180 Cute Girl Names That Start With I

If you’re looking for girl names that start with I, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got hundreds of ideas for you, ranging from the classic to the modern, from the traditional to the unique.

No matter what you’re looking for, we’re sure you’ll find something that you love on our list.
Some of our favorite girl names that start with I include:











Girl Names That Start With I

Some of the pretty girl names are Ingmar, Iman, Irie, Inocencia, Ingrid.

Ilana – “tree”

Istred – “divinely beautiful”

Inocenta – “innocent”

Iolanthe – “violet”

Imelda – “strong fighter”

Isis – “most powerful goddess of ancient”

Ildiko – “battle”

Isra – “journey at night”

Idea – “heart hardworking”

Ilona – “beautiful”

Ilyse – “noble”

Idaleen – “prosperous”

Infinity – “forever”

Ivanka – “God is gracious”

Iaera – “nymph”

Indira – “beauty”

Ishika – “arrow”

Idris – “fiery leader or prophet”

Iliana – “Trojan”

Ishtar – “Babylonian goddess of love”

Ianna – “God is gracious”

Idalina – “hardworking”

Ippolita – “freer of horses”

Iffet – “virtue”

Isel – “island”

Unique Girl Names That Start With L

Some of the unique girl names are Izna, Iseu, lIshita, Ilma, Ifra.

Itzel – “star of the aurora sky”

Ilma – “air”

Irsia – “rainbow”

Ipsa – “desire ambition”

Iesha – “prosperous”

Italia – “of Italy”

Iridiana – “rainbow”

Islene – “dream; vision”

Inej – “faithful”

Ismena – “wise”

Indira – “beauty”

Ivalyn – “God is gracious”

Innes – “island”

Iara – “small butterfly”

Idra – “fig-tree”

Ivy – “climbing plant”

Ireland – “myth, and mists”

Ibolya – “violet”

Ifra – “adept”

Ituha – “sturdy oak”

Isla – “an island”

Inkeri – “hero’s daughter”

Iphigenia – “born to strength”

Imogen – “maiden”

Ishana – “prosperous”

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Cute Girl Names That Start With I

Some of the cute girl names are Ilka, Ivonne, Irelyn, Ibha, Isana.

Ignacia – “fiery”

Issa – “Jesus”

Inesita – “pure”

Iora – “gold”

Imani – “belief or faith”

Israel – “The Western Asian country”

Iba – “pride good sense”

Ila – “from the island”

Ilaria – “happy”

Inola – “black fox”

Inés – “pure”

Ismay – “loved”

Ira – “full-grown or watchful”

Iolanda – “violet”

Irina – “peace”

Isabel – “God is my oath”

Irene – “peace”

Irita – “rainbow”

Izel – “unique”

Isha – “woman”

Irma – “world”

India – “river”

Ilsa – “noble”

Irwina – “board friend”

Ita – “thirst”

What are some rarest girl name?

Some of the rarest girl names are Ishani, Indrani, InaraIlaria, Ilona.

Itzayana – “a gift of God”

Iris – “flower”

Indali – “powerful”

Iulia – “young”

Ignatia – “fiery one”

Inessa – “pure”

Ilhan – “beautiful voice”

Izarra – “star”

Ica – “light”

Ily – “I love you”

Iona – “island”

Islah – “reform”

Isotta – “fair lady”

Idina – “wealthy friend”

Izusa – “white stone”

Izumi – “spring”

Ivette – “yew”

Isana – “strong willed; ruler”

Irene – “peace”

Ifetayo – “love brings joy”

Inga – “Ing’s protection”

Isolde – “to rule”

Idalia – “behold the sun”

Isley – “the hazel grove”

Ildiko – “fierce warrior”

Girl Names That Start With I

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What are names that start with I?

Some of the cool girl names are Ishtar, Ibbani, IvaIlana, Ingrid.

Iba – “exalted”

Inca – “people of the Quechuan valley”

Irina – “peace”

Isolde – “ice battle”

Ilka – “bright one”

Isela – “devoted to God”

Ianthe – “sea-nymph”

Ivory – “white”

Ingelise – “Ing’s grace”

Ines – “pure”

Idra – “fig tree”

Imelda – “strong fighter”

Iola – “dawn cloud”

Isra – “journey of the night”

Irsia – “iris flower”

Izusa – “white stone”

Izdihar – “flourishing”

Igraine – “the mother of Arthur”

Iliana – “God has answered”

Ivanya – “God is gracious”

Iza – “God is my oath”

Istas – “snow”

Ila – “from the island”

Iole – “violet-colored dawn”

Idonna – “renewed love”


There are many great girl names that start with the letter I. Any of these names would be a great choice for you!

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