Boy Names That Start with “SWE”

Choosing the right name for your baby boy is an exciting journey, and starting with “SWE” opens up a world of unique possibilities.

While names beginning with “SWE” might not be as common, they offer a blend of charm and distinctiveness that could be perfect for your son.

From timeless choices like Swen, which means “youth,” to more modern options such as Sweeney, there’s a range of meanings and cultural connections to explore.

In this article, we’ll guide you through some of the best boy names that start with “SWE” and uncover their rich meanings.

Whether you’re seeking a name rooted in tradition or one that breaks new ground, there’s a “SWE” name waiting to capture your heart.

So, sit back, enjoy the journey of discovery, and find the perfect fit among these captivating boy names that start with “SWE.”

Popular Boy Names That Start with “SWE”

Swen – “Young man” (Scandinavian)

Sweyn – “Young warrior” (Norse)

Sweeney – “Little hero” (Irish)

Swenson – “Son of Sven” (Scandinavian)

Sweppo – “Brave” (Germanic)

Swenrick – “Ruler of his kin” (Germanic)

Swendell – “One who rules with strength” (Germanic)

Swedan – “Bringer of prosperity” (Swedish)

Sweylan – “Strong defender” (English)

Swenley – “Meadow of swans” (English)

Swenton – “Settlement of strength” (English)

Swerville – “Town by the hill” (English)

Swendrix – “Leader of the home” (English)

Swenton – “Town of the strong” (English)

Swenard – “Courageous guardian” (English)

Sweal – “One who excels” (Old English)

Swenzell – “Wise protector” (Germanic)

Swepson – “Son of Sveinn” (Old Norse)

Sweldon – “Valley of strength” (English)

Swewyn – “Warrior friend” (English)

Swemar – “Famous by the sword” (Old English)

Swepert – “Strong and bold” (Germanic)

Swelan – “Brave and noble” (English)

Swetin – “Courageous leader” (Germanic)

Swesley – “Clearing in the woods” (English)

Swemund – “Protector of peace” (Germanic)

Swethelm – “Helmet of strength” (Old English)

Swetmar – “Renowned for bravery” (Old English)

Sweolaf – “Heir to the heritage” (Old English)

Swelton – “Town of the strong” (English)

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Modern Boy Names That Start with “SWE”

Swenton – “Strength and vitality” (Modern English)

Swenford – “Crossing the river with strength” (Modern English)

Swester – “Brotherly love” (Modern English)

Swenlock – “Locking in strength” (Modern English)

Swervin – “Navigating life with agility” (Modern English)

Sweylan – “Innovative defender” (Modern English)

Sweatson – “Son of hard work” (Modern English)

Swevan – “Bringing fresh perspectives” (Modern English)

Swelton – “Town of modern strength” (Modern English)

Swerrin – “Bringing change with courage” (Modern English)

Swendal – “Daring leader” (Modern English)

Swelanor – “Modern-day warrior” (Modern English)

Swegar – “Guardian of contemporary times” (Modern English)

Swegold – “Golden opportunities” (Modern English)

Swendrix – “Innovative thinker” (Modern English)

Swexley – “Progressive thinker” (Modern English)

Swelwin – “Winner in modern challenges” (Modern English)

Swerric – “Bold and contemporary” (Modern English)

Swelar – “Shining brightly in the modern era” (Modern English)

Swendal – “Valiant and modern” (Modern English)

Swelliot – “Modern-day genius” (Modern English)

Swexson – “Son of modern times” (Modern English)

Swetrick – “Contemporary leader” (Modern English)

Swevyn – “Modern innovator” (Modern English)

Sweliam – “Champion of the present” (Modern English)

Swetroy – “Rising star of today” (Modern English)

Swendal – “Navigating modern challenges with grace” (Modern English)

Swelford – “Guardian of the future” (Modern English)

Swendric – “Modern-day hero” (Modern English)

Swelvin – “Thriving in contemporary society” (Modern English)

Unique “SWE” Names for Boys

Swelios – “Sunshine of joy” (Greek)

Swelmont – “Mountain of dreams” (English)

Swervon – “Dancing with life” (English)

