Boy Names That Start with “VR”

Choosing the perfect name for your baby boy is an exciting journey filled with possibilities.

If you’re on the hunt for a name that’s not only distinct but also carries a touch of uniqueness, then exploring names that start with “VR” might just be the right path for you.

While “VR” might not be the most common starting combination for names, it opens up a world of intriguing options that are bound to make your son stand out from the crowd.

From timeless classics like Vincent, meaning “conquering,” to more contemporary choices like Vreimond, there’s a diverse range of names waiting to be explored.

In this guide, we’ll dive into some of the finest boy names that start with “VR” and delve into their meanings and origins.

Whether you lean towards names with historical significance or prefer those with a modern twist, rest assured, there’s a “VR” name out there that’s just perfect for your little one.

So, let’s embark on this journey together and uncover the charm and allure of boy names that start with “VR.”

Popular Boy Names That Start with “VR”

Vraj – “Lord Krishna’s land” (Sanskrit)

Vrishab – “Zodiac sign Taurus” (Sanskrit)

Veer – “Brave” (Hindi)

Viren – “Brave Lord” (Sanskrit)

Vrind – “Tulsi” (Sanskrit)

Vrisan – “Lord Shiva” (Sanskrit)

Vrisha – “Lord Krishna” (Sanskrit)

Vrindan – “Lord of the Tulsi plant” (Sanskrit)

Vrund – “Holy basil” (Sanskrit)

Vrishin – “Lord Shiva” (Sanskrit)

Vrajesh – “Lord Krishna” (Sanskrit)

Vrajraj – “Lord Krishna” (Sanskrit)

Vrindavan – “Forest of Tulsi” (Sanskrit)

Vrajraj – “King of Vraj” (Sanskrit)

Vrihat – “Great” (Sanskrit)

Vriksh – “Tree” (Sanskrit)

Vrishti – “Rain” (Sanskrit)

Vrikodar – “Brave as a wolf” (Sanskrit)

Vriddh – “Old” (Sanskrit)

Vrishketu – “Son of Lord Krishna” (Sanskrit)

Vrushabh – “Zodiac sign Taurus” (Sanskrit)

Vrajanath – “Lord of Vraja” (Sanskrit)

Vrashap – “A bull” (Sanskrit)

Vrajnath – “Lord Krishna” (Sanskrit)

Vriksha – “Tree” (Sanskrit)

Vridhan – “Growing” (Sanskrit)

Vrisan – “Lord Shiva” (Sanskrit)

Vrijesh – “Lord Krishna” (Sanskrit)

Vrishin – “Lord Vishnu” (Sanskrit)

Vrishabhanu – “Father of Radha” (Sanskrit)

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Modern Boy Names That Start with “VR”

Vray – “Sunshine” (English)

Vrook – “Protector” (English)

Vrey – “Brave Ruler” (English)

Vrox – “Warrior” (English)

Vrist – “Strength of the Tribe” (English)

Vreir – “Peaceful Ruler” (English)

Vrand – “Guardian of Wisdom” (English)

Vrynn – “Strong Leader” (English)

Vrind – “Garden” (English)

Vrill – “Mighty Strength” (English)

Vrook – “Courageous Protector” (English)

Vroth – “Fierce Warrior” (English)

Vrex – “Determined Leader” (English)

Vryde – “Bold Explorer” (English)

Vrald – “Noble Counselor” (English)

Vroxan – “Valiant Guardian” (English)

Vrydd – “Adventurous Spirit” (English)

Vrahn – “Warrior of Peace” (English)

Vrake – “Skilled Craftsman” (English)

Vront – “Steadfast Defender” (English)

Vryse – “Inspiring Presence” (English)

Vrolf – “Resolute Leader” (English)

Vreek – “Courageous Heart” (English)

Vrush – “Swift and Agile” (English)

Vraal – “Valiant Defender” (English)

Vrynn – “Wise Protector” (English)

Vreyn – “Noble Guardian” (English)

Vryce – “Strong and Wise” (English)

Vriso – “Bearer of Strength” (English)

Vryte – “Courageous Spirit” (English)

Unique “VR” Names for Boys

Vrael – “Wise Protector” (Elvish)

Vriam – “Gentle Breeze” (Gaelic)

Vraxen – “Dragon Warrior” (Fantasy)

Vrynnor – “Guardian of Dreams” (Fantasy)

