955 Cake Business Names That Will Stun Your Customers

So, you decided to jump into cake business and looking for creative & memorable cake business names to inspire and help you come up with a good name, right?

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Cake Business Names

Cake business names are a big part of marketing a cake business. The right name can help attract customers, show off your personality, and set you apart from the competition.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a cake business name, including the genre of cake you serve and your target market.

Get creative and come up with a name that reflects your business, personality, and target market.

These are the most catchy and creative cake business names to inspire your ideas:

Sifted Sweets


Caffe Rovio


Well Frosted

Frosting First

Vertical Thread

GrowVilla Cakes

Good Layers

Old World Cone

WildOne Cakes 


The French Gourmet



Make the Cake

Delicious Queen

PinkDots Cake Making

Jake’s Cakes

Proof Bakery

Main Street Cupcakes


Space Cakes

Cobblers Cakes & Kream

Magnolia Bakery

Deja Vu Cakes

BlueHOuse Cakes & More

YummyDay Cakes 

The Cravory

Breads Bakery

Embero Cakes

XOXO Cake Pops


Frame of Cakes

The Yellow Leaf

Wild Cakes & Mores

DailyZest Cakes & More

Cupcake Queen

Fresh Baked Cakes

Uptown Cakes & Cafe

BreezBurp Cakes 

Art of Cakes

MayMasti Cake Frosting

Cupcake Power

MoodFlip Cakes & more

Rex Learning Cakes


Holy Cupcakes!

MidEast Cakes & More

BlueSky  Cakes & Cafe

Two Best

TinyPop Cakes

Frosted Crown Cupcakes


Tempteva Cakes 

Cake Power

Buttercup Cake Shop

Regal Cakes

Spring Tap

Great Span Frosting

Ancient Sip

Steamy Cakes & More

Cake Country

Strawberry Cupcakes


Devil Cakes

Urban Grind


Kustom Cakes & more

Said in Sprinkles

Oak Mill Bakery

Sweet Corner Bakeshop


Nine Cakes

BluGram Cakes

Sugarlips Cupcakes

Sweetpea Baking

A Love for Cakes

Hotcakes Bakes

Gingersnap Sweets & Such

FrameFlip Cakes & More

Cake the Great

The Sweet Tooth Cupcake Shop

Mood Lift Cakes

Finlay Cakes & more

Piece of Cake

Not Just Cakes

just jack’s

Posito Learning

Eastern Taste

Simplicity Cakes

Buzzy Cakes & More

CrestMind Cakes

TruBit Cakes

DayGret Cakes 

Urban East Cakes

Holy Glory


GreenSpruce Cakes

Sweet Thang Cupcakes

Bake Hollow

Homemade Cake Business Names

When starting a cake business, choosing the right name is essential.

It’s important to make sure the name conveys what type of cakes you specialize in, and that it stands out from the competition.

One popular strategy for naming a cake business is to use your own name. This gives customers an easy way to connect with you and your shop, plus it can help with branding.

Alternatively, you could come up with a clever play on words or pun related to cakes and baking.

Here are the best name ideas for homemade cake business:

Cupcake Craze

natureField Cap


Creative Cakes

NorthWind Cakes 

Delight Cloud

Cakes N Shapes


Tiny delight Co

The Cake Maker

Lugossi Cakes


Wonderful Wedding Cakes


CasaFlip Cakes

Bako Boulevard

Cake Face


Treston Learning

Sweet time cake

Purple Daisy Cakes

Central Perk

Barking Dog Bakery

NutriMiller Cakes


Naked Cakes & Mores

Cubes Baking Co.