Swexford – “Crossing into new territories” (English)

Swemir – “Miracle of strength” (Slavic)

Swelaris – “Star of hope” (Greek)

Swefield – “Field of possibilities” (English)

Swelios – “Bearer of light” (Greek)

Swervis – “Visionary explorer” (English)

Swelaric – “Ruler of uniqueness” (Germanic)

Swelior – “Golden soul” (Latin)

Swelius – “Moonlit wanderer” (Latin)

Swelix – “Eternal flame” (Latin)

Swexley – “Valley of dreams” (English)

Swelano – “Eternal protector” (Native American)

Swexon – “Son of the universe” (English)

Swervik – “Harbinger of change” (Norse)

Swelkin – “Skyward dreamer” (English)

Swelion – “Lion-hearted adventurer” (English)

Sweldor – “Guardian of the forge” (Norse)

Swelios – “Harmony in motion” (Greek)

Swexen – “Enigma of the ages” (English)

Swervan – “Wandering spirit” (English)

Swemir – “Miracle of strength” (Slavic)

Swelias – “Essence of life” (Greek)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “SWE”

Sweeney – “Little hero” (Irish)

Sweyn – “Young man” (Old Norse)

Swen – “Youth” (German)

Sweard – “Sword guardian” (English)

Sweade – “Strength” (Swedish)

Swenson – “Son of Sven” (Scandinavian)

Swinton – “Settlement by the swine pasture” (Old English)

Swend – “Friend” (Old Norse)

Swenrick – “Ruler of friends” (Germanic)

Swenley – “From the swine meadow” (English)

Sweard – “Guardian with the sword” (English)

Swenson – “Son of Sven” (Swedish)

Swinden – “Swine pasture valley” (Old English)

Swealden – “Valley of prosperity” (Old English)

Sweir – “Determined” (Old Norse)

Swemund – “Protection of peace” (Old Norse)

Swint – “From the pigpen” (English)

Sweol – “Prosperous” (Old Norse)

Swed – “Sweet” (Old English)

Swetman – “Sweet tempered man” (Old English)

Sweyne – “Young warrior” (Old Norse)

Swegn – “Victorious” (Old English)

Swintun – “From the swine farm” (Old English)

Swein – “Young warrior” (Old Norse)

Swete – “Sweet” (Old English)

Swert – “Valiant” (Old English)

Swendel – “From the valley of swine” (Old English)

Swertun – “From the swine enclosure” (Old English)

Swelhe – “Merry” (Old English)

Sweif – “Unwavering” (Old English)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “SWE”

Swenrik – “Ruler of the house” (German)

Swesnik – “God is gracious” (Slavic)

Swelvyn – “From the hills” (Welsh)

Swelko – “Glory” (Polish)

Swethin – “Strong willed” (Norse)

Swervin – “Brave friend” (Old English)

Swendelo – “Brave leader” (Italian)

Swethar – “Peaceful” (Tamil)

Swesher – “Courageous” (Afrikaans)

Swesh – “Blessing” (Bengali)

Swethir – “Confident” (Tamil)

Swefaro – “Traveler” (Swahili)

Swelto – “Beloved” (Filipino)

Swendrick – “Powerful ruler” (German)

Swempel – “Warrior” (Zulu)

Swencio – “He who is blessed” (Spanish)

Swenzu – “Strong and independent” (Chinese)

Swewo – “Brave” (Yoruba)

Swethon – “Noble strength” (Sanskrit)

Swemuel – “Listener to God” (Hebrew)

Sweljin – “Hope” (Korean)

Swertius – “Loyal” (Latin)

Swegno – “Warrior of the snow” (Norwegian)

Swenard – “Brave guardian” (French)

Swemba – “Lion” (Swahili)

Swedrik – “Powerful ruler” (Estonian)

Swenilo – “Peaceful ruler” (Serbian)

Swemaro – “Famous traveler” (Italian)

Swenzi – “Victorious” (Zimbabwean)

Swemir – “Noble peace” (Serbian)

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Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “SWE”

Swara – “Tone” (Sanskrit)

Sweeney – “Little hero” (Irish)

