220 Adorable Boy Names That Start with “SQ”

When it comes to choosing a name for your baby boy, why not think outside the box and consider something a little more unique?

Names starting with “SQ” may not be the most common choice, but they certainly have a charm of their own.

From quirky and rare to strong and handsome, boy names starting with “SQ” offer a variety of options for parents looking to set their son apart from the crowd.

Whether you’re drawn to the sound of a particular name or the meaning behind it, there’s something special about choosing a moniker that stands out.

From traditional options like “Squire” to more modern choices like “Sullivan,” there are plenty of possibilities to explore.

So, if you’re on the hunt for a name that’s a little off the beaten path, look no further than our list of boy names that start with “SQ.”

Popular Boy Names That Start with “SQ”

Squall – “A sudden violent gust of wind” (English)

Squire – “Knight’s attendant” (English)

Squier – “Skilled” (English)

Squarell – “Beloved” (English)

Squeak – “High-pitched sound” (English)

Squier – “One who sows” (English)

Squanto – “Beyond” (Native American)

Squill – “Sea onion” (Greek)

Squinton – “From the estate on the hill” (English)

Squeezie – “Gracious” (English)

Squallis – “From the swamp” (English)

Squanto – “Beyond” (Native American)

Squy – “Hill” (English)

Squiers – “Skilled in archery” (English)

Squallus – “Squall” (Latin)

Squiro – “Squirrel” (Spanish)

Squip – “Helper” (English)

Squalo – “Shark” (Italian)

Squallio – “Squall” (Italian)

Squilliam – “Sea onion” (Greek)

Squalid – “Dirty” (English)

Squiller – “High-pitched sound” (English)

Squab – “Young pigeon” (English)

Squier – “Skilled” (English)

Squit – “Young eel” (English)

Squilo – “Wide” (Greek)

Squirel – “Beloved” (English)

Squally – “Rough weather” (English)

Squin – “Scintillating” (English)

Squam – “Scale” (Latin)

Boy Names That Start with "SQ"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “SQ”

Squallan – “Strong wind” (English)

Squaston – “From the town by the water” (English)

Squix – “Swift” (English)

Squillo – “Loud” (Italian)

Squender – “Generous” (English)

Squinter – “One who squints” (English)

Squigley – “Curly-haired” (English)

Squallen – “Warrior” (English)

Squorian – “Of the sky” (Greek)

Squilliam – “Resolute protector” (English)

Squaron – “Defender of the land” (English)

Squerio – “Strong” (Spanish)

Squindo – “Healer” (Greek)

Squizard – “Wise one” (English)

Squiero – “Courageous” (Spanish)

Squirox – “Brave” (English)

Squyde – “Swift swimmer” (English)

Squolin – “Lion-like” (Greek)

Squaller – “Strong willed” (English)

Squathon – “Swift runner” (English)

Squiton – “From the town by the woods” (English)

Squarlos – “Famous warrior” (English)

Squindell – “Strong fortress” (English)

Squanix – “Wise leader” (Greek)

Squiran – “Adventurous” (Spanish)

Squarico – “Brave ruler” (Spanish)

Squarque – “Noble” (English)

Squintus – “Sharp-sighted” (English)

Squavio – “Brave protector” (Spanish)

Squorent – “Steadfast” (English)

Unique “SQ” Names for Boys

Squinix – “Victorious leader” (English)

Squarim – “Brave soul” (Spanish)

Squitano – “Swift and agile” (Spanish)

Squilias – “Bright and shining” (Greek)

Squallix – “Strong and mighty” (English)

Squandro – “Adventurous spirit” (Spanish)

Squavios – “Courageous defender” (Spanish)

Squenzo – “Wise and thoughtful” (Italian)

Squillian – “Resolute protector” (English)

Squarion – “Brave warrior” (English)

Squadros – “Steadfast and loyal” (Greek)

Squintor – “Intelligent leader” (English)

Squorlo – “Noble and honorable” (Spanish)

Squirolo – “Free-spirited” (Italian)

Squoros – “Wise counselor” (Greek)