Burberry Blast




Mooseland Treat



Layers of Love

Impressio Cakes

Come on in! Cupcake Shop

Yummy House Bakery

Joe Jazz Cakes

Fregdex Learning

NorthSip Cakes


London Cakes & Mores

Anytime Cakes

Hot Orbin Cakes & More

Liberton Cakes

Three Forks Cakes

Funnista Cakes

Flefty Cakes

Unicorn Cakes

The Cake Zone

RedRobin Cafe

Rise & Roll

WhiteFlag Frosting

Bake Den Cakes 

FreshCatch Cakes 

The Cupcake Connection

Crummiest Dream

Grand North Frosting

Sweet Box Cupcakes

Sweet Dream Cakery

jackPine Cakes 

Splitz candy

Cassex Cakes & Cafe

The Cakes ery

SlingBerry Cakes & More

Averren Learning

Bregers Cakes


GoodStix Cakes & Cafe

FoodCrest  Frosting


Fire and Iced


Helvenn Cakes

BluRound Cafe

Zitton Learning

CozyDay Cakes 

Sigmex Floral

Cake Doodle

Have Your Cake

Jolly Scoop Cakes

OutWood East

Giftitude Learning

Luster Day Cakes 

Cookie Encounter


Creamy Creations

NatuPick Cakes

Flayelle Obe


Twisted nature

Gonizz Cakes


AdornArts Cake Frosting

Cupcake Business Names

Cake business owners know that the name of their business is one of the most important decisions they have to make.

After all, it’s what will draw customers to their bakery and give them a sense of what kind of cakes they can expect.

However, if you specialize in cupcakes, you may want a name that reflects this specialty as well.

These are the best cupcake business names ideas you can ever find:

SnowDeer Cakes 

GreyGoddess Cakes & more

CrazyFrank Cakes & More


WillowWay Cakes

FoodoFly Frosting

BakoFab Cake Frosting

HappyHut Cakes 

NorthHex Co.

Nimbus Cakes

Confection Cakes

Serenozz Cakes

Magic flour cake

FoodMIng Cakes

Vibe Sip Cakes

Sprinkles Bakery

Gigi’s Cupcakes

Buttercream Dreams

The Cube Parlour

Layered in Love

Craze king Cakes



Cool Cakes

GoodBliss Floral

Desirable Cake

The Sweet Life Bakeshop 

MayMade Cakes & Cafe

Uppex Learning

Gifting Curves

Minima Cakes


Phress Aroma


Rossella Cakes & more

Street Days

Willy Ever Cakes


Soft Stella

Arpells Learning

Cakes Feather

Sugar Flower Cake Shop

Dream Day Cakes

Batter Up

Street Essence


Prosonn Floral

Taggl Cakes

Mighty loft

BlissBrite Cakes & Cafe

Virgin Surprise

Cake Colonel

Bake Destiny

Tour De Spore

Cakes Young

Chocolaty cake

Sweet Teeth


SweetFrost Cakes 



The Sweet Fix Bakery

Tempteva Eat

Cake Alchemy


Cake and Art


CrazyFiber Learning

memory Season

Angel Cakes

Cupcake Cafe

Sweet Revenge Bakery

The Rolling Pin

TreboSmith Cakes

Segment Pie

Cassa Blancha


ForestaFun Cakes

Urban Icing

Fresco Fill Frosting


The Cake

Flabbo Cakes


The Great Rolling

Heavenly taste cake

Scrumpy Dun


Ripple Cakes

Easterly Cakes & Cafe


Naturally Delicious

Frost Me Gourmet

Nature Sputnik

FunFlex Cakes

The Fluffy Buns




LOve Orbin Cakes 


WetRoot Cakes

Cupcake Bakery Name Ideas

Bakery Names for Cupcakes Cakes are a delicious treat, and cupcakes make them even more fun to eat.

If you’re looking for a name that is sweet and matches the vibe of your bakery, consider one of these names.

Cupcake-Licious Cupcakes are delicious, so it only makes sense to call your bakery Cupcake-Licious.

You’ll get the extra benefit of calling attention to your specialty cupcakes rather than just the cake or other baked goods you offer.

These are the cool cupcake bakery name ideas:

