270 Catchy And Good Fictional Town Names

If you are looking for a fictional town name, you are in right place.

Here we shared some cool and catchy fictional town names. All the creative fictional town names that we have shared are unique and can be used by anyone.

This article provides you best fictional town names as well as provides you information on how to name fictional town names.

Town Names

Here are the few catchy town names:

Zyron’s Town

New Xiah Town

Apolline Town

Yellow Garden Town

Gentle Mornings

Cerulea Town

Old Town Kiko

Taziz Town

Great Oaks Town

Old Lucia Town

Tryxon Town

Kharthas Town

Lady Krea Town

Wahftar Town

Frandlyn Town

Grytt Town

Quinn Town

Old Pyro

Old Town Desberg

Bird Valley

Plum Paradise

New Chestnut


Great Xendos

Tryx Town

Hirtas Villas

New Grasslands

Diamond Town

Marys Town

Auburn Town

Port Gendar

Peach Pink Town

Old Town Joviz

Gale Town

Mystic Red Town

Eastern Trinzall

Fair Town

Orchard Square

Brilfax Village

Kendra Town

Slahthar Village

Tangerine Town

Begtuok Town

Opal Berry Town

Summer Town

Petal Town


Antykla Town

Upper Ghyllxos

Ash Ville

Angra Town

Illyhn Town

Anasil Town

Meira Town

Olea Town

Biorno Town

Calla Town

Avis Town


Shae Town

Primrose Town


Edwina Town

Wren Village

Little Whispering

White Swan


Fleur Town



Fictional Town Names

Fictional Town Names

These are few fictional town names:

Penduline Town

Old Babbler

Smew Town

Old Lyptak

Wallux Town

Mint Ville Town

York Town

Ark Ville Town

Bryxton Town

Drago Town

Fluhxly Town

Old Town Zahra

Lumina Town

Daekrahm Town

Old Wood Square

Rock Hill Town

Grithkly Central

Vihnlox Town

Old Town

Skrix Town

Retsluv Town

Emerald Town

North Tralsagh

Claw Ville Town

Old Bright Well

Grythwil Town

Courlyn Square

South Stone Town

Sandy Town

Hal’s Town

William’s Bay

Woodland Town

Berry Knox

Hell Kry

Senluox Town

Spring Town

New Vinlee

Pine Tree Town

Deep Lake Town

Wide Grove Town

Blyworth Shores Town

Three Tree Town

Vaulinhorn Town

Harper’s Hill

Dexiva Town

Bartons Town

Swaxon Town

Lorhk Town

Tiny Town

Sky Square

Lorelai Town

Vanora Town

Town of Esme



Ebba  Town

Delphine  Town



Bering Town

Atlas  Town

Twig Ville

Clover Town


Town Galeru

Glimmer  Town

Vine  Town

Xephov  Town

Pavo  Town

Fantasy Town Names

These are the following fantasy town names:

Old Hunrough

Happy Hills Town

Duvar Town


Old Froktar

Bonstrat Town

Xynodon Town

Town Sulouh

Old Alita Town

Tenyolk Riverside

Town Lamasyava

Abraham Town

Oliver Town

Ernestful Town

Old Jactrisle

First Light

Billensya Town

Charles Town

Agnes Hill

Coral Town

Old Myrtle

Olive Town

Wehnthor Town

Town of Eva

Ivy Village

Nosar Town

Raven Town

Ivyaki Town

Olin Town

Mabel Town



Akriel  Town

Forcas  Town

Town of Ecanus

Asura  Town

Anael V Town

Genly  Town

Xoclese Town

Kalresu Town

Surish Town

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Medieval Town Names

There are few medieval town names:

Urben Town

Old Tilros

Gillim Town

Old Beth Town

Kalrond Town

Myrna Town

Eleanor Town

Old Anna Town

Turwen Town

Solitude Square

Serendipity Hill

Euphoria Town

Operose Town

Ephemeral Town


Nadir Town

Scintilla Square

Cherish Grove


Sequoia Town

Pristine Hills

Sanguine Town

Ingenue Town


Halcyon Town

Elysian Town

Square Town

Panacea Town

Irisville Town

Creeksville Town

Good Town Names

Here are the few good town names:

Efferville Town

Felicity Town

Lily Town

Mellifluous Town

Ripple Hills

Neo Town





Fetching Square


Jade Town

Hibiscus Town

Sublime Square

Solaris Square

Alzir Town

Sandyville Town

Orbit Town

Joules Town

Town of Ashby


Davina Town

Clioville Town

Cosima Town

Ruby Town


Harmony Town


Moon Town

Town Name Generator

These are the catchy town names suggested by the name generator:


Warlock’s Town

Old Ghouls’ Town

Grotlik Hill

Frendril Town

Humm Town

Pycea Town

Central Grove Town

Great Hill Town


Rising Tide Town

Treacle Town

Griklin Square


Oakwood Town

Twin Town

Arctic Town


Wyrm Town


Two Seasons Town

White Town

Greene Town

Crystal Town

Pearl Town

Sur Town

Mandarin Square





Ember Town

Autumn Town

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How to Name Fictional Towns

A town is a place that itself consisting of different places and people in it. So, naming a town can be a tough task that can demand a lot of time and effort to invest.

This is because the name will be the first thing a listen would interact with when you talk about a town.

So the name has a very big hand in the popularity of something.

Thus, naming a town is a different process as compared to developing a name for a new venture.

So it is better if the town is named after a famous person living there or there is a famous place in a town.

Let’s start ;

Simple and catchy name

While choosing the name, make sure that you choose a short and simple name. The public remembers the short and simplest name for a long time.

This will helps in increasing the popularity of fictional towns among the public.

Thus, if you find it difficult to decide on an impressive name for a town, you may think about the names of other towns to spark some ideas in your mind.

It will help you to know about the aspects that can form a good name for the town.

Google it

 Before finalizing the name of a fictional town, make sure you have to search it on Google.

It will make you able to know whether any other town has already taken that name or not.

It will also help you to control the top hits of Google which in turn helps a searcher to search the town name on goggle easily.

Get some feedback

Shortlist some names and then get feedback on them. Consider the name which gets the best feedback from the public.

Pick something that will last

Picking a name that has long-lasting effects is not as easy as it sounds. So, it can demand a good effort to form a name having a long-lasting effect.

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