200 Marvelous Girl Names That Start With P

If you’re looking for girl names that start with P, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got hundreds of ideas for you, ranging from the classic to the modern, from the traditional to the unique.

No matter what you’re looking for, we’re sure you’ll find something that you love on our list.
Some of our favorite girl names that start with P include:





















Girl Names That Start With P

Some of the adorable girl names are Pearson, Paradise, Pierretta, Pearl, Precious.

Pamela – “honey”

Pallas – “Wisdom”

Pam – “Honey”

Pansy – “Referring to a flower”

Priscilla – “venerable”

Peace – “peace”

Presley – “priest’s meadow”

Paris – “heiress Paris Hilton”

Pru – “Sound judgment”

Prisca – “archaic ancient”

Prewitt – “Brave”

Pascale – “born at Easter”

Payal – “ankle decoration”

Parina – “Fairy”

Prutha – “Hand”

Palmer – “Palm tree”

Parker – “One who maintains a park”

Prune – “Plum”

Pietra – “rock”

Patrina – “Noble”

Polly – “Loved and star of the ocean”

Panacea – “Referring to the goddess of curing”

Persis – “Persian woman”

Patsy – “Noble”

Paula – “the English form of Paola”

What are a good P name?

Some of the good girl names are Philomena, Princess, Padma, Phyllis, Peggy.

Parker – “park keeper”

Pele – “Miracle”

Philberta – “glowing with love”

Promise – “promise”

Polina – “little stone”

Pia – “pious or devout”

Praise – “prayer”

Padget – “young servant”

Patrice – “Noble”

Perdita – “lost”

Penny – “One who weaves”

Pandia – “Brightness”

Phoenix – “Deep red”

Poesy – “a bunch of flowers”

Pari – “Fairy”

Philina – “Love”

Portland – “Near the port”

Petra – “rock”

Pia – “Religious”

Persephone – “she was the wife of Hades”

Patricia – “noble”

Phaedra – “glowing”

Panna – “Wisdom”

Peony – “healing”

Piper – “Flute”

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Rare Girl Names That Start With P

Some of the rare girl names are Pella, Philida, Patricia, Prescott, Persimmon.

Penelope – “she who weaves”

Payson – “Peace”

Phiona – “white or fair”

Peyton – “regal”

Parthenos – “Virgin”

Priyanka – “Lovable”

Patrice – “noble”

Petronella – “rock”

Parisa – “Fairy”

Perrie – “pear tree”

Poesy – “Poetry”

Pila – “Protection”

Perla – “pearl”

Paige – “One who helps”

Perlita – “Little pearl”

Pauline – “humble or small”

Porcia – “Guardian of pigs”

Persis – “a woman from Persia”

Patricia – “high-born the feminine form of Patrick”

Pille – “Wolf”

Paulina – “Humble”

Parish – “Nearby a church”

Parni – “Leaf”

Payton – “A warrior’s home”

Persephone – “Persephone was the goddess of spring”

What are common names that start with P?

Some of the common girl names are Pasha, Paget, Parson, Papillon, Peggie.

Panatis – “Referring to the goddess of weaving

Pierrette – “stone”

Pandora – “Gifted”

Pearl – “Small bead”

Pearlina – “precious”

Portia – “an offering”

Pansy – “The name of the flower”

Padma – “lotus flower”

Pax – “peace”

Panphila – “love”

Pernilla – “Rock and stone”

Priya – “beloved”

Phyllis – “green bough”

Prudence – “Sound judgment”

Parker – “park keeper”

Paden – “Royal”

Phoenix – “deep red”

Pascale – “Easter”

Petrina – “Stone”

Pollyanna – “sea star”

Paige – “page to a lord”

Patience – “a word for the virtue used as a first name”

Passion – “strong desire”

Pinkie – “of good health”

Patton – “Son of Patrick”

Girl Names That Start With P

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What are the unique name for baby girl?

Some of the unique girl names are Petra, Pixie, Phemie, Presley, Phoebe.

Percie – “Piercing valley”

Pim – “Protection”

Park – “Cypress tree”

Petal – “leaf”

Paisley – “church”

Petra – “rock”

Paloma – “dove”

Perpetua – “lasting”

Prima – “First-born child”

Payton – “fighting man’s estate”

Pestu – “Referring to goddess of light”

Pierce – “Rock”

Palmyra – “City of Palm trees”

Patience – “Patient”

Patterson – “Son of Patrick”

Pura – “Pure”

Philomena – “Friend”

Paza – “golden”

Promise – “Virtuous”

Powell – “Son of Hywel”

Pheodora – “Gift”

Porsha – “pig”

Posy – “a small bunch”

Poppy – “red flower”

Peta – “Golden Eagle”


There are many great girl names that start with the letter P. Any of these names would be a great choice for you!

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