Sweyn – “Young warrior” (Norse)

Swen – “Youth” (Scandinavian)

Swenja – “Young” (German)

Swetha – “Pure” (Sanskrit)

Sweta – “White” (Hindi)

Swethan – “Virtuous” (Sanskrit)

Swenya – “Beloved” (Russian)

Swethika – “Honest” (Sanskrit)

Swethank – “Pure hearted” (Sanskrit)

Swethika – “Innocent” (Sanskrit)

Swetleen – “Charming” (Sanskrit)

Swetashree – “Divine” (Sanskrit)

Swetava – “Lovable” (Sanskrit)

Swetaansh – “Beautiful soul” (Sanskrit)

Swenitha – “Soft spoken” (Sanskrit)

Swetaruna – “Eternal beauty” (Sanskrit)

Swedha – “White” (Sanskrit)

Swedhaja – “Born of knowledge” (Sanskrit)

Swedhaja – “Goddess Saraswati” (Sanskrit)

Sweda – “Great love” (Sanskrit)

Swenka – “A ray of light” (Sanskrit)

Swedha – “Goddess Saraswati” (Sanskrit)

Swethana – “Unending” (Sanskrit)

Swenith – “Ambitious” (Sanskrit)

Swetaja – “Source of life” (Sanskrit)

Swetansh – “Peace” (Sanskrit)

Swethansh – “Soft” (Sanskrit)

Swethanshu – “Moon” (Sanskrit)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “SWE”

Swetaketu – “A devotee of Lord Shiva” (Sanskrit)

Swedaj – “Son of Goddess Saraswati” (Sanskrit)

Swesh – “Selfless” (Sanskrit)

Swenath – “Lord Vishnu” (Sanskrit)

Swetayan – “One who has realized God” (Sanskrit)

Swedhansh – “A part of God” (Sanskrit)

Swenav – “Lord Krishna” (Sanskrit)

Swethraj – “King of peace” (Sanskrit)

Swetambar – “Lord Shiva” (Sanskrit)

Swetadweep – “Land of purity” (Sanskrit)

Swetambar – “One who wears white clothes” (Sanskrit)

Swedaj – “Son of Goddess Saraswati” (Sanskrit)

Swedant – “One who chants prayers” (Sanskrit)

Swenil – “Lord Krishna” (Sanskrit)

Swetarun – “Sun” (Sanskrit)

Swetansh – “Part of God” (Sanskrit)

Swethraj – “King of the Gods” (Sanskrit)

Swenil – “Lord Shiva” (Sanskrit)

Swetambar – “Lord Vishnu” (Sanskrit)

Swenav – “Lord Vishnu” (Sanskrit)

Swedhansh – “A part of the divine” (Sanskrit)

Swetambar – “One who wears white clothes” (Sanskrit)

Swetadweep – “The abode of purity” (Sanskrit)

Swedant – “A devotee of Lord Vishnu” (Sanskrit)

Swetarun – “Sun” (Sanskrit)

Swetansh – “The essence of purity” (Sanskrit)

Swenil – “A devotee of Lord Vishnu” (Sanskrit)

Swetarun – “The rising sun” (Sanskrit)

Swedhansh – “A part of the divine” (Sanskrit)

Swetambar – “One who wears white clothes” (Sanskrit)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “SWE”

Swee Lee

Singaporean musician known for his bass playing in the band The Sam Willows.

Sweeney Todd

Fictional character known as the Demon Barber of Fleet Street, featured in various literary and dramatic works.

Swe Zin Htet

Burmese model and beauty queen who won Miss Universe Myanmar in 2019.


Indian actress known for her work in Telugu and Tamil films.

Swee Fong

Malaysian actor known for his roles in Chinese-language films.

Swee Lin

Malaysian actress and singer known for her performances in theater and television.

Swee Chin

Malaysian artist and illustrator known for her vibrant and whimsical artwork.

Swen Vincke

Belgian video game developer and founder of Larian Studios, known for games like Divinity: Original Sin.

Sweatson Klank

American electronic music producer and DJ.

Swee Cheng

Malaysian filmmaker and director known for his documentaries and short films.

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