150 First Names that Complement Luna

Looking to find first names for Luna? Look no further than this exclusive collection of thoughtfully curated First name ideas that go well with Luna.

From traditional to modern, sentimental to imaginative, Biblical to Non-religious, and unique to popular, we have first name options of all sorts that not only sound harmonious but also resonate with the essence of Luna.

About the Name Luna

  • Meaning: The name “Luna” is of Latin origin and means “moon.” It is closely associated with the celestial body that orbits the Earth and provides nighttime illumination. In various cultures and mythologies, the moon often symbolizes femininity, intuition, transformation, and the cycles of life.
  • Description: Luna is a beautiful and elegant name that holds a sense of mystery and wonder. It evokes a sense of the night sky, tranquility, and the ever-changing nature of life. The name Luna has a timeless and universal appeal, making it suitable for a wide range of personalities and backgrounds. It has a gentle and ethereal quality, which can be attributed to its connection to the moon.
  • Popularity: The name Luna has gained significant popularity in recent years, particularly in English-speaking countries. It has become a fashionable choice for parents seeking a name that is both enchanting and meaningful. Luna’s popularity has been influenced by cultural factors such as its use in literature, films, and celebrity naming trends. Its rising fame is reflected in its consistent appearance on baby name charts and lists of popular names.
  • Origin: The name Luna has its origins in ancient Roman mythology. In Roman mythology, Luna was the goddess of the moon, often associated with its softer and more nurturing aspects, in contrast to the more intense aspects associated with the goddess Diana (Artemis in Greek mythology), who was associated with the hunt and wild animals.

First Names That Go with Luna

Popular: Mia, Liam, Ava, Noah, Sophia

  • Leo – “lion”
  • Aurora – “dawn”
  • Stella – “star”
  • Felix – “fortunate”
  • Orion – “hunter”
  • Ivy – “faithfulness”
  • Silas – “woodland”
  • Selene – “moon goddess”
  • Nico – “victory of the people”
  • Astrid – “divine strength”
  • Matteo – “gift of God”
  • Nova – “new”
  • Roman – “citizen of Rome”
  • Freya – “goddess of love and fertility”
  • Jasper – “treasurer”
  • Esme – “beloved”
  • Caelum – “heaven”
  • Seraphina – “burning ones”
  • Orion – “hunter”
  • Celeste – “heavenly”
First Names That Go with Luna

Cool First Names That Go With Luna

Classic: Eleanor, Benjamin, Victoria, William, Margaret

  1. Zephyr – “west wind”
  2. Soren – “stern”
  3. Arlo – “fortified hill”
  4. Indigo – “deep blue color”
  5. Phoenix – “mythical bird”
  6. Marcellus – “young warrior”
  7. Lyra – “lyre, musical instrument”
  8. Orion – “hunter”
  9. Lux – “light”
  10. Kai – “sea”
  11. Mira – “wonderful”
  12. Ronan – “little seal”
  13. Nola – “famous”
  14. Cassius – “hollow”
  15. Isolde – “ice ruler”
  16. Orion – “hunter”
  17. Thorne – “thorn bush”
  18. Ophelia – “help”
  19. Zara – “princess”
  20. Solstice – “sun standing still”

The Best First Names for Luna

Country: Wyatt, Sadie, Jackson, Ruby, Levi

  • Aurora – “dawn”
  • Orion – “hunter”
  • Stella – “star”
  • Leo – “lion”
  • Silas – “woodland”
  • Selene – “moon goddess”
  • Roman – “citizen of Rome”
  • Felix – “fortunate”
  • Ivy – “faithfulness”
  • Matteo – “gift of God”
  • Celeste – “heavenly”
  • Nico – “victory of the people”
  • Freya – “goddess of love and fertility”
  • Jasper – “treasurer”
  • Seraphina – “burning ones”
  • Astrid – “divine strength”
  • Nova – “new”
  • Caelum – “heaven”
  • Esme – “beloved”
  • Lyra – “lyre, musical instrument”
The Best First Names for Luna