Squancio – “Fearless adventurer” (Italian)

Squilvio – “Bright and lively” (Italian)

Squendro – “Daring and fearless” (Spanish)

Squiloquio – “Gifted speaker” (Italian)

Squarone – “Protector of the realm” (English)

Squaciano – “Enthusiastic and energetic” (Italian)

Squarzo – “Strong and resilient” (Italian)

Squellus – “Eloquent and persuasive” (Latin)

Squarmo – “Adventurous explorer” (Spanish)

Squavius – “Valiant and honorable” (Latin)

Squorzo – “Wise and insightful” (Italian)

Squarmino – “Adventurous traveler” (Italian)

Squixos – “Swift and agile” (Greek)

Squentino – “Enduring and steadfast” (Italian)

Squazzio – “Majestic and regal” (Italian)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “SQ”

Squidrick – “Ruler of the sea” (English)

Squallanor – “Noble wind” (English)

Squarcio – “Sudden tear” (Italian)

Squiloquy – “Thoughtful speaker” (English)

Squirocco – “Strong wind from the south” (Italian)

Squaton – “Stalwart protector” (English)

Squaric – “Courageous ruler” (English)

Squirino – “Peaceful warrior” (Italian)

Squelix – “Protector of the people” (Greek)

Squantero – “Brave defender” (Spanish)

Squizan – “Knowledgeable thinker” (Greek)

Squendric – “Free-spirited leader” (English)

Squindor – “Loyal and brave” (English)

Squarwin – “Victorious guardian” (English)

Squorianos – “Sky-born” (Greek)

Squavian – “Bird-like” (English)

Squilaris – “Bright and shining” (Greek)

Squenton – “From the town on the hill” (English)

Squiran – “Wise counselor” (Greek)

Squivero – “Determined protector” (Spanish)

Squaphilo – “Lover of wisdom” (Greek)

Squastro – “Star-like” (Spanish)

Squilade – “Skilled fighter” (Spanish)

Squarron – “Strong defender” (English)

Squasius – “Brave-hearted” (Latin)

Squantino – “Everlasting” (Italian)

Squelios – “Bright and radiant” (Greek)

Squentaro – “Enduring protector” (Spanish)

Squavros – “Noble and wise” (Greek)

Squino – “Valiant protector” (Spanish)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “SQ”

Squilan – “Moonlight” (Malay)

Squazim – “Warrior spirit” (Swahili)

Squano – “Guardian of the sky” (Hawaiian)

Squarian – “Bearer of hope” (Arabic)

Squorin – “Eternal flame” (Finnish)

Squadji – “Majestic ruler” (Persian)

Squelio – “Bringer of light” (Italian)

Squanji – “Protector of the tribe” (Swahili)

Squarim – “Lion-hearted” (Hebrew)

Squayin – “Gentle breeze” (Native American)

Squintaro – “Visionary leader” (Japanese)

Squenji – “Wise counselor” (Japanese)

Squandor – “Fearless explorer” (French)

Squanto – “Beyond” (Native American)

Squazor – “Bringer of peace” (Turkish)

Squavi – “Graceful” (Italian)

Squilav – “Son of the forest” (Russian)

Squenix – “Phoenix” (Latin)

Squarimba – “Brave warrior” (Zulu)

Squarno – “Mysterious” (Italian)

Squario – “Strong protector” (Italian)

Squargus – “Warrior of light” (Celtic)

Squabir – “Noble prince” (Arabic)

Squanjin – “Golden treasure” (Chinese)

Squatari – “Bearer of strength” (Greek)

Squazul – “Blue sky” (Spanish)

Squindu – “Leader of the tribe” (Bantu)

Squilin – “Beloved child” (Irish)

Squarin – “Heavenly singer” (Korean)

Squaroq – “Bearer of dreams” (Turkish)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “SQ”

Squell – “Eloquent speaker” (English)

Squiran – “Peaceful soul” (Spanish)

Squoren – “Enduring strength” (English)

Squex – “Unique individual” (English)

Squinu – “Harmonious spirit” (Greek)

