220 Adorable Boy Names That Start with “SAE”

When it comes to choosing a name for your little boy, you may be looking for something that is unique and stands out from the crowd.

If you’re starting your search with the letters “SAE,” you’re off to a great start.

Names that begin with “SAE” have a certain charm and distinction that sets them apart from more common monikers.

Whether you’re drawn to names with historical significance, cultural roots, or just a cool phonetic sound, there are plenty of options to explore.

From the strong and masculine “Saegan” to the exotic and mysterious “Saeran,” these names offer a world of possibilities for your precious bundle of joy.

In this article, we will delve into a selection of boy names starting with “SAE” that are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Let’s discover these unique and captivating names that will make your little boy truly one-of-a-kind.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “SAE”

Saeleon – “Powerful lion” (English)

Saelan – “From the willow grove” (English)

Saelor – “One who sails” (English)

Saeger – “Victorious guardian” (English)

Saeson – “Son of the sea” (English)

Saevin – “Wise friend” (English)

Saewyn – “Friend of the sea” (English)

Saebastian – “Revered” (Greek)

Saelios – “Bright, shining” (Greek)

Saetrius – “Guardian of the hearth” (Greek)

Saetan – “From Saturn” (Greek)

Saedric – “Gift of the gods” (Greek)

Saedwyn – “Blessed friend” (English)

Saegar – “Sea spear” (English)

Saegrim – “Fierce protector” (English)

Saelanor – “Honor of the willow” (English)

Saelynn – “Lake” (English)

Saemon – “Blessed mind” (English)

Saeth – “Arrow” (English)

Saevis – “Wild, untamed” (Latin)

Saevedor – “Savior” (Spanish)

Saex – “Swordsman” (English)

Saelius – “From the forest” (English)

Saelston – “Town near the sea” (English)

Saeran – “Little king” (Irish)

Saerik – “Forever powerful” (English)

Saerwyn – “Blessed protector” (English)

Saetar – “Guardian of the sea” (English)

Saethryd – “Powerful counselor” (English)

Saevald – “Strong ruler” (Scandinavian)

Boy Names That Start with "SAE"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “SAE”

Saebert – “Bright victory” (English)

Saedon – “Gift of the sun” (English)

Saefield – “Field by the sea” (English)

Saeford – “Ford by the sea” (English)

Saegan – “Defender of the sea” (English)

Saelio – “Bright one” (Spanish)

Saelius – “Healer” (Greek)

Saemir – “Sea miracle” (English)

Saenzo – “Holy” (Spanish)

Saeon – “Eternal life” (English)

Saetan – “Defender of men” (Greek)

Saetor – “Protector of the sea” (English)

Saevern – “Friend of the sea” (English)

Saevi – “Life” (Spanish)

Saevian – “Eternal life” (English)

Saevino – “Young” (Spanish)

Saevon – “Gracious gift” (English)

Saelan – “Good wolf” (English)

Saelen – “Warrior” (English)

Saelwin – “Blessed friend” (English)

Saelyo – “Bright” (Greek)

Saemus – “Listener” (English)

Saenon – “Blessed with grace” (English)

Saerick – “Ruler with a strong hand” (English)

Saerin – “Noble leader” (English)

Saeris – “Strong” (Greek)

Saevero – “Brave defender” (Spanish)

Saevian – “Gift of life” (English)

Saevin – “Warrior’s friend” (English)

Saelon – “Lion-like” (English)

Unique “SAE” Names for Boys

Saecio – “Wise” (Latin)

Saedon – “Gift of the sun” (English)

Saelan – “Forest protector” (English)

Saelio – “Bright light” (Spanish)

Saelix – “Champion” (Greek)

Saemus – “Listener” (Irish)

Saenzo – “Holy” (Spanish)

Saeon – “Eternal life” (English)

Saerick – “Ruler of the sea” (English)

Saerios – “Fierce” (Greek)

Saeron – “Strong one” (English)

Saevern – “Friend of the sea” (English)

Saevin – “Wise friend” (English)

Saewald – “Powerful ruler” (English)

Saelos – “Sun-like” (Greek)

Saelus – “Protected by the sea” (English)

Saenon – “Blessed with grace” (English)

Saerus – “Brave one” (Greek)

Saeryn – “Noble ruler” (English)

Saelar – “Ruler of the forest” (English)

Saelio – “Bright one” (Spanish)

Saetan – “Guardian of mankind” (Greek)

Saetor – “Protector of the sea” (English)

Saevius – “Life-giving” (Latin)

Saevus – “Wild, untamed” (Latin)

Saefred – “Peaceful victory” (English)

Saeros – “Strong” (Greek)

Saelos – “Sun-like” (Greek)

Saethor – “Thunder” (English)

Saerwyn – “Friend of the sea” (English)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “SAE”

Saebert – “Bright victory” (English)

Saebe – “Blessed” (Spanish)

Saelor – “Sailor” (English)

Saelos – “Sun-like” (Greek)

Saephyr – “Gentle breeze” (English)

Saefer – “Traveler” (English)

Saelio – “Bright one” (Spanish)

Saemen – “Blessed mind” (English)

Saesha – “Protector” (Greek)

Saeth – “Strength” (English)

Saetius – “Goddess of the harvest” (Greek)

Saewald – “Powerful ruler” (English)

Saelius – “Healer” (Greek)

Saenzo – “Holy” (Spanish)

Saero – “Steadfast” (Greek)

Saevon – “Gracious gift” (English)

Saeyr – “Golden” (English)

Saelan – “Good wolf” (English)

