

Armed Rodgery

Ring Leaders

Suicide Squad

To Khalil A Mockingbird

D Real McCoy

Tampa Bay Bubblies

Kalvin N Cobbs

Lady Beckham Jr

Lawrence & Order

The Pink Panthers

Los Angeles Romeos

Baby Shark

Pummel Kicks

Saturdays are for the girls

Hippie Chicks

Snake N Bakers

Whisper Wrestlers

Superbowl Babes

Natural Berth

Sandra Bullies

Hide N Zeke

Marvel Lamartic Universe

Team Athena

McCaffrley’s Coffee

Okey Dokey

Hurts so good

Girls' Fantasy Football Names

Best Girls’ Fantasy Football Names

Locker Room Ladies

Game Of Jones

Ta Quon Do

No Kiss N Thiel

Instant Kamara

Gridiron and Wine

Gronkey Kong

D Real Slim Sally

Punting Pussycats

Fire Ball Girls

Chucking Chicks

Butter Dough

Dynamite Dixen

Mrs. Cook

Karmari Cooper

The Devil Wears Prescott

Grim Game

Christian Soldiers

Dream Killas

Keep BeLe’Veon

Pitts Creek

Jesse XX

Miss Cissipi

Diamond Divas

Breaking Berrios

Detroit Lioness

Trench Wenches

Panting Pandas

Snow White

Fantasy Come True

Star Gazers

Texas Cowgirls

Mom Brady

Brown Eyed Snake

Sunday’s Best

Los Angeles Queens

Destiny Child

A Run 2 Remember

Moss alone

Low On Juice

Huddle Hussies

Big Cheese Stands

Beauty and the Beast

Lady’s Knights

Baby Hedgehog

Sideline Chick

Frank D Tank

Hall in Wonderland

Call Me Sally

Happy Goally Days

New York Je(au)tiful

Chicks Dig Da Pigskin

Dreams and nightmares

Chicago Mama Bears

Female Fantasy Football Name Generator

Diva Draft Picks

Hard Knock Life

Arizona Caretakers

Glitz and Blitz

Alvin N D Chick Monks

Barbarian Wives

Underground Burrow

Babes with Brains

Dunkin’ Darnold

Mean Girls

Wild Lips

A Fine Clay

Chicks In Heels

Lipstick Leatherheads


Bottle Kombat

My Breast Friends

Insta Grandma

D Lost Yard Raiders

Remember D Titans

Dak Prescott

Kansas City Heiress

Carbon Kate

Dream Killers

Soccer Scarlets

Jeremy Hillbillies

Homerun Braids

Ladies for Manning

Denver Momos

Zeke Contagion

Saquon 4 D Team

Don’t Thiel Ma Secret

Kamara Kiki

T.Y. So Much

Captain Marvel

Mile High Heels

Lazy Little Lamb

Queen Bees

Goff she goes

Sephora and Out

Another ‘Quon Bites the Dust

Quon Solo


Golden Phoenix

New Orleans Supergirls

Saving Kate Ryan

Washington Charmers

Dr. Mc Dobbins

Women Who Score

Zeke Of England

Maker Baker

Project McD


Der Dispenser

Badass Fantasy Football Girl Names

Aaron It Out

Hot 4 Watt

Pretty Moms Score

Toyota Quondra

Taylor Made

Green Bay Perfectionists

Lady Beckham Jr.

