220 Delightful Boy Names That Start with “VI”

When it comes to choosing a name for your little boy, why not consider something unique and uncommon?

Starting with the letters “VI,” there are a plethora of intriguing and distinctive options to choose from. From traditional names to modern and trendy ones, the possibilities are endless.

Whether you are drawn to vintage classics or more modern monikers, boy names that start with “VI” offer a wide range of choices to suit every parent’s taste.

In this article, we will explore a variety of boy names that start with “VI,” each with its own special charm and meaning.

Whether you are looking for a strong and bold name or a more gentle and serene one, you are sure to find inspiration in our list.

So, if you are on the hunt for a name that stands out from the crowd, look no further than the unique and diverse array of boy names that begin with “VI.”

Popular Boy Names That Start with “VI”

Victor – “conqueror” (Latin/English)

Vincent – “conquering” (Latin/English)

Viggo – “war” (Norse/Scandinavian)

Vijay – “victory” (Sanskrit/Indian)

Virgil – “flourishing” (Latin/English)

Víctorio – “victory” (Spanish)

Vidal – “alive” (Spanish)

Víctoriano – “victorious” (Spanish)

Víctor Hugo – “victorious spirit” (Spanish/French)

Vicente – “conqueror” (Spanish)

Vittorio – “victorious” (Italian)

Vincenzo – “conquering” (Italian)

Viacheslav – “glory to the slavs” (Slavic)

Vito – “life” (Italian)

Víctor Manuel – “God-given victory” (Spanish)

Víctorio Ángel – “angelic victory” (Spanish)

Víctoriano José – “God will increase” (Spanish)

Vikram – “valor” (Sanskrit/Indian)

Víctor Alejandro – “defender of the people” (Spanish)

Vince – “conquering” (English)

Villads – “wild, untamed” (Danish)

Viren – “brave” (Sanskrit/Indian)

Víctor Augusto – “majestic” (Spanish)

Víctor Miguel – “who is like God?” (Spanish)

Víctoriano Luis – “famous warrior” (Spanish)

Vitalis – “life-giving” (Latin)

Víctor Rafael – “healed by God” (Spanish)

Víctor Andrés – “strong and manly” (Spanish)

Víctor Diego – “supplanter” (Spanish)

Víctor Martín – “warrior of Mars” (Spanish)

Boy Names That Start with "VI"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “VI”

Vigil – “watchful” (English)

Viago – “voyager” (Spanish)

Vinton – “village on the hill” (English)

Víctorio – “conqueror” (Spanish)

Vidar – “forest warrior” (Norse/Scandinavian)

Viggo – “vigilant” (Danish)

Víctorio Cruz – “cross of victory” (Spanish)

Vivian – “alive” (English)

Víctorio Rey – “king of victory” (Spanish)

Vito – “life” (Spanish)

Vienna – “city of music” (English)

Víctorio Joven – “young victory” (Spanish)

Viren – “heroic” (Greek)

Vincente – “prevailing” (Spanish)

Viktor – “victorious” (Greek)

Víctorio Celeste – “heavenly victory” (Spanish)

Virion – “virile” (Greek)

Víctorio Ángel – “angelic victory” (Spanish)

Virgo – “young man” (Latin)

Víctorio Renato – “reborn victory” (Spanish)

Vincenc – “conqueror” (Czech)

Víctorio Luminoso – “radiant victory” (Spanish)

Vesper – “evening star” (English)

Víctorio Zenón – “victorious life” (Spanish)

Vid – “wide” (Slavic)

Víctorio Néstor – “victorious traveler” (Spanish)

Vito – “life” (Greek)

Víctorio Fermin – “firm victory” (Spanish)

Vim – “energy” (English)

Víctorio Fausto – “lucky victory” (Spanish)

Unique “VI” Names for Boys

Vindel – “windy hill” (English)

Viberto – “bright life” (Spanish/Italian)

Vidian – “knowledge seeker” (English)

Vidaros – “warrior of the forest” (Greek)

Vilo – “sky” (Spanish)

Vion – “life force” (English)

Víctorio Onofre – “vigorous victory” (Spanish)

Virenzio – “brave ruler” (Spanish)

Vitellio – “life giver” (Latin)

Vithorio – “conqueror of life” (Spanish)

Vindex – “defender” (Latin)

