350 Catchy Fantasy Money Names

Fantasy money names are a crucial element in creating a captivating fictional world. These unique names add depth and authenticity to the currency used in your fantasy realm.

Whether you are a writer, game developer, or simply a fan of fantasy, having a collection of imaginative money names can enhance your storytelling experience.

When crafting fantasy money names, it is important to consider the cultural and historical context of your fictional world.

Drawing inspiration from different civilizations and time periods can help you create names that feel realistic and immersive.

Incorporating elements of magic or fantastical creatures can add an extra layer of intrigue to your currency.

Creating memorable fantasy money names involves a balance between creativity and practicality.

While it is tempting to come up with extravagant and elaborate names, it is essential to ensure that they are easy to pronounce and remember.

Simple yet evocative names can leave a lasting impression on your audience and make your fictional economy feel more tangible.

Whether you are designing a currency system for a novel, a video game, or a tabletop role-playing game, the right fantasy money names can elevate your world-building efforts.

In this article, we will provide you with a list of unique and inspiring names, as well as tips on how to create your own captivating currency.

Let your imagination soar as you delve into the realm of fantasy money names!

Fantasy Money Names

Nightmare Nuggets

Kraken Kredit

Siren Silver

Celestial Sestas

Wyrmspark Wampum

Starfall Scepters

Naga Nickels

Centaur Coinage

Valkyrie Vouchers

Kraken Kronor

Netherium Nocks

Spectral Shillings

Minotaur Medals

Troll Treasure

Bloodmoon Bullion

Elf Ecto-Gold

Warlock’s Wealth

Elemental Ingots

Banshee Bucks

Wisp Wealth

Cerberus Crowns

Magi Moolah

Cerberus Coinage

Kelpie Kopecks

Druid’s Drachm

Celestian Currencies

Satyr Silver


Wyrmhoard Gems

Elven Crowns

Voidstone Vex

Nure-onna Nuyen

Celestial Chrysanthemums

Gargoyle Gold

Wyrm Wealth

Lycanthrope Loot

Sylph Scepters

Celestia Crowns

Shapeshifter’s Shillings

Nurarihyon Nuggets

Stardust Striders

Tengu Treasures

Ogre Ounces

Pixie Pennies

Arcane Auras

Harpy Hoards

Mermaid’s Tears

Chimera Change

Incubus Incus

Dryad Dollars

Fantasy Money Names

Best Fantasy Money Names

Pegasus Pence

Gnome Gelt

Naga Nobles

Merman Marks

Cyclops Coin

Amethyst Auroras

Merrow Money

Werewolf Wampum

Ethereal Essences

Stellarsong Sestas

Troll Toll

Aurora Aurums

Copper Crowns

Pegasus Pieces

Ogre Opulence

Wyvern Wages

Wendigo Wampum

Wraith Wealth

Dwarf Duckets

Shadowshade Shillings

Jorogumo Jewels

Sorcerer’s Sesterces

Faeflame Florins

Kelpie Krones

Selkie Sheckles

Silver Shillings

Centaur Shillings

Topaz Talons

Moonmist Marks

Moonbeam Morsels

Dreamweb Draboons

Merrow Marks

Leshy Lira

Kitsune Koku

Gremlin Galleons

Etherflare Embers

Kappa Kip

Etherium Essences

Etherflame Eddies

Mythril Marks

Funny Fantasy Money Names



Leprechaun Loot

Unicorn Unicornos

Pixie Pounds

Dragon Droolers

Goblin Galleons

Troll Tidbits

Hobbit Hapennies

Pegasus Pennies

Yeti Yen

Gnome Giggles

Mermaid Moolah

Elf Eclairs

Ogre Oreganos

Centaur Cents

Minotaur Mints

Harpy Hoots

Chimera Chocolates

Gryphon Grins

Faun Funny Money

Nymph Nibbles