Unique First Names for Luna

Unique: Zephyr, Seraphina, Eamon, Freesia, Thoren

  1. Solara – “sun”
  2. Zephyrine – “west wind”
  3. Thalassa – “sea”
  4. Cassian – “hollow”
  5. Alcyone – “kingfisher”
  6. Selene – “moon goddess”
  7. Zephyrus – “west wind”
  8. Caelius – “heavenly”
  9. Isabeau – “pledged to God”
  10. Endymion – “to dive into”
  11. Eulalia – “sweetly speaking”
  12. Oberon – “noble bear”
  13. Aeliana – “sun”
  14. Seren – “star”
  15. Lucian – “light”
  16. Artemis – “goddess of the hunt”
  17. Cassiopeia – “cassia plant”
  18. Lysander – “liberator of men”
  19. Selene – “moon goddess”
  20. Zephyra – “west wind”

Uncommon First Names for Luna

Modern: Orion, Nova, Axel, Everly, Jaxon

  • Caius – “rejoice”
  • Thalia – “to blossom”
  • Evadne – “pleasing”
  • Lucius – “light”
  • Seraphine – “burning ones”
  • Icarus – “follower of Icarus”
  • Astra – “star”
  • Sable – “black”
  • Isolde – “ice ruler”
  • Alaric – “ruler of all”
  • Seren – “star”
  • Elestren – “iris”
  • Leocadia – “clear, bright”
  • Calix – “chalice”
  • Nova – “new”
  • Elara – “bright, shining”
  • Lucasta – “pure light”
  • Cyprian – “from Cyprus”
  • Astraeus – “star”
  • Oriel – “golden”
Uncommon First Names for Luna

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Religious First Names That Fit Perfectly with Luna

Biblical: Jonah, Ruth, Samuel, Esther, Caleb

  1. Gabriel – “God is my strength”
  2. Seraphina – “burning ones”
  3. Ezekiel – “God strengthens”
  4. Cassia – “cinnamon”
  5. Raphael – “God heals”
  6. Celestia – “heavenly”
  7. Enoch – “dedicated, trained”
  8. Selah – “pause and reflect”
  9. Zadkiel – “righteousness of God”
  10. Olivet – “olive tree”
  11. Uriel – “God is my light”
  12. Seren – “star”
  13. Bethlehem – “house of bread”
  14. Hadassah – “myrtle tree”
  15. Sinai – “clay desert”
  16. Ezekias – “God strengthens”
  17. Elam – “eternity”
  18. Jedidiah – “beloved of the Lord”
  19. Shekinah – “God’s divine presence”
  20. Zephaniah – “hidden by God”

Siblings Names That Go with Luna

Here is a collection of sibling names that harmoniously complement Luna:

  • Stella – “star”
  • Aurora – “dawn”
  • Orion – “hunter”
  • Ivy – “faithfulness”
  • Silas – “woodland”
  • Nova – “new”
  • Felix – “fortunate”
  • Selene – “moon goddess”
  • Nico – “victory of the people”
  • Esme – “beloved”
  • Matteo – “gift of God”
  • Freya – “goddess of love and fertility”
  • Jasper – “treasurer”
  • Astrid – “divine strength”
  • Roman – “citizen of Rome”
  • Celeste – “heavenly”
  • Seraphina – “burning ones”
  • Thalia – “to blossom”
  • Elias – “Yahweh is God”
Siblings Names That Go with Luna

Last Names That Go with Luna

These last names go well with Luna:

  1. Diaz – “son of Diego”
  2. Vega – “meadow”
  3. Rossi – “red-haired”
  4. Morales – “moral”
  5. Fernandez – “son of Fernando”
  6. Bennett – “blessed”
  7. Parker – “keeper of the park”
  8. Carter – “cart driver”
  9. Foster – “foster parent”
  10. Hall – “dweller at the hall”
  11. Rivera – “riverbank”
  12. Mitchell – “who is like God”
  13. Martinez – “son of Martin”
  14. Cooper – “barrel maker”
  15. Collins – “son of Colin”
  16. Perez – “son of Pedro”
  17. Coleman – “charcoal burner”
  18. Howard – “brave heart”
  19. Bennett – “blessed”
  20. Simmons – “Simon’s son”

Do’s and Don’t When Selecting the First Name for Luna


  • Meaningful and Positive Associations: Choose a first name for Luna that holds positive meanings or associations. Since “Luna” is often associated with the moon, consider names that align with celestial, mystical, or beautiful concepts.
  • Ease of Pronunciation and Spelling: Opt for a name that is easy to pronounce and spell. This will save Luna and others from potential confusion or mispronunciations throughout her life.
  • Consider Cultural and Family Heritage: If you have a cultural or family heritage that you’d like to honor, consider names that reflect that background. This can add depth and significance to Luna’s name.
  • Future Considerations: Think about how the name will suit Luna throughout different stages of her life, from childhood to adulthood. Choose a name that will grow with her and won’t limit her opportunities.
  • Compatibility with Last Name: Ensure the chosen first name sounds harmonious when paired with your family’s last name. Avoid names that create awkward or unintended combinations.


  • Overly Trendy Names: While trendy names might seem appealing at first, they can quickly become dated. Consider names that have a timeless quality, so Luna’s name remains relevant regardless of current trends.
  • Difficult Spellings or Pronunciations: Avoid names that have complex spellings or uncommon pronunciations. This can lead to frustration and miscommunication for Luna and others.
  • Insensitive or Unusual Meanings: Be cautious of names with potentially negative or awkward meanings, even if they sound beautiful. It’s important that Luna’s name doesn’t inadvertently subject her to teasing or discomfort.
  • Rushing the Decision: Take your time when selecting Luna’s name. Rushing into a decision might lead to regrets later on. Take the opportunity to explore a variety of options before finalizing her name.
  • Ignoring Family Opinions Completely: While it’s ultimately your decision, consider the opinions of close family members. They might have insights or concerns you hadn’t thought of, helping you make a more well-rounded choice for Luna’s name.

Famous People with First Name Luna

Luna Lovegood: A fictional character in the “Harry Potter” series by J.K. Rowling, known for her quirky and eccentric personality.

Luna Maya: An Indonesian actress, singer, and presenter, known for her roles in various Indonesian films and television shows.

Luna Lauren Velez: An American actress known for her role as Lt. Maria LaGuerta in the TV series “Dexter.”

Luna Blaise: An American actress and singer, known for her roles in TV shows like “Fresh Off the Boat” and “Manifest.”

Luna Rioumina: A Russian rhythmic gymnast and Olympic gold medalist.

Luna Schweiger: A German actress and the daughter of renowned actor Til Schweiger.

Luna Bijl: A Dutch model known for her work with various high-end fashion brands and appearances in major fashion shows.

Luna Al-Shibl: A Saudi Arabian actress and social media influencer.

Luna Haruna: A Japanese singer and songwriter known for her contributions to anime and video game soundtracks.

Luna Park: A famous amusement park in Coney Island, New York, known for its historic roller coaster, “The Cyclone.”

