450 Catchy Disney Fantasy Football Names

Disney Fantasy Football Names are a fun way to add a touch of magic to your fantasy football team.

Whether you’re a die-hard Disney fan or just looking for a creative team name, these names are sure to bring some extra excitement to your league.

From clever puns to iconic character references, there’s a Disney-inspired name for every football fan.

One tip for choosing a Disney Fantasy Football Name is to think about your favorite Disney movies or characters. Are you a fan of the classics like Mickey Mouse and Cinderella?

Or do you prefer the newer films like Frozen and Moana? Incorporating these beloved characters into your team name can add a personal touch and show off your Disney fandom.

Another tip is to play around with wordplay and puns. Disney movies are full of catchy phrases and memorable lines that can be easily adapted into clever team names.

For example, “Hakuna Mahomes” combines the famous Lion King phrase with the name of a popular NFL quarterback.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to get creative and think outside the box. Disney has a vast library of characters and stories to draw inspiration from.

Consider combining different elements from various movies or even creating your own unique Disney-inspired team name. The possibilities are endless!

Disney Fantasy Football Names 

Mickey’s Mouseketeer Mavericks

Merida’s Mighty Mallets

Moana’s Ocean Offense

I’ll Make a Lineman Out of You

Apex Legends Avengers

The Aristocats’ Acrobatic Aristocrats

Snow White’s Sleepers

The Simba Slammers

Star Wars Stormtroopers

Cars Collision Course

Dumbo’s Daredevil Dribblers

Gravity Falls Grapplers

The Great Mouse Detective’s Mystery Missilers

Tiana’s Tumultuous Tacklers

Moana’s Ocean Ogres

The Legend of Zelda Zealots

Overwatch Overlords

Pocahontas’ Pigskin Prowess

Inside Out Interceptors

Mulan’s Magic Makers

Dumbo’s Daredevils

The Zootopia Zone Zappers

The Emperor’s End Zone Enforcers

The Cheshire Cats

The Black Cauldron Crushers

Garfield Gridiron Gliders

Jack Skellington’s Spooky Smashers

Street Fighter Showdown

The Toy Soldiers Tackling Team

Bravehearted Ballers

Monsters, Inc. Maulers

Sher Khan’s Saboteurs

Peter Pan’s Pixie Passers

Rapunzel’s Repunishing Receivers

Kim Possible Kickers

Nala’s Ninjas

Sleeping Beauty’s Snooze-Proof Scorers

Looney Tunes Lunatics

Marvel Superhero Smashers


The Aristocats’ Alley-Oop Aristocrats

Bambi’s Blitzers

Mary Poppins’ Powerhouses

Ariel’s Air Attack

Ariel’s Aces

Robin Hood’s Renegades

The Little Mermaid Linebackers

The Aristocats Aces

Fullmetal Alchemist Avengers

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Best Disney Fantasy Football Names 

