250 Inspiring Business Meeting Name Ideas and Suggestions

There are endless possibilities when it comes to naming business meetings. Whether you’re a startup looking for something catchy and marketable, or an established business with dozens of internal meetings every month.

There’s a name out there that’ll fit the bill. In this article, we look at the various ways of naming a business meeting.

First, let’s look at what type of meeting it is. Meetings are typically a combination of people, activities, and time. They can be very informal or formal, depending on the nature of the meeting.

Meetings can be quarterly or biannual, with the frequency and length of each meeting dependent on company policy. The number of people in a meeting, and their roles, also varies widely.

There are many different ways to name a business meeting. This is typically done by using the name for the meeting itself, or using the name of an activity that takes place during the meeting.

Second, it’s important to have a name associated with a meeting that’s meaningful to all of the people involved. So, for example, if you’re having a meeting to discuss marketing plans, the name of the meeting should reflect that.

You’ll want to avoid the names of meetings that are simply descriptive – like “meeting with the marketing team” or “meeting to discuss sales objectives.”

Finally, the name of a meeting should be simple and easy to remember. Avoid using the names of meetings that are too long or have too many words in them.

But don’t be too stingy with the words. The longer the name of a meeting, the harder it is to remember. Also, try to avoid using acronyms for names of meetings because they are difficult to remember and can create confusion among attendees.

Business Meeting Name Ideas

Clever Conversations

Meeting Spaces

Vibin’ with Visionaries

Companies Catch up

Learning Loft

Mentors Masquerade

Expect Event


All Arrears

Situation Room

Shiny Thumb

The Forthcoming

Private League


Potential Themes

Executive Hole

Annual Activity

Success Spring

Romping Room


Recent Presentation

Bressman Rental


Trading Topics

Specialist Society

AtmosEye Rental

Think Out Loud

Equilibrium Space

The Single Case

Entrepreneurial Assets

Fun Business Meeting Names

Moment Festiva

The Meet & Greet

Creative Conversations

Innovation Industry

Entrepreneurial Explores


Partying Pioneers

Southline Coast

Wise Workshop

Golden Gate

Social Sphere

Ideation Zone

Gadgets Gettogether

Delicious Discussion

The Next Step

Regional Forum

Fifth Meetings Spot

Inner Winners

The Extraordinary Case

Success Society

Business Ease

Third Briefing Place

Happy Parade Group

Upset Event

Vision Celebration

Rapping Range

2nd Conf Collective

Grace Hopper

Traders Tales

Johannes Kepler

Motivational Meeting Names

The Remarkable

Mysterious Movement

Conf Spot

1st Conf Group

Annual League

Innovations Interaction

Critical Ceremony

Ministerial Briefing Spot

Mania Room

The Past Extravaganza

Meeting Pro

ZingValley Rental

Ambitious Adventures

Classic Talk

Booze with Bosses

Against Event

Michael Jordan

The Traumatic Carnival



The Annual Presentation

Brief Forum

Ground Floor

Mind Expansion Mansion

Milestone Meetup

Sharpness Social

Beyond Trust

Snog Room

The Unique

Indoctrination Location

What are some good business meeting name ideas?

External Earthquake

Innovation Impulse

Tempo Territory

Digital Signage

Sailing Success

The Unlikely Celebration

Attend Event

Meeting Collective


Action Adventures

Resents Event

Strategic Thought

Office Culture

Noggin Chamber


Essential Interaction

Socializing Session

Crimson Kings

Building Business

Purpose Planet

WinterSpring Rental

AtmosGlare Rental

Scholar’s Social

Group Discussion Spot

1st Seminar


Brunching on Business

The Kitchen Sync

Trends Treatment

Bromance Chamber

Virtual Meeting Name Ideas

Museum of Minds

Easy Orientation

Conexta Meetings

Eworld Ease

Creative Chains

John McEnroe

20th Symposium Collective

Disappointment Beach

Swarm badge

Brainiac Business

Call of Duty

Be Biggie

Rally Scope

The Latter Festival

Opportunity Occasion

Solitude Society

Technical Gettogether

Visionary Vista

Evolve Rooms

The Decisive Parade

Entire Company

King’s Landing

The Springfield

Constitutional Congress

Pros Project

Dreamer Discussion

Truth of Trends

Positive Work

Venue Collective

Grown pastures Rental

Business Meeting Name Ideas

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How to Pick Business Meeting Name Ideas

It’s important to pick names for meetings that are catchy, simple and easy to remember. To brainstorm meeting names, start by thinking of the most important topic of the meeting.

Upon consideration of that topic, consider how you want to present or explain the subject.

Here we enlist few tips to pick a perfect business meeting name ideas:

1.     Brainstorm: Try to think of words and phrases that would be appropriate

For example, if the topic of your meeting is to discuss a new product that you are launching, try to think of an appropriate and catchy name for your meeting by brainstorming about it. Pick names from existing words related to your topic.

Crescent Crew

Engagement Center

Neil Armstrong

Interactive Wayfinding

Alpha Room


Team Territory

Courageous Community

Fun Firms

Local Landmarks

Themed Teams

Arc Institute

The Meet and Greet

Jamming Junction

Reinvent Revolution

2.     Make it clear and concise

Try to avoid long and complicated names by shortening them or adding acronyms. Keep it positive and inspiring. Think of words and phrases that are positive, uplifting, motivating, encouraging, and inspiring.

Creative Collaboration


Boosting Business

Sonorous Conference

Head Honchos


Conference Reinvented

The Decisive Carnival

Rocking Room

Briefing Place

The Renegade Team


Steve Jobs

Intriguing Entrepreneurs

Egotistical Quarters

3.     Be specific

Try to be specific in your choice of words. Words like “meeting” or “announcement” are also common. Try to avoid vague names and instead make them as specific as you can.

Chris Rushing

BlueVegas Town

Business Buzz

Decisive Carnival Spot

Convening Space

Empowering Events

Tournament Collective


Hall of Justice

The Conference Space

Creative Cohesion

Experts Insights

Magic Dragon

Talented Tea Party

Noble Networking

4.     Name the meeting for the purpose it will serve

For example, a meeting to discuss marketing strategy would be called “Marketing Strategy Meeting”. Avoid using numbers in your name. This might make it difficult for people who have different birthdays to attend the meeting.


The External Festival

Thinking Space

Keys to Success

Catchup with Experts

Movement Motivation

Traditional Approach

Life Sciences

Partnership Paradise

The Final Presentation

Exciting Election

Smart Choices

Brief Symposium

Buzz Aldrin

Better Meetings

5.     Don’t Use Jargon or Acronyms

Use the commonly known terms. Avoid using acronyms or jargon unless you are sure that everyone in your meeting understands what it means.

Food Network

Success Salad

The Expert Conference

Confidential Congress

Leap Conference

Ecommerce Engagement

Business Bravery

Monte Mirage

Specialist Meetings

Millenial Meetup

Entrepreneur Excitements

Key Celebration

Success Planet

Peanut Butter Jelly

Smart Vivix


In conclusion, when choosing a name for your business meeting, consider all of the different factors involved. By taking the time to choose a name that is representative of your company and conveys the purpose of the meeting, you can ensure that your meeting is successful.

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