241 Funny Fantasy Hockey Names

Funny Fantasy Hockey Names are a great way to add some humor and creativity to your fantasy hockey team.

Whether you’re playing with friends or in a competitive league, having a funny team name can make the game even more enjoyable.

In this article, we’ll provide you with a list of hilarious fantasy hockey names and some tips on how to come up with your own unique and funny team name.

Having a funny team name can help you stand out from the crowd and show off your sense of humor.

It can also create a fun and lighthearted atmosphere among your fellow fantasy hockey players. So why not add some laughter to the game?

When it comes to choosing a funny fantasy hockey name, the possibilities are endless.

You can play around with puns, pop culture references, or even incorporate hockey-related jokes. The key is to be creative and think outside the box.

Not only can a funny team name bring a smile to your face, but it can also intimidate your opponents.

A clever and witty team name can give you a psychological advantage and make your opponents underestimate your skills.

So don’t be afraid to get creative and have some fun with your team name!

Funny Fantasy Hockey Names

Benn There Doan That

Paille Rider

It Doesn’t Maatta

I’m Bettman

Ennis the Menace

Penalty Kill Pioneers

Saad Excuse

Faceoff Fanfare

Ice Enigmas

The Backcheck Bandits

Where the Streits Have No Names

Absolute Prust

The Rink Raiders

That’s a Load of Jarnkrok

Pekka Heads

Puck Pursuit

Puck Prodigies

Rinkside Rebels

The Faceoff Fanatics

Power Play Pioneers

The Hat-Trick Hooligans

The Puck Pioneers

The Rinkside Renegades

Penalty Kill Kings

The Icebound Avengers

The Puck Patrol

Bros Before Ahos

No Regretzkys

Power Play Perfectionists

Ice Warriors

Dumba and Dumber

The Icemen

Glass of Marleau

Urbom Cowboy

The Blue Line Brigade

Dropping the Gloves

Flippula You Off

The One-Timers

The Crosby Show

Rendezvous with Ramo

The Icicle Kings

Scary Barrie

Doan and Out

Semyon Says

The Hat-Trick Heroes

North Kariya

Moves Like Jagr

Baby’s Got Backlund

You Malkin to Me?

The Checkmate Champions

Faceoff Fanatics

Funny Fantasy Hockey Names

Best Funny Fantasy Hockey Name Ideas

Probert Etiquette

Not Your Stepan Stone

Sedin in Limbo

Gudas Gold

Ice Age Avengers

Kane is Able

The Stickhandling Sorcerers

Valley of the Dowells

The Rink Rulers

Strong Coffey

The Ice Monarchs

Orr Diggers

Saad Sack

Baby’s Goc Back

Nikitin Fit

The Ice Kings

The Goalie Guild

Blue Line Blockade

Giroux Your Own Way

Phaneuf Said

Stick Wizards

The Blue Line Breakers

Boll Movement

Legwands of the Fall

Tater Tots

Raanta and Rave

Slapshot Showtime

Accidental Turris

Getzlaf My Cloud

Hotel Ruhwedel

Doan Stop Believin’

Rust Never Sleeps

The Power Play Protectors

Malkin Mind Meld

Bjugstad Bites

Samsonov and Delilah

The Slap Shot Sorcerers

The Blue Line Battalion


Mad Heeter

The Netminder Nomads

The Zamboni Zealots

Coyle and Strike

The Ice Guardians

Lafleur Power

The Hat-Trick Heralds

Rink Royalty

Chicken Pacioretty

Arcobello de Triumph

Never Mind the Pulocks

Best Funny Fantasy Hockey Name Ideas

Unique Funny Fantasy Hockey Names

Blue Line Bandits

Toews in the Water

The Goalie Guardians

Too Fehr Gone

The Faceoff Freaks

A Gaunce of Prevention

The Rink Rascals

Dark Matta

Semyon & Garfunkel

Weiss Guys

The Slapshot Sultans

Unknown Legwand

Dropping Klefboms

Rotating Staal

Erixon Valdez

The Netminder Ninjas

Back That Asham Up

Reto Rooters

The Ott Man Out

The Slapshot Syndicate

Benn Laden

Voodoo Dowells

The Saad Cafe

The Luongo Run

Doan Bring Me Down

Puck Possessors

Gionta Fly Now

The Stick Swingers

Doughty Deeds

The Goalie Gurus

Little Pionk Houses

The Penalty Kill Pros

Hat-Trick Harbingers

At The Helm

Going Luongo

Trouba Doors

Crash Test Domi

The Puck Pounders

The Zamboni Wizards

The Barch is Back

Sittin’ On (The Dach of the Bay)

