220 Prettiest Girl Names That Start With N

If you’re looking for girl names that start with N, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got hundreds of ideas for you, ranging from the classic to the modern, from the traditional to the unique.

No matter what you’re looking for, we’re sure you’ll find something that you love on our list.
Some of our favorite girl names that start with N include:





















Girl Names That Start With N

Some of the stylish girl names are Neoma, Neusa, Noe, Nayeli, Naeva.

Navy – “dark blue”

Norrma – “Norsewoman”

Nirmitha – “A creation”

Nijah – “Success”

Noella – “born on Christmas Day”

Nike – “Greek goddess of victory”

Nashita – “Full of life and energy”

Nara – “green and beautiful”

Nastia – “short for Anastasia”

Narinaa – “Fresh and zealous”

Nancy – “grace”

Nisha – “night”

Naseema – “Breeze”

Neima – “pleasant or agreeable”

Nuzairah – “One who warns”

Nidhipa – “Wealth or treasure”

Nemu – “dream”

Nabilah – “noble”

Naitee – “destiny”

Nivita – “creative”

Nikki – “victorious people”

Normina – “from the north”

Niya – “shine, purpose”

Nadine – “hope”

Nasreen – “Field of roses”

Nafissa – “A valuable gem”

Novalee – “new field”

Nasya – “A miracle by God”

Namana – “Salutation”

Neneh – “little girl”

Unique Girl Names That Start With N

Some of the unique girl names are Nutan, Nicolette, Nenne, Natalia, Nikhila.

Nema – “thread”

Neela – “horn and dark blue”

Nerissa – “Born from the sea”

Niksha – “Winner”

Noor – “Precious gem”

Nilaya – “Abode”

Nara – “charming or gracious”

Naamagal – “Great poetess or orator”

Nina – “grace”

Nilofer – “strong”

Nia – “bright”

Nurayda – “One who is intelligent”

Norina – “light”

Natasha – “Christmas Day”

Nirmala – “Pure”

Nachini – “One who is liked by all”

Nudairah – “Uniqueness”

Nyx – “nigh”

Nile – “champion”

Neevitha – “One who is creative”

Nalika – “Lotus flower”

Norma – “the queen of beauty”

Nissa – “friendly elf”

Nicole – “Victory of people”

Nova – “new”

Nithara – “A treasure”

Noor – “light”

Neeti – “Good conduct; policy”

Nidarsha – “Valuable; disciplined”

Nadia – “hope”

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English Names Starting With N

Some of the English girl names are Noomi, Nora, Nya, Nilsine, Nagisa.

Nasrin – “she who pushes forward”

Nellisa – “Light”

Nilda – “one who listens”

Nerthus – “The Goddess of fertility”

Nithilam – “As pure as a pearl”

Nadia – “hope and the beginning”

Nasheed – “One who is beautiful”

Neelakshi – “Girl with blue eyes”

Nuri – “flaming lights”

Nanelle – “grace”

Nikita – “moral and victorious”

Nancy – “Grace of God”

Nafiah – “In abundance”

Nellie – “light”

Naajiya – “Achiever of salvation”

Nishtha – “Dedication; sincerity”

Navi – “kindness”

Neon – “new or strong”

Nirali – “One of a kind”

Nikita – “Triumphant”

Nancy – “grace”

Nagmah – “Melodious tune or song”

Nefertiti – “beautiful woman”

Naksha – “A star”

Nastia – “one who sings”

Nannetta – “grace”

Nila – “dark blue”

Nyasiah – “Most beautiful”

Nicola – “victory”

Namid – “star dancer”

What are some good name for N?

Some of the good girl names are Naithika, Nathalia, Nihasini, Nachi, Noni.

Niriksha – “Hope”

Neicy – “niece”

Nann – “to dare, grace, and favor”

Nylah – “smile, river”

Nan – “grace”

Nalayani – “A river”

Naveena – “New; young”

Nathalie – “Christmas”

Nora – “inspiring awe and honor”

Nona – “ninth”

Neona – “new moon”

Nabanita – “A star; a new life”

Nasmika – “beautiful rose”

Nanon – “grace”

Noyona – “Eye”

Nell – “light”

Nehaswi – “One who always smiles”

Naomi – “pleasantness”

Natacha – “pretty flower”

Nasim – “breeze”

Namitha – “Obeisant”

Noemi – “pleasant”

Norabel – “Respectable”

Nashat – “Happiness; youth”

Nanette – “she who bears the wine of life”

Nika – “shortened form of Veronica”

Natsume – “summer and sprout”

Nazaha – “Integrity; holiness”

Nithina – “A beautiful girl”

Naaznin – “Beautiful”

Girl Names That Start With N

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Spanish Girl Names That Start With N

Some of the Spanish girl names are Neala, Nordica, Najeeba, Nekana, Nicole.

Nadie – “hope”

Natasha – “born on Christmas Day”

Neriyaal – “One who has a good character”

Narogi – “Having good health”

Nahele – “forest”

Noelle – “Noel”

Nuala – “lamb or fair”

Nilasha – “A new beginning”

Naruvi – “A fragrant flower”

Newt – “short for Newton”

Nidhi – “Treasure; wealth”

Nimisha – “Twinkle of the eye”

Norma – “from the north”

Nusheen – “Agreeable; pleasant”

Nishangi – “Divine; beautiful”

Nashida – “A student”

Naheeda – “Beautiful”

Nashmia – “A flower garden”

Noah – “to rest and comfort”

Nettle – “refers to a person who is from land with Nettle”

Nasiha – “Giver of good advice”

Nariah – “bright light”

Nanthiya – “To flourish”

Nawfalah – “Benevolent; beautiful”

Nada – “hope and generosity”

Nimita – “Certain”

Nevaeh – “heaven”

Noelani – “mist of heaven”

Nixie – “water sprite”

Naia – “boat or flowing”


There are many great girl names that start with the letter N. Any of these names would be a great choice for you!

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