200+ Dashing Boy Names That Start With Y

If you’re looking for boy names that start with Y, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got hundreds of ideas for you, ranging from the classic to the modern, from the traditional to the unique.

No matter what you’re looking for, we’re sure you’ll find something that you love on our list.
Some of our favorite boy names that start with Y include:
















Boy Names That Start With Y

Some of the rare boy names are Yonis, Yashraj, Yael, Yagya, Yuvraj.

Yonas – “A dove”

Yisreal – “the tree that binds earth”

Yajin – “Worshipper”

Yousef – “God will increase”

Yunis – “Dove”

Yahuda – “Praised”

Yaroslav – “fierce and glorious”

Yarrow – “rough stream”

Yudishtra – “One who is firm and brave in battle”

Yaqub – “he who supplants”

Yaqiz – “Awake; alert”

Yacoub – “from the forest”

Yaj – “a sage”

Yousef – “God increases”

Yardley – “clearing”

Yohann – “God is merciful”

Yanai – “he will answer”

Yahya – “version of John”

Yahir – “handsome”

Yaseem – “Blessed”

Yale – “land on a higher plain”

Yuzin – “Famous; wealthy”

Yiannis – “God is gracious”

Yeiden – “Grateful”

Yaron – “Joyful”

Yalid – “Beautiful”

Yuma – “chiefs son”

Yacoub – “Refers to an Islamic prophet”

Yusef – “Lord increases”

Yahuda – “Praise”

What are the best names of Y?

Some of the best boy names are Yafeu, Yakub, Yosef, Yigal, Yavnish.

Yovan – “Young”

Yudhvir – “Victorious warrior”

Yalcin – “A large mountain”

Yehuda – “The praised one”

Yandel – “love”

Yojith – “A positive thinker”

Yonatan – “God has Given”

Yadhu – “much-loved King”

Yrjö – “he who hails from the boar estate”

Yul – “One who is born on Christmas”

Yakshit – “permanent”

Yoel – “God is the lord”

Yaakov – “to follow”

Yahto – “Blue”

Yuval – “lily child”

Yago – “One who is protected by God”

Yehoshua – “To rescue”

Yannick – “God is gracious”

Yasin – “Famous; wealthy”

Yaser – “Smooth”

Yuri  – “farmer”

Yariel – “lion of God”

Yoshua – “God is my salvation”

Yuvaan – “young”

Yonah – “Dove”

Yoel – “Jehovah is the Lord”

Yuri – “One who works the land”

Yared – “To descend”

Yadid – “beloved friend”

Yamino – “Son of the south and not me”

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Popular Boy Names That Start With Y

Some of the popular boy names are Yada, Yao, Yasar, Yasir, Yosuf.

Yasiel – “One whom God made”

Yair – “God will enlighten”

Yadriel – “Light”

Yasim – “Blessed”

Yaseen – “chief”

Yehudiel – “Praise of God”

Yashansh – “Fame; prosperity”

Yisrael – “contender with God”

Yitzchok – “one who rejoices”

Yaamir – “The moon”

Yoel – “God prevails”

Yaniel – “God is my judge”

Yorick – “A farmer”

Yuwant – “Evergreen”

Yudel – “Praised”

Yon – “Dove”

Yisrael – “One who wrestles with God”

Yatan – “Devotee”

Yamac – “The mountainside”

Yashif – “Famous”

Yaaqoot – “Ruby”

Yuma – “Evening”

Yash – “success, splendor, and fame”

Yashith – “Famous; glorious”

Yacob – “Patriarch of the Israelites”

Yaqiz – “Awake”

Yael – “Mountain goat”

Yad – “jade”

Yamin – “right hand”

Yulian – “youthful and soft”

What are a good names for a boy that starts with Y?

Some of the good boy names are Yajvendra, Yadier, Yura, Yoav, Yameer.

Yasir – “well to do”

Yazeed – “To increase or become greater”

Yanni – “God is Gracious”

Yaqzan – “Vigilant”

Yukt – “Precious”

Yajnadev – “Lord of the sacred fire”

Yareth – “gentleness”

Yakshit – “One who exists forever”

Yancy – “One who is from the North”

Yeshaya – “God is salvation”

Yuvesh – “Youthful king”

Yannis – “God is Gracious”

Yohannes – “the Lord is gracious”

Yadan – “Honest”

Yazan – “determined”

Yannick – “Little John and gracious God”

Yale – “fertile moor”

Yuri – “farmer”

Yaameen – “Heading right”

Yves – “yew”

Yonis – “dove”

Yukio – “Snow”

Yonathan – “God has given”

Yochanan – “God is gracious”

Yevgeny – “aristocratic”

Yasper – “Treasurer”

Yaqin – “Belief”

Yacine – “happiness”

Yoshiro – “One who is happy”

York – “The yew settlement”

Boy Names That Start With Y

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What are some unique names for a boy?

Some of the unique boy names are Yutish, Yahel, Yavin, Yamaç, Yafir.

Yanis – “God is merciful”

Yadiel – “God has heard”

Yathvik – “Traditional; successful”

Yash – “Eminence and wealthy”

Yannick – “Pure soul”

Yohann – “God is gracious”

Yonas – “Dove”

Yovani – “Majestic”

Yaksh – “representative of God”

Yashvik – “Fame”

Yedhant – “Brightness”

Yafir – “the one that leaves a mark”

Yamir – “Moon”

Yariel – “God’s lion”

Yash – “eminence”

Yashiq – “Famous”

Yashvir – “Brave; glorious”

Yee – “slowly and gently”

Yaron – “Filled with joy”

Yael – “Gods strength”

Yasser – “one who makes things easier”

Yeshua – “Salvation and God is my salvation”

Yahel – “To shine”

Yaafi – “Young man”

Yakiv – “One who usurps”

Yannou – “God is gracious”

Yonatan – “God has given”

Yehoshua – “Jehovah is salvation”

Yakim – “established by God”

Yago – “supplanter”


There are many great boy names that start with the letter Y. Any of these names would be a great choice for you!

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