Questions to think about that might help you decide first name for Luna

  • Are there any family names or traditions you’d like to honor by choosing a specific middle name for Luna?
  • What qualities or values do you hope to symbolize through Luna’s middle name?
  • Is there a specific meaning or historical significance you’d like the middle name to have?
  • How does the chosen middle name sound when said aloud with Luna’s first and last name?
  • Do the names flow well together in terms of syllables and rhythm?
  • What initials would Luna’s first, middle, and last names create?
  • Do you like how those initials look together as a monogram?
  • Are there any cultural or ethnic backgrounds you’d like to reflect in Luna’s middle name?
  • Do you want the middle name to connect to a specific culture or heritage?
  • Is there a place, memory, or experience that holds personal significance to you that you’d like to incorporate into Luna’s name?
  • Are you looking for a unique middle name, or are you comfortable with a more common one?
  • How does the middle name fit within the context of names that are currently popular?
  • How might the chosen middle name influence Luna’s identity as she grows up?
  • Does the middle name have a timeless quality that will age well as Luna becomes an adult?
  • Have you considered combining names from different family members or sources to create a unique middle name for Luna?
  • How do you feel when you say Luna’s first name together with each potential middle name?
  • Does a certain combination evoke strong emotions or a sense of resonance?
  • How does the middle name fit within the context of Luna’s siblings’ names, if applicable?
  • Is there a balance you’d like to strike in terms of similarity or distinctiveness?
  • Is the middle name’s spelling and pronunciation straightforward and easy to understand?
  • Have you researched the chosen middle name to ensure it doesn’t have any negative associations or meanings that you might not be aware of?
  • Are there any astrological or numerological considerations that might influence your choice of middle name for Luna?
  • Can you picture Luna carrying her middle name throughout different stages of her life?

Best Sources to Get First Name Inspirations From for the First Name Luna

Celestial Names: Since “Luna” is often associated with the moon, exploring names related to celestial bodies can yield great options. Names like “Stella” (star), “Astra” (meaning star), or “Selene” (Greek goddess of the moon) could be inspiring.

Literature and Mythology: Look into literary works and mythological stories for characters with unique and interesting names. Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter series could be a great example.

Nature: Nature is a vast source of inspiration for names. Consider names inspired by the moon’s beauty, such as “Crescent,” “Moonbeam,” or even simply “Moon.”

Cultural and Ethnic Influences: Different cultures offer diverse name options. Research names from cultures that have a connection to the moon, such as “Mahina” (Hawaiian), “Candra” (Sanskrit), or “Marama” (Maori).

Fictional Characters: Beyond Luna Lovegood, there are other fictional characters with the name “Luna” in various books, movies, and TV shows. Exploring these sources could lead to interesting variations or combinations.

Baby Name Books: Traditional baby name books often offer a wide array of names, along with their meanings and origins. Look for names that resonate with you and have a positive meaning.

Online Name Generators: There are many online tools and name generators specifically designed to help you find the perfect name. You can input “Luna” and see what suggestions come up.

Historical Figures: Research historical figures or people from the past who had the name “Luna.” This could lead you to unique names that have a strong historical connection.

Music and Art: Songs, albums, and artworks often carry meaningful names. Look into music and art that you love for potential name ideas.

Personal Experiences and Emotions: Reflect on your personal experiences, emotions, and associations with the moon or the name “Luna.” This could help you come up with a name that holds deep significance for you.


What are the girl names that go with Luna?

Names that pair well with Luna often have a celestial or nature-inspired theme. Some suitable options might include Aurora, Stella, Nova, Celeste, Seraphina, Selene, Isabella, and Aria. These names share a similar ethereal and elegant quality with Luna.

What are perfect nicknames for Luna?

Perfect nicknames for Luna could be Lulu, Lunie, Moon, or even Nana. These affectionate monikers capture the essence of the name Luna while adding a touch of familiarity and endearment.

What are some variations of the name Luna?

There are a few variations of the name Luna found in different languages and cultures. For instance, in Italian, you have “Lina” and “Lunetta.” In Spanish, “Luz” can be considered a variant, carrying the meaning of light. Additionally, “Lune” is a French variation that also maintains the celestial theme.

Give some names that rhyme with Luna.

Names that rhyme with Luna include Tuna, Zuna, and Duna. While these might not be very common names, they do share a similar sound pattern with Luna.

What are some middle names for Luna?

Here are a few middle name options that complement the name Luna: Grace, Mae, Rose, Skye, Belle, Jade, Faith, and Elise. These names flow well with Luna and enhance its elegance and charm.

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