Sweet Lady

Arventt Cakes


Charm City Cakes


WideSpread Cakes


Whole Awe Cakes & More

I Dream of Cake

Jane Cakes & More

Cake Dreams

The Sweet Side

Custom Crell



Sweet Mandy B’s 

Sprinkled with Sweetness


Whole delicacy

Poppins Bite

Atlas brew Cakes 

Cakes Elements

Vibrant Cakes


Amazing Cakes

Tips from Kate

Sea of Cupcakes

Fearless Frosters


Season hook Cakes 

Perfect Cakes

The Seduction shop


Cake It On

Lovely Layers

Epic Wonder Cake Frosting

Brown Sugar Bakery

Mosson Floral



Funkist Cakes

Cakes of Fun

Alliance Bakery & Cafe

Suneza Cone

Buttersweet Cupcakes

Fantastic Cakes

joss Cakes

Extraordinary Desserts

The Elegant Truffle

Spadene Learning

Raspberries n’ Creme

The Hook Cakes

Cylesta Cakes

The Cake Factory

StarMore Cakes & Cafe



Awake brew

Pearl Bakery

Sinfull Cakes


Cake O’Clock

Straccoll Cakes

Spumoni Cone

Crazy Cupcakes

MOjo House Cakes

Sugar & Spice Cupcake Shop

Boxberry LOft

Cakes Mine



Cupcake Bakeoff

UpperCozy Cakes 

Elysia Root Cakes

Encoren Floral

The Cakes Junction


Candlelit Cakes




Dream Spoon

BlueLucy Cakes & Cafe

Northern Lucy

The Protein Bakery

Delicious Bakery

Cakes to Bake

The Cake Fairy

Angel Food Bakery


Vanilla Bake Shop

Bake n’ Flake

The Real Cake Baker




Grandma’s Kitchen

Fresh Flip

Naturefest Cakes

Bakery Name Generator

Having a great logo along with this unique name for your cake business will really help draw attention to it.

People browsing for cupcakes will see your logo and be interested in learning more about what you have to offer.

Combining an eye-catching name with an attractive logo can really help set you apart from the competition, making sure that customers pick you over any other businesses they might encount

These are the bakery names suggested by the name generator:

Hillberry Cakes

Elpron Cakes


Hopestone Cakes


Cakes Bellisreo

Semi Eater Cakes & More

TenFold Cakes

Bake for Me

Sensiflex Cakes


Liquid Temptations

Trevia Square

Fronzenn Cakes

A Cookie and a Cupcake

Flour Cake and Pastry

Baked it



Sweet Cheeks Baking

Sweet E’s Bake Shop


MotiveSpace Cakes & More

Cakes Welsay

The Dreaming

Plentiful Pastries

Butter Cake Shoppe

Tip-of-your-Tongue Cupcakes

MIdTown Frosting

Better loft


Dreamon Cakes

Stream Street

Cakes Dimension

layerMade Cake Making

Tidbits Frosting


Green Goodies

GeoCrunch Cakes 

Locossi Cakes

Mighty fine cake

UpDegree Frosting

Java Zest Cakes


Cupcake Addicts

Born Sweet

Drunkin Dawn


First happy

Icing on Top

Crazy Dreams

Flour Power Cakery

Kustom Kupcakes

MaddinMax Cakes & more

Dream Cakes

Zeppoli Cake

Made in Heaven Cakes

Dangy Dist

SunMoss Cake Making

BlueBriss Cone

Sweet Young

The Twisted Baker

Pampered Taste

Milk Jar Cookies



Sweet Sensations Pastry

Sugar Rush

Honey Crumb Cake Studio

Real Diasy

For Heaven’s Cakes!

Homeland Bakery


JoyJoss Cakes

Zompei Co.

Yo Yo Good Cakes 


The Cakesmith

FoodCave Frosting

EgoEast Cakes

Colosso Cakes & more

Fresco Groove

Little Pie Company


The Cupcake Craving

Mood Twisty

Commander Cakes

Bake Me a Wish

Oeniss Cakes



Baker Wee

A’s Exquisite Cakes

Awake Aqua

Roeser’s Bakery

Luscious Layers Bakery

Cake Monkey Bakery

The Breadline

Sensational Cakes and More

BlueBay Cakes

Bake Fever

Good Bakery Names

Desserts Are Forever! Creating custom desserts for your business can be a fun and exciting way to stand out from the crowd.

You can use your creativity to come up with new and interesting ways to present baked goods and other sweets.

You can also use your creativity in coming up with a name for your business.

In fact, the name you choose for your bakery is one of the most important decisions you will make when starting up.

You want a name that is both memorable and reflects the kind of image you want to portray.

Some of the good bakery names are given below:

Zest iroma

Red Aroma


Aha Moments


Crafty Cakes

Funtail Cakes

The Cake Gallery

Make My Cake


Delicious Creations Cupcakes

Experiya Cakes & More

Crumbs Bake Shop

Custom Crell Cakes & More

Absolute Pies

Morning Mozo

Sweet Sensation

FreshMiss Cakes 

Brekky Cakes & More

UrbenAble Learning

Sunville Cake Making

Seltronn Floral

Red Velvet Bakery


Darla’s Dreamy Cupcakes

Sensational Bites

ResistScoop Cake Making


First Cakessh Frosting

Cupcake Royale

Caked and Baked

Bake for Me.


