200 Mysterious Girl Names Ending in ia

If you’re looking for girl names ending with Ia, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got hundreds of ideas for you, ranging from the classic to the modern, from the traditional to the unique.

No matter what you’re looking for, we’re sure you’ll find something that you love on our list.
Some of our favorite girl names ending with ia include:











Girl Names Ending in Ia

Some of the good girl names are Camellia, Aria, Fia, Lillia, Antonia.

Eugenia – “wellborn”

Sia – “victory”

Aalia – “to ascend”

Gloria – “glory”

Kaia – “to rejoice or sea”

Euphemia – “fair speech”

Melania – “black”

Laetitia – “gladness, happiness”

Delia – “born on the island of Delos”

Lydia – “woman from Lydia”

Calpurnia – “chalice; cup”

Georgia – “farmer”

Ria – “small river

Valeria – “to be strong”

Natalia – “birthday [of the Lord]”

Maia – “courage”

Letitia – “joy, gladness”

Abelia – “sigh, breath”

Dahlia – “native flower of Mexico”

Nadia – “hope; tender, delicate”

Anastasia – “resurrection”

Calia – “good or beautiful person”

Victoria – “victory”

Alivia – “Variation of Olivia”

Kaia – “pure”

Maria – “of the sea”

Gaia – “rejoicing”

Zosia – “wisdom”

Saskia – “Saxon”

Pretty Girl Names Ending in Ia

Some of the pretty girl names are Felicia, Aria, Leia, Sia, Virginia.

Zia – “grain; light, splendor; aunt”

Zelia – “zealous, ardent”

Acacia – “thorny”

Julia – “soft-haired”

Alicia – “noble natured”

Cornelia – “horn”

Alexia – “defending men”

Kezia – “cassia tree”

Octavia – “eighth”

Hypatia – “highest, supreme”

Gia – “God is gracious”

Maria – “drop of the sea, bitter, or beloved”

Aloisia – “famous fighter”

Julia – “youthful or sky father”

Amelia – “work”

Elia – “Jehovah is God”

Hestia – “hearth, fireside”

Titania – “giant, great one

Odelia – “I will praise the Lord or wealth”

Victoria – “victory”

Marcia – “warlike”

Wisteria – “Wister’s flower”

Sofia – “wisdom”

Daria – “kingly or possess well”

Olivia – “olive tree”

Shia – “gift of god”

Zenobia – “force of Zeus”

Gioia – “joy”

Arcadia – “region offering peace and contentment”

Vivia – “life”

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Cute Girl Names Ending in Ia

Some of the cute girl names are Lilia, Theophania, Talia, Amalia, Gaia.

Flavia – “golden, blond”

Asteria – “star”

Nuria – “fire of the Lord”

Adelphia – “dearest sister”

Nadia – “hope”

Lydia – “beautiful one”

Magnolia – “Magnol’s flower”

Aleia – “heavens, highborn, exalted”

Forsythia – “Forsyth’s flower”

Yesenia – “floral”

Claudia – “lame; enclosure”

Cecelia – “blind”

Mia – “mine or bitter”

Magnolia – “affect”

Alaia – “happy”

Melia – “work”

Virginia – “maiden”

Ilaria – “cheerful, happy”

Cassia – “cinnamon”

Livia – “blue, envious”

Gia – “God’s gracious gift”

Alessia – “defender”

Olympia – “from Mount Olympus”

Hestia – “burn”

Atalia – “the Lord is exalted”

Columbia – “land of Columbus”

Anastasia – “resurrection”

Lucia – “light”

Idalia – “behold the sun”

Ottilia – “prosperous”

What name ends with Ia?

Some of the best girl names are Malia, Cecilia, Talia, Theodosia, Adelia.

Xenia – “hospitable, welcoming”

Mia – “ocean goddess”

Amalia – “work”

Lia – “weary”

Acadia – “idyllic place”

Adalia – “noble one”

Alia – “supreme, exalted”

Petunia – “trumpet-shaped flower”

Malia – “bitter”

Laia – “sweet-speaking”

Valencia – “brave, strong”

Natalia – “Christmas day”

Avia – “bird; God is my father”

Alexandria – “defender of mankind”

Dia – “love; lamp; heavenly; day”

Atria – “entry hall”

Alessia – “defending warrior”

Portia – “pig, hog or doorway”

Eulalia – “sweetly speaking”

Kia – “season’s beginning”

Tania – “belonging to the house of Tatius”

Cecilia – “blind”

Maia – “mother”

Aurelia – “the golden one”

Alexandria – “defending men”

Sylvia – “from the forest”

Nazia – “a woman of whom you can be proud”

Iria – “peace”

Ophelia – “help”

Athalia – “the Lord is exalted”

Girl Names Ending in Ia

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Baby Girl Names Ending in Ia

Some of the amazing baby girl names are Celia, Dalia, Asia, Sofia, Emilia.

Tia – “joy”

Emilia – “rival”

Theia – “goddess, godly”

Amaia – “high place or end”

Elysia – “from Elysium”

Pia – “from Mount Olympus”

Alivia – “descendant of the ancestor”

Annamaria – “drop of the sea, bitter, or beloved”

Katia – “pure”

Junia – “born in June”

Sequoia – “sparrow”

Sylvia – “forest”

Mahalia – “tenderness, affection”

Giulia – “youthful”

Alyvia – “olive tree”

Celestia – “heavenly”

Octavia – “eighth”

Sophronia – “sensible, prudent”

Dahlia – “Dahl’s flower”

Tricia – “noble, patrician”

Zhavia – “gift of God”

Caia – “to rejoice”

Nia – “resolve; brilliance”

Ambrosia – “Immortal”

Thalia – “to flourish”

Silvia – “from the woods”

Nia – “bright”

Sophia – “wisdom”

Alia – “noble”

Zinnia – “Zinn’s flower”


There are many great girl names ending with the letter Ia. Any of these names would be a great choice for you!

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