Satyr Smiles

Basilisk Baubles

Kraken Krackles

Hydra Hilarity

Unicorn Unicorns

Leprechaun Laughs

Chimera Chuckles

Griffon Giggles

Troll Titters

Goblin Guffaws

Yeti Yucks

Centaur Chuckles

Minotaur Mirth

Mermaid Merriment

Ogre Oinks

Elfish Euphoria

Pegasus Peculiarities

Gnomish Grins

Nymph Nonsense

Satyr Sillies

Harpy Hilarity

Phoenix Phoolery

Dragon Doodles

Kobold Chuckles

Vampire Vexations

Werewolf Whimsy

Zombie Zaniness

Specter Shenanigans

Creative Fantasy Money Names

Mantikora Money

Elemental Elders

Tanuki Tengus

Solar Sovereigns

Will-o’-the-Wisp Wares

Chimera Cash

Witch’s Wishes

Starfall Sovereigns

Troll Treasures

Nebulae Nuggets

Dreamweaver Drakes

Dreamstone Drachae

Jade Jewels

Elfish Elders

Ifrit Ingots

Elven Embers

Selkie Sapphires

Sapphire Scepters

Efreet Earnings

Doppelganger Doubloons

Opal Orbs

Goblin Gold

Abyssal Arcane

Sunshard Shillings

Pixie Pecans

Nymph Nubia

Starstruck Stellars

Unicorn Crests

Celestial Scepters

Mermaid Pearls

Gremlin Groats

Eclipsium Emblems

Unicorn Unities

Nymph’s Nuggets

Dragon Scales

Netherstorm Notes

Hydra Horseshoes

Dryad Dubloons

Gorgon Guineas

Djinn Doubloons

Necromancer’s Necros

Obsidian Ovals

Ethereal Emblems

Ethereal Aether

Griffin Guilders


Dwarf Drachmas

Lamia Lucre

Crystal Currencies

Stellarglow Galleons

Cool Fantasy Money Names

Peryton Pecos

Celestium Sceats

Kitsune Koin

Abyssal Augurs

Leprechaun Loot

Minotaur Mites

Kraken Kredits

Runestone Rix

Sunstone Sols

Dragon Drachmas

Golem Gold

Charybdis Change

Faun Fancies

Aquamarine Ankhs

Eldertide Ecto-Eagles

Obscure Orbs

Gremlin Gold

Starstone Shillings

Emerald Eagles

Voidrift Vials

Unicorn Units

Shadowcat Silver

Astral Alarums

Diamond Doubloons

Naga Nuggets

Elemental Emblems

Soulstone Shards

Cosmic Crystals

Troll Tokens

Chimera Chunks

Thunderbird Treasures

Nymph Nuggets

Chupacabra Crowns

Eclipsian Essences

Arcane Arcons

Orcish Ornaments

Rune Riches

Goblin Galleons

Moonshimmer Marks

Griffin Gold

Bloodstone Bullion

Sorcerer’s Soveres

Gorgon Gold

Void Vouchers

Karura Koku

Sphinx Sestertii

Lunar Lyres

Gnomish Gems

Nebulight Nobles

Etherforge Forints

Cool Fantasy Money Names

Fictional Fantasy Money Names

Sunfire Shillings

Ghostly Galleons

Stardream Drachae

Astralite Aces

Ghostly Gold

Centaur Sovereigns

Harpy Heralds

Astralite Attas

Zombie Zeni

Marid Moolah

Starry Sestas

Starfall Stellars

Satyr Sestertii

Gnome Gems

Elderglow Elunes

Faun Florins

Yuki-onna Yen

Electrum Emblems

Wyrd Wands

Griffin Galleons

Faefire Florins

Treant Tokens

Stellarscape Scrip

Vampire Valuables

Impish Ingot

Lunar Lucre

Selkie Sovereigns

Basilisk Bullion

Specter Sheckles

Imp Ingots

Elysian Ephemera

Ecliptic Earnings

Banshee Bullion

Alchemist’s Auras

Treant Tidbits

Sphinx Sphinxes

Harpy Hyacinths

Lich Lucre

Wight Wealth

Roc Rupees

Skeleton Sheckels

Hobgoblin Horns

Lamia Loot

Gorgon Gold Bars

Starlight Sparks

Stardust Sceats

Specter Sovereigns

Moonshadow Marks

Moonsilver Shillings

Gorgon Gilders

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Tips for Creating Fantasy Money Names

1. Be Creative and Imaginative

When coming up with fantasy money names, let your imagination run wild. Think outside the box and create unique names that evoke a sense of wonder and intrigue.