Firstly Cakes


Smokey Honey

BetterBake cafe

MarsChino Cake Frosting

FoodButton Cakes

Big City Cakes

GoldFox Cakes

Good Measure

Out of the Box Cakes

Cake Heaven

A Cake Occasion

Orangebit Cakes

Cake Fantasy

FirstFront Cakes & Cafe

Felacia Cakes & more

Molly’s Cupcakes

It’s a Piece a Cake

Los Gatos Cakes

The Bleeding Heart Bakery

EagerVelvet Cake Frosting

Pastries So Tasty

Simply Desserts

Cupcake Creations

Rossella Cake Making

Foremost Taste

Cake Makers

Regal Cake

Pink Elcletic

DIngDong  Cakes & More

Hot Rock Cakes

DayBreak Cakes 

Hey Sugar Cupcakes 

Blue Vampire

Alpheno Cakes

Undive Cakes



Choco-choco cake


GrandNorth Cakes 

Cake Fabulous

Maple Cakes

Loveletter Cakeshop

Blackhex Cakes

GroundUp Cakes & More

just Bloom

Rustic span

UrbanTasty Frosting

Brown Crunch

Roomberry Cakes

Pronto Fronto


Slingberry Cakes 

Molly’s Cupcakes 

Let Them Eat Cake

Urban Arabica

Drippity Cakes

Candle Cakes

PipingPass Cakes 


Great happy Cakes 

HenryQuest Cakes & More



Trott Cakes

Cake Business Names

Cake Shop Name Ideas

When it comes to starting a cake business, choosing the perfect name is key.

Whether you’re looking for cupcake business names, ice cream shop name ideas, or bakery name ideas, there are countless options available to you.

It can be difficult to stand out from the crowd with a unique and catchy name that reflects your brand identity.

Here are some creative cakes and cupcakes for your business ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

Check out these cake shop name ideas:

LovinCoast Cake Frosting

UrbanAero Cakes

Butterfly Bakeshop

CountySpot Cakes 

Rusty Hues Cakes



Leffis Co.

For Goodness Cake

Polka Dots

Leafkiss Cakes

Joyously Cake Frosting

The Daily Grind

Tender Delight

Cake Pros

Everlyn Learning

Devista Co.

Foodong Cakes & More

Eater Daisy

The Glorious Cake

Big Mountain

UpThread Learning

Quick Kaffe 

Delibite Cakes 


Shake and Cake



the Delicacy

ArrowAve hunt

Cakes Lyft

Cupcake Glory

Frubrite Cakes

SporeShift Cakes

Caked in Sweetness

Cozy Coco

COntinental Eatery

Margonna Cake Making

The Crazy Cupcake Lady

The Cupcake Craze

JavaYum Place

StaticBerry Cake Frosting

Cupcake Zone

Perfect Poundcake

Cakes of Paradise

the Cake Walkers

Deep Sea Sugar and Salt

Cuppies & Joe

Yummy Joe

Dognoma Learning

The Bux Cakes

java Fresh

Milk Bar

Ruby Bakery

The Waffle Cakes


Cakes Culture


Wisemax Co.

Fondell Cakes & Cafe

A Piece of Cake Bakery

Urban Fresh

LittleBest Cakes 

liperlla Cakes


Butter Lane

mark a Cakes & More

Bake Mama

DailySense Floral


MayLizz Cakes

Colossal Cupcakes

Treebon Cakes

Indulge Cupcakes

We Take the Cake

Grisssom Twist

Frezzing Frey

happy Endings



Eddie Bull Cupcake Shop

Dreambar co

The Crazy Creams

Celestial Cakes

SportSnax Cakes 

definitive Cakes 

NatureClap Cakes


FoodWave Cakes & More

SwissSlash Cakes

Uptown Cakes

Sweet Cakes

Buttercup Bakery

Guilty Pleasures Cupcake Shop

MeltEclat Cakes

How to Name Your Cake Business

Consider the following points while naming your cake shop:

1. Know what makes a good name

Thousands of name suggestions are there on the internet. But the question is if they are worth considering?

What I mean is that it’s not just someone’s suggestion and your approval. There are many things that you need to look before you choose your business name.