Girlz Rule Boyz Drool

Dark Force

Dez Dispenser

Sunny Sunday Morning

Star Tyreek

Lamar Wonders

Stafford Infection

Tua more shots please

9 Month Of Football

Kill Squad

JuJu Melon

Cupper Troopers

Toxic Mixon Wine

Southern Sweet Peas

Mean Gurleys

Hail Marys

Express Energy

Kung Shu Panda

Friday Night Tights

Goal Diaries

Shooting Stars

Team Matt Ryan

Miss Landry

Flaming Pink Flamingos

Old Schoolers

Sacks and the City

Hail[ey] the Queen

Minivan Mavens

Brittle Kittles

Lady’s Knights

The Watergirl

Steel On Heels

Kmet D Frog

Baltimore RaveAunts

In Her Endzone

Hidden Glory

Puts Brady

Dig Da Pigskin

Chunk Norris

Lacy’s Shoppers

Toxic Turtles

Donkey Kong

Foxy Divas


Toyota Kamara

Sweet Cheeks

(F)Lawrence Nightingale

Mile Hile Heels

Funny Girls Fantasy Football Names

Victorious Secret

Destiny’s Child

Dangerous Divas

Life’s a Mitch

Carolina Pink Panther

Theil Dem No

Kiss Begins


End Zone Divas

Kool Kickers

New England Philanthropists

Indianapolis Incredibles

Teddy Ladies


Tough Gurley Girl

Florida Seagulls

Los Angeles Mums

Hard Tacklers

Foles all night

Hot Locketts

Stampede Footers

D ForZeken

Inglorious Staffords

Champion Gilz


Rodger Wonders

Easy, Breesy, Beautiful!

Blue Sea Warriors


Masquerade Soccer

Helen of Troy

Lost City Raiders

Atomic Kicks

Cuddling Cougars

Fantasy Goddess

Tennessee Tiffanies

Golden Tate Warriors

Miss Daisy League

Got 99 problems but Fitz ain’t one

CeeDees and Cassettes

Lettuce N Pebbles

Faulk in our stars

Ice Spice Matt’s Nice

Sassy Seagulls

Buffalo Barbies

Burly Services

Brown Sugar Daddy

No Way Mahomes

Ladies and Edelman

Kissing Cousins

Creative Girls Fantasy Football Names

With Ma Hommies

D Angelina Joules

Girls on the Gridiron

Ella Homes

Texas Cougars

Angry Femmes

The Tacklebox

Pittsburgh Stunners

Best Barkley’s Bakers

Le’Veon Let Die

Damaged Hearts

Drawn and Quarterbacked

Fournetteflix and Chill

Take me Tua Disneyland

Cleveland Bright-eyes

Secret Beauties

Aaron’s Rod

How I Metcalf your mother

D Defending Champions

Gunner Gurlz

Leading Ladies

Runaway Brides

Sea Hotties

Addison in wonderland

Hook N Line

Brady Bunch

Keeping Up With Rodgers

Lying Eve

Snac Packers

Sunday’s greatest hits

Mighty Majesty

Balls 2 You

Houston Tenderhearted

Kungfu Kickers

Superball Babes

Can’t Touch Dis

Apple Bottom Turnovers

Super Awesome Blossoms

Bloodbath and Beyond

Ross the floss

Big Goal Bangers

Cincinnati Tigress

Bezz Friends

Julio Caesar

D Lone Rodgers

Lazy Farmers

Ovaries in Overtime

Lambo Babies

The Lost Yards

Helmet Crackers

Shaolin Chicks

Chubby Cheeks

Kylie Blinders

Rule Breakers

Big Mc Bills

Kissin’ Boots

Sherlock Mahomes

Creative Girls Fantasy Football Names

Reddit Girls Fantasy Football Names

Raiders Of The Lost City

Fetish Footballers

Winnin’ Houston

Girls only!

Denfensive Dolls


Dak N Yellow

Kyler Mommy

Lamar D Merrier

One Fine Clay

Friday Nite Tights

Chubbs Nobbs

Wooden Cup Winners

Hamler Dimes

New England Parrots

Philadelphia Aunties

Barkly Legal

Weeknd Carr Show


Green Babe Packers

Playing With The Boys

The Godwin Wife

The Sony Side Of Life

50 Shades of Murray

Alpha Females

Divas Don’t Shiva

Pat me if you can

Pink Panthers

San Francisco Super Woman

4AM in Wonderland

Baltimore Rave Aunts

A Newton Begins

Dr. Dakar

Diamond Rose

A Wayward Son

Saucy Sally

Homerun Babes

Rule Boyz

Jerry’s Ladies

Jacksonville Jelly Beans

Running Back to Me

Laces Out

Goal Line Defenders

Blitz N Glitz

Holy Mary

Rude Chicks

Baby got Dak

Watson In It 4 Me?