Vilcan – “fiery” (Greek)

Víctorio Urbano – “city-dwelling victor” (Spanish)

Vigilo – “watchful” (Latin)

Virion – “he who turns” (Greek)

Víctorio Zayn – “graceful victory” (Spanish/Arabic)

Vespero – “evening star” (Spanish)

Vinayak – “son of Lord Shiva” (Sanskrit/Indian)

Vico – “victorious” (Spanish/Italian)

Vireo – “hero” (Latin)

Vihaan – “dawn” (Sanskrit/Indian)

Vivon – “full of life” (English)

Víctorio Xandro – “defender of mankind” (Spanish)

Vorian – “hunter” (English)

Vignesh – “lord of wisdom” (Sanskrit/Indian)

Víctorio Yael – “God will add victory” (Spanish/Hebrew)

Vlasis – “ruler of the people” (Greek)

Víctorio Zenon – “victorious gift of Zeus” (Spanish/Greek)

Vyro – “strong” (Greek)

Víctorio Icarus – “victorious flyer” (Spanish/Greek)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “VI”

Virgil – “flourishing” (Latin/English)

Viante – “vibrant life” (English)

Víctorio Mariano – “timeless warrior” (Spanish)

Vidoc – “life” (Breton)

Vlassis – “royal” (Greek)

Vibian – “alive” (Latin)

Víctorio Alonso – “noble victor” (Spanish)

Vinton – “friendly town” (English)

Víctorio Dario – “steadfast victory” (Spanish)

Vivend – “alive” (Old English)

Víctorio Elio – “sun-like victory” (Spanish)

Vinicio – “conquering” (Italian)

Viellard – “vital” (French)

Víctorio Franco – “free victor” (Spanish)

Vireo – “timeless hero” (Latin)

Víctorio Galo – “festive victory” (Spanish)

Vigen – “vigorous” (Armenian)

Víctorio Hermes – “messenger of victory” (Spanish/Greek)

Vigor – “energy” (Latin)

Víctorio Ignacio – “fiery victory” (Spanish)

Vivianus – “full of life” (Latin)

Víctorio Jovian – “youthful victory” (Spanish)

Vlasis – “glorious ruler” (Greek)

Viola – “violet flower” (Italian)

Víctorio Konstantin – “steadfast victory” (Spanish/Greek)

Vire – “fresh, lively” (French)

Víctorio Luciano – “light-bringer victory” (Spanish)

Vindex – “timeless defender” (Latin)

Víctorio Marcelo – “young warrior of victory” (Spanish)

Vivaldo – “full of life” (Italian)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “VI”

Videl – “life” (Czech)

Višnja – “cherry” (Croatian)

Virenzo – “brave ruler” (Italian)

Vilkas – “wolf” (Lithuanian)

Vithar – “warrior of the woods” (Old Norse)

Vítor – “conqueror” (Portuguese)

Viuk – “wolf” (Serbian)

Vihar – “storm” (Hungarian)

Viyath – “moonlight” (Sinhalese)

Vincze – “conqueror” (Hungarian)

Vittoriano – “victorious” (Italian)

Viliam – “resolute protector” (Slovak)

Vinzent – “conqueror” (German)

Viasilios – “kingly” (Greek)

Víctorio Fabio – “bean farmer’s victory” (Italian/Spanish)

Viton – “knight” (Albanian)

Viassilis – “royal” (Greek)

Vivek – “wisdom” (Sanskrit/Indian)

Vidalis – “life-giving” (Spanish)

Vihaan – “morning” (Hindi/Indian)

Virinchi – “creative” (Sanskrit/Indian)

Viktoras – “victorious” (Lithuanian)

Víctorio Renzo – “laurel-crowned victory” (Italian/Spanish)

Vidmantas – “guardian of knowledge” (Lithuanian)

Víctorio León – “lion-hearted victory” (Spanish)

Vincencio – “conqueror” (Spanish)

Viasilij – “royal” (Russian)

Víctorio Paolo – “small victory” (Italian/Spanish)

Viren – “heroic” (Sanskrit/Indian)

Viasil – “king” (Bulgarian)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “VI”

Vian – “full of life” (English)

Vivian – “alive” (Latin/English)

Vinicio – “conqueror” (Italian)

Vesper – “evening star” (English)

Viridian – “green gemstone” (English)