Squesso – “Essence of joy” (Spanish)

Squindel – “Gentle touch” (English)

Squyris – “Wisdom of the ages” (Greek)

Squendo – “Boundless love” (Spanish)

Squelos – “Radiant light” (Greek)

Squaver – “Adventurous spirit” (English)

Squierra – “Peaceful ruler” (Spanish)

Squith – “Tranquil soul” (English)

Squarion – “Brave heart” (English)

Squellis – “Joyful laughter” (Greek)

Squarzo – “Strong presence” (Italian)

Squem – “Pure essence” (English)

Squonix – “Innovative thinker” (English)

Squeris – “Creative spark” (Greek)

Squente – “Eternal flame” (Spanish)

Squaris – “Boundless love” (Greek)

Squesso – “Essence of joy” (Spanish)

Squelle – “Beautiful melody” (English)

Squavi – “Graceful presence” (Spanish)

Squion – “Peaceful tranquility” (English)

Squaro – “Courageous spirit” (Spanish)

Squenix – “Eternal wisdom” (English)

Squaria – “Peaceful haven” (Spanish)

Squilo – “Free spirit” (Spanish)

Squikos – “Harmonious balance” (Greek)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “SQ”

Squire – “Guardian of the faith” (English)

Squartos – “Devoted to God” (Greek)

Squanto – “Gift of God” (Native American)

Squezel – “God’s strength” (Spanish)

Squelos – “Divine light” (Greek)

Squentin – “Holy one” (English)

Squirio – “God’s peace” (Spanish)

Squaris – “Beloved of God” (Greek)

Squangelo – “Messenger of God” (Spanish)

Squane – “God’s grace” (English)

Squaleo – “Lion of God” (Spanish)

Squilian – “Servant of God” (English)

Squarim – “God’s mercy” (Spanish)

Squinato – “Gift from heaven” (Italian)

Squilias – “Radiance of God” (Greek)

Squarius – “Bearer of God’s blessings” (English)

Squartor – “Guardian of faith” (Spanish)

Squixos – “God’s chosen one” (Greek)

Squaphilos – “Friend of God” (Greek)

Squarmel – “Beloved of the Lord” (Spanish)

Squatian – “Devoted follower of Christ” (English)

Squastian – “Resurrected by God” (Spanish)

Squagio – “God’s protection” (Italian)

Squorio – “Worshiper of God” (Spanish)

Squartus – “Faithful servant” (Latin)

Squanuel – “God hears” (Spanish)

Squieto – “God’s gift” (Italian)

Squelias – “God’s salvation” (Greek)

Squerico – “Rich in faith” (Spanish)

Squancho – “God’s grace” (Spanish)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “SQ”

Squire Rushnell

Known for his “Godwink” series, he is a renowned author and speaker on the subject of divine coincidences.


A Patuxet Native American who played a crucial role in the survival of the Pilgrims at Plymouth Colony, acting as an interpreter and mediator between the colonists and Native Americans.

Squizzy Taylor

An infamous Australian criminal figure in the early 20th century, known for his involvement in organized crime and notorious bank robberies.

Squizzy Kotori

A Zimbabwean sculptor celebrated for his intricate stone carvings, blending traditional African themes with contemporary artistry.


Francesco Squarcione, an Italian Renaissance painter and art teacher who founded one of the earliest known art schools in Italy.

Squire Parsons

A prominent Southern Gospel singer-songwriter, known for penning classic gospel songs such as “Sweet Beulah Land” and “I Call It Home.”

Squanto Monzon

An Argentine footballer who played as a forward, remembered for his skillful play and prolific goal-scoring during the 1960s and 1970s.


A surname notably associated with American politician and businessman, Frank Squiers, who served as a United States Representative from Michigan in the late 19th century.


A surname belonging to several notable individuals, including French comic book artist and illustrator, Luca Squarzoni, known for his graphic novels exploring social and environmental issues.


A historic Native American leader of the Wampanoag tribe, Squam played a significant role in tribal diplomacy and cultural preservation during the colonial period.

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