Incorporate elements of fantasy, such as mythical creatures, magical objects, or enchanted lands, to make your money names truly captivating.

2. Consider the Setting and Theme

Take into account the setting and theme of your fantasy world. If your story is set in a medieval realm, you might want to use names that sound ancient and regal, like “Draconis” or “Eldoria.”

On the other hand, if your world is futuristic and technologically advanced, you could opt for names that sound futuristic and sleek, such as “Nexcoin” or “Cyberbucks.”

3. Use Descriptive and Evocative Words

Choose words that evoke the desired emotions and characteristics associated with your fantasy money.

For example, if you want your currency to symbolize wealth and prosperity, consider names like “Golden Glimmer” or “Opulent Orbs.”

On the other hand, if you want your money to represent a sense of mystery and secrecy, names like “Shadow Shards” or “Whispering Wisps” could be fitting.

4. Incorporate Cultural References

Draw inspiration from different cultures and mythologies to add depth and richness to your fantasy money names.

Research ancient civilizations or folklore and incorporate elements from their languages or symbols.

This can give your money names a sense of history and authenticity, making them more immersive for your readers or players.

5. Consider Pronunciation and Memorability

Ensure that your fantasy money names are easy to pronounce and remember. Avoid overly complicated or convoluted names that may confuse your audience.

Opt for names that have a certain rhythm or flow, making them pleasant to say and easy to recall. This will help your readers or players engage with your world more effectively.

6. Test and Refine

Don’t be afraid to experiment and test different fantasy money names. Share them with others and gather feedback to see how they resonate.

Refine and iterate on your names until you find the perfect balance of creativity, relevance, and appeal.

Remember, creating fantasy money names is an art, and it’s okay to take your time to get it just right.

7. Maintain Consistency

Lastly, ensure that your fantasy money names align with the overall world-building and narrative of your story or game. Consistency is key to creating a believable and immersive fantasy world.

Make sure that the names you choose for your money are in harmony with the names of characters, locations, and other elements in your fictional universe.

Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Fantasy Money Names

Mistake 1: Choosing a Name That is Difficult to Pronounce

One common mistake when selecting fantasy money names is opting for names that are difficult to pronounce.

While it may seem intriguing to have a unique and exotic name, it can actually make it challenging for people to remember or discuss your fantasy currency.

When creating fantasy money names, it is important to strike a balance between creativity and ease of pronunciation.

Mistake 2: Using Generic or Overused Names

Another mistake to avoid is using generic or overused names for your fantasy money.

If you choose a name that is too common or already associated with existing currencies, it can diminish the uniqueness and appeal of your fantasy world.

Aim for names that are distinct and evoke a sense of imagination and wonder.

Mistake 3: Neglecting Cultural Relevance

One crucial aspect to consider when naming your fantasy money is cultural relevance. It is important to avoid appropriating or misrepresenting real-world cultures in your naming choices.

Researching different cultures and their currency naming conventions can help you create names that are respectful and authentic, adding depth and richness to your fantasy world.

Mistake 4: Failing to Reflect the Fantasy World’s Theme

When crafting fantasy money names, it is essential to ensure that they align with the overall theme and atmosphere of your fantasy world.

If your world is set in a medieval era, for example, using futuristic or modern-sounding names for your currency would create a jarring inconsistency.

Consistency in naming can enhance the immersive experience for your readers or players.

Mistake 5: Ignoring the Practicality of the Name

Lastly, overlooking the practicality of the name can be a significant mistake. Consider how the name will be used in various contexts, such as in dialogue, descriptions, or even marketing materials.

If the name is too long or complicated, it may become cumbersome to incorporate seamlessly into your storytelling or game mechanics. Opt for names that are both evocative and practical.

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