Vinay – “modesty” (Sanskrit/Indian)

Viola – “violet” (Italian)

Violeto – “small violet” (Spanish)

Voss – “fox” (English)

Vivi – “alive” (Latin/English)

Vivek – “wisdom” (Sanskrit/Indian)

Vildan – “wild” (Turkish)

Vito – “life” (Italian/Spanish)

Vir – “man” (Serbian)

Víctorio Sage – “wise victory” (English/Spanish)

Vespera – “evening” (Latin)

Víctorio Kai – “sea victory” (English/Spanish)

Vivica – “alive” (Swedish)

Viren – “heroic” (Sanskrit/Indian)

Vianca – “white” (Spanish)

Vianney – “lively” (French)

Vivendo – “alive” (Italian/Spanish)

Virtue – “moral excellence” (English)

Vila – “wood nymph” (Slavic)

Víctorio True – “true victory” (English/Spanish)

Vardan – “rose” (Armenian)

Víctorio Sky – “celestial victory” (English/Spanish)

Vivent – “alive” (French)

Vida – “life” (Spanish)

Víctorio Nova – “new victory” (English/Spanish)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “VI”

Víctorio Gabriel – “God is my strength” (Spanish/Hebrew)

Vithorio – “God-given victory” (Spanish)

Víctorio Elías – “Jehovah is God” (Spanish/Hebrew)

Viridian – “God’s gift” (English)

Vireo – “sacred bird” (Latin)

Víctorio Ezequiel – “God strengthens” (Spanish/Hebrew)

Vir – “man of God” (Latin)

Víctorio Isaías – “God is salvation” (Spanish/Hebrew)

Vínculo – “bond with God” (Spanish)

Víctorio Abdiel – “servant of God” (Spanish/Hebrew)

Vardan – “rose of God” (Armenian)

Víctorio Rafael – “God has healed” (Spanish/Hebrew)

Viliam – “will helmet” (Slovak)

Víctorio Jehiel – “God will live” (Spanish/Hebrew)

Vihaan – “dawn of God” (Sanskrit/Indian)

Víctorio Tobías – “God is good” (Spanish/Hebrew)

Vigilo – “vigilant servant of God” (Latin)

Víctorio Emanuel – “God is with us” (Spanish/Hebrew)

Virgilio – “virgin, pure” (Italian)

Víctorio Samuel – “heard by God” (Spanish/Hebrew)

Vimal – “pure” (Sanskrit/Indian)

Víctorio Moisés – “drawn out of the water” (Spanish/Hebrew)

Vardas – “gift of God” (Greek)

Víctorio Uriel – “God is my light” (Spanish/Hebrew)

Vivek – “wisdom” (Sanskrit/Indian)

Víctorio Josías – “God heals” (Spanish/Hebrew)

Vilius – “desiring God” (Lithuanian)

Víctorio Josué – “God is salvation” (Spanish/Hebrew)

Vieno – “holy” (Finnish)

Víctorio Matías – “gift of God” (Spanish/Hebrew)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “VI”

Viggo Mortensen

Acclaimed Danish-American actor, poet, and musician best known for his roles in “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy and “A History of Violence.”

Vince Vaughn

Versatile American actor, comedian, and producer recognized for his roles in popular films like “Swingers” and “Wedding Crashers.”

Vikram Sarabhai

Visionary Indian scientist and pioneer in space research, often regarded as the father of the Indian space program.

Vladimir Putin

Prominent Russian politician, serving as the President of Russia and Prime Minister, known for his strong leadership and influence on global politics.

Vincent van Gogh

Renowned Dutch Post-Impressionist painter, known for masterpieces like “Starry Night” and “Sunflowers,” despite facing personal struggles.

Vicente Fox

Former President of Mexico, credited for breaking the long-standing political monopoly of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI).

Viktor Frankl

Austrian neurologist, psychiatrist, and Holocaust survivor, recognized for his influential work “Man’s Search for Meaning.”

Virgil Abloh

American fashion designer and artistic director, widely celebrated for his work with luxury brands and as the founder of Off-White.

Vinton Cerf

American computer scientist and one of the “fathers of the Internet,” contributing significantly to the development of TCP/IP protocols.

Vicente Huidobro

Chilean poet and founder of the literary movement Creacionismo, known for his avant-garde contributions to Spanish-language poetry.

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