Have a look at these characteristics and remember them while you’re shortlisting your favorite cake shop names.


2. Brainstorm and make a list of cake shop and bakery business names

You must be able to pick out good names from any list by now. Also, you’ll be able to brainstorm new ideas while still keeping the necessary points in mind.

Make a list of catchy and trendy names. Pick some ideas from internet. 

3. Play with words

You’ve got a list. Now, is the time to intermingle words. What you need to do is to pick a word from one idea and put it into another and fit it creatively into it.

Sometimes, it might not be possible. If you could do it, you’ll love this way of coming up with new business names.

You can also consider using a dictionary for related adjectives and synonyms.

4. Keep on narrowing the list down

From time to time, you’ll see your list of names. And whenever, you feel like some ideas are not very cool to use, you should just cut them out.

And in the end, while going step-by-step, you’ll be down to a few decent names.

5. Think about the emotion you want to evoke

It’s important to know the emotions that your sweets business name will evoke in your customers. 

So, decide if you’ll want it to professional, funny, creative, whimsical, or simple.

6. Avoid hard-to-spell and hard to remember names

It’s a digital age. Every business operates online and hence, you’ll have to as well.

And imagine if your business names spell hard and people can’t remember it! You could lose a lot of potential customers.

If your business name is easy to remember, people are gonna land right in your website.

7. Use a name that conveys some meaning

For small businesses with a low marketing budget, it is recommended that their business name should tell what they sell or serve.

8. Consider a name that tells a story

Friendly relations with customers are good for business. And a name that tell a story can give you a start.

So, you should have a good story to tell when your customers ask “How and why you named your company so?”

9. Make it catchy and memorable.

Well! Businesses find an increase in sales through referral marketing, usually known as “word of mouth” marketing.

Maybe, you’ve great products and services, but your company name is hard to remember to share, who would think about it?

Definitely, no-one. So, in order to increase your sales through referrals, your business name needs to be eye grabbing and memorable.

10. Don’t pick a name that limits your business growth

This point is for business owners who intend to spread their business in the future.

For instance, you name your business “Byte Digital Marketing”. Don’t you think it is very specific?

Maybe, you plan to be in digital ads network for whole of your life. But what if you later on think of spreading your business to offline advertising and promotions?

Your business name will restrict, won’t it? Therefore, don’t be too specific, who knows what you’re gonna do in the next 10 years?

11. Consider referencing to a book or movie

Many small businesses took advantage of popular characters from stories and movies. It helped their businesses and they needed relatively less marketing tactics.

You can do this too. However, this might not be professional for some businesses. That’s why some business owners do not consider this shortcut.

12. Conduct a thorough internet search.

In order to find an internet friendly name, you need a thorough research. It’s important for a few reasons, including:

You would know if someone has already picked the name you wish to go for, which will give you a stop.

You’ll be able to find a name that might rank in Search Engines easily and hence, bring online traffic to your website.

13. Consider international portability of your company’s name

While picking a name for your bakery, it’s important that you consider if your company will provide services internationally.

International businesses should not have location based names. On the other hand, small local businesses can opt to pick a location (city, town, country) based name.

14. Get the .com domain name

The world’s most taken TLD is .com and therefore, you should secure one for your business. Customers consider such businesses professional. Though, it’s not necessary.

You can go for other famous TLD’s, in case .com is already taken i.e. .net, .org and .biz.

15. Conduct a trademark search

Internet research could tell you if some business operates on that name that you’re planning to choose. 

In order to know whether it is trademarked or not, you should visit USPTO.gov. You can also visit the concerned department.

16. Get feedback on the name

Naming a business isn’t a small thing…you could do it, but it’s better that you use other’s mind too.

Gather your friends and family members. Ask for feedback on your favorite names. You could use help of your office colleagues as well.

17. Make sure the name sounds good when said aloud

Some names seem good on just paper. And they sound awful. So, what’s the solution here? Say them aloud a few times, so you would know that you won’t start hating it soon.

18. Use resources available for brainstorming the cake business name ideas

There are hundreds of resources out there that could give you suggestions on sweets and cake bakery names. Some of the most popular are:

Shopify Name Generator





19. Make sure you are personally happy with the name

You’re to live with the selected name for long. So, what you personally think matters the most. 

Therefore, make sure you’re personally happy with it.

More Name Ideas:

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