Hard Boyled Eggs

Up and Etem

D’yer Makar

Pardy Like a Rock Star

Netminder Ninjas

Lazar Bomba

Frozen Fury

Coffey Break

The Hockey Hotshots

Catchy Funny Fantasy Hockey Names

Woo Letang Clan

The Puck Prowlers

Icebound Icemen

Puck-Pounding Prodigies

It Doesn’t Matta

Dzingel Berries

Whole Latta Love

Hull & Oates

Malkin In The Middle

The Stickwork Stars

Frozen Frenzy

Chronicles of Rittich

Fehr and Away

The Kessel Run

The Icebound Intruders

Dateline Predators

Holy Roy

The Luongo Shot

Forget Parise

Puck Pursuit Patrol

Weekend at Bernier’s

The Vlasic Pickles

The Hockey Horde

The Ice Invaders

Survive and Prospal

Mother Puckers

Biscuit Brigade

Isaac Anisimov

Frozen Overlords

I’m Malkin Here

The Perfect Strome

I Just Met You, This is Krejci

Doan of the Dead

Dark Maatta

The Netminder Nation

The Icemen Cometh

Eichel Tower

Stalock 13

The Breakaway Brigade

Hellebuyck Girl

Hiller High Water

Seguin Genesis

Goon Squad

The Vezina Monologues

I Hertl Myself Today

Carle of the Wild

Winner Winner Steen Dinner

Power Play Protectors

Netminder Nomads

No Rest for the Fleury

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Tips for Funny Fantasy Hockey Names

1. Incorporate Puns and Wordplay

When coming up with funny fantasy hockey names, don’t be afraid to get punny!

Incorporate wordplay and clever puns related to hockey or your favorite players. For example, you could go for “Puck Norris” or “Ice Ice Baby.”

2. Use Player Names Creatively

Get creative with the names of your favorite hockey players. Combine their names with funny adjectives or phrases to create hilarious team names.

For instance, you could go for “The Mighty McPuckers” or “The Slapshot Superstars.”

3. Embrace Pop Culture References

Tap into the world of pop culture and incorporate references from movies, TV shows, or music into your fantasy hockey team names.

This adds an extra layer of humor and makes your team stand out. How about “The Zamboni Avengers” or “The Game of Sticks and Pucks”?

4. Get Silly with Hockey Terms

Have some fun with the terminology of hockey by twisting it into funny team names.

Play around with words like “slapshot,” “power play,” or “hat trick” to create humorous combinations. Consider names like “The Slapstick Slappers” or “The Hat Trick Hooligans.”

5. Mash Up Different Sports

Combine the world of hockey with other sports to create unique and funny team names.

Mix and match terms from different sports to come up with something like “The Hockey Hoopsters” or “The Puckin’ Pigskin Pros.”

6. Go for Absurdity

Don’t be afraid to go completely absurd with your fantasy hockey team names. Embrace the ridiculous and create names that are sure to make everyone laugh.

How about “The Flying Zamboni Unicorns” or “The Slapshot Squirrels of Doom”?

7. Keep it Clean and Respectful

While it’s important to be funny, remember to keep your team names clean and respectful.

Avoid using offensive or derogatory language, as it can ruin the fun for others. You can still be hilarious without crossing any boundaries.

8. Test it Out

Before finalizing your funny fantasy hockey name, test it out on friends or fellow fantasy hockey enthusiasts. See if it elicits a chuckle or a smile.

Getting feedback can help you gauge the humor and effectiveness of your chosen name.

9. Have Fun and Be Creative

Above all, have fun and let your creativity flow when coming up with funny fantasy hockey names.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and let your imagination run wild. The more unique and humorous your team name, the more memorable it will be!

Mistakes to Avoid Choosing Funny Fantasy Hockey Names

Mistake 1: Lack of Creativity

One common mistake when choosing a funny fantasy hockey name is a lack of creativity.

Many players simply opt for generic names or use the same old puns that have been used a thousand times before.

To stand out and make your team name truly funny, it’s important to think outside the box and come up with something unique.

Mistake 2: Offensive or Inappropriate Names

Another mistake to avoid is choosing offensive or inappropriate names.

While humor is subjective, it’s important to consider the feelings and sensibilities of your fellow players.

Using derogatory language or making jokes that may be offensive to certain groups of people can create a negative atmosphere and ruin the fun for everyone.

Mistake 3: Obscure References

Using obscure references that only a select few will understand can also be a mistake.

While it may seem clever to reference a niche inside joke or a specific moment in hockey history, if the majority of your league doesn’t get it, the humor will fall flat.

It’s best to choose a name that can be appreciated by a wider audience.

Mistake 4: Lengthy and Complicated Names

Avoid choosing lengthy and complicated names that are hard to remember or pronounce.

While it may be tempting to come up with a name that includes multiple puns or references, it can become cumbersome and lose its comedic impact.

Keep it simple and snappy to ensure that your team name is easily recognizable and memorable.

Mistake 5: Lack of Context

Lastly, failing to provide any context or explanation for your funny fantasy hockey name can be a mistake.

While the name may be hilarious to you, others may not understand the joke without some additional information.

Consider adding a brief description or a clever tagline to give your team name that extra comedic punch.

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