200 Creative and Cool Forge Name Ideas

If you’re looking for a name for your forge, there are plenty of options out there. In order to come up with creative and meaningful forge names, you must first brainstorm a few ideas. But before you settle on anything, it might be helpful to think about what your forge’s purpose will be. In this article we look at the various ways of naming a forge.

First, it’s important to consider the purpose of your forge. It’s possible that the name of your forge will determine the type of forge you build. For example, if you are building a redstone-only forge, then it might be helpful to name it such as “Redstone Forge. It will be easier for you to recognize it as the type of forge that it is. But this is not the only way to name a forge. You can also name it based on what it does, or what you want it to do. This manner of naming a forge is a little more flexible. It’s also important to consider the name you will use for your own personal use. This is because if you don’t name it, then there won’t be anything to refer to it by when you want to craft something with it.

Secondly, you may want to name your forge in a way that is specific to you. This is because you may want to find a specific type of item in the forge. For example, if you are a hunter and need to craft ammunition for your bow, then it would be helpful to name it such as “Bow Forge. This way, you can find it easily. The name you choose for your forge does not need to be long, or complicated . It just needs to be descriptive, and specific.

Forge Name Ideas

  • Blazing Blacksmiths
  • Anvil Crafts
  • The Cobalt Forge
  • The Iron Metalsmith
  • Stonewall Iron
  • Teknik Design
  • Central Park
  • The Ancient Anvil
  • Underhill Forge
  • Knife & Metal
  • Alf’s Blacksmith
  • Nelson‘s Ironworks
  • Ancient Accent
  • Wagga‘s Ironworks
  • Allaire State Park
  • Iron Awe Craft
  • Fire & Brimstone
  • Hammer Craft
  • Frontier Forge
  • Smelt Art

Famous Forge Names

  • East And Cast
  • Jackson Blacksmith
  • Metal Craftsman
  • Blacksmith Styles
  • Blacksmiths Galore
  • Harmony Ironworks
  • Iron Decor
  • Ore Restore
  • Blazing Trails
  • Doctors Iron
  • The Metal Petal
  • Heavy Metal Works
  • Titan Scabbard
  • The Clamor Shop
  • Hurst Hard Knitting
  • Ornamental Iron
  • Elko Blacksmith
  • Hometown Coin
  • Hot Stuff
  • The Storm Forge

Cool Forge Names

  • Blackguard Armory
  • Squeal of Steel
  • Furnace Minded
  • Chestnut Forge
  • Country Metalcrafts
  • Almighty Blacksmiths
  • Seymour‘s Ironworks
  • Custom Iron
  • Champion‘s Iron
  • The Iron Dragon
  • Masterworks Bullseye
  • Moore’s Blacksmith
  • Blacksmiths Ink
  • The Smithy Team
  • Targa Craft
  • Blacksmith Engines
  • The Blacksmiths
  • Molds And Hammers
  • Iron In The Fire
  • Nerves of Steel

What are some good forge name ideas?

  • All Striking Crafts
  • Welding Fabrication
  • Hilltop Blacksmith
  • Blacksmith Bower
  • Magruder Blacksmith
  • Horse Shoe Blacksmith
  • Battle Gear Art
  • Metal Trades
  • Rock Together
  • Ore Else
  • Phoenix Blacksmith
  • Metalworks of Art
  • Blacksmith By Hand
  • The Smelt Celt
  • Crush Craft
  • Secret Metalworks
  • Pro Art Design
  • Beach Blacksmith
  • Hopewell Furnace
  • Matter Of Metal

Names For Blacksmiths

  • Sword in the Forge
  • Brass Bellows
  • Forging Ahead
  • Mill Creek Forge
  • Souls To The Metal
  • Village Blacksmith
  • The Iron Wares
  • Jazz Forge
  • Towel Art
  • Steel Appeal
  • Black Forge Craft
  • Casting Steel
  • Blue Creek Mercantile
  • Crabtree Forge
  • Lindenhof
  • Metal Expertise
  • Blacksmith & Foundry
  • Making It Hot
  • Beats of Fire
  • Ore Works
Forge Name Ideas

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How to Name a Forge

It is important that you name your forge in a way that is descriptive, and specific to you. This is because if you don’t name it, then there won’t be anything to refer to it by when you want to craft something with it. You can name it after a certain item that is quite good for the forge, or you can name it after an important event in your life.