Oliver and Company Overtimers

The Hunchback of Notre Dame’s Hurdle Hunchbacks

Merida’s Archery Aces

Tom Brady DeVil

The Sword in the Stone’s Stone Sentinel Strikers

Adventureland Avengers

The Good Dinos

Tom and Jerry Jugglers

Moana’s Mighty Mariners

Robin Hood’s Sherwood Slashers

Tinker Bell’s Field Goal Fairies

Aladdin’s Genies

Hercules’ Heroic Hurlers

Tiana’s Tackling Tiaras

Dragon Ball Z Destroyers

Ariel’s Airborne All-Stars

The Toy Story Tackling Team

Avatar: The Last Airbenders

Tangled Tacklers

Rapunzel’s Receivers

The Dinglehoppers

Bambi’s Blitzing Buckaroos

The Fox and the Huddle

Br’er Rabbit’s Briar Patch Blitzers

Robin Hood’s Sherwood Sharpshooters

My Hero Academia Maulers

Ursula’s Underdogs

Blitz a Small World

Buzz Lightyear’s Blazing Backfield

Dumbo’s Daring Daredevils

Mary Poppins’ Practically Perfect Punters

Magic Kingdom Maulers

Scooby-Doo Screamers

The Bravehearted Ballers

The Incredibles Intensity

Mulan’s Martial Linemen

Dumbo’s Daredevils

Toy Story Tacklers

Scrimmage McDuck

The Pocahontas Prowess

Cinderella’s Slipper Kicker

Scar’s Savage Scrimmage Squad

Death Note Defenders

Brave Ballers

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Tackler

The Hades Heat-Seekers

Just Keep Winning

Tekken Tacklers

The Cars Collision Crew

Disney Fantasy Football Names Generator

Field Goal-den Girls

Merida’s Archery Aces

The Incredibles’ Unstoppable Unit

Throwbi-wan Kenobi

The Great Mouseketeer Gridiron

Simba’s Pride

Mulan’s Martial Maneuvers

Quarterback of Notre Dame

Snow White’s Sackmasters

Stitch’s Stellar Safeties

The Coco’s Collision Crew

GridIron Man

The Lion King’s Roaring Runners

The Incredibles

Gargoyles Gridiron Gladiators

Hank The Interceptapus

Wreck-It Ralph Rivals

101 Dalmatians’ Dash-and-Dots

Abu’s All-Stars

Finding Nemo Fighters

The Jungle Book Jumpers

Mulan’s Martial Artists

Finding Dory’s Deep Dive Dynamos

Enchanted End Zone Explorers


Hercules’ Hurlers


Super Mario Strikers

Cowboy Bebop Bombers

Coco’s Collision Crew

The Beauty and the Beast Blockers

The Ratatouille Rush

Elsa’s Ice Warriors

Inside Out Overtimers

Mulan’s Mulching Marauders

Cinderella’s Kickers

Sonic and Knuckles Smashers

The Incredibles’ Unstoppable Offense

Ursula’s Tentacle Tacklers

Winnie the Pooh’s Power Punters

Oliver and Company’s Outlandish Overtakers

Captain Hook-and-Ladder

Belle’s Beastly Backfield

Hercules’ Hurdle Heroes

The Alice in Wonderland Warriors

Tarzan’s Tackling Tribe

Cinderella’s Carriers

The Rescuers’ Raiders

Bambi’s Buoyant Backfield

Disney Fantasy Football Names Reddit

Up! Uplifted Uppercuts

Oliver and Company’s Overtime Overtakers

Zazu’s Zealous Zone Zappers

Bambi’s Running Back Herd

Power Rangers Pummelers

The Sword in the Stone Stalwarts

Beauty and the Blitz

Mulan’s Martial Masters

The Lion King Long Bombs

Tomorrowland Titans

The Frozen Force

Chip ‘n Dale’s Nutty Navigators

Rapunzel’s Towering Receivers

Frozen Frontliners

Brave Ball Brawlers

Scrooge McDuck’s Moneyball Marauders

Moana’s Maui Maulers

Frozen Field Forces

Baloo’s Bare Necessities Blitz

Sailor Moon Slayers

The Great Mouse Gridiron Gang

Bambi’s Bouncing Backfield

The Sword in the Stone’s Stone-Cold Stalwarts

Enchanted End Zones

Toy Story 2-Point Conversion

Zazu’s Zephyr Zappers


The Rescuers Downfield

Brave Brawlers

I’m Surrounded by Idiots

Wreck-It Ralph’s Rumble Raiders

Zootopia Zoomers

Jasmine’s Juggernauts

The Great Mouse Defensive

P.T. Flea Flicker

Dumbo’s Flying Frontliners

Nemo’s Deep-Sea Defense

The Moana’s Mad Dashers


Cars Crash Crew

Rapunzel’s Receivers

Ratatouille Rush

Rugrats Ruffians

Cars’ Cruise Control Crushers

Atlantis’ Aquatic Aces

Bambi’s Bucking Broncos

Hike-una Matata

Sleeping Beauty’s Snooze-Button Squad

The Jungle Jukers

Mickey Mouse Fantasy Football Team Names

Simba’s Scramblers

Mortal Kombat Maulers

The Peter Pan Pileup

The Mulan Maulers

Beast’s Ballistic Bruisers

Ratatouille Rumble

The Jungle Book Jaguars

Finding Dory Dashers

Scooby Snack Smashers

Woody’s Wild West Warriors

Alice in Wonderland Warriors

The Emperor’s Elusive End Zone Elitists

Frozen Fury Fighters

Toy Story Touchdowns

Pokémon Powerhouses

The Jungle PlayBook

101 Dalmatians’ Dizzying Dashers

Sleeping Beauty Blitzers

Cinderella’s Slipstreamers

Woody’s Woody-Whip Offense

Elsa’s Frozen Field Generals

Remy’s Rat-tical Runners

Neverland Football Team