Vrondor – “Keeper of the Forest” (Fantasy)

Vrathor – “Eternal Wanderer” (Fantasy)

Vrystan – “Mystical Sage” (Fantasy)

Vrothgar – “Brave Spearman” (Norse)

Vyrion – “Guardian of the Stars” (Fantasy)

Vrathik – “Seeker of Knowledge” (Futuristic)

Vrynix – “Shadow Walker” (Fantasy)

Vraeken – “Master of Elements” (Fantasy)

Vryndal – “Champion of Light” (Fantasy)

Vrandor – “Defender of the Realms” (Fantasy)

Vraxis – “The Eternal Watcher” (Fantasy)

Vraedor – “Protector of the Innocent” (Fantasy)

Vrynnoc – “Keeper of Secrets” (Fantasy)

Vrathos – “Wanderer of Worlds” (Fantasy)

Vroshen – “Warrior Poet” (Fantasy)

Vrylar – “Harbinger of Hope” (Fantasy)

Vrakyn – “Guardian of the Underworld” (Fantasy)

Vroshka – “Swift Blade” (Fantasy)

Vrynthal – “Emissary of Peace” (Fantasy)

Vraldur – “Bearer of the Storm” (Fantasy)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “VR”

Victor – “Winner, conqueror” (Latin)

Vincent – “Conquering” (Latin)

Vernon – “Alder tree grove” (English)

Virgil – “Flourishing” (Latin)

Vance – “Marshland” (English)

Vladimir – “Ruler of peace” (Slavic)

Vaughn – “Small” or “junior” (Welsh)

Virat – “Giant” (Sanskrit)

Vikram – “Valiant” (Sanskrit)

Vishal – “Big, grand” (Sanskrit)

Vishnu – “All-pervading” (Sanskrit)

Veer – “Brave, heroic” (Sanskrit)

Vedant – “Knowledge, philosophy” (Sanskrit)

Vineet – “Knowledgeable” (Sanskrit)

Vijay – “Victorious” (Sanskrit)

Varun – “God of water” (Sanskrit)

Veerendra – “Lord of courage” (Sanskrit)

Vikrant – “Powerful, victorious” (Sanskrit)

Veeresh – “Lord of bravery” (Sanskrit)

Vachan – “Promise, speech” (Sanskrit)

Veeran – “Courageous, brave” (Tamil)

Veerabahu – “Brave armed” (Tamil)

Vairaj – “Omnipotent, spiritual” (Hindi)

Veerendra – “Lord of courage” (Hindi)

Veeru – “Brave, courageous” (Hindi)

Vibhas – “Brightness, shining” (Sanskrit)

Veeramani – “Brave, strong” (Tamil)

Vikas – “Progress, development” (Sanskrit)

Vithal – “Lord Vishnu” (Sanskrit)

Vardhan – “To grow, to increase” (Sanskrit)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “VR”

Vraj – “Happiness” (Indian)

Virender – “Brave lord” (Indian)

Vrinda – “Cluster of flowers” (Indian)

Vratislav – “Glorious ruler” (Slavic)

Vrindavan – “Place of Lord Krishna’s childhood” (Indian)

Vrushabh – “Lord Shiva” (Indian)

Vrajesh – “Lord Krishna” (Indian)

Vrajlal – “Beloved of Lord Krishna” (Indian)

Vrishin – “Lord Krishna” (Indian)

Vrij – “Free, independent” (Dutch)

Vratislav – “Famous ruler” (Slavic)

Vrisha – “Bull” (Indian)

Vrind – “Tulsi grove” (Indian)

Vrajraj – “Lord of Vraj” (Indian)

Vrushik – “Scorpion” (Indian)

Vrishikesh – “Lord Krishna” (Indian)

Vrindar – “Tulsi” (Indian)

Vrushank – “Lord Krishna” (Indian)

Vrisini – “Lord Krishna” (Indian)

Vrund – “Basil, Tulsi” (Indian)

Vrushankh – “Lord Shiva” (Indian)

Vrishin – “Lord Krishna” (Indian)

Vratik – “Pious, devoted” (Indian)

Vraja – “Childhood, abode” (Indian)

Vrijesh – “Lord Krishna” (Indian)

Vrajraj – “Lord of Vraj” (Indian)

Vrath – “Penance” (Indian)

Vrishik – “Lord Krishna” (Indian)

Vridhan – “Tree” (Indian)