American popstar

Brown Barbies

Love Yourz

Gore Values

She’s The Man

It’s Cup 2 You

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Tips for Choosing Fantasy Football Names for Girls

1. Reflect Her Personality

When selecting a fantasy football name for a girl, it’s important to choose one that reflects her unique personality. Consider her interests, hobbies, or even her favorite players.

By incorporating elements that resonate with her, the name will feel more personal and meaningful.

2. Embrace Girl Power

Showcase the strength and empowerment of girls in the world of fantasy football.

Use names that celebrate femininity and highlight the girl power aspect of the game.

Incorporate words like “queen,” “warrior,” or “champion” to create a powerful and inspiring team name.

3. Play with Wordplay

Get creative with wordplay to come up with a catchy and clever fantasy football name.

Use puns, alliteration, or rhymes to make the name memorable and fun.

For example, “Touchdown Divas” or “Gridiron Goddesses” add a playful twist to the team name.

4. Incorporate Pop Culture References

Tap into the world of pop culture to find inspiration for a fantasy football name.

Whether it’s a reference to a favorite movie, TV show, or song, incorporating these elements can make the name more relatable and entertaining.

For instance, “Game of Throws” or “The Avengers of the Field” add a pop culture flair.

5. Show Team Spirit

Highlight the camaraderie and teamwork within the fantasy football league by choosing a name that reflects the collective spirit. Use words like “united,” “squad,” or “team” to emphasize the bond between the players.

For example, “The Gridiron Sisters” or “The United Divas” showcase the unity of the team.

6. Keep it Classy

While it’s important to have fun with the team name, it’s equally important to maintain a level of class and respect.

Avoid using derogatory or offensive terms and opt for names that are inclusive and uplifting. Remember, the goal is to create a positive and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

7. Test it Out

Before finalizing the fantasy football name, test it out by saying it aloud or sharing it with friends. Make sure it rolls off the tongue smoothly and resonates with others.

Getting feedback can help refine the name and ensure it’s a perfect fit for the girl’s fantasy football team.

8. Have Fun!

Above all, remember that fantasy football is meant to be a fun and enjoyable experience. Don’t stress too much about finding the perfect name.

Embrace the creativity and excitement that comes with choosing a team name and let the girl’s personality shine through!

Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing  Fantasy Football Names For Girls

Mistake 1: Choosing a Name That is Too Cliché

One common mistake when selecting fantasy football names for girls is opting for a name that is too cliché.

While it may be tempting to go for a name that is commonly associated with female football fans, such as “Gridiron Goddess” or “Football Diva,” these names can lack originality and creativity.

It’s important to choose a name that reflects your unique personality and interests, rather than relying on stereotypes.

Mistake 2: Using a Name That is Too Generic

Another mistake to avoid is selecting a fantasy football name that is too generic. Names like “Team Girl Power” or “Ladies of the Gridiron” may seem empowering, but they lack individuality.

It’s essential to choose a name that stands out from the crowd and showcases your own style and personality.

Consider incorporating specific football references or personal interests to make your team name more memorable.

Mistake 3: Ignoring Team Dynamics

One crucial aspect to consider when choosing a fantasy football name for girls is the dynamics of your team.

If you are part of a co-ed league or have male teammates, it’s important to select a name that is inclusive and doesn’t alienate anyone.

Avoid names that solely focus on femininity or exclude male participants. Instead, opt for a name that celebrates the diversity and camaraderie of your team.

Mistake 4: Neglecting Humor

Humor can be a powerful tool when it comes to selecting a fantasy football name for girls.

Neglecting to incorporate humor into your team name can be a missed opportunity to add some fun and lightheartedness to the game.

Consider puns, wordplay, or clever references that can bring a smile to your fellow competitors’ faces.

A witty and humorous team name can also help create a positive and enjoyable atmosphere within your league.

Mistake 5: Forgetting Longevity

When choosing a fantasy football name for girls, it’s important to think about longevity.

While a trendy or pop culture-inspired name may seem appealing at the moment, it may quickly become outdated or lose its relevance.

Opt for a name that can withstand the test of time and won’t feel stale after a season or two.

A timeless and enduring team name will continue to represent your team’s spirit and identity for years to come.

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