Saelon – “Strong lion” (English)

Saestor – “Protector of the harvest” (Greek)

Saevan – “God is gracious” (English)

Saelin – “Noble” (English)

Saelmo – “Beloved” (Spanish)

Saelwin – “Blessed friend” (English)

Saelis – “Sunshine” (English)

Saephron – “Free-spirited” (Greek)

Saetar – “Guardian of the sea” (English)

Saethor – “Thunder” (English)

Saevo – “Wild” (Latin)

Saelar – “Ruler of the forest” (English)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “SAE”

Saeran – “Adventurer” (Korean)

Saeed – “Happy” (Arabic)

Saeki – “Clear pond” (Japanese)

Saeng – “Life” (Thai)

Saemir – “Sea jewel” (Norse)

Saerik – “Victorious ruler” (Norse)

Saelim – “Forest” (Korean)

Saed – “Fortunate” (Arabic)

Sael – “Sea” (Korean)

Saer – “Gold” (Vietnamese)

Saelan – “Healing” (Irish)

Saemyr – “Dreamer” (Norse)

Saelor – “Sailor” (Danish)

Saero – “Bright” (Korean)

Saeken – “Wanderer” (Thai)

Saelo – “Good fortune” (Korean)

Saelix – “Victorious” (Norse)

Saemin – “Bright and clever” (Korean)

Saerim – “Forest jewel” (Korean)

Saelon – “Dragon” (Chinese)

Saelun – “Twilight” (Korean)

Saet – “Truth” (Chinese)

Saevin – “Glorious” (Irish)

Saelim – “Poetic” (Korean)

Saelas – “Joy” (Greek)

Saelok – “Pure” (Thai)

Saeran – “Gentle” (Korean)

Saelo – “Noble” (Filipino)

Saelok – “Lucky” (Korean)

Saeron – “Orchid” (Korean)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “SAE”

Saelin – “Noble” (English)

Saesha – “Protector” (Greek)

Saevyn – “Life” (English)

Saeris – “Strong” (Greek)

Saelo – “Good fortune” (Spanish)

Saelix – “Champion” (Greek)

Saeron – “Guardian” (English)

Saedra – “Beautiful” (Spanish)

Saesha – “Divine truth” (English)

Saeryn – “Peaceful ruler” (English)

Saelis – “Sunshine” (English)

Saen – “Gift” (Spanish)

Saesha – “Goddess of dawn” (Greek)

Saelyn – “Joyful” (English)

Saevin – “Kind-hearted” (Spanish)

Saeran – “Calm” (English)

Saedra – “Beloved” (Greek)

Saevin – “Wise” (English)

Saedra – “Guardian of the sea” (Spanish)

Saeryn – “Brave” (English)

Saeton – “Victorious” (English)

Saelix – “Healer” (Greek)

Saeryn – “Noble” (English)

Saedra – “Bright” (Spanish)

Saevin – “Eternal” (English)

Saeton – “Ruler” (Greek)

Saelos – “Sunlight” (English)

Saedra – “Gentle” (Spanish)

Saesha – “Blessed” (English)

Saevin – “Guardian” (Spanish)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “SAE”

Saeran – “God’s gift” (Irish)

Saedric – “Blessed ruler” (English)

Saerick – “Ruler with divine power” (English)

Saetan – “Devoted to God” (Greek)

Saelius – “Divine healer” (Greek)

Saebastian – “Revered by God” (Spanish)

Saedwyn – “Blessed friend of God” (English)

Saervin – “Beloved by God” (English)

Saethor – “God of thunder” (English)

Saevin – “God’s grace” (English)

Saerik – “Eternal ruler” (English)

Saerwin – “God’s friend” (English)

Saebriel – “Strength of God” (Spanish)

Saedoc – “Servant of God” (English)

Saeran – “God’s peace” (Irish)

Saelios – “Divine light” (Greek)

Saermon – “Messenger of God” (English)

Saeddon – “Gift from God” (English)

Saelos – “Divine protection” (Greek)

Saedon – “God’s favor” (English)

Saesun – “God’s son” (English)

Saeram – “God’s grace” (English)

Saerion – “Blessed by God” (English)

Saelias – “God’s gift” (Greek)

Saecor – “Chosen by God” (English)

Saeron – “Godly ruler” (English)

Saedius – “Devoted to God” (Latin)

Saerim – “Beloved by God” (English)

Saetor – “Guardian of God” (English)

Saedric – “Ruler in service to God” (English)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “SAE”

Saeb Erekat

Palestinian diplomat known for his role in peace negotiations with Israel.

Saed Hindash

Acclaimed Palestinian-American photojournalist capturing powerful images of conflicts and human stories.

Saeed Anwar

Former Pakistani cricketer remembered for his elegant batting style and numerous records.

Saeb Salam

Prominent Lebanese politician and former Prime Minister known for his efforts in shaping modern Lebanon.

Saed Hussein

Renowned Iraqi poet and literary figure celebrated for his contributions to Arabic literature.

Saeb Jendeya

Palestinian painter recognized for his captivating artworks depicting Palestinian life and struggle.

Saeed Ajmal

Former Pakistani cricketer renowned for his exceptional spin bowling skills.

Saeb Misk

Influential Saudi Arabian author and philosopher renowned for his insights into Islamic thought.

Saeed Al-Ghamdi

Saudi Arabian pilot involved in the September 11, 2001 attacks as one of the hijackers.

Saeed Bin Suroor

Esteemed Emirati horse trainer known for his successes in the world of horse racing.

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