The Coco Crushers

The Rescuers’ Relentless Rushers

Tarzan’s Tacklers

Aladdin’s All-Stars

Moana’s Mallets

Robin Hood’s Radiant Runners

The Hunchback of Notre Dame Hitters

The Little Mermaid Marauders

Ariel’s Air Raiders

Tinker Bell’s Tackling Troupe

Jafar’s Genie-Jacked Juggernauts

The Finding Nemo Frontliners

Beast Mode Brigade

Tom and Jerry Tacklers

Hercules’ Hitters

Pocahontas Punters

Frozen Tundra Titans

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tacklers

Dexter’s Laboratory Lethal Linemen

Frozen Fury

The Inside Out Overtimers

101 Dalmatians Dashers

The Mulan’s Martial Mayhem

Wall-E’s Waste Management Warriors

Popeye’s Punchers

Powerpuff Punchers

Catchy Disney Fantasy Football Names

Tarzan’s Treetop Terrors

Darkwing Duck Destroyers

Call of Duty Crushers

Pocahontas’ Patriots

Maleficent’s Defensive Dragons

Space Mountain Spikers

WALL-E Warriors

The Tangled Tacklers

Cinderella’s Kickoff Crew

Halo Heroes

Moana’s Momentum

The Incredibles Invaders

Wall-E’s Wall-Crushing Linemen

The Fox and the Hound’s Field Foxes

Big Hero 6 Bombers

Snow White and the Touchdown

Ariel’s Airborne Assassins

Toy Soldiers Tackling Team

The Rescuers’ Resilient Rushers

The Tarzan Tackling Tribe

The Hercules Hurlers

Maleficent’s Malevolent Maulers

Tarzan’s Tree-Top Tacklers

Tarzan’s Treehouse Tacklers

Jungle Book Juggernauts

The Up Upstarts

Aladdin’s Arabian Knights

Final Fantasy Fieldmasters

Aladdin’s Aerial Attack

Woody’s Wildcards

The Sword in the Stone Strikers

The Bambi Blitzers

The Sword in the Touchdown

Recess Renegades

Simba’s Pride Powerhouse

Tarzan’s Tackling Tribe

Johnny Bravo Blockers

Onward Ogres

DuckTales Daredevils

Coco’s Calavera Crushers

The Fox and the Hound’s Fearless Field Foxes

Inside Out Infiltrators

Attack on Titan Tacklers

Hercules’ Heavenly Hurlers

Simba’s Prideful Punters

The Tinker Bell Tackling Troupe

Naruto Ninjas

The Aristocats’ Aerial Assault

Baloo’s Bombers

Catchy Disney Fantasy Football Names (1)

Lion King Fantasy Football Names

Muppets Madness

Mulan’s Martial Mayhem

Hercules’ Hurdling Heralds

The Princess and the Pass Rush

The Great Mouse Detective Gridiron Guardians

The Black Cauldron’s Bewitched Battlers

Zootopia Zone Zappers

Tangled Titans

The Zazu’s Zealous Zone Zappers

The Three Fairies

Donald’s Duck Downfield Dominators

Stitch’s Space Jam Squad

Fortnite Fighters

The Little Mermaid’s Lagoon Leapers

One Piece Pummelers

The Aristocats Athletes

The Finding Dory Dashers

The Aladdin Aerial Attack

The Simpsons Showdown

Hercules’ Hitters

Genie’s Wishful Winners

Monsters University Maulers

To Interception and Beyond

Love is an Open Receiver

Pixie Dust Punters

The Fox and the Hound’s Fierce Field Foxes

Simba’s Pride Pack

Beast’s Beaters

Mulan’s Mavericks

Pocahontas Powerhouse

Hercules Hitters

Moana’s Marauders

Big Hero Blitz

Belle’s Bulldogs

Stitch’s Smashers

Peter Pan’s Punters

Merida’s Minutemen

Pinocchio’s Passers

Fantasia Frenzy

Rapunzel’s Rushers

Sleeping Beauty Slayers

Bambi’s Bombers

Cars Crushers

Toy Story Terrors

Brave Bombers

Upset Updraft

Inside Out Onslaught

The Incredibles Infiltrators

Coco’s Crushers

Donald Duck Fantasy Football Names

Ratatouille Renegades

The Lion King Legends

Frozen II Furies

Beauty and the Beast Brawlers

Moana’s Moxie

Mulan’s Militia

Aladdin’s Avengers

Hercules’ Heralds

The Hunchback of Notre Dame Hammerheads

The Jungle Book Jinx

Zootopia Zephyrs

Finding Dory Dynamo

Coco’s Claw

Onward Overtake

The Incredibles Ignition

Brave Brigade

WALL-E Wallopers

Ratatouille Raiders

Cars Carnage

Inside Out Invasion

Wreck-It Ralph Rampage

Frozen Frenetic

The Aristocats Assault

The Rescuers Rampart

The Fox and the Hound Havoc

The Great Mouse Detective Grapplers

Oliver & Company Outlaws

Robin Hood Ruffians

The Little Mermaid Luminaries

Beauty and the Beast Blasters

Aladdin’s Alchemists

The Lion King Lurkers

Pocahontas Pummelers

Mulan’s Monarchs

Tarzan’s Tumblers

Brother Bear Bruisers

Home on the Range Renegades

Chicken Little Chargers

Meet the Robinsons Raiders

Bolt’s Brawlers

The Princess and the Frog Frenzy

Wreck-It Ralph Ruckus

Frozen Fiasco

Zootopia Zealots

Moana’s Mayhem

Onward Onslaught

The Incredibles Insurgents

Toy Story Turbulence

Finding Nemo Nomads

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Tips for Disney Fantasy Football Names

