Community Names: 220 Inspiring Name Ideas for Communities

People have been naming communities for centuries. There are countless examples of community names around the world that have either stuck or come to be known by locals.

Some of these names may be familiar to you, while others may be new. Regardless of their familiarity, each of these names has a unique story and history behind it.

In this article, we will explore some of the most common community names and what makes them special.

To start, It’s important to have a community name that’s unique and meaningful to your users. However, it is not as simple as picking any random word from the dictionary.

It is important to consider several different things when choosing a community name. First, think about what the users will be doing with your app and what you want them to do.

Once you know that, you’ll have a better idea of how to name it. Try to pick something that is both memorable and unique. Community names are not as well known as app names, so you may have to keep coming up with new ideas.

If you pick something that doesn’t sound right, users will likely ignore it and move on to the next app.

You may be wondering what makes a good community name. The name of the community can help people remember it, but you also need to make sure that it will be appealing to potential users.

It’s important to pick a name that is easy to remember, so users will be able to associate the community with something that comes easily to mind.

You may want to consider using a combination of words that you can make unique. For example, you can use “poker” and “casino” or “blackjack” and “baccarat.” You can also try using a name that describes the community itself.

Community Names

Cuddle Bug

The Good Neighbors

Community Scout

Hear Volunteer

The Coterie Exclusive

Spreading Smiles

Pudding Pie

Better Bets

Life Community

Community Super

Web Community

The Purlin’ Girls

Social Warriors

The Forum Force

Science Sisterhood

Learn & Grow!

At Your Service

Nucleus Network

Getting the Gist

Project Pen Pal

Wheels of Change

Success Community

Spay-ghetti Dinner

In the Vicinity

School’s Out Academy

Free Labor

Walking Together

The In-Crowd

Creative Community Names

Crux of the Matter

Spring Forward

Tiny Trail Blazers

Find Community

The Little Library

United Forever

A Pawsitive Light

Community Boot

The Cool Table

Spring Forward


Tech Community

Positive Souls

The Be Kind Diner

Neighbor Network

Community Connect

Community Finder

Able Charities

We Do Everything

Community Club

Sunrise House

Honey butter biscuit

Guitar Community

The Rescue Squad

Happy Tails on Trails

Camaraderie Crew


Worthy Wellness

The Unpaid Charitable

Typical Donated

Funny Community Names

Shared Outcomes

Living in Harmony

My Community Buddy

The Big Picture

Give Back Summer

Starting Right

Sense of Place

Cookie Kiss

Festival of Trees

We’re All In

Advocate Alliance

Near to Community

Dishing Up Home

Sisterhood Squad

Ace Community

Life of Giving

The Volunteer

Community Time

Super Brainy

Open Community

What are some best community names?


Knowledge Experts

Community Search

Save More

Candy Community

Allison’s Community

Best Community

Stronger Together

March for a Cause

Hey Community

Personal Community

Durable Ties Group

Community Around


Bundt Cake

Community Works

Hearts 4 Paws

Fast Community

Socialize Lives

Community United

Gaming Community Names

Community Wizard

Bunny Bear

Green Peace

Alpha Community

Unanimous Legion

Social Ties Tribe

Piano Community

Cyber Community

Common Purpose

Trash Taskforce


Pretty Lady

The Optimum

Homework Hopper

Focal Point

The Superheros

Community You

Socially United

Little Bear

Spring Into Action

Community Names

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How to Pick a Community Names

Choosing a community name is one of the more important decisions that you can make, so you should give it some thought and make sure that it will work out.

By way of example, consider what community name you would like to use if you were to start your own game room.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect name for your community:

1.     Choose a name that reflects the community’s identity

For example, if you are running a community for gamers, your game room’s name should reflect that identity. The same goes for those who are running a community for musicians, fitness buffs, or even writers.

Circle of Friends

Betterment Brigade

The Spoon Stewards


Quick Results

Community Corps

Giving Groupies

Fusion of Friends

Top Community

Community Dude

Community Link

Unified Interests


Community Cares

Boo Thing

2.     Use a descriptive word or phrase

If possible, try to use a word or phrase that accurately describes the community’s focus. For example, if you are running a community for gamers, your game room’s name should reflect that identity.

French Community

Community Bee

Great People Group

Community In

The Unity Division

Comedy Central

Second Helping

Homework Haven

Princess Peach

A Common Heritage

Full Hearts

Community Smasher

In the Clique

Project Tight Knit

Soup for the Soul

3.     Use a combination of two or more words

If you can, choose a name that incorporates two or more words. It will be easier to remember and more search engine friendly. For example, if you are running a community for gamers, your game room’s name should reflect that identity.

Acute Awareness

Epilepsy Outlook

Ammunity Us

Awesome Activists

Kindness Krew

Vanilla Bean

The Purlin’ Girls

Sweet kins

Trash Taskforce

Festival of Trees

Bread and Bounty

Consensus Coalition

It’s our Responsibility

We Are Volunteer

Gifted Community

4.     Make the name relevant to the community’s history and culture

Don’t rely on your own personal experience to name your community. Instead, consider the history and culture of the people who use it. Don’t be afraid to bring new ideas into the mix.

Act Of Kindness

Commonality District

Project Can-Do

A Shared Purpose

Fellowship Force

Medical Community


There Volunteer

Digital Community

Patient Unpaid

Sylvan Community

Coalition Collective

Clever Community

Remote Community

Typical Help

5.     Use keywords in the name

Keywords are words that people search for. If you include these words, you can help people find your community.

For example, if your community is about playing games, a keyword like “board game” or “strategy game” might be appropriate.

Staff Community

24*7 Service

Instant Community

Aardvark Community

Free Will

Change Agents


Community Now

Master Community

Community Drake

Cooperation Circle

Conservation Station

Learning League

Next Door Nation


In conclusion, community names can be a reflection of the community’s culture and heritage. They can also be a way to unite the community and show their pride in their identity.

Community names are important for communities to keep their culture and heritage alive.

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