185 Alluring and Cute Girl Names That Start With F

If you’re looking for girl names that start with F, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got hundreds of ideas for you, ranging from the classic to the modern, from the traditional to the unique.

No matter what you’re looking for, we’re sure you’ll find something that you love on our list.
Some of our favorite girl names that start with F include:
















Girl Names That Start With F

Some of the catchy girl names are Freja, Felicity, Faith, Fanya, Felicity.

Francesca – “Frenchman”

Faele – “one who is like the dawn”

Falyn – “leader”

Faziah – “the winner”

Feechi – “Worships God”

Frieda – “peaceful ruler”

Franklyn – “free person”

Fran – “free one”

Fable – “tale or story”

Forever – “never-ending”

Fozia – “a woman who is triumphant and successful”

Fulvia – “blonde one; a Roman family name”

Fenella – “white-shouldered”

Fidelma – “unknown”

Farrah – “Happiness”

Fraidy – “bear”

Fern – “the name of a plant”

Flora – “flower”

Fonda – “to melt”

Felelolie – “girl”

Fern – “refers to the green leafy plant”

Fallon – “superior”

Flash – “refers to a bright light beaming”

Fatou – “to abstain”

Favor – “Approval”

Pretty Girl Names That Start With F

Some of the pretty girl names are Fatoumata, Flavia, Flavia, Flori, Fortunata.

Fahimah – “astute”

Fonda – “deep-rooted and profound”

Freddie – “elf and peaceful”

Fifi – “a shortened version of Josephine”

Flora – “flower”

Fantine – “childlike”

Fiza – “breeze”

Felina – “cat-like”

Fenix – “dark red”

Feodora – “gift from God”

Fia – “fiery one’

Florida – “an Easter flower blooming”

Forba – “headstrong”

Faiza – “she who is victorious”

Felina – “lucky Or like a cat”

Flavia – “yellow”

Freddie – “peac”

Faydell – “fairy of the valley”

Fianna – “fair-haired hero”

Fabianna – “form of Fabian”

Flossie – “blossoming”

Flannery – “red-haired”

Fayme – “reputation, public esteem, acclaim”

Finleigh – “Fair-haired hero”

Fariza – “light”

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English Girl Names That Start With F

Some of the English girl names are Faye, Fedella, Faustine, Frances, Fineena.

Felix – “happy or lucky”

Fauna – “Young deer”

Fabunni – “given by God or a gift”

Fiadh – “wild”

Fairly – “from the bull’s meadow”

Feba – “she is a source of light”

Ffion – “foxglove”

Frieda – “peace”

Fifi – “May Jehovah add to the family”

Filia – “Friendship”

Faye – “fairy”

Fallon – “descended from a leader”

Fani – “free”

Felicia – “happy”

Fiora – “little flower”

Farran – “adventurous”

Fable – “legend”

Felicia – “Lucky and fortunate”

Fajr – “daybreak”

Falala – “born into abundance”

Fifer – “flute player”

Farhanah – “overjoyed”

Fynch – “a fowl or small bird”

Fatima – “chaste and motherly”

Feechi – “a woman who worships the Almighty”

What are unique names that start with F?

Some of the unique girl names are Faline, Faith, Fabia, Feiga, Faiza.

Fawn – “Young deer”

Fedella – “faithful”

Frigg – “who was associated with marriage and prophecy”

Frigg – “beloved”

Francine – “variation of Francis”

Florencia – “to flower, or to bloom”

Feliciana – “lucky”

Frauke – “little tree”

Falala – “born in abundance”

Fadilah – “Virtue”

Fairen – “beautiful”

Fiametta – “Little fire”

Fenn – “who live in low-lying marshes”

Fayola – “walks with honour”

Fiona – “fair”

Foster – “guardian of the forests”

Fayola – “honorable and fortunate”

Favour – “favour of the divine”

Furaha – “delight”

Fidelis – “faithful”

Fukayna – “intelligent and knowledgeable”

Fiora – “little flower”

Fawn – “young deer”

Fleur – “flower”

Fallon – “in charge”

Girl Names That Start With F

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What are the most popular F names?

Some of the popular girl names are Fire, Fionnuala, Fleur, Ffion, Fanny.

Fiorella – “Flower”

Frances – “free person”

Filia – “daughter”

Fleetwood – “referring to the town in Lancashire”

Fawn – “a young deer”

Fumiko – “help someone”

Fenella – “fair-shouldered”

Frederica – “Peaceful ruler”

Faithlynn – “from the lake”

Freya – “noble woman”

Faithlyn – “loyalty and belief”

Fernanda – “adventurous”

Fantine – “child”

Falon – “in charge”

Fionnuala – “shoulder”

Fanta – “beautiful day”

Faizah – “victory”

Faele – “one who is like the dawn”

Fradel – “peace of mind”

Felicity – “luck and good fortune”

Frost – “the winter frost”

Fay – “someone with supernatural properties”

Faraja – “comfortable life”

Fatiha – “winner of hearts”

Fabia – “a woman who is a bean farmer”


There are many great girl names that start with the letter F. Any of these names would be a great choice for you!

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