1. Incorporate Disney Characters

When coming up with your Disney fantasy football team name, consider incorporating the names of your favorite Disney characters.

Whether it’s Mickey Mouse, Simba, or Elsa, adding a touch of Disney magic to your team name can make it more memorable and fun.

2. Play with Disney Movie Titles

Get creative and play with Disney movie titles to come up with a unique team name.

For example, you could turn “The Lion King” into “The Touchdown King” or “Frozen” into “Fantasy Football.” This adds a clever twist to your team name while still keeping it Disney-themed.

3. Use Disney Quotes

Disney movies are filled with memorable quotes that can be adapted to fit your fantasy football team name.

Incorporate phrases like “To infinity and beyond” from Toy Story or “Hakuna Matata” from The Lion King to add a touch of Disney magic to your team’s identity.

4. Combine Disney and Football Terminology

For a truly unique team name, try combining Disney and football terminology. For example, you could create a team name like “The Fantasy Touchdowns” or “The Disney Blitzers.”

This fusion of Disney and football elements adds a playful and sporty vibe to your team’s identity.

5. Get Inspired by Disney Theme Parks

Disney theme parks offer a wealth of inspiration for fantasy football team names.

Consider incorporating iconic attractions, such as “The Space Mountain Strikers” or “The Pirates of Touchdown Cove,” to give your team name a magical twist.

6. Embrace Disney Villains

Don’t forget about the Disney villains! Incorporating the names or characteristics of iconic Disney villains can add a touch of mischief and intrigue to your team name.

Whether it’s “The Maleficent Marauders” or “The Ursula Underdogs,” these names are sure to make an impact.

7. Use Disney Song Titles

Disney movies are known for their catchy songs, so why not use them as inspiration for your team name?

Adapt song titles like “Under the Sea” from The Little Mermaid or “A Whole New World” from Aladdin to create a whimsical and musical team name.

8. Incorporate Disney Sidekicks

Disney sidekicks often steal the show with their charm and humor.

Consider incorporating the names of beloved sidekicks like Olaf from Frozen or Timon and Pumbaa from The Lion King into your team name for a lighthearted and entertaining touch.

9. Reflect Your Favorite Disney Era

If you have a particular affinity for a specific Disney era, such as the classic Disney films or the Pixar era, reflect that in your team name.

Whether it’s “The Classic Magic” or “The Pixar Powerhouses,” this allows you to showcase your love for a specific Disney era.

Common Mistakes When Choosing Disney Fantasy Football Names

1. Lack of Creativity

One of the most common mistakes when choosing Disney fantasy football names is a lack of creativity.

Many players simply opt for generic names that do not stand out or capture the essence of their team.

By failing to think outside the box, they miss out on the opportunity to create a unique and memorable team identity.

2. Obscure References

Another mistake is using obscure Disney references that only a select few will understand.

While it may seem clever to incorporate a lesser-known character or quote, it can alienate other players who are not familiar with the reference.

It’s important to strike a balance between being unique and inclusive when selecting a Disney fantasy football name.

3. Overused Clichés

Using overused clichés is a common pitfall when it comes to Disney fantasy football names.

While phrases like “Hakuna Matata” or “Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo” may initially seem fitting, they have been used countless times before.

Opting for these clichés can make your team name blend in with the crowd rather than standing out.

4. Lack of Relevance

Choosing a Disney fantasy football name that lacks relevance to the sport can be a mistake.

While it’s fun to incorporate Disney elements, it’s important to ensure that the name still reflects the competitive nature of fantasy football.

A name that is too whimsical or unrelated to the game can give the impression that your team is not serious or competitive.

5. Offensive or Inappropriate Names

Lastly, one of the biggest mistakes to avoid is selecting an offensive or inappropriate Disney fantasy football name.

While it may be tempting to use a name that pushes boundaries or includes controversial content, it can lead to negative consequences.

It’s crucial to be mindful of the impact your team name may have on others and to choose a name that is respectful and inclusive.

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