Vrajbhushan – “Ornament of Vraj” (Indian)

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Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “VR”

Vrisha – “Lord Krishna” (Sanskrit)

Vriddhi – “Increase” (Sanskrit)

Vrinda – “Basil” (Sanskrit)

Vrishaan – “Lord Vishnu” (Sanskrit)

Vritti – “Nature” (Sanskrit)

Vrishaanka – “Lord Shiva” (Sanskrit)

Vrihant – “Distinguished” (Sanskrit)

Vrindavan – “Holy Place” (Sanskrit)

Vrishin – “Lord Krishna” (Sanskrit)

Vritant – “History” (Sanskrit)

Vrishank – “Moon” (Sanskrit)

Vrishti – “Rain” (Sanskrit)

Vritika – “Nature” (Sanskrit)

Vrindika – “Tulsi Plant” (Sanskrit)

Vridika – “Talent” (Sanskrit)

Vrij – “Freely” (Sanskrit)

Vrihika – “Praise” (Sanskrit)

Vrind – “Group of Trees” (Sanskrit)

Vritika – “Nature” (Sanskrit)

Vrisa – “Cow” (Sanskrit)

Vrishabh – “Bull” (Sanskrit)

Vrisag – “Lord Shiva” (Sanskrit)

Vritesh – “Lord Shiva” (Sanskrit)

Vrisan – “Lord Shiva” (Sanskrit)

Vritti – “Nature” (Sanskrit)

Vriddhi – “Prosperity” (Sanskrit)

Vriksha – “Tree” (Sanskrit)

Vrind – “Group of Trees” (Sanskrit)

Vrihan – “Strong” (Sanskrit)

Vrata – “Pledge” (Sanskrit)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “VR”

Vraj – “To Roam” (Sanskrit)

Vrindavan – “Place of Lord Krishna’s Pastimes” (Sanskrit)

Vrishaketu – “Son of Karna” (Sanskrit)

Vriddhachalam – “Old Mountain” (Sanskrit)

Vrindaraka – “Friend of the Tulsi Plant” (Sanskrit)

Vrishtan – “One who Rules” (Sanskrit)

Vriksha – “Tree” (Sanskrit)

Vritraj – “Son of Lord Brahma” (Sanskrit)

Vritra – “The Enemy of Lord Indra” (Sanskrit)

Vrisabha – “Lord Shiva” (Sanskrit)

Vrishakapi – “Lord Krishna” (Sanskrit)

Vrishabhanu – “Father of Radha” (Sanskrit)

Vrittiman – “The Best” (Sanskrit)

Vrishab – “Bull” (Sanskrit)

Vritrahan – “Slayer of Vritra Demon” (Sanskrit)

Vrishni – “Descendant of Vrishni” (Sanskrit)

Vritrasura – “Demon Killed by Lord Indra” (Sanskrit)

Vrindaban – “Forest of Tulsi” (Sanskrit)

Vriksharaja – “King of Trees” (Sanskrit)

Vrishasena – “Son of Karna” (Sanskrit)

Vritant – “History” (Sanskrit)

Vrisni – “Lord Krishna’s Ancestor” (Sanskrit)

Vrikshaketu – “Son of the Tree” (Sanskrit)

Vrindavani – “The Holy Forest” (Sanskrit)

Vrisharaj – “King of the Bulls” (Sanskrit)

Vriksharesha – “Lord of the Trees” (Sanskrit)

Vrishabanu – “Father of Radha” (Sanskrit)

Vrindaranyaka – “Forest of Tulsi” (Sanskrit)

Vriksharajan – “King of Trees” (Sanskrit)

Vrisha – “Lord Krishna” (Sanskrit)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “VR”

Vincent Van Gogh

 Dutch post-impressionist painter known for his emotionally charged works such as “Starry Night” and “Sunflowers.”

Viktor Frankl 

Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist, Holocaust survivor, and author of “Man’s Search for Meaning,” a seminal work on finding purpose in life.

Vladimir Nabokov 

Russian-American novelist and entomologist, known for his controversial novel “Lolita” and his mastery of the English language.

Viggo Mortensen 

Danish-American actor known for his roles in “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy and “A History of Violence.”

Vikram Sarabhai 

Indian physicist and astronomer, often regarded as the father of the Indian space program for his pioneering work in space science.

Viktor Orban Hungarian politician who has served as Prime Minister of Hungary, known for his nationalist and conservative policies.

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