Here are few things that will help you in choosing a forge name ideas:

1.     Be creative and unique

Try to be creative in the way you name your forge, so that it is easy for others to remember. It will be easier for people to remember your forge if they know what you are naming it after.

  • Mastercraft Metals
  • Rancid Forge
  • King‘s Iron
  • Fame of Flame
  • Sutton’s Forge
  • Smoke‘s Ironworks
  • Premier Ironworks
  • Smitten
  • The Gun Craftsman
  • Metal Pandemonium
  • Arms Of Steel
  • A Trial By Fire
  • Blessed Engraving
  • Belly Fires
  • Iron And Steel Glamor

2.     Use a word or phrase that evokes the spirit of blacksmithing

For example, if you want to name your forge after a certain item that is good for the forge, then you can simply call it “item”. If you want to name your forge after a person or event, then you can simply call it “forge” or something like that.

  • Horseman‘s Forge
  • Steel Wings
  • Frank’s Ornamental Iron
  • Hammer in Hand
  • Uplift Iron
  • Garden Metalsmith
  • Blacksmith Geezer
  • Smelt My Hearth
  • The Smelt Belt
  • Stark Smelt
  • Blacksmith Wines
  • Hammer It Hot
  • Village Smithy
  • Secret Iron Works
  • Crafts & Gold

3.     Use keywords in the name of your forge

This will be helpful in expanding the number of people who find your forge and also help search engines to find your forge. If you are using a keyword for the name of your forge, then do not forget to include it in the title of the page.

  • Black Metal Craft
  • Milwaukee Blacksmith
  • Westhampton Blacksmith
  • Blacksmith Dan Ziglar
  • Cutting Edge
  • Blackstone Works
  • Hegarty Blacksmith
  • Taber Blacksmith
  • Metal Factory
  • Kolonel Jewelry
  • McKinley Blacksmith
  • Ted’s Blacksmithing
  • Star Craft Metalsmith
  • Blackjack Iron
  • Rugged Iron Works

4.     Choose a name that reflects your style

You can decide to call your forge “Blacksmithing”, or you can decide to name it “Blacksmith”. Keep in mind that the name of your forge should reflect the style of blacksmithing you are doing.

  • Rakkan‘s Blacksmith
  • Hogan‘s Crafts
  • Ted‘s Blacksmithing
  • Dave’s Blacksmith
  • Zigzag Metal Crafting
  • Iron Pot Forge
  • Exotic Designs
  • Rasheed Sadeghi
  • Pratt Blacksmith
  • Under Construction
  • Blacksmith Knead
  • Curt Smith
  • Titanic Art
  • Fire Deluxe
  • Dark Wood Forge

5.     Be consistent in your naming of your forge

If you are doing it for a hobby and not trying to flip your items, then don’t be afraid to name your forge the same way in all of the listings. Many people do this and it is beneficial for them. It helps others find your forge and also helps search engines find your site.

  • The Clank Tank
  • Biltmore Iron
  • Covet Iron
  • North Shore Iron
  • Ideal Steel Crafts
  • Blacksmith Yield
  • Fiery Welding
  • Craftsmen ‘s Exchange
  • Steel City Forge
  • Arrowhead Forge
  • Metallurgy
  • Kingston Foundry
  • Oleo Acres Farrier
  • The Gorge Forge
  • Steffen‘s Ironworks


In conclusion, coming up with creative and interesting name ideas can be difficult. However, using the techniques provided in this article, you should be able to come up with a few good options for your business or project. So get creative and start brainstorming!

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